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Boe Recordings

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Boe Recordings

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Travelogues (limited to 150 copies 12" + postcard insert)
Cat: BOE 024. Rel: 13 Aug 14
Deep House
  1. Wild Grass
  2. Night Train
  3. Wild Grass (Ben Boe 16Bit remix)
  4. Wild Grass (Madurai Raj dub)
  5. The Snake Charmer (bonus track)
Review: After a standout contribution to the 2012 v/a 12" Prepared Halal Vol 2, Anaxander and Boe meet once again and it's a more substantial offering from the producer this time with Travelogues wedged somewhere between EP and mini LP. Given that remixes from Ben Boe and Madurai Raj feature on the flip it's probably best to call this an EP but regardless, it does find Anaxander laying down a selection of killer percussive grooves. "Wild Grass" makes for a wonderfully insouciant opener with subtle calypso undertones, whilst the heady grit of "Night Train" demonstrates Anaxander can operate at a darker hue too. Ben Boe's take on "Wild Grass" is straight up house deepness like you have come to expect from the label, whilst the Raj effort swerves into leftfield beatdown territory. Lo fi house rattler "The Snake Charmer" is excellent too!
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Halal Prepared Vol 2
Cat: BOE 022. Rel: 03 Dec 13
Deep House
  1. Arnaldo - "A Shop That Sells Everything But At Double The Price"
  2. Ben Boe - "Low Rider"
  3. Anaxander - "Dance Et Cetera"
Review: Arriving back in the spring of 2010, the first edition of Halal Prepared from London label Boe Recordings featured Iron Curtis, KiNK and Ladzinski and has remained a 12" the more considered selectors at Juno HQ keep in their record boxes. Primed by Boe as the onset of a new V/A series, it's taken the label three years to decide on what artists to feature on this second volume, with a great online mix series of the same name available for those craving some Halal flavoured house. Smallville graduate Arnaldo calls shotgun here with the playfully named A side hogger "A Shop That Sells Everything But At Twice The Price" filled with the sort of texturally deepness that made his Blank Slate record from earlier this year such a popular 12". Label boss Ben Boe deems the time right to surface with his first original production and "Low Rider" fits snugly in with the refined house aesthetic the under-rated Boe Recordings has developed over the course of it's five years of releases. French producer Anaxander rounds out Vol 2. In fine style with the deep and dubby "Dance Et Cetera" showcasing his percussive chops. Bless up Boe!
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Music For The Soul #1
out of stock $9.80
Leagues To Light Years
Leagues To Light Years (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BOE 026. Rel: 02 Mar 15
Deep House
  1. Ganymede
  2. DEEeep-r
  3. Atomic Fuzz
Review: A long time coming, Ben boe drops his very first solo EP on the label he conceived over 8 years ago. Narrtives of deep space travel and journeys into the abyss permeate the release from start to finish. Ganymede graces the A-Side with its interstellar funk and sci-fi chords cutting through a heavy atmosphere like that of the namesake moon itself. A sampled, spooky tale of watery destinations round off the a-side and lead into the depths of DEEeeP-r on the flip. Fuzzy saturated textures, whispering chords and heavy bass soften the descent whilst a chopped and maipulated vocal drones "Go Deeper, Stay Longer". Drawing influence from his home county, the early Sheffield stylings, machine-precision breakbeats and soft harmonies of Atomic Fuzz round off the EP.
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Monkey Hanging EP
Cat: BOE 001. Rel: 01 Feb 08
Deep House
  1. Monkey Hanging
  2. Herodias
  3. Old Run
Review: Burnski's ' Monkey Hanging EP', on Boe Recordings, boasts a sublime threesome starting with the
marvellous title track, which oozes deep house class as it motors along on a simple but deadly
riff, goosed by early 90's nu groove style chords and jazzy squiggles to intoxicating effect.
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Sticky Situation EP
Cat: BOE 003. Rel: 17 Jul 08
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Sticky Situation
  2. Funky Baseline
  3. Sticky Situation (Burnski's Been In A Felu remix)
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Talking About Your Love
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The First Transition
Cat: BOE 016. Rel: 25 Jul 12
Deep House
  1. There Are No Tech House Zombies In Heaven
  2. Morning Sequence (vinyl only exclusive)
  3. Doom's Joke In The Action
  4. Smoke Green (K-Hole dub - vinyl only exclusive)
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The Second Transition
The Second Transition (10" (ONLINE EXCLUSIVE))
Cat: BOE 017. Rel: 31 Aug 12
Deep House
  1. Guiding Light
  2. It's Not An Artform Just Beats
Review: The always classy deep house emporium Boe recently uncovered a gem of Ukrainian production talent with The First Transition EP from the previously unheralded G-Transition. Wisely the label have secured some more well paced house movements from the mysterious producer with this highly limited ten inch, snappily titled The Second Transition. Lead track "Guiding Light" is so slow it feels ever so slightly dragging at 45rpm! Don't be put off though, as the laid back pace and simple drum programming consisting of little more than delayed congas and shuffling hats allows the expertly arranged layers of harmonious synth, Rhodes, analogue bass and strings the chance glisten. Less is more on the flip as "It's Not An Artform, Just Beats" lives up to its name with a little more than a rasping groove and gently expressive arpeggiated lead floating over a restrained backdrop of fizzing atmosphere.
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Halal Prepared Vol 3
Cat: BOE 025. Rel: 26 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Havantepe - "Plane Waves"
  2. Ben Boe - "Aqueous Refraction"
  3. Chicago Deep - "Star Struck"
  4. Taelue - "Desolate Dreams"
Review: While their sporadic appearance remains a frustration, it's hard to find fault with Boe Recordings' Halal Prepared series of EPs. This third installment of the series, which lands 12 months after it's' predecessor, contains another quarter of high quality deep house jams. The real highlights - to our ears, at least - are the two tracks that doff a cap to classic Detroit techno, whilst keeping their feet firmly rooted in deep house. Both "Star Struck" by Chicago Deep and Havantepe's "Plane Waves" capture the retro-futurist spirit and stargazing electronics associated with the Motor City perfectly. Elsewhere, keep an eye out for Taelue's "Desolate Dreams", which offers a bittersweet trip into ultra-deep house territory.
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Halal Prepared Vol 4
  1. Invisible Menders - "Fifth Time Lucky" (8:03)
  2. John Shima - "Thought Wave" (5:31)
  3. Toby Tobias - "Sword Art Arcade" (6:07)
  4. Tim Smith - "Graphene" (7:24)
Review: The revered Halal Prepared series on boe extends to its fourth volume with four new acts fresh to the label. Hotly tipped duo, Invisible Menders, made up of outstanding DJ Jane Fitz and thus far underrated producer Dom Ahtuam contribute a stunning Balearic bass-heavy house cut "Fifth Time Lucky". Fresh from his solo EP, John Shima slots in a deep techno workout "Thought Wave". Toby Tobias of Rekids fame pumps out some raw basement lofi vibes with his jacker "Sword Art Arcade" and rounding off the EP on a delicate note is Tim Smith's soft and melodic 707 jam "Graphene".
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Signal EP
Signal EP (12")
Cat: BOE 002. Rel: 05 Mar 08
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Signal
  2. Sometimes
  3. Skip The Groove (feat Rachel Row)
out of stock $5.99
Get Nervous
Cat: BOE 004. Rel: 07 Aug 08
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Get Nervous
  2. Get Nervous (David Label's Getting Nervous remix)
Gespielt von: Burnski
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Halal Prepared Vol 1
Cat: BOE 007. Rel: 07 Apr 10
Deep House
  1. Kink - "Kiss The Sky"
  2. Iron Curtis - "Back Up"
  3. Ladzinski - "Diamond"
Review: Boe Recordings first release of 2010 sees the London imprint launch the first in a series of various artist EPs. This release adds further credence to the rule that new Kink is always good Kink. "Kiss The Sky" sees the Bulgarian in inspired form, soaking a crisp percussive punch in swathes of delicately orchestrated chords which are reminiscent of Pepe Bradock's finest moments and complemented perfectly by the vocal harmony of Rachel Row. Iron Curtis marks his debut for Boe with "Backup," a superlative faceoff between handclaps and 808s with a driving melody. Finally Ladzinski is invited back after last years The Deep End EP and offers up "Diamond," a real example of hypnotic jacking house music with some subtle instrumental touches.

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Detroit To London
out of stock $7.63
The Deep End
Cat: BOE 006. Rel: 27 Oct 09
Deep House
  1. Spider On The Keyboard
  2. Past Twelve
  3. Outside Chance
  4. The Deep End
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Just Like That
out of stock $7.63
Boe X
Boe X (12")
Cat: BOEX. Rel: 01 Dec 10
Deep House
  1. Ladzinski - "Looking Back"
  2. Nils Anthes - "Lessons"
  3. Marc Vacher - "I Know"
  4. Azuni - "(Baby Don't You) Make Me High"
Review: Ben Parkinson's Boe Recordings imprint has already endeared itself to lovers of house music with a deepish hue thanks to releases from the likes of KiNK, Burnski and Iron Curtis. This sampler showcases the label's wares with Ladzinski's "Looking Back" - which features some Kerri Chandler style vocal cuts - sharing the A Side with the moody analogue shuffle of "Lessons" by Nils Anthes. Marc Vacher's "I Know" comes in on a 90s deep house tip - thus guaranteeing a spot in Juno's affections - while Azuni's "(Baby Don't You) Make Me High" rounds off a killer 12" with beefy club drums and expertly arranged vocal elements.
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By Any Means EP
Cat: BOE 023. Rel: 27 Feb 14
Deep House
  1. Acton Route
  2. The View From Baskerville (2013)
  3. Phthalo Blue
Review: Boe Recordings can always be counted on for a smooth brand of deep tech house embellished with lashings of soul, and so it is on this latest offering from rising talent Nick Lawson, whose previous turns for Morris/Audio and Fear Of Flying have landed him plenty of respect from those in the know. "Acton Route" is rich in dreamy, dubby chords and a sturdy shuffle, while "The View From Baskerville" gets into an even more blissed-out haze of soothing pads on a Patrice Scott level of submergence. "Pthalo Blue" rounds the EP out with another sublime turn that plays the pads down for a more moody finish overall, but without losing any of that soulfulness.
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Remember (12")
Cat: BOE 008. Rel: 06 Jul 10
Deep House
  1. Remember (feat Donna Lea)
  2. Remember (Azuni remix)
  3. She's Kooky
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Boe XXX (double 12")
Cat: BOE XXX. Rel: 17 Oct 16
Deep House
  1. Leif - "That Ice Cream Tune"
  2. Ben Boe - "Spectral Gate"
  3. Nick Lawson - "Wharf Aquatics"
  4. Life Recorder - "Butterflies"
  5. Reedale Rise - "Quadrex"
  6. John Shima - "Liberation"
Review: Having served for eight years as one of the most dependable outlets for deep, thought provoking house in the UK, Boe Recordings recently announced its plans to shut up shop, and it does so in style. Calling on regular artists as well as fresh talent, it's a perfect swansong that demonstrates just how much quality is to be found in the Boe back catalogue. Leif's "That Ice Cream Tune" is a hypnagogic slice of broken beat, while label boss Ben Boe gets into a dreamy 2-step state of mind. That's just the tip of the iceberg on this flawless double-pack from a label that will be sorely missed.
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Rural Transmissions
Cat: BOE 018. Rel: 31 Oct 12
Deep House
  1. Walker
  2. Long Days
  3. The Ghost (vinyl only exclusive track)
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Now Is The Time
Now Is The Time (double 12")
Cat: BOE 014. Rel: 07 Dec 11
Deep House
  1. What Is & Has Passed
  2. The Shadows Cast By Tomorrow
  3. New Dawn
  4. The Chosen Path
  5. Voices Within
  6. Memories Of The Future
  7. Valley Of Dreams
  8. Strands
  9. Gates Of The Mind
out of stock $10.85
Boe XX
Boe XX (limited clear splattered vinyl 12")
Cat: BOE XX. Rel: 27 Mar 13
Deep House
  1. Outboxx - "Reflections"
  2. Perseus Traxx - "Closer" (feat Lucy Barker)
  3. Machinesleet - "Flavour Replacement"
  4. Kammerton - "Dedicate All My Love"
out of stock $7.63
Misspent Emotions
Misspent Emotions (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BOE 013. Rel: 10 Aug 11
Deep House
  1. Misspent Emotions
  2. Know Yourself
  3. Nod Of Acknowledgement
  4. 2 B What U Want
  5. NR-707
Review: Having impressed all that dress well with his remix of Ali Renault a while back, Perseus Traxx steps out for a debut release proper on the Boe imprint that is nothing less than illuminating! Arriving on thick set vinyl sporting hand stamped artwork; Misspent Emotions presents five raw throwdowns drenched deep in the sounds of pure Chicago machine funk. Despite the multiplicity of records these days offering just this, there's an undeniable quality to all aspects here which lifts the EP far above your average Chi-Town clone. The title track will hit the spot as soon as those haunting pads arise over the rough drum machine manipulations, but crucially the four other tracks provide just as much substance for the mind, body and soul. With releases in the pipeline for Dutch label M>O>S and Abstract Forms, Perseus Traxx is clearly a talent to watch. Big applause to all involved on this beast of a twelve inch.
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Illumination Of The Path
Cat: BOE 015. Rel: 27 Jun 12
Deep House
  1. Path Illumination
  2. VTM Beos Tribute
  3. Elements Combined (vinyl only exclusive)
  4. Essence Dub (vinyl only exclusive)
Review: The reliably flawless Boe Recordings usher in Professor Inc, the first of several promised new additions to their 2012 release schedule. Professor Inc is the latest alias of Frederic Poix, a Parisian house producer with a decade's worth of productions to his and his other names, and this house heritage shines through across the four tracks on Illumination Of The Path. There's a woozy confidence to "Path Illumination" as lazy pads and the producer's own barely audible voice float over the seemingly improvised backdrop of crystallised strings and thick set bass. Following this, "VTM Beos Tribute" is named in tribute to an underground legend on the early sample-sharing scene and commences in more stripped back fashion. Just when you think it's a bit ponderous, a growing crescendo of percussive layers breaks out that releases into a delightful refrain of strings. Turn over for "Elements Combined" a track obviously influenced by Basic Channel, but nonetheless a truly accomplished exercise in dub techno, with near infinite streams of fractured textures falling around the thick 4/4 beat. Professor Inc ends this fine Boe debut in similar territory with the dark reverberant thump of "Essence Dub".
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From Scratch To Formula
From Scratch To Formula (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BOE 029. Rel: 16 Nov 15
Deep House
  1. Crazy (6:34)
  2. Underground (6:07)
  3. Life After Asylum (7:42)
  4. Put Up the Vibe (6:08)
Review: Professor Inc returns to boe with a four track EP of low slung heady house vibes, thumping drums and searing soundscapes. Punchy 4/4 rhythms and throaty chords of Crazy grace the Aside where neat percussion sections break up dubby sweeps and deft ambient samples. The rolling loose beats and haunting synths movements of Undergound sit nicely inside and offer a pumping club cut. The glorious strings of Life After Asylum play nicely with vox synths, weird samples and some weighty low end. Rounding out the EP, Put Up the Vibe skips and swings with fizzy stabs, modulated percussions and warm grooving bass.
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Prototype EP
Prototype EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BOE 027. Rel: 18 May 15
Deep House
  1. Prototype (6:59)
  2. Ancient Skies (6:25)
  3. Transducer (7:30)
  4. True Distance (7:03)
Review: Quickly becoming one to watch in the techno circles, John Shima is making waves with his fresh approach to that classic Detroit sound. His contribution for boe is nothing short of a stunning representation of underground electronic music.
Prototype is a sonic ode to industry: blueprinted in the motor city and forged in Sheffield. It's heads down for the dance floor with shimmering metallic overtones and a side order of robot jack.
Ancient Skies points more towards Chicago stylings capturing the melancholy party vibe of early Cajual records with crystal clear production skills and neat arrangements.
Transducer is groovy experimental techno that could have easily sat on the much-revered Objet D'Art. It's electronic music that will stand the test of time.
Rounding off the EP in fine style is True Distance. A stunning ambient piece with deep pads and swirling melodies that complement and round of the EP perfectly.
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Eastern Promise
Cat: BOE 019. Rel: 14 Nov 12
Deep House
  1. Age Of Peace
  2. Wide Open Spaces
  3. Hand In Hand
  4. In Motion (vinyl only exclusive track)
  5. Hand In Hand (reprise - vinyl only exclusive track)
Review: How Boe Recordings remain outside of wider acclaim when everyone and their second uncle is falling over themselves to talk about how much they love deep house is a mystery to us - we guess the label will just have to remain a secret affection of those in the know as opposed to wanton bandwagon jumpers. Veteran house producer Steve Pickton continues his new found creative surge as Soul 223 with a rather fine Boe debut after emerging in style on the Delsin House series earlier this year. From the opening moments of "Age Of Peace" it's clear Pickton's project and Boe are a well matched pairing, the loose percussion, warm bass and glowering organs lent something extra by the ever present quirky FX that keep your ears and feet guessing but never over complicate matters. "Wide Open Spaces" is a deeper affair, driven by a luxuriant hugging bassline with spacious drums cloaked in cavernous reverb. A neat left turn into hip-hop territory at the close demonstrates a level of ingenuity few producer even think of these days. This is a record that keeps giving with "Hand In Hand" operating on the kind of rolling groove, vocal hook and sun drenched strings that afford it instant classic status. Two vinyl exclusives - one a reprise of the aforementioned track - make this a 12" that will stay in many a record box for some time.
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Dig (12")
Cat: BOE 005. Rel: 07 Jul 09
Minimal/Tech House
  1. The Depths Of
  2. Macrotones
  3. White Bread
  4. Haunted House
out of stock $7.63
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Boe Recordings
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