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Before The World
Cat: DOGHOLLP 4. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Who Am I? (5:53)
Gone Like A Flower (3:55)
Before The World (5:43)
Sunshine Kiss The Water (4:14)
Morning Bird (5:54)
The Sound Og Wings (4:49)
Blue Sky (4:22)
White Doves (6:22)
Review: Blurring lines of psychedelic pop, post-rock and progressive jazz, Club Kuru lay down their exquisite third album Before The World - an album that invites us to imagine what life was, or could have at all been like, "before the world could spin" (the album's instantly affecting lyrical tagline). The London-based pysch outfit, helmed by Laurie Erskine, return here from a five-year hiatus to effectively hazard a pop at the hysterical question, "who am I?" Laurie muses on the inquiry and eponymous song, "As I've got older, like many others, I have moments where I'm overcome with a sense of emptiness and no real purpose - constantly grappling with self-doubt and questioning past and present decisions". Expanding upon, rather than attempting to resist, this fundamental subjective can't-quite-place-it-ness, Before The World finds immediate recourse in sensory experiences - 'Morning Bird', 'Sunshine Kiss The Water', 'Blue Sky', 'Gone Like A Flower' - and flirts with the wordless sense of the end of reality first laid laid down by psych's gargantuan genre twin, post-rock. That said, there are still traces of soul and classic rock in there, making for an effective smorgasbord.
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