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Tags: 90s House
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Based On A T R U Story (Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary Edition)
Based On A T R U Story (Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary Edition) (limited gatefold fruit punch vinyl 2xLP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 602455 794444. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Yuck! (4:48)
Crack (4:30)
Dope Peddler (3:26)
No Lie (4:00)
Birthday Song (5:03)
I'm Different (3:27)
Extremely Blessed (4:05)
I Luv Dem Strippers (3:59)
Stop Me Now (4:37)
Money Machine (4:46)
In Town (3:19)
Ghetto Dreams (3:41)
Wut We Doin? (4:29)
 in stock $48.12
Sail Out
Sail Out (LP + insert)
Cat: DEF 1404501. Rel: 10 Jan 24
Hip Hop/R&B
The Vapors (feat Vince Staples) (3:26)
Bed Peace (feat Childish Gambino) (4:22)
Stay Ready (What A Life) (feat Kendrick Lamar) (3:46)
WTH (feat Ab-Soul) (5:44)
The Worst (4:14)
3:16AM (3:18)
Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle - bonus track) (5:20)
$36.04 SAVE 30%
 in stock $25.23
Manifest (LP + insert)
Cat: DEFB 003424801. Rel: 28 Feb 22
Hip Hop/R&B
Penthouse Prayers (feat Rick Ross) (3:12)
Heaven On Earth (3:28)
Luxurious Serenity (3:07)
Gold Rolex (feat Benny The Butcher & Freddie Gibbs) (3:37)
Distractions Of The Flesh (3:13)
Champagne In A Phantom (3:51)
Dream More Doubt Less (feat Hollywood Bay Bay) (4:43)
Celebration Of Your Higher Self (2:25)
Cog In The Machine (3:43)
Triple Deity (2:59)
Made A Way (feat Lecrae - remix) (3:30)
Young Legend (2:56)
$25.76 SAVE 45%
 in stock $14.16
Exodus (LP)
Cat: B 3396401. Rel: 26 May 22
Hip Hop/R&B
That's My Dog (feat The Lox & Swizz Beatz) (5:06)
Bath Salts (feat Jay-Z & Nas) (3:00)
Dogs Out (feat Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz) (2:47)
Money Money Money (feat MoneyBagg Yo) (2:08)
Hold Me Down (feat Alicia Keys) (3:39)
Skyscrapers (feat Bono) (3:25)
Stick It Up Skit (feat Cross, Infrared & Icepick) (0:48)
Hood Blues (feat Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher & Conway The Machine) (4:34)
Take Control (feat Snoop Dogg) (3:49)
Walking In The Rain (feat Nas, Exodus Simmons & Denaun) (4:03)
Exodus Skit (0:21)
Letter To My Son (Call Your Father) (feat Usher & Brian King Joseph) (4:05)
Prayer (2:08)
 in stock $11.91
Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood (15th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: 538640 1. Rel: 06 Feb 23
Hip Hop/R&B
My Niggas (skit) (0:23)
Bring Your Whole Crew (4:45)
Pac Man (skit) (0:46)
Ain't No Way (4:52)
We Don't Give A Fuck (4:12)
Keep Your Shit The Hardest (4:43)
Coming From (feat Mary J Blige) (5:12)
It's All Good (4:15)
Omen (5:04)
Slippin' (5:00)
No Love 4 Me (feat Swizz Beatz & Drag-Oo) (4:02)
Dogs For Life (5:38)
Blackout (feat LOX & Jay-x) (4:52)
Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood (4:39)
Heat (3:48)
Ready To Meet Him (7:46)
 in stock $38.47
Back In Business (reissue)
Cat: B 002724201. Rel: 01 Nov 17
Hip Hop/R&B
Intro (0:12)
Richter Scale (3:12)
Da Joint (3:25)
Never Seen Before (2:50)
Intrigued (feat Das EFX) (3:38)
Last Man Standing (3:30)
Get Wit This (3:44)
Do It Again (2:48)
You Gots 2 Chill '97 (3:28)
Put On (3:50)
KIM (feat Keith Murray & Redman) (4:32)
Dungeon Master (feat Nocturnal) (3:22)
Jane 5 (2:41)
Never Seen Before (remix) (2:53)
 in stock $32.50
The Pretty Toney Album
Cat: DJAM 2217501. Rel: 11 Dec 14
Hip Hop/R&B
Biscuits (feat Trife)
Kunta Fly Sh**
Beat The Clock
Metal Lungies (feat Sheek Louch & Styles P)
Bathtub (skit)
Save Me Dear
It's Over
Keisha's House (skit)
Tush (feat Missy Elliot)
Last Night (skit)
Be This Way
The Letter (skit)
Tooken Back (feat Jackie O)
Run (feat Jadakiss)
Love (feat Musikq & K Fox)
 in stock $34.41
The Black Album
The Black Album (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DEFJB 0001528. Rel: 20 Nov 03
Hip Hop/R&B
December 4th
What More Can I Say
Change Clothes
Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Moment Of Clarity
99 Problems
Justify My Thug
My 1st Song
 in stock $32.50
The Recession 2
The Recession 2 (gatefold translucent white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 333400 1. Rel: 07 Sep 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Oh Lord (feat Tamika Mallory) (3:00)
Here We Go (3:01)
Modern Day (2:59)
Back (feat Yo Gotti) (3:07)
Da Ghetto (feat E-40) (2:59)
Niggaz (3:10)
Death Of Me (3:12)
Stimulus Check (2:58)
My Reputation (feat Demi Lovato & Lil Duval) (3:49)
The Glory (feat Ne-Yo) (3:10)
Live & Die (2:53)
Praying Right (3:05)
Therapy For My Soul (4:20)
Almighty Black Dollar (feat Rick Ross) (2:49)
The Kingdom (3:13)
$55.00 SAVE 45%
 in stock $30.25
This Is How We Do It (reissue)
Cat: DEF 145023. Rel: 10 Jul 24
Hip Hop/R&B
My Mommy Intro
Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz
This Is How We Do It
I'll Do Anything
Don't Keep Me Waiting
Comin' Home
Introducing Shaunta
It's Over
Midnight Interlude
I Wanna
Down On My Knees
Gotta' Get My Roll On
Close The Door
Daddy's Home
 in stock $37.92
Sleepy Soldier
Sleepy Soldier (translucent red vinyl LP)
Cat: DEFTLEONE 01. Rel: 02 May 23
Hip Hop/R&B
The Love (intro) (1:35)
Fatal Attraction (2:15)
Picasso (1:49)
Nirvana (2:05)
Butterfly (1:38)
One Of One (2:13)
Death N' Taxes (2:34)
Here We Go Again (1:48)
Lobos (1:06)
Go Mode (2:14)
Wave Watching (interlude) (4:02)
Heartbreaker (1:46)
If There's A God (1:56)
February (1:47)
Slow Nirvana (1:48)
 in stock $33.59
Mama Said Knock You Out
Mama Said Knock You Out (LP in a lenticular sleeve)
Cat: B 002217301. Rel: 12 Dec 14
Hip Hop/R&B
The Boomin' System
Around The Way Girl
Eat Em Up L Chill
Mr Good Bar
Murdergram (live At Rapmania)
Cheesy Rat Blues
Farmers Blvd (Our Anthem)
Mama Said Knock You Out
Milky Cereal
Jingling Baby (Still Jingling Remix)
To Da Break Of Dawn
6 Minutes Of Pleasure
Illegal Search
The Power Of God
 in stock $35.22
Vinyl Days
Vinyl Days (2xLP)
Cat: BOO 3592901. Rel: 19 Oct 22
Hip Hop/R&B
Danger (0:51)
Tetris (2:02)
In My Lifetime (1:51)
Decades (2:10)
JJ Abrahams (1:40)
Quasi (2:00)
Bleed It (2:33)
LaDona (2:14)
Aaron Judge (2:21)
Clouds (1:54)
Michael Rap (2:42)
Therapy Music (1:21)
Tony Revolori (1:37)
Rogue One (1:55)
Breath Control (2:00)
NEMS (1:37)
Nardwuar (0:35)
Kickstyle (2:28)
Earlybird (1:54)
Ten Years (2:24)
Porta One (3:10)
NeedleDrop (3:22)
Introducing Nezi (1:28)
Orville (1:54)
Carnival (2:48)
Lena's Insight (1:14)
Vinyl Days (4:33)
I Guess I Love It (3:57)
Sayonara (10:14)
 in stock $19.78
Under Pressure
Under Pressure (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DEFB 002240601. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hip Hop/R&B
Intro (2:46)
Soul Food (5:03)
I'm Gone (4:44)
Gang Related (2:48)
Buried Alive (5:38)
Bounce (4:09)
Growing Pains III (3:53)
Never Enough (4:26)
Metropolis (5:06)
Nikki (3:17)
Under Pressure (9:22)
Till The End (5:13)
 in stock $44.71
Tical (LP)
Cat: B002119 701. Rel: 17 Sep 14
Hip Hop/R&B
Bring The Pain
All I Need
What The Blood Clot
Meth vs Chef
Sub Crazy
Release Yo' Delf
PLO Style
I Get My Thang In Action
Mr Sandman
Method Man (remix)
 in stock $35.22
Tical (reissue)
Tical (reissue) (limited burgundy vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 602455 793997. Rel: 17 Nov 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Tical (3:23)
Biscuits (3:15)
Bring The Pain (3:02)
All I Need (3:22)
What The Blood Clot (3:18)
Meth vs Chef (3:26)
Sub Crazy (2:17)
Release Yo' Delf (4:01)
PLO Style (2:36)
I Get My Thang In Action (3:40)
Mr Sandman (3:21)
Stimulation (3:46)
Method Man (remix) (3:19)
 in stock $31.97
Everything Is Wrong (reissue)
Everything Is Wrong (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram blue vinyl LP)
Cat: 506023 6636744. Rel: 22 Aug 22
Funky/Club House
Hymn (3:21)
Feeling So Real (3:23)
All That I Need Is To Be Loved (2:44)
Let's Go Free (0:38)
Everytime You Touch Me (3:41)
Bring Back My Happiness (3:11)
What Love (2:48)
First Cool Hive (5:10)
Into The Blue (5:33)
Anthem (3:27)
Everything Is Wrong (1:14)
God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters (7:22)
When It's Cold I'd Like To Die (4:14)
Review: After Moby emerged on the techno scene with his anthem 'Go' followed by two compilations of early works, Everything Is Wrong was to be his first proper album. Signed to the Mute label, the album was an impressive and surprising display of musical dexterity. Def Jam Recordings reissue the seminal 1995 album here as a 180g heavy vinyl edition featuring its original tracks, such as the euphoric rave energy of 'Feeling So Real', the uplifting house anthem 'Every Time You Touch Me', and the wonderfully evocative 'When It's Cold I'd Like To Die' with guest vocalist Mimi Goese.
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Tags: 90s House
 in stock $34.96
Black On Both Sides
Cat: 471402 8. Rel: 19 Mar 15
Hip Hop/R&B
Fear Not Of Man (4:28)
Hip Hop (3:16)
Love (4:24)
Ms. Fat Booty (3:44)
Speed Law (4:14)
Do It Now (feat Busta Rhymes) (3:52)
Got (3:28)
Umi Says (5:03)
New World Order (3:11)
Rock N Roll (5:03)
Know That (feat Talib Kweli) (4:03)
Climb (feat Vinia Mojica) (3:59)
Brooklyn (5:10)
Habitat (4:39)
Mr. Nigga (feat Q Tip) (5:12)
Mathematics (4:06)
May-December (3:27)
Gespielt von: Vorres (Vrrs)
 in stock $51.47
Ways Of Knowing
Ways Of Knowing (LP + poster)
Cat: DEFB 003760601. Rel: 09 Aug 23
Hip Hop/R&B
The Medium (2:14)
Chosen (2:14)
The One (2:27)
To Fall In Love (2:56)
Life's Terms (3:42)
Phases (1:12)
Kill Switch (3:22)
Window To The Soul (4:03)
Freehold (2:53)
Embers (2:10)
Pillars (3:18)
Look In My Eyes (3:00)
Shadow's Shield (3:27)
Review: American rapper, producer, skateboarder and model Navy Blue (Sage Elsesser) drops his third album Ways Of Knowing, channelling a crisp, soul-and-gospel-intoned sound that leans heavily on the wisdom of his ancestors and relatives. Recalling a filial crossbreed of D'Angelo and J Cole, the LP is a sophisticated, spiritual modern hip-hop project, whereupon we hear Elsesser pay homage to his grandmother, his Yoruba ancestry and his chosen loved ones in the present day, bringing them all together under an equal but critical aegis. Though it isn't also unaware of the darker, structural forces that have polluted his knowledge of the many Ways Of Knowing he's now enlightened to - indeed, 'Freehold' is a gloomy one - it's an overall beautiful record, reflecting Navy Blue's deep awareness of what conspired to make him spectacular.
Read more
Gespielt von: PHANTOM ISLAND
 in stock $32.24
God's Favorite
Cat: JK 02. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hip Hop/R&B
Hit Me Slime (feat Nas, Ice T, Mike Kyser, Nelly & Tyson Beckford)
God's Favorite
Nahmeanuheard (feat DWNLZY)
Mr CEO (feat Musaliny-N-Maze, Gold (Oro) & Troy Outlaw)
Live My Life (feat Ja Rule)
Full Mode
Love Ya Moms (feat Capone, Musaliny-N-Maze, Gold (Oro) & Complexions)
Head Bussa
Wanna Be Like Him (feat Mashonda)
Black Clouds (feat Complexions)
Banned From Another Club (feat Final Chapter)
Now I Pray (feat Musaliny)
Consioder This (feat Kelis)
Nahmeanuheard (feat Capone, Cam' Rom, Fat Joe & Cassidy)
Holla Black Slime (feat Busta Rhymes & Jadakiss)
Capone feat Chinky - "The Life Of A...(Gangsta)" (bonus track)
 in stock $12.46
Fear Of A Black Planet
Fear Of A Black Planet (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DJAM 2170301. Rel: 29 Nov 14
Hip Hop/R&B
Contract On The World Love Jam
Brothers Gonna Work It Out
911 Is A Joke
Incident At 66.6FM
Welcome To The Terrodome
Meet The G That Killed Me
Anti Nigger Machine
Burn Hollywood Burn
Power To The People
Who Stole The Soul?
Fear Of A Black Planet
Revolutionary Geneartion
Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man
Reggie Jax
Leave This Off Your Fu*kin Charts
Side Wins Again
War At 33 & A Third
Final Count Of The Collision Between Us & The Damned
Fight The Power
Gespielt von: Gu / Our Label Records
 in stock $23.58
Yo! Bum Rush The Show
Cat: B 002083 901. Rel: 25 Jun 14
Hip Hop/R&B
You're Gonna Get Yours
Sophisticated Bitch
Miuzi Weighs A Ton
Too Much Posse
Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man)
Public Enemy No 1
Yo! Bum Rush The Show
Raise The Roof
Terminator X Speaks With His Hands
Gespielt von: Gu / Our Label Records
 in stock $39.00
Whut? Thee Album (50th Anniversary Edition)
Whut? Thee Album (50th Anniversary Edition) (limited burgundy vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 602455 793973. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Psycho Ward (1:28)
Time 4 Sum Aksion (3:22)
Da Funk (2:19)
News Break (0:28)
So Ruff (3:44)
Rated "R" (3:21)
Watch Yo Nuggets (3:49)
Psycho Dub (2:28)
Jam 4 You (2:07)
Blow Your Mind (2:24)
Hardcore (2:02)
Funky Uncles (1:00)
Redman Meets Reggie Noble (2:32)
Tonight's Da Night (3:33)
Blow Your Mind (remix) (1:57)
I'm A Bad (4:14)
Sessed One Night (4:04)
How To Roll A Blunt (1:01)
Sooper Luver Interview (2:07)
A Day Of Sooperman Lover (1:42)
Encore (1:23)
Review: American great Redman is about as decorated as hip-hop wordsmiths come and that legacy was assured almost from the moment he sealed his debut album, Whut? Thee Album in September 1992. It mixes up East Coast, hardcore and psychedelic rap styles with production taken care of by Pete Rock, Parrish Smith and Erick sermon. Now considered a classic and one of Redman's best albums, it features plenty of humorous lyrics and funky production with booming drums undermining each of the cuts. Vocally, Reedman does it all from lover to fighter and back again. It all makes for a party record with a difference.
Read more
 in stock $31.16
Dark Times
Cat: DEF 155166.1. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Review: With his latest record Dark Times, we're convinced of Vince Staples' staple status. Staples' final release with Def Jam after seeing through a ten+ year contract, this sixth studio album from the rapper marks a demure sense of continuation, to keep chugging and plugging away at his craft, despite the encroach of a progressively bleak era. Peppered throughout with perfidious sonic interludes as 'Liars' and 'Close Your Eyes And Swing', Staples opts for a well-developed mode of soundscapery, while fully formed songs like 'Shame On The Devil' contrast to this with a sheer sense of determination, reaffirming Staples' longing for wholesomeness and wellbeing, building on lessons learned and wisdom gained.
Read more
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Summertime 06: Segment 1
Cat: B 002337601. Rel: 11 Dec 15
Hip Hop/R&B
Ramona Park Legend (part 1) (0:37)
Lift Me Up (4:16)
Norf Norf (3:06)
Birds & Bees (feat Daley) (2:40)
Loca (2:38)
Lemme Know (feat DJ Dahi, Jhene Alko) (3:42)
Dopeman (feat Joey Fatts, Kilo Kish) (1:53)
Jump Off The Roof (feat Snoh Aalegra) (3:48)
Senorita (3:04)
Summertime (4:09)
 in stock $36.31
Summertime 06: Segment 2
Cat: 602547 532305. Rel: 26 Nov 15
Hip Hop/R&B
Ramona Park Legend (part 2) (1:24)
3230 (2:30)
Surf (feat Kilo Kish) (2:14)
Might Be Wrong (feat Haneef Talib aka GeNNo & Eeeeeeee) (3:58)
Get Paid (feat Desi Mo) (2:59)
Street Punks (2:55)
Hang N' Bang (feat A$ton Matthews) (2:07)
C.N.B. (3:48)
Like It Is (4:36)
'06 (0:49)
 in stock $37.12
The Album
The Album (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 737338. Rel: 09 Apr 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Intro (2:50)
Come Back To Me (feat Junie & Rick Ross) (4:09)
Wake Up Love (feat Iman) (3:32)
Lowkey (feat Erykah Badu) (4:10)
Let's Build (feat Quavo) (2:36)
1800-One-Night (2:35)
Mornin' (feat Kehlani) (4:54)
Boomin' (feat Missy Elliott & Future) (5:26)
69 (2:42)
Killah (feat Davido) (3:02)
Bad (1:26)
Wrong Bitch (2:43)
Shoot It Up (feat Big Sean) (3:48)
Bare Wit Me (2:08)
Lose Each Other (2:20)
Concrete (3:57)
Still (4:04)
Ever Ever (4:41)
Try Again (2:58)
Friends (2:24)
How You Want It? (feat King Combs) (3:42)
Made It (3:19)
We Got Love (feat Ms Lauryn Hill) (4:08)
 in stock $33.06
Def Jam Forward
Def Jam Forward (2xLP (side 4 etched))
Cat: DEFB 003310101. Rel: 26 Feb 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Jadakiss - "Why" (feat Anthony Hamilton) (3:58)
Jeezy - "My President" (feat Nas) (5:25)
Public Enemy - "Fight The Power" (4:46)
DMX - "Slippin" (5:04)
Bobby Sessions - "The Hate You Give" (feat Keite Young) (4:05)
Logic - "America" (feat Black Thought, Chuck D, Big Lembo & NO ID) (5:33)
YG - "FDT" (feat Nipsey Hustle) (3:47)
Slick Rick - "Behind Bars" (3:21)
Common & John Legend - "Glory" (4:33)
Fabolous, Jadakiss & Teyana Taylor - "Talk About It" (4:36)
Yung Cassius - "Condemnation" (2:51)
Nas - "My Daughters" (3:20)
Big Sean - "One Man Change The World" (feat Kanye West & John Ledgend) (4:14)
Gespielt von: I Love Hip Hop
$34.41 SAVE 25%
 in stock $25.80
Regulate G Funk Era: 20th Anniversary Edition
Cat: 602547 056788. Rel: 20 Dec 14
Hip Hop/R&B
Do You See
Gangsta Sermon
Super Soul Sis
'94 Ho Draft
So Many Ways
This DJ
This Is The Shack
What's Next
And Ya Don#t Stop
Runnin' With No Breaks
Regulate (Destructo & Wax Motif remix)
Regulate (Photek remix)
 in stock $44.97
Regulate G Funk Era
Regulate G Funk Era (limited burgundy vinyl LP + burgundy vinyl 12"(indie exclusive))
Cat: 602455795380. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Regulate (4:07)
Do You See (3:51)
Gangsta Sermon (0:35)
Recognize (2:51)
Super Soul Sis (2:55)
'94 Ho Draft (1:04)
So Many Ways (3:13)
This DJ (3:16)
This Is The Shack (4:16)
What's Next (2:33)
And Ya Don't Stop (3:54)
Runnin' With No Breaks (3:32)
Regulate (Destructo & Wax Motif remix) (4:58)
Regulate (Photek remix) (3:57)
 in stock $49.85
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (trifold 3xLP + poster + artwork in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: B 001469501. Rel: 22 Aug 14
Hip Hop/R&B
Dark Fantasy
Gorgeous (feat Kid Cudi & Raekwon)
All Of The Lights (interlude)
All Of The Lights
Monster (feat Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)
So Appalled (feat Jay-Z, Pusha T, T Pryce Cy Hi, Swizz Beatz & The RZA)
Devil In A New Dress (feat Rick Ross)
Runaway (feat Pusha T)
Hell Of A Life
Blamegame (feat John Legend)
Lost In The World (feat Bon Iver)
Who Will Survive In America
 in stock $42.25
I Got Issues
I Got Issues (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: B 3586401. Rel: 13 Jan 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Issues (2:26)
Baby Momma (2:40)
Toxic (3:33)
Maniac (2:52)
How To Rob A Rapper (3:36)
I Dance (4:04)
Sign Language (2:30)
Scared Money (3:26)
Run (3:58)
Go Dumb (4:24)
No Love (3:28)
Sober (4:16)
Drink To This (3:39)
No Weapon (4:14)
Alone (2:39)
Killa Cali (3:32)
 in stock $35.22
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