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Two Weeks: International

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Global Control/Invisible Invasion
  1. Marivere Gati (feat Susha)
  2. Ey Paavi (feat Kali Dass)
  3. Mahaganapatim (feat K L Sreeram)
  4. Duryodhana (feat Thanjai Nayandi Melam)
  5. Geeta Duniki (feat Susha)
  6. Arisothari Yen Devi (feat Kali Dass)
  7. Pahi Jagajjanani (feat Susha)
  8. Summa Solattumaa (feat Yogeswaran Manickam)
Review: Maghreb rhythms and Tunisian vocals. The Brussels-based producer has flipped the script on this much-anticipated follow-up, swapping North African sounds and voices for those from the Indian sub-continent (the set was partially recorded in the city of Chennai). While this may surprise some, the basic formula - exotic rhythms created using drum machines, overlaid with a mixture of psychedelic electronics, traditional instrumentation and locally-sourced vocalists - remains as inspiring, heavy and intoxicating as ever. Given that he's pushed the boat out even more musically, Global Control/Immersive Invasion is arguably even better than its brilliant predecessor.
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Linde (CD)
Cat: 405053 861420. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Pende Djiga
  2. Bombolo Liilo
  3. Dakamana
  4. Fari Intro
  5. Fari Njungu
  6. Jaman Bisa
  7. Avion
  8. Sambu Kamba
  9. Yer Gando
  10. Kakilena
  11. Djougal
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Disco Vumbi Vol II
Cat: BYR 029. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Disco Vumbi Fet Ife
  2. Uko Peke Yako
  3. Kupe Kupe
  4. Mukwano
  5. Kibaka
  6. Wacha Nicheze
  7. Vimeundwa
 in stock $7.55
A Bissl Ubertrieben
Cat: GWACD 001. Rel: 09 Sep 20
  1. Sweet Sweet Gypsy Jazz
  2. Ode Ans Verlieben
  3. Interlude 1
  4. Tschu Amoi
  5. Gewinner
  6. A Night In Dinovski
  7. Zwefendi
  8. Things Are Not Always What They Seem
  9. Am Sand
  10. Bessarabiata
  11. Ich Liebe Dich Wegen Meines Korpers
 in stock $18.62
J'ai Traverse La Mer
Cat: HS 206CD. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Metew Bien
  2. Arawak E Karayb
  3. Natibel
  4. Kontak
  5. Dlo Pou Viv
  6. Yo Vini Pou Danse
  7. Se Tan Nou
  8. J'ai Traverse La Mer
  9. Fo Nou Kontinye Goume
  10. Anonyme (bonus track)
 in stock $12.40
Mi Luz Mayor
Cat: CDRAD 102. Rel: 03 Sep 20
  1. Abarriba Cumbiaremos (feat Herman Olivera)
  2. Chica Ni Lambo (feat Gilberto Santa Rosa)
  3. Mi Congo (feat Carlos Santana)
  4. Mi Luz Mayor (feat Gilberto Santa Rosa)
  5. Que Falta Tu Me Haces (feat Gilberto Santa Rosa)
  6. Quimbombo (feat Herman Olivera)
  7. El Resbaloso (feat Herman Olivera)
  8. Sonando Con Puerto Rico (feat Herman Olivera)
  9. Tremendo Cumban (feat Gilberto Santa Rosa)
  10. Yo Soy Mulato (feat Herman Olivera)
  11. Sun Sun Babae (feat Gilberto Santa Rosa)
 in stock $13.49
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Two Weeks: International