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Deeppa Schallplatten & CDs

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Last Night I Dreamt About The Sun
Cat: DEEPPA 03. Rel: 10 Aug 21
Deep House
Farewell, Koichi (intro) (1:42)
Take Me Back (5:42)
Hear Me Up (5:21)
Last Night I Dreamt About The Sun (4:20)
Louis The Third (6:03)
World Filled With Light (outro) (3:20)
Review: Mr. Ultrafino sent out a message with this new album which explains that Darryl Baalki is a super private person. He grew up just with his mother and his father's music collection. He believed it contained the entirety of the history of recorded music and went about making new sounds using samples of it. Whether that is true or not we don't know, but the music is quality. It's spiritual, deep, enchanting, jazzy house with a broad spectrum of emotions. There are late-night lullabies like 'Louis The Third' and more bumping but still cuddly cuts like 'Hear Me Up' amongst many highlights.
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 in stock $13.19
You'll Keep Going EP
Cat: DEEPPA 07. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Deep House
You'll Keep Going (5:53)
Karma (5:50)
Manage Your Temper (6:10)
Mental Game (6:41)
Confusion (6:13)
A Few More Breaks Should Do The Trick (6:13)
Review: The fledgling Deeppa label is back with a seventh sublime sound, this time from Eloi who brings plenty of fresh ideas and creative sound designs to four tasteful cuts. 'You'll Keep Going' is a lush late-night fusion of noodling basslines and jazzy chords with soulful vocals and 'Karma' then gets even more horizontal in balmy chords and lazy grooves. There is a little more bite to 'Manage Your Temper' but it is still a super cuddly house sound. On the flip, 'Mental Game' offers hazy late-night reveries and 'Confusion' is a swirling mix of warm and soulful house. 'A Few More Breaks Should Do The Trick' is a jazzy and zoned-out closer. What an EP.

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 in stock $14.51
Perfect Duality Series 3
Cat: DEEPPA 04. Rel: 27 Jul 22
Deep House
Sarewa's Project - "Vague A L'Ame" (5:02)
Saint Paul - "Douce Vie" (5:34)
Sable Blanc - "Berry Orchard" (feat Wes Maples) (6:08)
Paul Cut - "Tropica" (7:14)
Chouba, Novaj, Groove Boys Project - "Strictly Jazz Haze" (6:19)
Sable Blanc - "Icing On The Cake" (2:57)
 in stock $15.29
Cat: DEEPPA 05. Rel: 15 Mar 23
Deep House
Love Letter For Meowsn (2:25)
Classique (5:07)
Doin' Haws (4:23)
Every Single Day (4:05)
Scru's Hustle (2:44)
Le Jazz, Le Rythme (4:15)
Midnight Drive With Jehan (4:06)
Be With Me (3:53)
Fin (1:06)
Review: Rising star Scruscru has long been a fan of collaboration, so it's no surprise to see him joining forces with fellow Deeppa label-mates Jehan (a French house producer and hip-hop beat-maker) and Meowsn (a rising star from St Petersburg) for a first joint full-length excursion. JSM does a great job in combining their various talents and influences, shuffling. Between crackly, jazzy instrumental hip-hop beats ('Love Letter for Meowsn', 'Scru's Hustle'), sample-heavy jazz-house ('Classique'), bumpin' peak-time goodness ('Doin' Haws'), deeply soulful dancefloor loveliness ('Every Single Day'), woozy US style deep house ('Le Jazz, Le Rhythme') and funk-fuelled, dust-laden breakbeat house niceness ('Be With Me'), it's got it all.
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 in stock $22.42
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