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Adam Hall Stands

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Cat: 726675 Rel: 09 Apr 19
Folding trolley for moving heavy equipment
Notes: This trolley is ideal for comfortably transporting heavy equipment and objects at gigs or at home. The incredibly sturdy and light aluminium construction folds down to a compact size for convenient storage. The trolley carries up to 70 kg and features a lockable, pull-out handle and 110 mm-diameter ball-bearing TPR castors.
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Cat: 669277 Rel: 08 Nov 17
Microphone stand with boom/swivel arm
Notes: Microphone stand with boom arm.

- Tubing material: Steel
- Tubing colour: Black
- Tubing surface: Powder coated
- Min. height: 980 mm
- Max. height: 1620 mm
- Transport length: 960 mm
- Base material: Steel
- Boom: Yes
- Boom length: 760 mm
- Weight: 2 kg
- Swivel arm
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Cat: 669279 Rel: 09 Nov 17
Universal speaker stand
Notes: Universal speaker stand for loudspeakers till 35 kg, black powder coated.

Triangular foot, 35 mm square section tube, Tube 40/35 mm, T-screw for locking.

For heavy speakers you can lock the height on 102 - 114 - 126 - 138 - 150 with the included safety pin.

Utility space for speakers: 230 x 230 mm, steel material thickness 2 mm, slip resistant surface. Plastic cable clip on upper tube for adequate and discreet cable guiding.

The foot can be equipped with 3 adjustable plastic feet or steel-spikes. Without the plate you can use the speaker stand with a standard speaker stand receptacle (35mm).

The product is delivered dismantled, with screws and hexagon socket screw key, 3 plastic feet and 3 steel spikes with lock nut.
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Cat: 669282 Rel: 08 Nov 17
Double keyboard stand, designed for 2 professional keyboards
Notes: - Heavy load capacity
- Base plate is made of steel
- Material: Aluminium
- Surface: Powder coated
- Colour: Black
- Decks: 2
- Max. support depth: 380 mm
- Min height: 1170 mm
- Max height: 1170 mm
- Max load (support): 35 (per level) kg
- Weight: 7.8 kg
- Continuously adjustable from 22-110 cm
- Feet and arms can be folded into the stands
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Cat: 669266 Rel: 13 Nov 17
Flexible laptop stand with adjustable height
Notes: Thanks to its adjustable height & width the Adam Hall laptop stand will offer every DJ flexibility to the fullest! Featuring a sturdy steel construction with adjustable height from 17-34cm, the stand can be adapted to fit all laptop formats from 12-17 inches.

- Material: Steel
- Surface: Powder coated
- Colour: Black
- Depth: 250 mm
- Min. width: 225 mm
- Max. width: 225 mm
- Min. height: 170 mm
- Max. height: 340 mm
- Weight: 1.4 kg
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Adam Hall Stands
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