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Delusions Of Grandeur Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Delusions Of Grandeur
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Borough 2 Borough
Cat: DOGLP 03. Rel: 25 Feb 14
Deep House
Through The Night
U Know U
Thinking It Over
In Your Arms
The Callback (feat Ricky Reid)
Back 2 Black
Read Mind (feat Paul Joseph)
The Vibes (album mix)
Walk Away
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One Way Or The Other EP
Cat: DOG 99. Rel: 08 Jul 24
Deep House
One Way (6:29)
Spare Change (6:29)
Backlash (6:31)
The Other (6:11)
Review: Astonishingly, 16 years have now passed since Craig Smith and Graeme Clark (best-known for his solo work as the Revenge) first joined forces as 6th Borough Project. Here the slow house-turned-deep house duo continue their productive partnership with Freerange Records offshoot Delusions of Grandeur, in the process delivering their first EP of 2024. They set the tone with hard-wired, disco-flecked, sample-rich house jam 'One Way', a near perfect example is creating maximum impact by manipulating a small selection of killer loops, before opting a few subtle nods to dub disco on the slow-build brilliance of 'Spare Change'. They opt for a more psychedelic - if no less hypnotic - and acid-flecked tip on 'Backlash', which also makes great use of an orchestrated breakdown, while 'The Other' is a deliciously deep slow-house workout reminiscent of their early work.
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Madrugada EP
Madrugada EP (12" in die-cut spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: DOG 97. Rel: 14 Mar 24
Deep House
Madrugada (5:10)
Funky Fever (5:39)
Madrugada (Yuksek remix) (5:25)
Madrugada (dub mix) (5:20)
Review: Alma Negra steps up to Delusion of Grandeur to bring the vibes on this new 12" in a fancy die-cut and spot-varnished sleeve. The sounds are funky and disco-fried with 'Madrugada' riding on lavish horn leads and nice loose percussive beats. 'Funky Fever' ups the temperatures with some sleazy vocals riding on jangling and organic beats. 'Madrugad' then comes as a Yuksek remix that layers in more colourful synths and allows the steamy origin vocals to bring the heat and a dub mix closes down this party-friendly EP
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Gespielt von: Ben Gomori, Elado
 in stock $17.08
Without You EP
Cat: DOG 96. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Deep House
Lex - "Without You" (6:23)
Lex - "Strip Town" (5:26)
Lex & Locke - "Purity" (feat Guto Fernandez) (5:29)
Lex & Dennis Liber - "No Time For Formalities" (6:20)
Review: While he's been a stalwart of the Athens underground for decades, it's only in recent years that Lex has begun to release music on a regular basis. Here he returns to Delusions of Grandeur following his collaborative EP with Locke, 7 Day Path, in 2022. Fittingly, Locke makes an appearance - alongside Guto Fernandez - on 'Purity', a fine vocal number that sits somewhere between nu-disco and percussive Latin house, while Lex's love of collaboration continues on the late-80s piano house vibe of 'No Time For Formalities'. It's the A-side's solo tracks that impress most. Our pick of the pair is 'Without You', a hypnotic and locked-in acid house roller full of mind-mangling TB-303 motifs, jazzy Rhodes licks and spacey chords, though the deep and funky 'Strip Town' is almost as good.
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 in stock $17.08
Enchantment Under The Sea EP
Cat: DOG 95. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Deep House
Enchantment Under The Sea (6:55)
Zone Tonight (7:40)
Vertigo (6:29)
Bodymap (6:27)
Review: Now 18 years into his production career, Mark Evetts AKA Mark E is far less prolific than he once was, but his occasional releases are stronger than ever. That much is proved by his second EP for Delusions of Grandeur. Opener 'Enchantment Under The Sea' lives up to the promise of its title, with the Black Country-born producer wrapping fluid, ocean-deep chords and lapping electronic melodies around lo-fi drum machine beats and an undulating bassline. 'Zone Tonight' is similarly deep, melodious and tactile - all atmospheric synth strings, hypnotic drums, starry pads and bubbly bass - while 'Vertigo' is a jazzier and sunnier affair guaranteed to put smiles on faces. To finish off, the Merc main man blurs the boundary between lilting analogue synth-pop and wide-eyed deep house on the gorgeous 'Bodymap'.
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 in stock $17.08
The Haunted House Of House
The Haunted House Of House (transparent orange vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: DOGLP 02ORANGE. Rel: 27 Oct 22
Deep House
The Haunted House (6:27)
Alpine Glow (3:26)
Dark Sienna (5:19)
Flying Visit (4:01)
Cow Palace (5:37)
Bison (3:53)
Push Comes To Shove (5:50)
FINE (with Grand Agent) (2:49)
Zoinks (5:44)
Good Intentions (album mix) (4:24)
Light Scent Of Decay (9:42)
Review: Shockingly, five years have now passed since perennial deep house/disco/Balearic fusionists Session Victim released their fine debut album, The Haunted House of House. To celebrate, the album has been given the reissue treatment on vibrant orange vinyl. It remains a terrific set all told - a contemporary classic that stretches 11 slabs of deep house gorgeousness across three slabs of wax. Throughout, the pair easily sidestep the genre's many pitfalls, flitting between comfy, melodic goodness ('Push Comes To Shove', 'Zoinks'), jazz-funk/deep house fusion ('AlpineGlow'), slick disco-house ('The Haunted House'), groovy slo-mo electronica ('Blison'), dewy-eyed Balearica ('The Light Scent of Decay') and Clyde-esque broken hip-hop ('Fine').
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 in stock $50.39
Listen To Your Heart
Listen To Your Heart (opaque violet vinyl 3xLP limited to 250 copies)
Cat: DOGLP 07V. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Deep House
Bring It Back (6:25)
If We Can Make It Here (4:27)
Moons & Flowers (6:32)
The Hatch (2:50)
Shadows (5:26)
Unchained (3:01)
Up To Rise (LP mix) (5:19)
Over & Over (2:43)
Almost Midnight (4:49)
Castle For Sale (4:55)
Head Over Heels (6:06)
Thermal Explorer (2:18)
Review: The always-cultured Session Victim have got increasingly refined in their work over the last decade or so. Always about much more than just throwaway grooves, they embellish their sounds once more here with the new album Listen to Your Heart on the regular home label Delusions of Grandeur. It arrives across six sides of opaque violet vinyl and is hugely limited. The house here is dusty and laden with great soul samples, lit up with gorgeous jazzy melodies and steeped in musicality. The opener is a real early standout while cuts like 'Up To Rise' are full of warm, joyous synth magic.
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 in stock $54.46
Screen Off EP
Cat: DOG 100. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Deep House
Screen Off (feat Ras Stimulant) (5:52)
Screen Off (feat Ras Stimulant - acappella) (2:52)
Light The Way (4:38)
Light The Way (Iron Curtis Illuminati mix) (5:25)
Light The Way (Iron Curtis reprise) (1:41)
Review: German duo Session Victim have always been about much more than just club tracks - their music draws on their playing skills and formal backgrounds so comes alive with meaningful melodies and rich instrumentation that elevates each track above the norm. This new EP on their home label Delusions of Grandeur kicks off with 'Screen Off' (feat Ras Stimulant) which is disco house with bubbly basslines and a retro feel. It also comes as an a cappella and on the flip 'Light The Way' is a seductively smooth cut with Balearic synths and floating pads that will levitate you off the floor. An Iron Curtis Illuminati mix brings starry-eyed electro vibes and his reprise closes out a lush EP.
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No Loitering EP
Cat: DOG 62. Rel: 05 Dec 17
Deep House
New York Iz All I Know (7:13)
Tight Skin (6:17)
New York Iz All I Know (Aroop Roy remix) (7:31)
Review: It would be fair to say that Henry Maldonado, known more widely as Son Of Sound, has been one of the few revelations to come out of New York City since the early 2000's. For a city which gave us so much in the 80's and 90's, there have been relatively few new names to carry on the dynasty, but Maldonado's sleek and thoughtful style for imprints like Disrtrict 30 and Speak Recordings has provided a bit of life and love to the American Dream. Moreover, the man appears on Delusions Of Grandeur, one of our all time favourite labels when it comes to house, and one that we wish was more present again. The deal here is simple; Son Of House provides us with three sultry, laid-back house groovers with plenty of soul and homebred sensibility, rolling and pushing its solid grooves over bouncy, seductive melodies and feel-good charms.
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Fear Of Stopping EP
Cat: DOG 32. Rel: 06 Sep 13
Deep House
Fear Of Stopping (6:17)
Fear Of Stopping (Maxi Mill remix) (6:38)
Walberswick (Hoist Covert mix) (12:35)
Birdbrook Rain (4:27)
 in stock $15.16
Fight The Feeling EP
Cat: DOG 093. Rel: 15 Sep 23
Deep House
Fight The Feeling (6:26)
Powerslide (5:36)
Dance The Funk (5:23)
 in stock $17.08
Myatts Field EP
Cat: DOG 98. Rel: 19 Apr 24
Deep House
AcidMan (6:42)
Heavily Percussed (6:15)
Myatts Field (5:40)
Roots (6:10)
 in stock $17.08
Columbusing (2xLP + CD)
Cat: DOGLP 06. Rel: 24 Feb 16
Deep House
Air (with Kahil Anthony) (3:41)
Jus Anutha Wunna Deez (5:22)
Boogie Down (with Erik Rico) (7:39)
Sum Ol' Nex' Ish (4:07)
A Fly New Tune (with Ta'raac) (2:20)
Turn It Out (with Dave Aju) (4:38)
I Can Hardly Breathe (with A Brother Is...) (3:43)
Another Night Under The Glitterball (6:06)
For Bae (6:27)
Moon On The Hill (with DJ Kali) (5:16)
Vampires (3:51)
Baked (with Malik Ameer) (2:48)
Take U 2 My House (with Khalil Anthony) (6:37)
For Those I've Lost Along The Way (4:36)
Air (with Khalil Anthony)
Jus Anutha Wunna Deez
Boogie Down (with Erik Rico)
Sum Ol' Nex' Ish
A Fly New Tune (with Ta Raac)
Turn It Out (with Dave Aju)
I Can Hardly Breathe (with A Brother Is...)
Another Night Under The Glitterball
For Bae
Moon On The Hill (with DJ Kali)
Baked (with Malik Ameer)
Take U 2 My House (with Khalil Anthony)
For Those I've Lost Along The Way
Review: Thatmanmonkz is Scott Moncrieff to be precise, a Sheffield based producer who been making house music since around 1997 but more recently on Kolour LTD and of course Delusions Of Grandeur: where he's recognised as a label mainstay. His new album Colombusing is a mighty 14 track effort, and there's a wide variety of moods and grooves, not to mention collaborations! Some of those very hookups are the highlights on here, we must say. There's a couple of tracks with San Francisco minimalist/human beatbox Dave Aju; "Turn It Out" is a deep and sleazy funk jam with Cameo-ish vocals, while "Boogie Down" features the sweet lungs of Erik Rico whose Curtis Mayfield impressions suit this feelgood soul jam just perfectly. "Baked" features the deep poetry of NYC's Malik Ameer on this on this dope jam full of urban flavour. There's music to dance to too, rest assured: "Take U 2 My House" featuring Khalil Anthony is surefire deep house aimed squarely at the dance floor.
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