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Curtis Electronix Holland Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Curtis Electronix Holland
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Future Tribe EP
Cat: CRTSX 012. Rel: 06 May 24
Future Tribe (feat 2030)
Profondo Rosso
Jiminy Cricket
coming soon $15.04
Hang In There
Cat: CRTSX 002. Rel: 13 Dec 19
Come On Baby (4:27)
I Love My Pleasurebot (4:07)
Sick Dog (5:58)
Hang In There (4:25)
Gespielt von: Iron Blu
 in stock $11.15
Infinite Tetraspace
Cat: CRTSX 011. Rel: 19 Mar 24
Programmable Organism (5:31)
Entity From Tetraspace (4:58)
Tachyon Intelligence (3:59)
Computronium (6:03)
Review: It's no wonder Dopplereffekt named their latest EP 'Inifinite Tetraspace'. For starters, a tetrahedron is a 3D triangular pyramid of equal lengths per side. A sine wave, meanwhile, is in auditory form considered the purest, most basic sound - it is also the graph produced by plotting all the ratio points between two sides of a triangle. The logical conclusion is this: infinite tetraspace might be considered the ultimate form of repetitive sound, carrying on forever, triangulating constantly in all directions, never ceasing. For all its vivid imaginings, Dopplereffekt's dualistic, stereo-effected sound carries on in full force on their latest EP for Curtis Electronix, tetra-scribing four icy, unsettling entities that may only be encountered in this special extra-conscious zone.
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 in stock $15.04
Destroy Your Future
Cat: CRTSX 008. Rel: 25 Mar 22
Destroy Your Future (Total Utter Control) (3:42)
Cognitive Warfare (3:51)
Do Not Be Programmed (5:27)
Incubating Hysteria (4:06)
Deprogramming (4:08)
Fictional Norms (3:48)
Immediately Disperse (1:37)
Review: When a label names themselves after an iconic synthesizer chip, you know they mean business. Following releases from the likes of DJ Overdose and Detroit's Filthiest, Curtis Electronix welcome the mighty Galaxian to throw down some truly dystopian machine malfunctions on Destroy Your Future. If you're craving some fresh ideas in the electro scene, look no further as the masked wonder takes the sound right out to the edge without losing that electro essence. 'Destroy Your Future Total Utter Control' is a twitchy cut that seems to dissemble and reform right before your ears. 'Cognitive Warfare' has a sharper focus somewhere in the DJ Stingray spectrum, but this is still weird over functional. Here is the sound of an artist truly ignoring any notion of 'scene' and pressing on with their own twisted vision, and it's frankly mind-blowing.
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 in stock $12.97
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