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Body & Soul
Cat: SCCD 493. Rel: 12 Nov 20
  1. No Meio Do Samba (feat Toco)
  2. In The Name Of Love (feat Laura Fedele)
  3. Rosa Da Ribeira (feat Toco)
  4. Flying Away (feat Afra Kane)
  5. Body & Soul
  6. Pra Voce (feat Toco)
  7. Move On (feat Afra Kane)
  8. Blow My Mind (feat Afra Kane)
  9. Odoya (feat Toco)
  10. Midnight Sun
 in stock $18.18
The Spirit Of India: Five Ragas For Sarangi & Tabla
  1. Raag Megh
  2. Raag Mian Ki Malhar
  3. Tabla Solo Shikhar Tala
  4. Raag Adana
  5. Raag Pancham
 in stock $7.56
Our Garden Needs Its Flowers
  1. Clipo Clipo
  2. Katin
  3. Kango
  4. Minmanle?
  5. Our Garden Needs Its Flowers
  6. Apartheid
  7. African Chant
  8. Solution
 in stock $12.30
Sakai Ishinage Odori
Sakai Ishinage Odori (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: EM 1171CD. Rel: 11 Dec 17
  1. Yose Daiko
  2. Ishinage Odori
  3. Bukkiri Daiko
  4. Yose Daiko (Sugai Ken mix)
  5. Ishinage Odori (Sugai Ken mix)
  6. Bukkiri Daiko (Sugai Ken mix)
 in stock $16.77
Wande (CD)
Cat: GBCD 059. Rel: 17 May 18
  1. Yo Pouhala/Blah Blah Blah
  2. Hawah
  3. Yerfara/We Are Tired
  4. Goy Boyro/The Good Work (Well Done)
  5. Wande/The Beloved
  6. Irganda/It Is Our Land
  7. Mana Yero Koy/Where To Go?
  8. Hayame/Be Careful!
  9. Tribute To Zoumana Tereta
Gespielt von: AfroBase (Radio Chart)
 in stock $11.19
Acoustic (CD)
Cat: NOF 47. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Kamelemba
  2. Fadjamou
  3. Diaraby Nene
  4. Minata Waraba
  5. Saa Magni
  6. Bena Bena
  7. Kounkoun
  8. Djoukourou
  9. Yere Faga
  10. Mali Niale
  11. Mogoya
! low stock $13.71
Alewa (CD)
Cat: OH 034CD. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Kokrokoo (feat Fapempong)
  2. Alewa
  3. Kwaa Kwaa
  4. Africa
  5. Odo Maba
  6. Cocoase
  7. Adwuma
  8. Kwabena Amoah
  9. Konongo Kaya
  10. Mobo
 in stock $12.30
O Ceu E Velho Ha Muito Tempo
Cat: NOF 45CD. Rel: 07 Nov 19
  1. Portal De Ativacao
  2. Ninguem Solta A Mao De Ninguem (feat Jaloo Jucara Marcal & Linn Da Quebrada)
  3. Brasil Patriota
  4. Um Professor Esta Falando Com Voce
  5. Meu Primeiro Amor (feat Duda Beat)
  6. O Melhor Ha De Chegar
  7. Todo Se Transforma
  8. Nao Vamos Nos Desgrudar Nunca Mais
  9. O Bem Maior
  10. Seu Pai
 in stock $13.71
Ensem Ensem
Cat: RCD 3391CD. Rel: 18 Jan 19
  1. Ensem' ...Ensem'...
  2. Tacoumbe
  3. Min Cinga 'Ou
  4. Puissance Pa'm
  5. Tande
  6. Confession
  7. Carnacal Pa 'Colle
 in stock $13.15
Nueva Antologia: 20 Aniversario
Cat: 019029 5719265. Rel: 23 Feb 18
  1. Yo Vengo Aqui
  2. Macusa
  3. Sabroso
  4. Ahora Me Da Pena
  5. Chicharrone
  6. Saludo Compay
  7. Mi Calderito
  8. Quien Te Bautizo (Vicenta)
  9. Pasaje Para Holguin
  10. Mi Linda Guajira
  11. Silencio
  12. Anita
  13. Idilio
  14. Como La Avellaneda
  15. Se Seco El Arroyito
  16. Chan, Chan
  17. A Tus Pies
  18. La Bella Cubana
  19. Huellas Del Pasado
  20. Orgullecida
  21. Mujeres De Mayari
  22. Lula
  23. La Cleptomana
  24. Te Apartas De Mi
  25. Sigue El Paso No 1
  26. Hey Caramba
  27. La Perla Marina
  28. Virgen Del Pino (Con Santiago Auseron)
  29. La Calabaza
  30. Clarabella
  31. La Trova
  32. Sarandonga
  33. Fidelidad
  34. Sigue El Paso No 2
  35. A Los Barrios De Santiago (Unpublished - bonus track)
  36. Descripcion De Un Sueno (Unpublished - bonus track)
  37. Lagrimas Negras (Unpublished - bonus track)
  38. Versos Para Ti (Unpublished - bonus track)
 in stock $10.72
Grandeza (CD)
Cat: BOI 010CD. Rel: 06 Nov 20
  1. Grandeza
  2. Tesao Central
  3. Gata Magica
  4. Flor Do Real
  5. Sangue Bom
  6. Dez Total (Filhos De Gandhy)
  7. Infinitamente Nu
  8. Orgia
  9. Tanto
  10. Lingua Geral
  11. Toda Instancia Do Prazer
 in stock $12.87
Materia Negra
Cat: LBN 109CD. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. Materia Negra
  2. A La Cola
  3. Permiso
  4. Mecanica Bestial
  5. DIA (Do It Again) (part 1)
  6. DIA (Do It Again) (part 2)
  7. Llego El Malo
  8. If Ever We Get There
  9. El Bad Boy
 in stock $14.54
Sweet Sweet Dreams
Cat: AACD 082. Rel: 03 Apr 17
  1. Let's Make It Up
  2. Let's Get It Together
  3. Dreaming
  4. Moon Walking
  5. Without Love
  6. Way, Way Out
  7. D'Hardest (bonus track)
Review: Famously, Shadow's Sweet Sweet Dreams album was panned by critics when it first appeared way back in 1984. In the years since, it has attained cult status, with collectors of Trinidadian music particularly enjoying its curious blend of bustling boogie electronics, Soca rhythms, traditional instrumentation and sassy disco-pop style. As this tasty reissue proves, the album has lost none of its lustre over the last 30 years. Put simply, it still sounds ahead of its time, with intergalactic dancefloor workouts such as "Let's Make It Up" (with its "we're gonna have a party" refrain) and "Way Way Out" resonating particularly loudly.
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Gespielt von: Charles Maurice
 in stock $15.95
Nine Decades Vol 6: Dutch India Airwaves
  1. Radio Netherlands Hindi Introduction
  2. Raga On The Airwaves Tilak Shyam
  3. Raga On The Airwaves Dhun
  4. Dutch-India Interview (English)
  5. Dutch-India Interview (Hindi)
 in stock $13.71
Back To Stay
Cat: RCD 3392CD. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Boat People
  2. La Femme
  3. Haiti
  4. Mariage
  5. Devine
  6. OO55
  7. Comme L'eau Qui Dort
  8. Erzulie
  9. Pa'ou Ce Pa'ou
  10. Pays Moin
 in stock $10.06
Nigwu Shwabada
Cat: KOS 8CD. Rel: 13 Mar 20
  1. Intro
  2. Elihle
  3. Umndeni
  4. Uqondile
  5. Mvelo
  6. Nigwu Shwabada
  7. Afrika
  8. Uyahlupha
  9. Makwande Lwande
  10. Abakhohlwanga
  11. Tribute To Bafo
 in stock $12.60
Sewele (CD)
Cat: STRUT 202CD. Rel: 25 Jan 19
  1. Sewele
  2. Yabis
  3. Agbe'Ere De
  4. Late Aboderin
 in stock $10.38
A Universe That Roasts Blossoms For A Horse
Cat: GBCD 079. Rel: 28 Aug 19
  1. A Washed Out Boy Taking Fossils From A Frog Sack
  2. Sleight Of Hand With A Melting Key
  3. A Pulse Expels Its Brothers & Sisters
  4. Low Probability Of A Hug
  5. Same As The One She Hardly Remembered
Gespielt von: AfroBase (Radio Chart)
 in stock $11.19
Lea Kokoye/Choses Et Gens Entendu
Cat: RCD 3394CD. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Lea Kokoye
  2. J'ai Venge La Rage
  3. Ti Ste Anize
 in stock $13.71
Choses Et Gens Entendus Vol 4
Cat: RCD 3381CD. Rel: 28 Sep 18
  1. Maitre Zabel-Boc Bere-a-chatte (part 1 & 2)
 in stock $13.71
Sondi (CD)
Cat: CH 48132. Rel: 31 Dec 18
  1. Sondi
  2. Rose, Rose, I Love You
  3. Buddha Knows
  4. China Nights (Shina No Yoru)
  5. Siamese Cat Song
  6. Love Dance
  7. Burma Train
  8. Buffalo Song
  9. Bali Hai
  10. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
  11. Song Of India
  12. Japanese Farewell Song (Sayonara)
 in stock $10.64
Batuco (CD)
Cat: AYA 012CD. Rel: 24 Nov 20
  1. Calculadora
  2. Pajaro Chogui
  3. Tortuga Del Arenal
  4. Los Chucos Suaves (feat Macha)
  5. El Saleroso
  6. Pajaro Cenzontle
  7. Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor
  8. No Hay Novedad
  9. Cumbia Algarrobera (feat Chico Trujillo)
  10. Ay David
 in stock $12.60
Optimisme (CD)
Cat: TRANS 469CD. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. Badala
  2. Assadja
  3. Fey Fey
  4. Gabi
  5. Barre
  6. Pour Toi
  7. Bon Bon
  8. Worry
  9. Korfo
  10. Dournia
  11. Kouma
 in stock $11.19
Congo Revolution: Revolutionary & Evolutionary Sounds From The Two Congos 1955-62
  1. Brazzos Et Ok Jazz - "Cha Cha Cha Del Zombo"
  2. Brazzos Et Ok Jazz - "Tcha Tcha Tcha De Mi Amour"
  3. Essous Et Rock A Mambo - "Baila"
  4. Edo Et Ok Jazz - "Kumavula Tubakueto"
  5. Edo Et Ok Jazz - "Sois Sage Amour"
  6. Nino Et Rock A Mamb - "Allegria"
  7. Ritmo Vedette Jazz - "Ritmo Vedette Jazz"
  8. Franco Et Ok Jazz - "Tokeyi Kobina Calypso"
  9. Essous Et Orchestre Bantonu - "Luiza"
  10. Beguen Band - "Yo Me Moero"
  11. African Jazz - "Vive Patrice Lumumba"
  12. Dewayon Et Conga Jazz - "Na Lingi Na Ngai Kubala Te"
  13. Kongo Jazz - "La Belle Lucie Botayi"
  14. Grupo Ok Jazz - "Grupo Ok Jazz"
  15. Rock A Mambo - "Cherie Nini"
  16. African Jazz - "Flowers Of Luckness"
  17. African Jazz - "Merengue Nico"
  18. Rock A Mambo - "Les Voyeurs"
  19. Wendo Kolosoy Avec Beguen Band - "Marie Louise"
  20. African Jazz - "Ngonga Ebeti Independance"
  21. African Jazz - "MNC Uhuru"
Review: During the 1950s and early '60s, the peoples of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo were in the midst of a colossal struggle to gain independence from the European colonial masters. This provided a suitably fertile backdrop for a little known musical revolution, which was taking place in the two countries' clubs and live venues. The result was a distinctive and previously largely unheralded style called "Congolese rumba", which mixed elements of Latin, African and jazz music into a thrilling new sound. It's that sound that's celebrated here on one of Soul Jazz's most eyebrow raising - and, let's face it, interesting - compilations for some time. The music is largely inspired and infectious, while the lengthy accompanying booklet tells the story in vivid detail.
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Gespielt von: AfroBase (Radio Chart)
 in stock $13.71
Shlon (CD)
Cat: BEC 5650663. Rel: 31 Jan 20
  1. Shlon
  2. Shi Tridin
  3. Mawwal
  4. Abou Zilif
  5. 3tini 7obba
  6. Layle
 in stock $9.60
Brazilika: 20th Anniversary Celebrating The Best Of Far Out Brazil & Beyond
Cat: FARO 185CD. Rel: 21 May 15
  1. Azymuth - "Brazymuth"
  2. Marcos Valle - "Escape"
  3. Sabrina Malheiros - "Brisa Mar" (Nicola Conte rework)
  4. Joyce - "Samba Da Silvia" (feat Elza Soars)
  5. The Ipanemas - "Imperial"
  6. Clara Moreno - "Meu Samba Torto"
  7. Nina Miranda & Chris Franck - "Agua"
  8. Democustico - "Vagalume"
  9. Maurico Maestro - "Jungle Bells" (feat Nana Vasconcelos)
  10. Nana Vasconcelos - "Clemintina"
  11. Kirk Degiorgio's Offworld - "Ups & Downs"
  12. Azymuth - "In My Treehouse"
  13. Arthur Verocai - "Abertura"
  14. Banda Black Rio - "Aos Pes Do Redentor" (feat Caetano Veloso)
  15. Jose Roberto Bertrami - "Brilliante"
  16. Democustico - "Brazil" (Danny Wheeler edit)
  17. Trouble Man - "Time Out Of Mind"
  18. Friends From Rio - "Mulher Malagueta" (feat Agaldo Kantor - TS Repman remix)
  19. Grupo Batuque - "Easy Roller" (Danny Wheeler re-edit)
  20. Sean Khan - "Don't Let The Sun Go Down" (feat Omar - 4 Hero remix)
  21. Alex Malheiros - "Uno Esta" (feat Band Utopia & Sabrina Malheiros - Spiritual South rework)
  22. Friends From Rio - "Super Legal" (feat Aricia Mess - Spiritual South Black Rio dub)
  23. Azymuth - "Do Volta Ao Passado" (Dokta Venom Brazilian Tek dub)
  24. Sabrina Malheiros - "Opara" (Ashley Beadle Afrikanx on Marz Galactic flute mix)
  25. Banda Black Rio - "Louis Lane" (G+D instrumental remix)
  26. Rubens Bassini - "Guaganco" (Spiritual South club mix)
  27. Marcos Valle - "Prefixo" (Dazz I Kue remix)
  28. Friends From Rio - "Casino Bangu" (feat Banda Utopia - Spiritual South re-samba)
  29. Friends From Rio - "So Resta A Porta Se Abrir" (feat Carlos Dafe - Spiritual South remix)
  30. Grupo Batuque - "E Ruim" (Zero dB remix)
  31. The Ipanemas - "Samba Enredo" (Batucada)
  32. Mamond - "Que Coisa So"
  33. Azymuth - "Carambola" (Mark Pritchard remix)
  34. The Ipanemas - "Afro" (Spiritual South sub mix)
  35. Azymuth - "Roda Piao" (Spiritual South dub)
  36. Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra - "The Last Carnival"
  37. Marcos Valle - "Besteiras De Amor" (Jazzanova remix)
  38. Binario - "Jazzhole"
  39. Marcos Valle - "1985" (SS Translation by Theo Parish)
  40. Marcos Valle - "1975" (Budgie remix)
  41. Sabrina Malheiros - "Equilibria"
  42. The Ipanemas - "Seu Dario" (Paul White remix)
Review: When they reach certain landmarks, Far Out Recordings usually release a Brazilika-branded compilation. Now that the label has reached 20 years, they've decided to push the boat out with a double-disc outing. Fittingly, the first disc features unmixed selections hand-picked by label founder, bossman and Brazilian music obsessive Joe Davis. As you'd expect, he's picked some corkers; breezy, sun-kissed material - both traditional-sounding and modern interpretations - from the likes of Azymuth, Marcos Valle, Banda Black Rio and, more surprisingly, Kirk Degiorgio's Offworld project. Things get sweatier on the second disc, as friend-of-the-family Spiritual South drops a thrill-a-minute sprint through the label's percussive, dancefloor-friendly side. Seriously, it's superb.
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 in stock $11.19
Play Disco Specials
Cat: MRBCD 218. Rel: 19 Mar 20
  1. We Did It
  2. Disco Stomp
  3. Barney's Moaning
  4. GG Is Talking
Review: Tireless diggers and world class reissue merchants Mr Bongo have done it again with this one. They discovered The Star Beams when one of their tracks was on a Disco Calypso compilation, then went on a mission to track down the original anymore material from the band, who turned out to be based in South Africa instead of the Carribean. The resulting record is a real gem - disco, funk and jazz all get chewed up and spat out across four fantastically timeless cuts of dance floor dynamite. "Disco Stomp" in particular you might already know as Theo Parrish has been dropping in his sets for time.
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 in stock $11.19
Debut Album
Cat: BBCD 138. Rel: 29 Sep 20
  1. Peba
  2. Rew Be Me
  3. Femme Africaine
  4. Montealla
  5. La Musique
  6. Ldesouse
  7. Lseo
  8. Timtitu
Gespielt von: AfroBase (Radio Chart)
 in stock $15.11
Beautiful Bamboo Flute
Cat: MRBCD 214. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Kokiriku Bushi
  2. Sado Okesa
  3. Tairyo Utaikomi
  4. Soma Bon-Uta
  5. Komoro Mago-Uta
  6. Nanbu Ushio-Uta
  7. Itsuki No Komori-Uta
  8. Hietsuki-Bushi
  9. Yasuki-Bushi
  10. Yosakoi-Bushi
  11. Kuroda-Bushi
Review: In 2002, the Japanese government recognized bamboo flute maestro Hozan Yamamoto as a "living national treasure". It was in honor of his lengthy career in music, and in particular the way he championed a traditional Japanese instrument even when he was turning his hand to Western music. "Beautiful Bamboo Flute", an album first released in 1971 and almost impossible to find since, is a superb example of this. It sees him deliver haunting, emotional and life-affirming solos over funky jazz, big band and fusion backing tracks that tend towards the fresh and funky. It's an unusual blend, but also an invigorating and exciting one.
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 in stock $13.42
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