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Acuarela Spain

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Cumbaya (LP)
Cat: 889854 15041. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Silencio (3:37)
  2. Campeon (2:54)
  3. Kontuz (2:38)
  4. Romaria (5:29)
  5. Devalo (3:44)
  6. Cacahuete (2:42)
  7. Xabrino (2:13)
  8. Huracan (2:59)
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Spirit (CD)
Cat: NOIS 1063. Rel: 06 Nov 06
Rock (All)
  1. From The North
  2. Legions
  3. Shade Of The Moor
  4. The Crowned
  5. Wind Through The Walls
  6. Blackwood Gates
  7. Earth Covers Us
  8. Spirit
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
Review: APSE consist of five lads from the East Coast who have been playing together - with slight changes in line-up - for the last 7 years, creating one of the most serious and inspired sounds today. They showcase a solid, potent and mature musical sense with influences spanning Classical compositions, Slint, Joy Division/New Order, and The Cure to the first Sonic Youth noise adventures, ambient music and a wide range of post-punk. Upon listening to the record "Spirit" absorbs the listener in rough, bold percussion and dark, churning basslines, arguably referencing The Liars' 2006 "Drum's Not Dead". Over a hard-hitting bass-and-drum core, ethereal guitars, haunting vocals, and quiet synths nod to the Cure's "Pornography", "Disintegration", or b-sides from Radiohead's "Kid A". "Spirit" leads the listener through it's multi-percussional swamplands, plodding bass riffs, and alien melodies - both bittersweet and empowering. It is chock full of post-punk's disjointed rhythms, rough guitar passages and tribal stomp. Layers of tone and hand percussion top it all off, creating a beautifully produced record that a damaged pop odyssey as much as it is a breathtaking wall-of-sound. "Spirit" is one of the most astounding and unique records of 2006.
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Cat: NOIS 061. Rel: 27 Jan 07
Rock (All)
  1. Yawning Blue Messiah
  2. Faith Defies The Night
  3. You're A Goat
  4. My Surrender
  5. Mirror The Eye
Review: Lou Barlow is a true workaholic and quite addicted to surprising us with his work. The musician born in Dayton in 1966 and now based in Los Angeles has become one of the most fundamental references of the North American indie music of the last two decades thanks to his hyperactivity in essential bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh, as well as his presence in parallel projects like The New Folk Implosion or Lou's Wasted Pieces. In 2006 Barlow was immersed in new work for Dinosaur Jr (J. Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph) and Sebadoh (Lou Barlow, Eric Gaffney and Jason Lowestein), but he still managed to find enough time to record a EP of five songs exclusive for Acuarela - "Mirror the Eye".
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Cat: NOIS 1079. Rel: 28 Mar 08
  1. A Quest For Fire
  2. The Blues & The Bee Sting
  3. Hard Work
  4. Pocket Knife
  5. Suffocation Street
  6. Looking For You In Me
  7. Keep That Flame
  8. Tonight I'm Swimming
  9. Change Of Planes
  10. Good Enough For You
  11. The Good Times
  12. True Haven
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The Tain (CD single)
Cat: NOIS 038. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Rock (All)
  1. The Tain
Review: This fascinating and creative Portland (Oregon) based pop-art group that are reputed not only for their music, but also for their romantic and epic spirit in the best sense, have released this 18-minute track called "The Tain". The cornerstone of the track, according to leader Colin Meloy, is a cycle of Celtic mythology under the same name, and is basically a conceptual work, a song divided into five parts. Recorded with producer Chris Walla in Seattle, one of its fragments marks the first time that group drummer, Rachel, put her voice on a record.
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Cat: 889854 43121.
out of stock $13.98
Cat: 190758 49161.
out of stock $12.13
Cat: NOIS 1033. Rel: 11 Sep 09
Rock (All)
  1. Julie Doiron - "The Sweetest Eyes (When You Laugh)"
  2. Julie Doiron - "Snowfalls In November"
  3. Julie Doiron - "The Songwriter"
  4. Julie Doiron - "The Wrong Guy"
  5. Julie Doiron - "Cancel The Party"
  6. Okkervil River - "He Passes The Number Thirty-Three"
  7. Okkervil River - "Omie Wise"
  8. Okkervil River - "A Leaf"
  9. Okkervil River - "Blackest Coat"
  10. Track 10
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Canciones Gringas (CD single)
Cat: NOIS 060. Rel: 07 Sep 06
Rock (All)
  1. Ultimamente
  2. Una Larga Cuesta Abajo
  3. Leche Y Miel
  4. Era Joven Cuando Me Fui
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Cat: NOIS 1085. Rel: 25 Jun 08
  1. Spiders
  2. Much Drinking, Litle Thinking
  3. Intersellar
  4. Any Given Night Of The Week
  5. Crispy
  6. Dog Days
  7. Mao
  8. Gatito Negro
  9. My Northern Light
  10. The Cut Of Your Jib
  11. A Simple Fact
  12. Stones
  13. Unders Stars
  14. Up & Running
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Medalla De Otro (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 889854 13381. Rel: 26 Jan 18
  1. No Es El Fin (2:58)
  2. Con La Primavera A Cuestas (2:57)
  3. Segun Parece (3:34)
  4. Dos Telediarios (3:24)
  5. Lo Rapido O Lo Lento (3:16)
  6. Y Ya (3:16)
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Cat: NOIS 1086. Rel: 25 Sep 08
  1. Grouper - "Little Gray Cat"
  2. Grouper - "Poison Tree"
  3. Grouper - "Follow A Light Change"
  4. Grouper - "Thanks To Pica For Coming Home"
  5. Inca Ore - "Churpa Champurrado"
  6. Inca Ore - "Baby Tiger I Went Far Away"
  7. Inca Ore - "Chipiturca Eva Enmolada"
  8. Inca Ore - "Michael I Will Meet You At The End Of Time"
  9. Inca Ore - "Vista Maria"
  10. Inca Ore - "Valley Of Sherbert Cathedrals"
  11. Inca Ore - "Song To The Sea"
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Cat: NOIS 1065. Rel: 08 Jul 06
  1. La Hora De Los Ocultos
  2. A Disappointed Man
  3. The Worst Journey In The World
  4. WNP
  5. Scott's Arm
  6. The Soldier & The Death Blues
  7. Barrabas
  8. Mother Science
  9. Ni Dos, Ni Amo
  10. El Enterro De Bakunin
  11. Cenit Y Nadir
  12. Track 12
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Cat: NOIS 079EP. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. British Rrrrrrradars (3:33)
  2. Experiments In Silence (1:43)
  3. Fld History (0:59)
  4. Delusions Of Wthlessness (3:15)
  5. Walking Mindless (1:41)
  6. Fears Grw (0:59)
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Bellybuttonless Boy (CD single)
Cat: NOIS 044. Rel: 08 Jul 06
  1. Bellybuttonless Boy
  2. Margaret Fell
  3. Misery Moon
  4. Work Of Artlessness
  5. Over The Edge
  6. George Fox
out of stock $7.38
Cat: NOIS 1088. Rel: 25 Sep 08
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. Ultima
  2. Gancho
  3. Ya Estoy Seco
  4. Triunfito Siciliano
  5. 2 Bars
  6. Mejor Que Tu
  7. Estoy Muy Confuso
  8. De Donde Has Salido
  9. El Negro
  10. Playeros
  11. Atravesando El Plantano
  12. Chupa El Palillo
  13. La Meto
  14. Puma Rosa
  15. Me Cago En Sus Camisas 2
  16. Peluca De Rizos
  17. Serpiente
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Dos Casas (CD)
Cat: NOIS 1071. Rel: 24 Feb 07
Rock (All)
  1. La Decoracion 1
  2. Perro
  3. Calor
  4. Cu
  5. Un Lado Util
  6. La Decoracion 2
  7. Pistoleros
  8. Mi A Mi
  9. Wan Yo
  10. Yo Voy A Cambiar Eh!
  11. Arrebato
Review: LA JR (previously know as JR) are back, led as usual by Frank Rudow (also a member of Viva Las Vegas and Manta Ray), Rafa and Borja. Almost three years after their last release, "Dos Casas" is a work of dark atmospheric lounge, trancey Kraut-rock groove, or, anti-jazz-folk - as we like to name it. Less hermetic than their previous albums, less 'autistic pop', LA JR could be a blend between Ry Cooder, The Sea, Sun Ra and Cake.
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Dank Jazz (7")
Cat: NOIS 80EP.
out of stock $5.54
Rabuna (limited 10")
Cat: NOIS 0078EP.
out of stock $9.23
Cat: NOIS 1070. Rel: 22 Dec 06
  1. Perfect
  2. The Travel Magazine
  3. Stars
  4. The Wait
  5. Poema De La Resistencia
  6. A Giant Step
  7. A Foreign City
  8. The Dream
  9. Poema De La Luciernaga
  10. The Glow Worm's Death
Review: Num9 is the light after Migala's demise. In summer 2005 the group that changed the parameters of indie folk music in Spain decided to shut up shop and separate after eight years together. So after giving their last concert in Benicassim that year, Migala died. Full stop. What now? The abyss? or maybe not. For now an album titled "The Glow-Worm's Resistance".
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Cat: NOIS 1999LP. Rel: 07 Mar 15
  1. Conjurer
  2. It's Real
  3. Natasha
  4. The Sounding Of The Earth
  5. Helena
  6. Dark & Muted Eyes
  7. I'm A Wild Part Of The World
  8. Under The Olive Trees
  9. Chaconne
  10. Fill Your Lungs
  11. Tchaikovsky
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Cat: 190758 49177. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Ritual Of The Cringe (6:28)
  2. White Pepper's Galloped Stomp (4:37)
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Cat: NOIS 1081. Rel: 27 Mar 08
Rock (All)
  1. Morningside Heights
  2. Redeplyment
  3. Out On The Main Drag
  4. Jonathan
  5. Theme For The Bad Angel
  6. The Latest Rights
  7. Limerence
  8. New Form
  9. My Slow Reflection
out of stock $15.82
Cat: NOIS 059. Rel: 08 Jul 06
  1. If I Could Only
  2. Orange Moon
  3. Tell Me You Do
  4. All Those Things
  5. The Animals
  6. Hope
out of stock $7.38
Cat: NOIS 064. Rel: 23 Nov 07
  1. Weight Of My Love
  2. No Great Shakes
  3. Jolly (Interlude)
  4. Fisted Hand
  5. River Outlet
out of stock $10.54
Cat: NOIS 084LP. Rel: 03 Mar 17
  1. Canvey Island Baby (3:41)
  2. Walking On The Edge (4:08)
  3. Down By The Waterside (3:18)
  4. Paradise (3:43)
  5. Back In The Night (3:52)
  6. Barbed Wire Blues (3:26)
out of stock $13.98
Tu Mi Piace (CD single)
Cat: NOIS 058. Rel: 08 Jul 06
  1. He Needs Me
  2. Don't Cha
  3. Kangaroo
  4. Blueberry Mine Shaft
  5. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Review: Thankfully, 2006 will not pass without Jamie Stewart's impassioned shouts and murmurs. Apart from releasing their next album, "The Air Force", in September/October on 5RC (on Acuarela only for Spain and Portugal), their new release is a five-song covers EP (Think 2003s Fag Patrol and its Stewart-centric acoustic focus) with fascinating style and instrumentation and titled "Tu Mi Piaci" (Italian for "I Like You"). Unlike Fag Patrol, however, these covers target non-Xiu Xiu material from folks like Air Force comrade Nedelle, Bauhaus, Alex Chilton/This Mortal Coil, Pussy Cat Dolls, and Nina Simone.
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Cat: 190758 49187. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. The Witches (2:47)
  2. The Crown Prince Of Lies (3:11)
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Acuarela Spain
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