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Kevin Beadle Presents Private Collection Volume 2 : More Independent Jazz Sounds From The Seventies & Eighties
  1. The Janet Lawson Quintet - "Dreams Can Be"
  2. Seawind - "He Loves You"
  3. Stanley Cowell - "I'm Tryin To Find A Way"
  4. Grupo Medusa - "Ferrovias"
  5. Kathryn Moses - "Music In My Heart"
  6. Paz - "Yours Is The Light"
  7. Dimenzio - "Bamba (The Fool)"
  8. Byron Morris & Unity - "Kitty Bey"
Review: Last year saw BBE call on Kev Beadle, a well respected digger, selector, radio host and label boss, to dust down his curation hat and put together Private Collection, his first compilation in almost two decades. Given the critical reception to that twelve track selection of independent jazz from the '70s and '80s it's little surprise to see BBE invite Beadle to dig through his personal archives for a second edition. Many of the tracks included here are the epitome of rare, given the fist airing outside the legendary club sessions that Beadle played back in the day and focuses more on the modal, spiritual and cosmic end of the jazz spectrum. A most enlightening collection from Mr Beadle.
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Breakaway (remastered)
Breakaway (remastered) (limited gatefold LP + CD)
Cat: BBE 253ALP1. Rel: 25 Jan 14
  1. Understudy DJ
  2. Love My Eyes
  3. Who Was It This Time
  4. Everybody Loves The Singer
  5. Everything’s Been Said About You
  6. My Symphony
  7. There's A New Group In Town
  8. Understudy DJ
  9. Love My Eyes
  10. Who Was It This Time
  11. Everybody Loves The Singer
  12. Everything’s Been Said About You
  13. My Symphony
  14. There's A New Group In Town
Review: With a sound that was honed in Las Vegas, there's a distinct showbiz flavour to west coast funk band Breakaway. Disbanded in 1980, this is the band's long-lost debut LP, and it's full of surprises and stunning moments of mesmerising production. For example; "My Symphony" comes on strong like an ABBA record while the track before it - "Everything's Been Said About You" - comes with a smoky Hendrix style riff while the track that follows it - "There's A New Group In Town" - is a psychedelic funk jam. With a tight sense of musicianship and funk throughout, Breakaway were truly unique and, thanks to BBE, their work is about to get the attention it deserves.
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Get Down With The Philly Sound (Part 1/4)
Get Down With The Philly Sound (Part 1/4) (limited gatefold double 12")
Cat: BBE 139CLP-1. Rel: 22 Apr 10
  1. Harold Mevlin & The Blue Notes - "The Love I Lost" (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend)
  2. Philly Devotions - "Hurt So Bad" (Dimitri From Paris Crooze Groove)
  3. Eddie Kendricks - "He's A Friend" (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend, 12" version)
  4. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "Bad Luck" (A Dimitri From Paris disco re-edit)
Review: This limited gatefold double 12", brought to us from that Dmitri guy who loves Paris, reshapes four classic Philly stompers for 2010 dancefloors. Get Down With The Philly Sound sees Dmitri in fine form with two reworks of the Teddy Pendergrass fronted Harold Mevlin & The Blue Notes, plus the Philly Devotions' "Hurt So Bad." And be sure to in Eddie ndulge in Dimtri's take oKendricks' epic soul belter "He's A Friend", which he turns into a hands-up disco gem.
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DJ Andy Smith Presents Reach Up: Disco Wonderland
DJ Andy Smith Presents Reach Up: Disco Wonderland (2xCD (CD 1 mixed, CD 2 unmixed))
Cat: BBE 386CCD. Rel: 14 Nov 17
  1. World Premiere - "Shake The Night" (intro)
  2. Cloud 1 - "Patty Duke"
  3. Shot - "Main Thing" (feat Kim Marsh)
  4. Tamiko Jones - "Let It Flow"
  5. Freedom - "Get Up & Dance"
  6. World Premiere - "Share The Night"
  7. Advance - "Take Me To The Top"
  8. Sure Thing - "Holding You Tight"
  9. Don Laka - "I Wanna Be Myself"
  10. Neddy Smith - "Give It Up"
  11. Disco Dub Band - "For The Love Of Money"
  12. Joanne Wilson - "Got To Have You" (Whiskey Barons re-edit)
  13. Jimmy Young - "Times Are Tight"
  14. Jimmy Ross - "First True Love Affair" (Andy Smith & Nick Halke Reach Up re-edit)
  15. T-Connection - "Groove To Get Down"
  16. Don Laka - "I Wanna Be Myself"
  17. Freedom - "Get Up & Dance"
  18. Advance - "Take Me To The Top"
  19. Jimmy Ross - "First True Love Affair" (Andy Smith & Nick Halke Reach Up re-edit)
  20. Tamiko Jones - "Let It Flow"
  21. Joanne Wilson - "Got To Have You" (Whiskey Barons re-edit)
  22. Neddy Smith - "Give It Up"
  23. T Connection - "Groove To Get Down"
  24. Jimmy Young - "Times Are Tight"
  25. World Premiere - "Share The Night"
  26. Sure Thing - "Holding You Tight"
  27. Shot - "Main Thing" (feat Kim Marsh)
  28. Disco Dub Band - "For The Love Of Money"
Review: Given the depth of his record collection, you'd expect crate-digging hero Andy Smith to be able to put together a rather good disco and boogie compilation. That's exactly what he does here. Named after his disco-themed DJ collective, Reach Up does a great job in joining the dots between familiar anthems (Disco Dub Band's "For The Love of Money", World Premiere's "Share The Night", Freedom's break-diggin' fave "Get Up & Dance" and Sure Thing's modern electrofunk smash "Holding Me Tight") and slightly deeper, often overlooked selections (Advance's boogie killer "Take Me To The Top" and Jimmy Bo Horne's "Is It In" being great examples). Smith's mix on disc one is typically smooth, entertaining and on-point, while the unmixed second disco offers an opportunity to own the same cuts in full-length, DJ-friendly form.
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City To City Part 2: A Retrospective Journey Through Chicago, Detroit & New York Underground House Sounds
  1. Romanthony - "Bring U Up"
  2. Jovonn - "Drum Drum"
  3. Rodney Baker - "The Numbers"
  4. Ace & The Sandman - "Let Your Body Talk"
  5. William S - "I'll Never Let You Go"
  6. Vincent Floyd - "I'm So Deep"
  7. Mr Lee - "Pump That Body" (Deep House mix)
  8. G Strings - "Motvation Song"
  9. Ron Allen - "Whipers"
  10. Naomi Danielle - "Feel TheFire/Urban Culture"
  11. Lowkey - "Rain Forest"
Review: Number two in DJ Deep's great old school house/Detroit techno compilation series. Again, it's crate digging at its best, this time coming with rare classics from Urban Culture (aka Carl Craig), Instinct, Jovonn, Rodney Baker & The Rocking House Chicago Mob, Mike Dunn, Risque 3.
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The Best Of Perception & Today Records Vinyl Part A
Cat: BBE 179CLP1. Rel: 30 Mar 12
  1. The Eight Minutes - "I Can't Get No Higher"
  2. Adam Wade & Johnny Pate - "Brother"
  3. JJ Barnes - "You Owe It To Youself"
  4. Debbie Taylor - "Too Sad To Tell"
  5. Joe Thomas - "Chitlins & Cuchifritos"
  6. The Fatback Band - "Njia (Nija) Walk"
  7. Bartel - "Naturally Good"
  8. Madhouse - "Get Some Of This"
  9. Astrud Gilberto - "Gingele"
  10. The Albert - "One Life"
  11. Bobby Rydell - "Honey Buns"
  12. Black Ivory - "You & I"
  13. The Eight Minutes - "Take My Love Don't Set Me Free"
  14. Wanda Robinson - "Instant Replay"
Review: BBE release this 14-track double LP containing some of Perception and Today Records' best tracks from the 60s and 70s. There are highlights aplenty: The Eight Minutes' "I Can't Get No Higher" opens proceedings with a soulful, mournful and infectious blend of Motown aesthetics, with the rough, raw production value and loose funk capturing exactly what Perception was all about. Elsewhere, The Fatback Band's "Njia (Njia) Walk" is characterised by a driving beat and climbing bass line, creating the illusion of disco trapped inside the mind of funk. Madhouse's "Get Some Of This" features some fantastic drum work, going at once from a sparse break to a rattling, break-neck cacophony of percussion. In a word, essential.
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The Best Of Perception & Today Records Vinyl Part B
Cat: BBE 179CLP2. Rel: 30 Mar 12
  1. Bartel - "Boogie"
  2. Dizzy Gillespie - "Aligator"
  3. Julius Brockington - "Rock Steady"
  4. Tyrone Washington - "Submission"
  5. Joe Thomas - "Every Brother Ain't A Brother"
  6. Bartel - "You've Just Been Bitten"
  7. Black Ivory - "Surrender"
  8. The Eight Minutes - "Find The One Who Loves You"
  9. James Moody - "Heritage Hum"
  10. JJ Barnes - "Wishful Thinking"
  11. The Eight Minutes - "Looking For A Brand New Game"
  12. Wanda Robinson - "A Possibility (Back Home)"
Review: Perception Records specialised in releasing music from Manhattan's black music scene in the 60s and 70s, and BBE have shrewdly chosen to re-release some of the highlights from that era. On Part 2 of the vinyl series, Black Ivory's "Surrender" is a highlight, with crashing percussion and a bass line that immediately captures your attention. Bartel's "Boogie" meanwhile opens with spectacular horn work, running rings around the rhythm, the drums subtly driving the beat along while impressive jazzy guitars flick away. Elsewhere, JJ Barnes' "Wishful Thinking" is a track that skirts the line between funk and Motown with aplomb - the trio of female harmonies stand behind the lead singer, a choir of soul adding gentle textures to a slow love song. Highly recommended.
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The Sound Beyond Stars: The Essential Remixes LP 1
Cat: BBE 262CLP1. Rel: 12 Jan 15
Funky/Club House
  1. Karizma - "The Power" (DJ Spinna Acid Row mix)
  2. Bah Samba - "Moonlight" (DJ Spinna Galactic soul vocal)
  3. Angela Johnson - "Got To Let It Go" (DJ Spinna remix)
  4. Yvette Rovira - "I Remember Love" (DJ Spinna remix)
  5. Kerri Chandler with Harley & Muscle - "You Can't Lie" (DJ Spinna remix)
Review: Spinna's double-decade document on BBE is an essential lesson in the dark art of remix craft. And here are five perfect examples. His take on "The Power" by Karizma subverts from the off as we're washed with a waterfall of bitter sweet acid. The remix of Bah Samba's "Moonlight" shows Spinna at his most cosmic and reflective while "Got To Let It Go" is straight up jazz church music. Deeper again we find him in straight up bassline soul mode on the Wonder-esque "I Remember Love" while his take on "You Can't Lie", a hookup between Kerri Chandler and Harley & Muscle, is more street soul than it is house music. Truly timeless.
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The Wonder Of Stevie Volume 3
Cat: BBE 358CLP. Rel: 04 Jul 16
  1. Jackson 5 - "Buttercup" (3:54)
  2. East St. Louis Gospelettes - "Have A Talk With God" (3:22)
  3. Betty Everett - "Just A Little Piece Of You" (3:35)
  4. The Foreign Exchange - "If She Breaks Your Heart" (5:23)
  5. Sunlightsquare - "Pastime Paradise" (4:40)
  6. US Atlantic First Navy Show Band - "Birds Of Beauty" (3:50)
  7. Billy Preston - "It's My Pleasure" (3:49)
  8. John Minnis' Big Bone Band - "Love's In Need Of Love Today" (4:48)
  9. Tony Sherman - "As" (3:44)
  10. David Porter - "I Don't Know Why I Love You" (2:59)
  11. David Rufn - "Make My Water Boil (Loving You Has Been So Wonderful)" (3:50)
  12. Reel People - "Golden Lady" (feat Tony Momrelle) (4:56)
  13. Quincy Jones - "Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me" (5:20)
  14. GC Cameron - "If You Don't Love Me" (2:30)
  15. Jrod Indigo - "Go Home" (5:17)
  16. Black Sugar - "Don't You Worry Bout A Thing" (2:50)
Review:  DJ Spinna is known for many things; his productions, sublime DJ mixes and many a hip hop classic as half of Jigmastas. He's also a complete Stevie Wonder obsessive who runs a popular Stevie-themed club night called Wonderful. A series of albums that expand on the party's concept was a logical next step and The Wonder Of Stevie now arrives at a third volume. This edition has clearly been painstakingly curated by Spinna and BBE, consisting of other people's covers of the man's work. Highlights include sweet and sugary 'Buttercup" by The Jackson 5, the bluesy honky tonk jam "It's My Pleasure" by Billy Preston and Quincy Jones' pure liquid funk version of "Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me".
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The Sound Beyond Stars: The Essential Remixes LP 2
Cat: BBE 262CLP2. Rel: 12 Jan 15
Funky/Club House
  1. Loftsoul - "Dear Friend" (feat Lisa Millet - DJ Spinna remix)
  2. Tone Control - "Without Your Love" (DJ Spinna Galactic soul vocal mix)
  3. Groove Addix - "Faith" (feat Annette Taylor - DJ Spinna Galactic soul remix)
  4. Animal House - "Dirty Mind" (DJ Spinna Full 13 Minuters remix)
Review: Looking back over 20 years in the game, Spinna handpicks some of his favourite re-rubs and reversions for The Sound Beyond The Stars, a retrospective issued through the trusted hands of BBE. The full album contains 18. four of which can be found on this stunning gatefold double 12"... From the psychedelic spirals and soulful yearns of "Without Your Love" to the overwhelming warmth, depth and length of the 13 minute long synth-focussed take on Animal House's "Dirty Mind", Spinna's signature is deeply scribed into each reversion with serious soul sentiment.
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The Soundcatcher Extras
Cat: BBELP 082. Rel: 06 Nov 07
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Fear Feats
  2. Talk To Me
  3. Them Say
  4. Soundcatchers
  5. Warp
  6. Kill Kill Kill
  7. Like The Wind
  8. Soundcatchers (acappella)
  9. Black Is The Night
  10. Got To Rock
  11. Bath In Bleach
  12. Black Is The Night (acappella)
  13. Ballistic Affairs
  14. Countodown
  15. Watch That Sound
  16. Kill Kill Kill (acappella)
Review: "Sound Catcher Extras" is a formidable album which includes new and live tracks from DJ Vadim's tour. As he explains himself: "In each of these cities, I know the shops, the fans, the different street teams, and I feed them the music. I'm like a door-to-door salesman".
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Attitude Belief & Determination (remastered)
Cat: BBE 304SLP/T-1281. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Attitude, Belief & Determination (10:00)
  2. Nonstop To The Top (5:59)
Review: There's no doubt that crate-digger, record collector and renowned Discogs seller Zafsmusic knows more than most about the world of private press vinyl releases. This 12", originally pressed up in super-limited quantities by its' creator, Martin L Dumas Jnr sometime around the turn of the '80s, has long been a must-have for collectors with several thousand dollars to spare. The title track is particularly wonderful - a warm, breezy, loose and fluid chunk of boogie-soul that Zaf has slightly tweaked to suit the needs of modern dancefloors. Flipside "Nonstop To The Top" has a more jazz-funk feel, with intergalactic synths complimenting Dumas Jr's sweet vocal and conscious lyrics.
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Control This
Control This (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BBE 302ALP. Rel: 01 Dec 14
  1. Mrs Magic
  2. It's Too Late
  3. Lookout Weekend
  4. Here I Come (Broader Than Broadway)
  5. In The Name Of The Father
  6. People Make The World Go Round
  7. A Land Far Away (Satta Massagana)
  8. This Is Sunshine Music
  9. Mirror In The Bathroom
  10. Cold As Steel (instrumental)
  11. Soon I Will Be Done
  12. Ashes To Ashes
Review: Only 300 pressed !! Unmissable modern funk from Shane Hunt: previously famed for his Sharpshooters group, and his Soundbwoy Reggae Breaks series prior to that, here Shane and his troupe create an authentic analogue recording that's ultimately timeless. From the Carole King cover "It's Too Late" to the dubby textures of "Lookout Weekend" via the broader than broad Barrington cover "Here I Come", The Excelsiors join the dots between funk, soul, northern soul and reggae with rawness, attitude and total attention to detail.
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Time To Rearrange
Time To Rearrange (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BBELP 090. Rel: 23 Jan 08
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Kwa Kungasa (feat Simphiwe Dana)
  2. Dancing Girl (feat Mozez)
  3. Angel Lady (feat Andreya Triana)
  4. Dadada (feat Bajka)
  5. Way Of Life (feat Bajka)
  6. Reason To (Feat Kathrin Deboer)
  7. Rearrange
  8. Blow Your Own (part 2 - feat Kathrin Deboer)
  9. Time To Rearrange
  10. Late Night Mission (feat Yungun)
  11. Silent Suffering (feat Mike Orwell)
  12. Reel Time (feat Voice)
  13. Marrakesh
  14. Last Time Around
Review: Commercial success and recognition has been a long time coming for this modest young Producer/ DJ from South London, but at long last it looks like 2008 is the year for Aaron Jerome. "Time To Rearrange" is his explosive new album on BBE.
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Disco Love: Rare Disco & Soul Uncovered
Cat: BBE 144CLP. Rel: 01 Feb 10
  1. Sweet Daddy Floyd - "Just Can't Help Myself" (5:44)
  2. The Third World Connection - "Hot Seat" (5:14)
  3. Patricia White - "Cosmic Disco" (5:43)
  4. The Midas Touch - "The Nightlife (Let's Get It On)" (5:49)
  5. Smile Street People - "Lypso Disco" (5:54)
  6. Bob Williams - "I'm Alright" (6:09)
  7. JNB - "I'll Be The One" (4:57)
  8. Quinn Harris - "I Will Always Love You" (3:25)
Review: As someone who briefly escaped 70's Glasgow and got a taste of the golden age of NYC Disco, Al Kent is a perfect choice to lead you through a classy selection of some choice and rare Disco treats. Having used his huge collection in the past for re-edits and originals, he also took the bold step of forming his own band in 2007 under the name The Million Dollar Orchestra.

The selections here reflect the point at which Funk and Soul mutated into Disco, with most of the tracks capturing that pre-Moroder organic sound. Lee Alfred's Rockin-Poppin Full Tilting for example has a laid back vibe similar to Curtis Mayfield's more uptempo tunes. New Ghetto Express's version of Standing On The Verge of Getting It On (originally by Funkadelic) up's the tempo on the wigged-out classic, again combing the Funk with a Disco groove.

Lypso Disco by Smile Street People, as you'd guess from the title, has a playful Calypso lilt and bounce to it. Cosmic Disco by Patricia White on the other hand doesn't sound like something that Todd Terje or Lindstrom got their cues from, but it is a fun song with some brilliantly random thumb-piano playing in the background!

Anyone looking for samples will have a field day among these tracks, Sweet Daddy Floyd's I Just Can't Help Myself for example has a break in the middle to die for. You could loop up 4 bars practically anywhere and have something pretty damn funky to work with. For that reason alone, it's well worth having a listen and broadening your horizons.
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Disco Love 2: More Rare Disco & Soul Uncovered
Cat: BBE 172CLP. Rel: 04 Apr 11
  1. Plazza Suite - "Joey's Tune"
  2. Sandy Barber - "I Think I'll Do Some Stepping On My Own"
  3. Bill Avery - "Disco Fever" (re-edit)
  4. Spooky & Sue - "I've Got The Need"
  5. Vessie Simmons - "I Can Make It On My Own"
  6. Scarbrough - "Make Love To You"
  7. The J's - "When Did You Stop"
  8. Larry Brown - "Breaking Training" (parts 1 & 2)
Review: In recent years we've become accustomed to disco compilations appearing at a furious rate. While many of these compilations are undoubtedly worthy of attention, the volume of releases can sometimes be bewildering. This eight track selection from Al Kent, the second in his Disco Love series, ticks all the right boxes, however. Even by the highest crate digging standards, these tracks are pretty obscure; many won't have had much of an airing since their original release. Those into the rich, soulful side of disco - that brand of string-laden dancefloor material most associated with the Philadelphia International label and studio -will find much to enjoy. Perhaps the most noteworthy is Scarborough's delightfully sweet "Make Love To You", an epic of biblical proportions that lasts longer than most drunken one night stands. See also Valerie Simmons' super sweet "I Can't Make It On My Own" and the rousing orchestral manoeuvres of "I've Got The Need". This luxurious gatefold double album also comes replete with extensive track notes from compiler Al Kent.
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IF Music presents: You Need This (World Jazz Grooves)
Cat: BBE 448CLP. Rel: 23 Nov 18
  1. Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble - "Illustration" (8:16)
  2. Michel Sardaby - "Martinica" (5:47)
  3. Kafe - "Fonetik A Velo" (10:04)
  4. Le Steel-Band De La Trinidad - "Calypso Jazz Improvisation" (5:07)
  5. The Theo Loevendie Consort - "Timbuktu" (4:46)
  6. The Jazz Committee For Latin American Affairs - "Ismaaa" (8:13)
  7. Armand Lemal - "Souffle" (part 2) (8:44)
  8. Masabimi Kikuchi - "Pumu #1" (6:04)
  9. Joe Malinga & Southern African Force - "ITwenty Five" (8:59)
Review: IF-Music record store chief Jean-Claude has quickly become one of BBE's go-to men when it comes to putting together compilations of obscure jazz gems. This nine-track selection of gems sourced from "the four corners of the globe" was curated in cahoots with fellow record dealer Victor Kiswell and follows hot on the heels of two volumes of the "A Journey Into Deep Jazz" series. There's much to admire, from the piano-powered springtime sweetness of Joe Malinga and Southern African Force's "ITwenty Five", the slowly building spiritual jazz-funk of Kafe's "Fonetik a Velo", to the bongo and organ-rich deepness of Armand Lemal's "Souffle" and the self-explanatory "Calypso Jazz Improvisation" by Le Steel-Band De La Trinidad.
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On My Way
On My Way (gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: BBE 241ALP. Rel: 19 Jul 13
  1. All Night (Everybody) (feat Amy Douglas)
  2. She Was A Queen
  3. Don't Cha Wanna (feat Georg Levin)
  4. Awe Baby
  5. You Don't Know (I've Been Looking For You) (feat Ben Westbeech)
  6. Love Shine (feat Induce)
  7. Blow Me... A Kiss (feat Amy Douglas)
  8. On My Way
Review: Long regarded as an esteemed crate digger and DJ, Kon's transformation into a fully fledged producer is complete with this very summer appropriate LP for BBE. It's been some time coming too, with Kon slowly revealing his production chops across a series of under the counter edits, remixes and a full EP for Soul Clap's label earlier this year. The eleven track On My Way unfurls with the kind of bump and groove we've come to expect from a Kon DJ set and also reveals him to be a somewhat talented song writer, teaming up with veteran house crooner George Levin, Ben Westbeech and Amy Douglas on several tracks ("Blow Me... A Kiss" with the latter is proper Disclosure territory) Matching bumping mid tempo cuts with some sultry jams (808 State) and outright disco burners ("Love Shine") makes On My Way a very impressive debut and perfect for the BBE label.
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The Kings Of Diggin
The Kings Of Diggin (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: RR 0061CD. Rel: 06 Jul 06
  1. Matthew Larkin Cassell - "In My Life"
  2. Azymuth - "Caca A Raposa"
  3. Tyrone & Carr - "Take Me With You"
  4. Unico Black - "A Vida"
  5. Richard Marrero - "Babalonia"
  6. Creative Sounds Of The Organization - "Smokey Feeling"
  7. Janet Dubois - "Queen Of The Highway" (Kon Kondensed edit)
  8. Henri Pierre Noel - "Simbi"
  9. Harmony Cats - "Cats Theme" (Kon Drum edit)
  10. Cesar Mariano & Cia - "Metropole" (Kon Drum edit)
  11. J Jones - "Feel Good"
  12. Wess & The Airdales - "Vehicle"
  13. Soul Dazz Band - "Dazz"
  14. Hudson County - "Bim Sala Bim"
  15. Master Story Teller - "Pay Pay Pay" (Kon edit)
  16. Ray & His Court - "Soul Freedom"
  17. Soseme Makonde - "Manzara" (Kon Drum edit)
  18. Wild Honey - "Straighten Em Up"
  19. The Moon People - "Hippy Skippy Moon Strut"
  20. Cocody's Men - "Shako"
  21. The La-Mars - "Kool Is Back"
  22. The La-Mars - "Rock Steady"
  23. Ted Curson & Company - "Spiderleg"
  24. The Bob Crew Generation - "Menage A Trois"
  25. Sound Of The City Experience - "Getting Down"
  26. The Black Exotics - "Theme Of The Blackbyrds"
  27. Gemini Brass - "Black Water Gold"
  28. Jay Mitchell - "Funky Fever"
  29. Together - "We're Together"
  30. Heaven Sent & Ecstacy - "I'm A Lady"
  31. Palmeira - "Tapajos"
  32. The Disco Fox - "The Fox"
  33. Pierce Bros & Co - "Bi Bi Bi Di Bi Dip Be Happy"
  34. Carl Marshall - "Come Groove With Me"
  35. Cindy Rodriguez - "What You Need Is My Love"
  36. Rolando Verara - "Me Voy Para La Escuela"
  37. Con Julian Y Sucombo - "Enyere Kumbara"
  38. Tony Middleton - "Return To Spanish Harlem"
  39. Frank Hatchett - "Latin Salsa"
  40. Juan Pablo Torres - "Malaguena"
  41. The G Ts - "Watoosi Lucy"
  42. World Wonders - "Flip A Coin"
  43. Count Buffalo & His Rock Band - "Soul Limbo"
  44. The Crowns - "Jerking Dog"
  45. Koko Taylor - "Yes, It's Good For You"
  46. Harva Hodge & The Moodysec - "Let The Sun Shine In"
  47. IRP-3 - "Tema De Soninha"
  48. Bobby Franklin's Insanity - "Don't Lose What You Got"
  49. Megaton - "Wanna Be A Hero"
  50. Frank Hatchett - "Startus"
  51. Milton Wright - "Let's Take A Break"
  52. Rebirth Seven Original - "RB Groove"
  53. Telstars - "World Of Tomorrow"
  54. The Dome City Rock Orchestra - "Quiet Village"
  55. Ron Dante & Peter Link - "Mighty Gents"
Review: The 5th instalment of the definitive vinyl junkie compilation series is the world's first official breaks mix CD.'The Kings Of Diggin' series brings you a selection of rare and classic tracks hand-picked by the top names from the genre in question. Next up, Kon & Amir and DJ Muro blow the dust off some of their favourite hard-to-find vinyl breaks for the two-disc 'Kings Of Diggin' album. Kon Taylor and Amir Abdullah started as fans of hip-hop and then as the music slipped and slid into the mainstream, they worked backwards just to find a new and fresh sound through dusty vinyl. Amir is the Vice President of Sales and A&R at Fat Beats Distribution, and Kon is a fixture as a DJ in Boston and in NYC. Kon & Amir rose to recognition with their unofficial bootleg 'Ontrack' mixtape series, which took them to 'platinum' status on the streets. DJ Muro has been constantly reinventing the shape of Japanese hip hop for over ten years. As a DJ he has played venues over the world and is also well-known as a label owner, A&R producer and owner of the hip hop store Savage. His Blue Note & Stones Throw compilations for the Japanese market have both sold over 10,000 copies. The 5th instalment of 'The Kings Of Diggin' series features artwork from Rolling Stones photographer Michael Joseph. The CD also comes in a reversible English/Japanese package. The tracks on the album have never appeared on a compilation album before. Therefore the sounds are fresh, will make you smile, dance and start diggin' in the crates yourself.
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Southport Weekender
Southport Weekender (2xCD (CD 1 mixed, CD 2 unmixed))
Cat: BBE 277CCD. Rel: 05 Jun 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Reginal Omas Mamode IVth - "Keep On Walking" (LeFto mix)
  2. The Breathing Effect - "Daydream Prison"
  3. Nikitch - "Don't Know Why"
  4. Om Unit - "Shine Your Light"
  5. Diggs Duke - "Is It Love?" (feat Vaughan Octavia)
  6. Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers - "It Sure is Funky"
  7. Some Sete - "Esquindindin"
  8. Elias Rahbani - "La Dance De Nadia"
  9. Peshay - "Kickin' It With The Piano Trio" (feat Tonunion)
  10. Zara McFarlane - "Angie La La (Ay Ay Ay Ay)" (eat Leron Thomas - Yoruba soul remix)
  11. Genius Of Time - "Drifting Back"
  12. Pablo Sanchez - "Out & About" (Kyodai remix)
  13. Rondenion - "Well Done"
  14. Karizma - "Hear & Now" (feat Osunlade)
  15. Detroit Swindle - "Under The Spell"
  16. Kid Fonque & Zaki Ibrahim - "2Sides"
  17. Sam Sanders - "Face At My Window"
  18. Reginal Omas Mamode IVth - "Keep On Walking" (unmixed)
  19. The Breathing Effect - "Daydream Prison"
  20. Nikitch - "Don't Know Why"
  21. Om Unit - "Shine Your Light"
  22. Som Sete - "Esquindindin"
  23. Sam Sanders - "Face At My Window"
  24. Peshay - "Kickin' It With The Piano Trio" (feat Tonunion)
  25. Zara McFarlane - "Angie La La (Ay Ay Ay Ay)" (feat Leron Thomas - Yoruba soul remix)
  26. Pablo Sanchez - "Out & About" (Kyodai remix)
  27. Karizma - "Hear & Now" (feat Osunlade)
  28. Detroit Swindle - "Under The Spell"
  29. Kid Fonque & Zaki Ibrahim - "2Sides"
Review: Given his popularity amongst the soulful cognoscenti, it's little surprise to find globetrotting Belgian DJ LeFtO - a man renowned for the depth and diversity of his record collection - curating the latest Southport Weekender mix. His mix - here featured on the first of two discs - is superb, though it's the variety and quality of the unmixed tracks on CD2 that makes this a must-have for open-minded DJs. Shimmering, bass-heavy futurism and heady deep house sits side by side with samba, African rhythms, jungle-tempo jazz (one of Peshay's recent outings for Tru Thoughts), twinkling Latin house, future R&B and calypso (the excellent Armals Trinidad Cavaliers). Throughout, there's not a duffer in sight. In a word: essential.
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The M+M Mixes Volume 2 Part B: NYC Underground Disco Anthems & Previously Unreleased Exclusive Disco Mixes
  1. Teddy Pendergrass - "The More I Get" (John M+M Get It All mix)
  2. Candi Staton - "Young Hearts Run Free" (John M+M Run Run Run mix)
  3. Loletta Holloway - "Dreamin" (John M+M Not My Man extended mix)
  4. Inner Life - "Make It Last Forever" (feat Jocelyn Brown - John M+M original Forever 12' mix)
Review: The second vinyl sampler to accompany BBE's hook-up with disco legend John Morales is just as delicious as the first, with essential takes on classics from Teddy Pendergrass, Candi Staton, Loletta Holloway and Inner Life all worth investigating. If this isn't enough for you, be sure to check the comprehensive 18 track double CD compilation, also out this week.
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The Real Sound Of Chicago & Beyond: Underground Disco & Boogie
Cat: BBE 166CLP. Rel: 12 Aug 11
  1. Hot Pepper - "Cancion Ritual"
  2. Kenny Wells - "What You Got Left For Love" (Mr Peabody re-edit)
  3. Spaceark - "Do What You Can Do" (Mr Peabody re-edit)
  4. Judy Clayton - "Loves Gonna Find You" (Mr Peabody re-edit)
  5. Lily Fields - "Lover" (Mr Peabody re-edit)
  6. Kurtis Scott - "Build" (part 1 & 2 - Mr Peabody re-edit)
  7. Total Eclipse - "Space Disco Boogie" (Mr Peabody re-edit)
  8. Sun Sect - "She's Hot" (feat Pam - Mr Peabody re-edit)
Review: Perennial crate-diggers BBE have long been capable of unearthing hidden gems and shining a light on long-forgotten scenes. Here, with the help of fellow vinyl-sniffer Mr Peabody, they highlight Chicago's little-known 1970s/early 1980s underground disco and boogie scene. For those reared on the familiar sounds of New York disco and boogie, it's something of a revelation. For this double vinyl edition of the release, Mr Peabody lifts his favourites from the 23 track double CD edition with eight specially edited versions. Certainly, there's plenty for disco enthusiasts to get excited about here, with everything from hustlin' party jams and essential 80s groove to crackly disco-funk and distinctly cosmic soul represented.

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The Best Of Disco Spectrum
Cat: BBE 212CCD. Rel: 08 Sep 17
  1. Al Hudson & The Soul Partners - "Spread Love"
  2. The Love Symphony Orchestra - "Let Me Be Your Fantasy"
  3. Rare Pleasure - "Let Me Down Easy"
  4. Omni - "Out Of My Hands (Love's Taken Over) " (feat Connee Draper)
  5. The Brothers - "Under The Skin"
  6. Exodus - "Together Forever"
  7. Alfredo De La Fe - "Hot To Trot"
  8. Cloud One - "Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me By" (feat Margo Williams)
  9. Blair - "Nightlife"
  10. George Duke - "I Want You For Myself" (feat Lynn Davis)
  11. Idris Muhammad - "Could Heaven Ever Be Like This"
  12. John Davis With The Monster Orchestra - "Bourgie Bourgie"
  13. John Gibbs & US Steel Orchestra - "Trinidad" (Special Disco mix)
  14. Chantal Curtis - "Get Another Love"
  15. Hi Voltage - "Somewhere Beyond"
  16. Syreeta - "Can't Shake Your Love" (Larry Levan 12" mix)
  17. Fresh Band - "Come Back Lover"
  18. Jo Boyer - "Isabelle & The Rain"
  19. Bunny Mack - "Let Me Love You"
  20. Ramona Brooks - "I Don't Want You Back"
  21. Universe City - "Can You Get Down"
Review: When Joey Negro and Sean P established the Disco Spectrum series of compilations back in 1999, few DJs were digging for disco. Almost two decades on, we're told that disco was the sound of summer 2017 (and the summer before that). The time is right, then, for this "best of", containing the finest cuts from the series' three previous volumes. This time round, the crate-digging duo has opted for a mixture of familiar favourites ("Spread Love", "Out Of My Hands (Love's Taking Over)", "Bourgie Bourgie", "Together Forever" etc.) and harder to find gems. These include Caribbean disco classic "Trinidad" by John Gibbs and the US Steel Orchestra, Blair's sumptuous "Nightlife" and Larry Levan's brilliant remix of Syreeta's synth-laden slammer "Can't Shake Your Love".
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Charity Begins At Home
Cat: BBE 339ALP. Rel: 16 Oct 15
  1. Charity Begins At Home (6:11)
  2. Gele Odun (Oil Boom) (9:53)
  3. Lagos Complex - Highways (8:35)
  4. Unity In Africa (Kasowopo Kasekan) (8:03)
Review: A long-lost late '70s classic from Nigerian Prince Eji, a man who's performed with pretty every legend you can shake a sax at: Miles Davis, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti and many more. One of highlife's most successful international ambassadors, Eji's musicianship seeps from every lively groove; the complex horn-play on the title track "Charity Begins At Home", the off-beat tenor sax madness on "Lagos Complex - Highways" and the trippy off-beat harmonies and vocal overlays on "Unity In Africa" are just three of many examples of this album's (and Eji's) unicity.
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Houston Talent Expo '82
Houston Talent Expo '82 (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: BBE 347ALP. Rel: 26 Feb 16
  1. Let's Get High (5:23)
  2. Love, Love (4:32)
  3. Chocolate Coated People Song (4:47)
  4. Funkathone (4:00)
  5. Why Do I Need An Education (3:26)
  6. This Song (3:34)
  7. Save Your Money (3:05)
  8. Stand Up For Jesus (3:53)
  9. A Song For The Children (7:00)
Review: The Houston Talent Expo '82 is one of those curious releases that has come out of a very special moment in time. Moreover, it's a one-off, a exception that came to be out of chance. The group was an extended collection of African-American in the Houston area throughout the 1980s, and this was their only release as a unit. "Let's Get High" sets the scene in perfect fashion, a funky, slow-motion groove with enough soul to kill the devil himself, but there's even gear for the diggers and samplers to salivate over. The absurdly good "Chocolate Coated People" drops a wonky, gritty slice of percussion over drugged-out melodies and a sea of funkiness. This is a truly special piece of music - don't miss it.
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Walking (Simbad, Gilles Peterson remixes)
Walking (Simbad, Gilles Peterson remixes) (12" limited to 150 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: BBE RG. Rel: 24 Sep 16
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Walking
  2. Walking (Gilles Peterson remix)
  3. Walking (Simbad remix)
  4. Walking (Loic Henrio Deep Smoking mix)
Review: Brand new and very limited 12" from Rive Gauche, with remixes by Simbad and Gilles Peterson.
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Palaver (gatefold LP)
Cat: BBE 511ALP. Rel: 10 Sep 19
  1. Palaver (6:15)
  2. Make You No Mind (3:54)
  3. Abebrese (5:31)
  4. Help Africa (6:16)
  5. Nyame Dadaw (6:59)
Review: The dusty-fingered diggers behind the BBE label have a reputation for unearthing obscure or unreleased gems, though we doubt that they've previously discovered anything quite as significant as this. Ebo Taylor, the undisputed king of Ghanaian "funky-highlife", recorded "Palaver" with his touring band way back in 1980, but for reasons the man himself can't even remember, Nigerian imprint Tabansi Records never got round to releasing it. That remains an odd decision, because "Palaver" shows Taylor at his very best, with the sax and trumpet-laden brilliance of "Make You No Mind" and the righteous, Afrobeat-influenced highlife brilliance of "Help Africa" being every bit as potent as the Ghanaian's most revered work.
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Taking Care Of Business
Cat: BBE379 ALP. Rel: 29 Sep 16
  1. Can You Feel It (6:12)
  2. Due Consideration (5:03)
  3. If We Took The Time (Where Do We Go From Here) (5:25)
  4. Due Consideration Interlude (3:09)
  5. Sweet Bird (5:04)
  6. What A Lovely Way To Spend A Lifetime (5:31)
  7. Samba De (7:44)
Review: Not just a super-rare set of dreamy soul jazz but also a neat piece of independent label history: JSR were a Jersey-based imprint with an open source attitude to their business, allowing ambitious young musicians their first break contract-free (albeit with limited pressings) In 1980 Coleman took them up on the offer, played most of the instruments himself and even designed the artwork: Taking Care Of Business is quite a literal title. It's literally brilliant, too; just check the Shuggy style vocal leans on "Due Consideration" or the swooning Roy Ayers style vibraphone magic of "Sweet Bird" and you'll see exactly what we mean. Stunning.
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Time Is Wasting
Cat: BBE 372SLP. Rel: 08 Sep 16
  1. Love Flower (3:59)
  2. You're The One (3:58)
  3. Reach For The Sky (4:52)
  4. Time Is Wasting (3:51)
Review: There's a truly unique story behind this latest discovery from DJ Amir. Another great find from his Strata master tapes licence acquisition, TJ was written on the label of an undated, unmarked demo reel. No other information besides the beautifully raw soul on tape. Literally nothing is known about who TJ was (or were). Similarities with Shuggie Otis or perhaps Darondo are strong as the stripped back lightly treated guitars and his hazy, yearning vocal technique come on strong throughout. From the full bodied soul funk of "Love Flower" to the looped faraway harmonies and simple guitar backbone of "Time Is Wasting", the music is as strong the mystery itself. Beautiful.
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The Men In The Glass Booth
The Men In The Glass Booth (unmixed 3xCD + booklet)
Cat: BBE 191CCD. Rel: 16 Feb 17
  1. Leon Collins - "I Just Wanna Say I Love You" (John Luongo remix)
  2. Marboo - "What About Love" (Tony Gioe remix)
  3. Double Exposure - "Ten Per Cent" (Walter Gibbons Sunshine Sound Acetate edit)
  4. Juggy Murray Jones - "Inside America" (Rick Gianatos Sunshine Disco Queen Acetate edit)
  5. Hot Ice - "Dancing Free" (John Luongo remix)
  6. The Sunshine Band - "Black Water Gold" (Sunshine Sound edit)
  7. The Salsoul Orchestra - "Magic Bird Of Fire" (François Kevorkian Sunshine Sound Acetate edit)
  8. The Salsoul Orchestra - "It's Good For The Soul" (Jay Negron Sunshine Sound Acetate edit)
  9. Double Exposure - "My Love Is Free" (Walter Gibbons Disco Madness remix)
  10. Fay Hauser - "Reaching Out For Happiness" (Jonathan Fearing remix)
  11. Ripple - "The Beat Goes On & On" (Jim Burgess remix)
  12. Love Symphony Orchestra - "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" (Tom Savarese remix)
  13. Tony Valor Sound Orchestra - "Love Has Come My Way" (Jim Burgess remix)
  14. Ruby Andrews - "I Wanna Be Near You" (John Morales Sunshine Sound Acetate edit)
  15. TC James & The Fist O Funk Orchestra - "I've Been Looking For Somebody" (Walter Gibbons remix)
  16. Lake Shore Drive - "The Disco Scene" (Rick Gianatos remix)
  17. TC James & The Fist O Funk Orchestra - "Bumpsie's Whipping Cream" (Tom Savarese remix)
  18. Skip Mahoney - "Janice (Don't Be So Blind To Love)" (Bobby DJ Guttadaro remix)
  19. The Salsoul Orchestra - "My Number's Up" (Tee Scott remix)
  20. The Skyliners - "The Love Bug (Done Bit Me Again)" (David Todd remix)
  21. Aura - "L.A. Sunshine" (Robert Ouimet remix)
  22. Sparkle Tuhran & Friends - "Handsome Man" (Bobby DJ Guttadaro remix)
  23. First Choice - "Love Thang" (Tee Scott remix)
  24. Kay Gee's - "Burn Me Up" (Jellybean Benitez edit)
  25. Brooklyn Express - "Love Is The Message" (Tee Scott remix)
  26. Chain Reaction - "Changes" (Jellybean Benitez remix)
  27. John Gibbs & The Jam Band - "J'Ouvert" (Frank Sestito remix)
  28. Bunny Sigler - "By The Way You Dance (I Knew It Was You)" (Bobby DJ Guttadaro remix)
  29. The Salsoul Orchestra - "It's Good For The Soul" (Walter Gibbons Disco Madness version)
  30. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "It's A Better Than Good Time" (Walter Gibbons remix)
Review: Compiled by noted disco digger Al Kent, The Men In The Glass Booth explores the early days of the re-edit and the remix. Specifically, it looks at the scalpel and production work of some of the disco era's most influential DJs - Walter Gibbons, Tom Savarse, Jellybean Benitez, Tee Scott, Francois K and John Luongo included - in a bid to chart the rise of the dancefloor-friendly extended version. Naturally, the material on show is top notch, with far more obscurities than well-known cuts. The three-disc set is also accompanied by a superb booklet, which contains archive interviews and detailed histories of those involved. If you dig disco, this is an essential purchase.
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DJ Format's Psych Out: A Collection Of International Funky Fuzz Laiden Gems
Cat: BBE 350CLP. Rel: 22 Jun 16
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. The Quests - "Hava Nagila" (2:51)
  2. The Tijuana Brats - "Karate Chop" (2:29)
  3. Rainbow Family - "Travellin' Lady" (2:51)
  4. The CT Four Plus - "Exodus II" (2:52)
  5. 49th Blue Streak - "Foxy Lady" (3:02)
  6. Bana Pop Band - "Jet Pop" (4:33)
  7. Koncz Zsuzsa - "Visz A Vonat" (3:19)
  8. La Logia Sarabanda - "Todos O Ninguno" (3:55)
  9. Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar - "Louis, Louis" (3:18)
  10. Flamengo - "Tyden V Elektrickem Meste" (4:06)
  11. Sergio Ferraresi - "Time Of Machines" (2:14)
  12. Krzysztof Klenczon - "Nie Przejdziemy Do Historii" (3:18)
  13. Aleksandr Sergeyevich Zatsepin - "The Shaman's Dance" (2:45)
  14. Pro Arte - "Stari Dvorac" (2:53)
Review: Perhaps a lurch into the direction of head-spinning psychedelic guitar-driven groove wasn't where fans of DJ Format expected him to go next, but this compilation is proof positive that this man will doggedly pursue the funkiest of sound to the ends of the earth and the very edge of sanity. Collecting together gems from all over the globe, including such far-flung quarters as Uruguay and Yugoslavia, he creates a dizzying and ecstatically fuzzed-out melange that has no problem with jumping off the audial deep end in the pursuit of oblivion and ecstasy. Both a heady triumph and a cleansing experience for the third eye.
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Mad Styles & Crazy Visions 2: A Journey Into Electronic Soulful Afro & Latino Rhythms Part A
Cat: BBE 161CLP-1. Rel: 20 May 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Anane - "Plastic People" (Adam Rios mix)
  2. Peven Everett - "Burning Hot" (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios remix)
  3. Boddhi Satva - "Who Am I" (feat Athenai & C Robert Walker - C2 version mix)
  4. Johnnydangerous presents Juan Hoerni - "Larry Classic"
  5. Rocco & C Robert Walker - "I Love The Night"
  6. Ian Friday - "Found Myself" (feat Chris Rob - Lovestar remix)
  7. Paul Deep - "Alfia" (feat Sheyi - Alpha & Olmega Ethnic vocal mix)
  8. Morra DeRey & The Heavy Quarterz - "Roho Yangu" (feat Mfalme - Jihad Movement mix)
Review: This collection of electronic soulful afro and Latino rhythms from hat-wearing Masters At Work veteran Louie Vega is something of a sprawling epic. The first part of the 2 x double gatefold package features eight unmixed tracks. It certainly offers great value. Musically, it's pretty on-point too, flitting between all manner of heavy afro-tech grooves, percussive deep house, string-drenched soulful flavas, snappy Latino beats and Vega's own soft-focus take on Latin and Afro house. Well worth checking.
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