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Balearic 3
Balearic 3 (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: BLRC 3CD. Rel: 12 Jun 17
  1. Cantoma - "Abando"
  2. The Madrigal - "Ride To The Moon"
  3. Fuga Ronto - "Daydreams"
  4. Shy Layers - "Black & White"
  5. Quinn Lamont Luke - "Primavera"
  6. Zee Erf - "Southern Freeez" (Mudd's mix For Emma)
  7. Hubbabubbaklubb - "Mopedbart" (Olefonken’s Autostrada Miks)
  8. Penelope Antena - "Tradewinds" (Cobby mix)
  9. Maajo - "Musa Paradisa"
  10. Hear & Now - "Hirundo"
  11. Nancy Noise - "Kaia"
  12. Tommy Awards - "Sessions II Untitled Track 1" (Balearic remix)
Review: It's that time of year when thoughts turn to lazy afternoons down the beach, early evenings sat watching White Isle sunsets and sticky nights of loved-up debauchery. In other words, it's the perfect time to dive into the latest volume in the consistet Balearic compilation series. There's naturally much to admire in the now-familiar Cafe Del Mar/Cafe Mambo style, from the horizontal, flute-laden samba shuffle of The Madrigal's "The Ride to the Moon" and Shay Lovers exceedingly drowsy "Black & White", to the warm chords and head-nodding beats of Steve Cobby's remix of "Tradewinds" by Penelope Antena, and tropical exuberance of Maajo's "Musa Paradisa". Best of all, though, is Mudd's impeccable "Mix for Emma" of Zee Erf's blissful cover of "Southern Freeez", which is one of the most stunning tracks you'll hear all year.
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Gespielt von: Joe Morris
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Balearic 4
Balearic 4 (unmixed CD)
Cat: BLRC 4CD. Rel: 10 Aug 18
  1. Max Essa - "Gold Hush" (part 2)
  2. Emerson Kitamura - "Rock Your Baby" (feat MMM)
  3. Simon Peter - "Ottimismo"
  4. Kay Zee - "Barny" (Fuga Ronto rework)
  5. Los Twangueros - "Entre Dos Aguas" (On-U Sound dub)
  6. Private Agenda - "Dawn" (Faze Action remix)
  7. Quinn Lamont Luke - "Different Aspirations"
  8. J-Walk - "Twilight"
  9. Max Manetti - "Changuinola"
  10. Robot 84 - "San Vorera" (feat Manuel Amoscotegui - Breese remix)
  11. Joe Morris - "Skies Reprise"
  12. Gallo - "Faron" (Fabrizio Mammarella Ambient remix)
Review: Balearic are back with their fourth label compilation, lovingly programmed by label boss Jim Breese. The perfect soundtrack for summer, brim-full of beach-ready tunes that truly reflect Ibiza's chilled musical spirit. Featuring legends and newcomers of the style alike, such as Japan by way of London's Max Essa with the sublime slo-mo beauty of "Gold Hush" (part 2), the legendary On U Sound (Adrian Sherwood) serves up a rework of Los Twangueros' classic "Entre Dos Aguas", Faze Action deliver a superbly neon-lit rendition of Private Agenda's "Dawn" and man of the moment Fabrizio Mammarella (who collaborates with Philip Lauer as Black Spuma) impresses as always - on his life-affirming re-rub of Gallo's "Faron".
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