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Anunnaki Cartel

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Love & Fear (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: AC 007. Rel: 17 Jun 15
Deep House
  1. Tight Situations (6:38)
  2. A Virtuous Woman (6:28)
  3. Moist Flesh (6:38)
  4. Nordisk Saga (feat Cecilia Bruun Hansen) (6:29)
  5. Love & Fear (5:17)
  6. A Child Is Born (4:25)
  7. Tranquility Base (3:14)
  8. The Blues (Never Had) (4:35)
  9. Komm, Suber, Tod Komm Selge Ruh (6:53)
Review: Thus far, Anunnaki Cartel have only been releasing EP's, most of which have been collaborative efforts by Amir Alexander, Joey Anderson and Chris Mitchell, among others. This is their first LP and it's by Alexander himself, a man who is no mood to beat around the bush and gets his sound across right from the start of "Tight Situations". However, it's the album's slower and stranger pieces such as "A Virtuous Woman", "Love & Fear" or "A Child Is Born" which caught our attention! We'd never heard Alexander making more experimental pieces so it's refreshing to hear an artist so capable of making both hard-hitting floor music but also more docile and abstract sounds.
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Gespielt von: Hakim Murphy, Anaxander
out of stock $18.37
Cat: ACWL 001. Rel: 08 Dec 15
Deep House
  1. Necessary Sanctuary (7:56)
  2. Universe (6:34)
  3. Necessary Sanctuary (3 AM mix) (8:43)
  4. Transcend (6:26)
Review: The Vanguard Sound main man is back, look out! Amir Alexander presents us with Anthology One, landing on his other label concern, Anunnaki Cartel. On the A side we've got "Necessary Sanctuary" a sublime deep house cut with a sharp and bumpy arpeggio and emotive pads backing some positive and uplifting male vocals. "Universe" gets even deeper and darker; we really like this one. Rich soulful synth tapestries reminiscent of Larry Heard back some more epic vocals exploring existentialism. On the flip is "Necessary Sanctuary (3AM Mix)" which is a more stripped and straight ahead version than the version on the other side; a neat DJ tool. Finally "Transcend" gets all intergalactic on us with this spaced out, ethereal and downright uplifting journey through the cosmos.
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out of stock $10.72
  1. Amir Alexander - "Cypher"
  2. Chris Mitchell - "213 NI"
  3. DJ Spider - "New World Resistance"
  4. Dakini9 - "Rollercoaster To Nowhere"
Review: Volume four of the Vanguard Sound series from Anunnaki Cartel label sees Amir Alexander and Chris Mitchell once again open the invitation to the East Coast house innovators. This time it's Plan B pair DJ Spider and Dakini9 who line up alongside the label founders with Amir Alexander setting a rough and rugged tone on opening track "Cypher". Rasping kicks and a killer bouncing analogue bassline drive the track forwards as Alexander gradually weaves in a searing synth tone which increases with smudged incandescence until a vocal sample offers some brief politically tinged respite before the synth tone kicks back in. Mitchell is in equally bullish mood on "213 NL" a straight up drum track that ratchets up into full blow acid filled psychedelia as the final third hones into view. On the Plan B side, Spider drops one of his trademark lurching rhythms, with skittering drums traversing the gritty lower frequencies of "New World Resistance" which is filled with the sort of vocal samples that justifies the title. "Rollercoaster To Nowhere" from Dakini9 is just as impressive, retaining the murky mood yet driven by it's own almost drunken percussive swagger.
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out of stock $10.47
out of stock $10.47
Cat: AC 008. Rel: 08 Jan 16
  1. In Fact It's Impossible (6:26)
  2. Backed Up With Facts (5:11)
  3. Lift (6:51)
  4. Restorative Inversion (5:38)
Gespielt von: Hakim Murphy, LANOCHE, Brokntoys
out of stock $9.96
Cat: AC 004. Rel: 12 May 14
  1. Push
  2. Smash Linear
  3. Aquanauts
  4. Nibiru
Review: Spend some time rifling through the music released by Chris Mitchell since his debut appearance on Plan B back in 2011, and you'll find he's eminently capable of delivering techno that can be futuristic, soulful or straight down raw and gritty. Firmly ensconced in our affections thanks to his work with Amir Alexander at the head of the Anunnaki Cartel and Vanguard Sounds labels, Mitchell pops up with the fourth release on the former which is perhaps the most confident and powerful statement of his flourishing talents behind the buttons so far. Din Gir Dialect opens in trippy fashion with "Push" which toys with a guttural bassline and mind bending vocals over a rough drum machine sequence, and continues to punish his hardware with excellent results on the elevatory box jam "Smash Linear". Dashes of acid try to escape through the rhythmic gaps in "Aquanauts" whilst "Nibiru" ends matters on a deeper note.
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Remnants (12")
Cat: AC 009. Rel: 08 Sep 16
  1. Remnants (6:31)
  2. Opinions Are Prisons (7:00)
  3. Succubi (7:14)
Review: The Annunaki Cartel imprint is back on its feet with yet more cinematic house magic, and we're glad to see them back after a relatively slow start to 2016. Co-founder Chris Mitchell sets the scene this time with the deep and mystical house experiment called "Remnants", a track that is eerie and filled with enough oddity to be easily accepted in a techno set. The B-side contains "Opinions Are Prisons", a glitchy slice of cerebral brain dynamite - we're particularly into its raw, flangered drums - and the killer that is "Succubi", a rolling house cut that reminds us of Omar S at his darkest and most menacing. Pure underground house from one of the most underrated labels in the game.
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Gespielt von: Sean Dixon
out of stock $9.70
Cat: AC 01. Rel: 05 Mar 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Chris Mitchell - "Illuminescent Invasion A2"
  2. Amir Alexander - "Ostinato"
  3. Joey Anderson - "Table Of Contents"
  4. Chris & Amir - "Dark Memories"
Review: Anunnaki Cartel is the newly launched sub label of Amir Alexander's Vanguard Sound operation and this first release sets the bar high; Alexander himself features alongside cuts from Joey Anderson and Chris Mitchell. The latter producer leads the way with "Illuminescent Invasion" a relentlessly rewarding concoction of fierce snares, deviant saw tooth synths and almost criminal abuse of the 303. Amir Alexander is growing into a personal favourite of the Juno review team and "Ostinato" demonstrates why in abundance. It's a direct and druggy assault on your sensibilities based around discordant square synths and a undeniably funk heavy groove. Things get even weirder on the flip as Joey Anderson drops the kind of off-kilter, off the grid house production where all the elements appear to be pulling in separate directions but somehow combine for a unique cohesive groove. Mitchell and Alexander join forces to close this excellent 12" with the cosmic techno of "Dark Memories" which has got the best snare sound since "Set It Off". Don't sleep!
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out of stock $10.47
Cat: AC 006. Rel: 08 Jan 16
  1. Audible Nightmares (5:09)
  2. Go Deeper Then You (6:08)
  3. Freedom Resistance (5:28)
  4. Ideas Of Music (8:08)
Gespielt von: Akra, Sun People
out of stock $10.47
Cat: AC 005. Rel: 15 Jul 14
  1. Traxx - "BaseAcid2"
  2. Amir Alexander - "Slow Ride"
  3. Amir Alexander - "Six Sixty Six (The Beast)"
  4. Traxx - "Abc Acid Beat Complete"
Review: Take the releases on Anunnaki Cartel into consideration as a whole and its clear label founders Amir Alexander and Chris Mitchell are looking and generally succeeding at ways to advance the ideas of US house music into compelling new forms. It makes sense then that this latest release on the label sees Alexander face off with Nation boss Traxx, a man who has been steadfast in his own efforts to promote and pioneer the Jakbeat ethos and approach. The Howard/Loyola Acid Frenzy EP finds the pair indulging in some truly wild acid explorations that will delight the proper house selectors out there. Traxx is on devilish form with his two contributions with the moment on "BaseAcid2" where the intensity levels unexpectedly ramp skywards is a particular highlight.
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out of stock $7.92
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Anunnaki Cartel