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Back Catalogue: Industrial/Noise

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I Am Electronic (CD single)
Cat: MIND 302. Rel: 24 Sep 18
  1. I Am Electronic
  2. Red Noise
  3. Red Noise (Rotersand rework)
  4. Strange
  5. I Am Electronic (Pete Crossman Victory Pill remix)
  6. Clear The Area
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Cat: ZENCD 239. Rel: 24 Mar 17
  1. City Of Fallen Angels
  2. Gasoline
  3. Agoraphobia
  4. Snakes Vs Rats
  5. Broke
  6. American Dream
  7. Don't Walk These Streets
  8. Other Side Of The World
  9. Hell A
  10. Concrete Desert
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Cat: EMEGO 145CD. Rel: 16 Aug 12
  1. Chance Meets Casuality Uptown
  2. (No) Escape From '79
  3. Inside The Analog Continuum
  4. A Pedant's Progress
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Lament (CD)
Cat: 538013 752. Rel: 13 Nov 14
  1. Kriegsmaschinerie
  2. Hymnen
  3. The Willy-Nicky Telegrams
  4. In De Loopgraaf
  5. Der 1 Weltkrieg (percussion version)
  6. On Patrol In No Man's Land
  7. Achterland
  8. Lament
  9. Abwartsspirale
  10. Pater Peccavi
  11. How Did I Die?
  12. Sag Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind
  13. Der Beginn Des Weltkrieges 1914 (Dargestellt Unter Zuhilfenahme Eines Tierstimmenimitators)
  14. All Of No Man's Land Is Ours
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Ende Neu (CD)
Cat: 919822. Rel: 04 Jul 09
  1. Was Ist Ist
  2. Stella Maris
  3. Die Explosion Im Festspielhaus
  4. Installation No 1
  5. Nnnaaammm
  6. Ende Neu
  7. The Garden
  8. Der Schacht Von Babel
  9. Bili Rubin
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Cat: 20079. Rel: 18 Oct 07
  1. Die Wellen
  2. Nagorny Karabach
  3. Weil Weil Weil
  4. Ichhateein Wort
  5. Von Wegen
  6. Let's Do It A Dada
  7. Alles Wieder Offen
  8. Unvollstandigkeit
  9. Susej
  10. Ich Warte
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Metalik (CD)
Cat: SOUNDSAROUND 26CD. Rel: 28 May 10
  1. Magnetik (feat Black Sifichi)
  2. Mecanik (feat Cheval Blanc)
  3. Clinik (feat Horror 404)
  4. Amnesik (feat Malika)
  5. Kronik (feat Malika)
  6. Atmospherik
  7. Cyclik (feat Horror 404)
  8. Panik (feat Horror 404)
  9. Trafik (feat Malika)
  10. Koma
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Contemplating Nothingness (hand-numbered CD)
Cat: OECD 272. Rel: 14 Aug 19
  1. Still To Far To Go
  2. Whose Gonna Save My Soul
  3. Chebo
  4. Surrender To The Crags
  5. Self Doubting Trip
  6. Dekotur
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Cat: VHE 5004. Rel: 24 Jul 14
  1. Didn't You Know Dystopia Is Already Here?
  2. 04679627
  3. Members Of The Future
  4. Voluntary Human Extinction
  5. Raped In Ways No Other Man Can
  6. Communication Epilogue
out of stock $6.47
Cat: GRAM 0906. Rel: 29 Oct 09
  1. Microsillon
  2. Insekty W Miescie
  3. Kiedys Mowity Do Nas Drzewa
  4. Improwizacja Z Kosciota Sw Jana
  5. Ulotny
  6. PYT
  7. Microsillon2
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Recur (CD)
Cat: RN 151CD. Rel: 01 Nov 13
  1. Origin
  2. Fragment
  3. Disperse
  4. Order
  5. Absence
  6. Lens
  7. Instant
  8. Recur
  9. Limit
Review: James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas are getting crustier and more experimental with every passing year. Recur, their fourth full-length excursion, is decidedly fuzzy and discordant. Seemingly intent on pushing experimental electronics to its limits, the formerly Bristol-based duo serve up a challenging but rewarding set based almost entirely around half-rhythms, white noises, drones, feedback and hissing atmospherics. It's spooky, intense stuff, all told, occasionally enlivened by sparse, pared-down concoctions that sound like a smacked out take on Autechre. But for all the bleak, out-there sounds, Recur is strangely involving, due in no small part to its immersive nature.
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Blossoms (CD)
Cat: THRILL 507CD. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. Petal
  2. Blossom
  3. Bloom
  4. Pollen
  5. Blade
  6. Axil
  7. Filament
  8. Bulb
  9. Stem
  10. Clone
Review: Emptyset have been innovating in the world of electronic music for over a decade now. James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas' music is challenging yet poignant, artful yet immersive and fuses sound design with raw audio synthesis. "Blossoms", the new record for Thrill Jockey was developed by a process of "seeding a software model with a sonic knowledge base of material to learn and predict from". That base material was then embellished with 10 hours of improvised recordings using sources such as wood, drum skins and metal, giving rise to this bleakly beguiling album of drone, industrial and audio experimentation.
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Borders (CD)
Cat: THRILL 429CD. Rel: 27 Jan 17
  1. Body
  2. Border
  3. Descent
  4. Across
  5. Speak
  6. Axis
  7. Sight
  8. Retrieve
  9. Ascent
  10. Ground
  11. Dissolve
Review: It's been four years since experimentalists Emptyset last dropped a full-length excursion. In that time, their reputation has only grown, thanks in part to a string of impressive live performances. The fact that Thrill Jockey is releases Borders, their fifth album, confirms their ascent to the higher echelons of experimental electronica. This time round, they've slightly tweaked their approach. As well as their usual analogue sound design "processes", they've also made use of two instruments they built themselves - one a six-stringed zither-like instrument, and the other a drum. This, combined with their increased confidence in their live set-up, means that Borders has a looser, more immediate feel than some of their previous work. It's a hugely enjoyable development.
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Cat: HOROEX 5. Rel: 21 Mar 17
  1. 15th Divided
  2. 16th Divided
  3. 17th Divided
  4. 18th Divided
  5. 19th Divided
  6. 20th Divided
  7. 21st Divided
  8. 22nd Divided
  9. 23rd Divided
  10. 24th Divided
  11. 25th Divided
  12. 26th Divided
  13. 27th Divided
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  1. Reflections Of Light Blue II
  2. Red Spots
  3. Whistling
  4. Nt
  5. Manifest
  6. In The Gray Mist
  7. Calm
  8. Let Chaos Rule
Review: Packaged in a medical inspired case, "Vinden Blaser Bakat" (translated as "The Wind Is Blowing Backwards") suggests a close affinity with the micro scene as opening track "Reflections Of Light Blue II" rustles into life. Sharing a crackly jazz infatuation with Jan Jelinek, "Reflections Of The Light Blue II" and the following "Red Spots" succeed in coaxing a low-level of avant-ambience out of a deceptively sparse palate which incrementally reveals more with each listen. Elsewhere "Whistling" recalls Oval, "In The Gray Mist" would sit happily amongst a Tzadik convention, whilst "Calm" is a beatific fog of soaring soundscapes and snotty bass guitar.
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Cat: SIRR 0032. Rel: 03 Dec 09
  1. Photographs Of People Talking
  2. Thelovehasnoface
  3. About The End
  4. Shed
  5. Somewhere Inside Me Is You
  6. Genuine Reflected
  7. The Slow Weave
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Enough!!! (CD)
Cat: MONO 069. Rel: 30 Jan 14
  1. Enough
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Cat: AW 068. Rel: 08 Jan 13
  1. Escape To Mars
  2. Escape From Mars
  3. The Athmosphere Processor
  4. The Futurescape (part 1)
  5. The Futurescape (part 2)
  6. The Futurescape (part 3)
  7. The Futurescape (part 4)
  8. The Futurescape (part 5)
  9. The Futurescape (part 6)
  10. The Futurescape (part 7)
  11. The Futurescape (part 8)
  12. The Futurescape (part 9)
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Mara I (CD)
Cat: BB 272. Rel: 27 Jul 17
  1. Esmark
  2. Sirens
  3. Skern A
  4. Mon
  5. Krav
  6. Keicke
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Mara II (CD)
Cat: BB 273. Rel: 26 Jul 17
  1. Husby-Klit Bk
  2. Lianen
  3. Ringen
  4. Argab
  5. Vrig
  6. Pluvialis Apr
  7. Objekt P62410
  8. Taeller 3981
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Cat: GR 2130. Rel: 24 Oct 13
  1. Regeneracion
  2. Bucle 1
  3. Bululu
  4. Granta
  5. Olo
  6. Mitambo
  7. Operador Master
  8. Viwanda Kasi
  9. Bomboto
  10. Axum
  11. Mende
out of stock $12.94
Cat: GR 2130CD. Rel: 23 Oct 13
  1. Regeneracion
  2. Bucle 1
  3. Bululu
  4. Granta
  5. Olo
  6. Mitambo
  7. Operador Master
  8. Viwanda Kasi
  9. Bomboto
  10. Axum
  11. Mende
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1980-1982 (2xCD)
Cat: STCD 61. Rel: 14 Mar 19
  1. Muerte A Escala Industrial
  2. Neuridina
  3. El Cabecilla Del Vaticano
  4. La Ciudad De Los Heroes Rojos
  5. Amor En Mathaussen
  6. Paedophile Imformation Exchange (version)
  7. Destrozaron Sus Ovarios
  8. Quince Anos Tiene Mi Amor
  9. Maria Luisa
  10. Heroe Del Trabajo - El Acero Del Partido (part 1)
  11. Heroe Del Trabajo - El Acero Del Partido (part 2)
  12. Heroe Del Trabajo - El Acero Del Partido (part 3)
  13. Heroe Del Trabajo - El Acero Del Partido (part 4)
  14. Heroe Del Trabajo - El Acero Del Partido (part 5)
  15. Heroe Del Trabajo - El Acero Del Partido (part 6)
  16. Heroe Del Trabajo - El Acero Del Partido (part 7)
  17. Necrosis En La Poya
  18. Paedophile Informatino Exchange
  19. Negros Hambrientos
 in stock $22.66
Cat: GR 2140. Rel: 24 Feb 17
  1. Sindromo
  2. Tempa Akso
  3. Kooperativo Centrifugilo
  4. Tenante La Ritmon
  5. Magneta Ripeto
  6. Vermotruo
  7. Objektiva
  8. Mosselprom
  9. Todavia Mas
  10. Eterno Della Vita
  11. Sonoj
  12. Dinamika Matematiko (CD Exclusive)
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La Vue (CD)
Cat: CDGG 270. Rel: 22 Jan 19
  1. La Vue
  2. Transports
  3. Signaux
  4. Les 150 Passions Simples
  5. Souvenez-vous De Mieux Voiler Dans Le Commencement Ce Que Vous Allez Eclaircir Ici
  6. 491
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Opus 2 (CD)
Cat: KRANK 173. Rel: 10 Jan 13
  1. Monarch
  2. Correction
  3. Cubed Suns
  4. Dog Star
  5. Dodecahedron
  6. Pleroma
Review: American ambient explorer Ethernet (AKA producer Tim Gray) has spent the last few years quietly crafting an impressive repertoire of atmospheric, becalming compositions. Having spent last year promoting his excellent Into The Woods album on Tamarack, he returns with a far more accessible and emotion-rich set for original home Kranky. Opus 2 showcases his full repertoire, flitting between droning takes on '90s ambient don Pete Namlook (see "Monarch" and "Pleroma"), journeys into sound design (the mournful "Correction", bizarrely reminiscent of Moby's 33-minute ambient version of "Hymn") and far-out dub techno (the hissing pulse of "Dog Star").
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Cat: BLACKESTCD 008. Rel: 13 Mar 15
  1. Luckily I Was Allowed To Get Dressed When I Left The House
  2. I Am Made To Greet Each Guest With A Limp Wristed Handshake
  3. Only Carla
  4. She Is Pretty Strange, The Way She Dresses, That Punky Hair, God Knows What She Gets Up To
  5. Jack The Damned
  6. Since I Am On A Strict 500 Calorie A Day Diet With Extensive Exercise & No Alcohol, I Have The Shape Of A Petite Little Woman, & My Wife Has Paid For Breast Implants & Facial Surgery To Make Me
  7. Duck Shall Not Have The Audacity To Request Release Himself, Duck Shall Not Gripe Or Complain About The Duration Of His Confinement, The Length Of Which Will Be Solely Determined By Mistress
  8. He Might Be Able To Earn A Meal Of Slop If He Does Dangerous Work (For Instance - Crash Test Dummy) Thunderskins
  9. To Compensate, While The Average Lifespan Of A Male Will Be About 70 Years, Medical Advancements Will Make The Average Lifespan Of A Woman To Be About 750 Years
  10. When Thanksgiving Approaches, I'm Usually In My Third Week Without Release
  11. My Breasts Were Pierced, So Red Ball Ornaments Were Placed Through Each Nipple, Additionally, Each Ear Was Pierced, So A Red Ball Ornament Was Placed In Each Earring Hole My Nipples Were Protruding
  12. Thunderskins London Dungeon
  13. The Grad Student Turned Her Eyes Toward The Closet Where She Had Made Him Hide Thunderskins
  14. Drugs, Alan, I Don't Believe It But Somebody Saw Her Shooting Up In The Restroom
  15. Only Tease
  16. Tennis Has Always Been My Life Since I Was A Small Boy In Mexico City. My Father Was The Head Gardener At An Estate Owned By A Very Important Man & He Used To Take Me With Him So I Could Hit The Ball
  17. Wild Spectrum
  18. Credits
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Cat: CDSTUMM 330. Rel: 17 Nov 11
  1. Noise Activity
  2. Soundescape
  3. Vast
  4. Snowhere
  5. Chillax
  6. Tristfull
  7. Biograf
  8. Worry
  9. Drippex
  10. Selfcentred
  11. Sur
  12. Start At The End
  13. Twomen
out of stock $15.10
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Back Catalogue: Industrial/Noise
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