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Eight Weeks: Indie

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Cat: BSM 248CD. Rel: 19 Mar 19
  1. Silhouettes
  2. Every Wave To Ever Rise (feat Elizabeth Powell)
  3. Uncomfortably Numb (feat Hayley Williams)
  4. Heir Apparent
  5. Doom In Full Bloom
  6. I Can't Feel You (feat Rachel Goswell)
  7. Mine To Miss
  8. Life Support
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Cat: DTIL 104CD. Rel: 19 Mar 19
  1. Call Your Mother
  2. Ring Ring
  3. Honey
  4. Afterglow
  5. Drive On
  6. Breakfast
  7. Ordinary Girl
  8. Wrong Side
  9. Let It Out
  10. Fool Moon
  11. Anteros
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Cat: SLANG 50183. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. QA
  2. Drastic Measures
  3. Same
  4. Gift
  5. Enders
  6. I Know
  7. Kind
  8. Uncertainly Deranged
  9. Abillia
  10. Bothering
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Gallipoli (CD)
Cat: 4AD 0121CD. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. When I Die
  2. Gallipoli
  3. Varieties Of Exile
  4. On Mainau Island
  5. I Giardini
  6. Gauze Fur Zah
  7. Corfu
  8. Landslide
  9. Family Curse
  10. Light In The Atoll
  11. We Never Lived Here
  12. Fin
Review: As Zach Condon prepares to embark on a mass trans-atlantic tour in support of this Gallipoli LP as Beirut, all the fanfare of his horns, bells and whistling croons are once again to be enjoyed in full for a fifth time. Debuting back in 2006 with Gulag Orkestar, Gallipoli adds to the band's stream of albums these past 15 years and presents the singer-songwriter's second appearance on London's great 4AD. Inspired by a chance encounter with a brass band procession on the fated Turkish peninsula which reminded him of the Italian films from his childhood, he named the album and title track after small, coastal town in Apulia, southern Italy. These influences can be heard across Gallipoli alongside the sweet screams of synths and chimes that adorn the others, to spates of bluesy tropicana and the sweet, melancholic and trumpeting tones the band are most cherished for.
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  1. Didn't Know What I Was In For
  2. Sleepwalkin'
  3. Dylan Thomas
  4. Service Road
  5. Exception To The Rule
  6. Chesapeake
  7. My City
  8. Forest Lawn
  9. Big Black Heart
  10. Dominos
Review: American singer-songwriters Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst are two accomplished musicians in their own right, with the latter largely known for his role in Bright Eyes and other bands, with an enviable solo discography too, while the former, after a slew of singles, released her debut album Stranger In The Alps in 2017. Together the pair form Better Oblivion Community Center, who recently scored some airtime on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert with a beaty rendition of their dust-kicking vocal number "Dylan Thomas". The album delivers a bevy of duets and folk-tales with references to '90s pop rock and grunge never that far off, and it's best heard on "Dominos" and the cutesy synth-play of " Exception To The Rule".
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Cat: LBJ 233CD. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. Little Arrow
  2. Masterpiece
  3. Vegas
  4. Real Love
  5. Interstate
  6. Lorraine
  7. Paul
  8. Humans
  9. Velvet Rings
  10. Animals
  11. Randy
  12. Parallels
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Cat: 720820 6. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. Sisyphus
  2. Bloodless
  3. Olympians
  4. Cracking Codes
  5. Fallorun
  6. Archipelago
  7. Proxy War
  8. Manifest
  9. Don The Struggle
  10. Bellevue Bridge Club
Review: Providing continual evolution to the greater aspects of how original folk music can be heard, sung and played, Andrew Bird's run of album's since Echolocations (2015) sees his character and sound venture in a world hallowed only by the likes of Father John Misty; that echolich ability to notate the sweet spots in notes with pangs of nostalgia. Alongside strings of country refrain and minimalism, folk guitars and dandy whislisture, there's a code to be cracked within the thematic of the album, putting paid to suggestion that Andrew Bird's latest work might actually be his best.
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Cat: LNFG 19CD. Rel: 15 Feb 19
  1. Sound Of A Heartbreak
  2. (I Wanna Go Out With) Someone Else
  3. Dracula, You Broke My Heart
  4. Home Economics
  5. We Dream Of Canada
  6. This Slight Disconnect
  7. Hot Dog At The Rock Cafe
  8. There Is No Point (Other Than The Point That There Is No Point)
  9. Combination Rock
  10. The Big Sunshine
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Liv (CD)
Cat: CDSTUMM 434. Rel: 08 Mar 19
  1. Liv
  2. Digital
  3. Off & On
  4. Caught
  5. Life Support
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Ripples (CD)
Cat: CDV 3216. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. First World Problems
  2. Black Roses
  3. Breathe & Breathe Easy (The Everness Of Now)
  4. The Dream & The Dream
  5. From Chaos To Harmony
  6. It's Raining Diamonds
  7. Ripples
  8. Blue Sky Day
  9. Soul Satisfaction
  10. Break Down The Walls (Warm Up Jam)
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Cat: RTSA 002. Rel: 20 Mar 19
  1. A Different Game
  2. Barcelona
  3. Reasons To Stay Alive
  4. Hero
  5. The Story Of Me & You
  6. How To Stop Time
  7. Lucky Song
  8. Parallel Lives
  9. Handle With Care
  10. Tomorrow
  11. Lost In Space
 in stock $9.87
  1. Wake Up
  2. Dirty Mood
  3. Help Rich, Kill Poor
  4. She Pulls Trick
  5. Story From The Wood
  6. Castal Muck
  7. Too Young To Die, Not Too Young To Fuck
  8. She's The One For You
  9. Disease Of Conceit
  10. AIDS Kills, Who Wants To Die
  11. Waiting
  12. Dirty Talk
  13. Sex City
  14. Cannot Wait Till Morning
  15. Sick For Her Love
  16. Sunday Blues
  17. Angel
  18. Won't Get Over It Long Time
  19. Bushy Luxury (The Whole Story)
  20. Who Wants To Look Like Dave-iD (part II)
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Cat: TCE 013CD. Rel: 15 Feb 19
  1. Kila
  2. Stolen Diamonds
  3. Oscar Wilde
  4. Ready Now
  5. Barricades
  6. Anybody
  7. La Sirene
  8. Echoes
  9. Who's That?
  10. Adelphia
  11. Saturday Night
  12. Bow Down To Love
  13. Sola
 in stock $11.84
  1. The Mercy Seat
  2. Jack The Ripper
  3. The Ship Song
  4. Tupelo
  5. The Good Son
  6. The Carny
  7. Papa Won't Leave You Henry
  8. The Weeping Song
  9. In The Ghetto
  10. From Her To Eternity
  11. New Morning
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Cat: FLT 057CD. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. Shadow
  2. Every Heaven In Between
  3. Deep Love Deep Pain
  4. Gratuitously Cruel
  5. No Savoir
  6. Tears In The Morning Sun
  7. The Mirage
  8. Divine Illusion (rework)
  9. Divine Illusion
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Cat: SC 362CD. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Ohio
  2. Daddi
  3. Wasted Nun
  4. That's Not My Real Life
  5. Self Explained
  6. Isolation
  7. Juicy Socks
  8. Pieces
  9. Stupid Fish
  10. Distressor
Review: Sporting something of an appearance that looks like it could have come out of Harmony Korine's Gummo, Cherry Glazerr reappear once again on their homely label Secretly Canadian. There's a mass of pop culture appeal to band, and considering they surfaced early on [Adult Swim] it's no surprise maybe to see everything from mid-western emo to punk motifs alongside more cosmo R&B beats. It's an album that wears its hair up or down, experiencing softer and more introverted moments to thrash guitars and punk stances. With angst and distortion never far from earshot, the album's flex is acoustic and electronic with the imaginations of talented kids dosed up on MTV Americana coming to the fore.
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Cat: FEEL IT 28CD. Rel: 04 Mar 19
  1. Open Sores
  2. Stillborn Genius
  3. Take My Flower & Run
  4. The Second Shortcoming Of Christ
  5. Doghouse Rag
  6. Wet Behind The Eyes
  7. Female Behavior Book
  8. My Conscience Is Clean
  9. Now With Feeling
  10. Pie In My Eye
  11. Some Things Never Change
  12. Happy Armageddon
  13. Bodie, Don't Jump
  14. My Ohio River Valley View
  15. Red-headed Girlfriend
  16. Deuce
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Smooth Noodle Maps: Deluxe Edition (2xCD in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: FUTN O32. Rel: 08 Mar 19
  1. Stuck In A Loop
  2. Post Post-modern Man
  3. When We Do It
  4. Spin The Wheel
  5. Morning Dew
  6. A Change Is Gonna Cum
  7. The Big Picture
  8. Pink Jazz Trancers
  9. Jimmy
  10. Devo Has Feelings Too
  11. Dawghaus
  12. Stuck In A Loop (7" version)
  13. Stuck In A Loop (club mix)
  14. Stuck In A Loop (Electro mix)
  15. Stuck In A Loop (Loop mix)
  16. Post Post-Modern Man (Neo Post Post-Modern mix)
  17. Post Post-Modern Man (Post Post Post-Modern instrumental)
  18. Post Post-Modern Man (Ultra Post Post-Morden mix)
  19. Post Post-Modern Man (demo)
  20. Pink Jazz Trancers (demo)
  21. Listen, Little Man! (instrumental demo)
  22. Morning Dew (demo)
  23. Devo Has Feelings Too (instrumental demo)
  24. When We Do It (demo)
  25. On The Road With Hercules (instrumental demo)
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Cat: SC 372CD. Rel: 08 Mar 19
  1. Old Man
  2. Mosquito
  3. Season's Greetings
  4. Allergies
  5. Tricks
  6. Boys Will Be Boys
  7. Lunch
  8. Bistro
  9. Die
  10. Beware Of The Dogs
  11. U Owe Me
  12. Watching Telly
  13. Face It
Review: Kickin' about in the construction sites of Perth's suburban neighbourhoods for some years now the Australian singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly's lands a debut album on Secretly Canadian, spelling her first full length record following her Thrush Metal EP from 2017. Beware Of The Dogs presents 13 fully fledged tracks with Donnelly's shoegazing vocals accented even more by her idiosyncratic Australian demeanour; Moody, bluesy, cutesy and cool, Donnelly's lyricism, while lamenting shitty tattoos, infidelity and patronising a-social behaviour, buffers a zone between tongue-in-cheek pop music, melancholic folk, to other subdued country and guitar styles. Beware of the bite.
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Cat: 405053 8434965. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Bonfire Of The City Boys
  2. This Dance
  3. Autonomy
  4. Teenage Love
  5. Strange Creatures
  6. Prom Night
  7. No Flesh Road
  8. Never See The Signs
  9. Avalanches
  10. When I Look Into Your Eyes
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Cat: MOSHICD 89. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Coffee Machine
  2. Take Out Chicken
  3. Peach Meat
  4. Holiday Resort
  5. Baby Talk
  6. Angel
  7. Buddy
  8. Heaven Knows
  9. RBY
  10. Acetone
  11. Days Like These
  12. On The Radio
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It's Real (CD)
Cat: MRG 660CD. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. Tough Enough
  2. Rainbow Shiner
  3. Good Times
  4. Want It To Be True
  5. Diamond Drive
  6. No Reflection
  7. Another Dimension
  8. Cosmic Cave
  9. Radiate
  10. Talk To Me
Review: Post irony has no place in the music of Ex Hex, a three-piece duo bringing together leather jacket riffs of rockin' roll barn fightin' blues from down the highway. Guitars are huge and the glam modest but real. "It's Real", their second album, sees them on Merge Records once again after debuting with the label in 2014. That first album saw more of the Sex Pistols come out in the band than The New York dolls, but lashings of punk and re-amplified strings brought it where it needed to be, while this time the sophomore album pitches a roaring post punk sound with the subtle art of stadium rock.
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Ex Re (CD)
Cat: 4AD 0132CD. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Where The Time Went
  2. Crushing
  3. New York
  4. Romance
  5. The Dazzler
  6. Too Sad
  7. Liar
  8. I Can't Keep You
  9. 5AM
  10. My Heart
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Egowerk (CD)
Cat: LBJ 279CD. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. Child Asleep
  2. Chameleon Nights
  3. Life's A Joke
  4. Alien Angel
  5. Egowerk
  6. Own My Eyes
  7. Source Of The Sun
  8. Another World
  9. Quench The Flame
  10. Young & Realistic
  11. Automation
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Into Red (CD)
Cat: PIASR 1048CDX. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. Quiet
  2. Paradiso
  3. More Than Ever
  4. Suppose
  5. Limits
  6. Business Man
  7. 97
  8. Anything Else
  9. Over
  10. Fiction
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Cat: SPCD 1275. Rel: 08 Mar 19
  1. Father & Son
  2. Band Reunion
  3. Iain & Deanna
  4. Inner City Pressure
  5. New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
  6. Summer Of 1353
  7. Complimentary Muffin
  8. Stana
  9. Stuck In A Lift
  10. Foux Du Fafa
  11. Seagull
  12. Mutha'uckas - Hurt Feelings
  13. One More Anecdote
  14. Back On The Road
  15. Thank You London
  16. Bowie
  17. Bus Driver
  18. Tuning
  19. Robots
  20. Shady Rachel
  21. Carol Brown
  22. The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)
Review: It's business time. Alongside Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Simpsons, references or refrain for New Zealand comedy act Flight of the Conchords are never far off. And with the pair garnering even more notoriety with their cameo songwriting appearing in shows like Rick and Morty, it's no surprise to hear they've delivered a special. Recorded live in London, and released in deluxe triple vinyl form via legendary Seattle label Sub Pop, if you can survive the raucous laughter between the punchlines across the night's setlist than you'll appreciate classics like "Inner City Pressure", "Mutha'uckas - Hurt Feelings" and "Bowie" that much more, and with live adlib commentary between the scenes too, "The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)" curtails this mega release with a most classic closer and encore! Happy Birthday.
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Cat: 019029 5500917. Rel: 08 Mar 19
  1. Moonlight
  2. Exits
  3. White Onions
  4. In Degrees
  5. Syrups
  6. On The Luna
  7. Cafe D'Athens
  8. Surf (part 1)
  9. Sunday
  10. I'm Done With The World (& It's Done With Me)
Review: It's been more than 10 years since Foals first ignited indie spirits with their Antidotes LP and following Total Life Forever and Holy Fire, the Oxford-founded group have held firm in purporting their fully fledged sound. The band's aesthetic has grown in size and stature over the years with this LP looking at what seems to be the large scale arena. The lighter, melancholic and finger picking techniques of their surf rock and synth subtleties appear nonchalantly in tracks "On The Luna" and "Exits" - with 80s UK synth and George Michael-styled vocals to boot - while its stadium ecstasy for the chorus humming "Sunday".
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Inferno (CD)
Cat: TR 429CD. Rel: 26 Feb 19
  1. Crazy Jane On The Day Of Judgement
  2. No Fame
  3. Inferno (Brisbane In Summer)
  4. The Morning
  5. Life Has Turned A Page
  6. Remain
  7. I'll Look After You
  8. I'm Gonna Tell It
  9. One Bird In The Sky
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1996-2001 (4xCD + DVD)
Cat: 506051 6092048. Rel: 08 Feb 19
  1. The Fun Lovin' Criminal (Come Find Yourself 1996)
  2. Passive/Aggressive
  3. The Grave & The Constant
  4. Scooby Snacks
  5. Smoke 'Em
  6. Bombin' The L
  7. I Can't Get With That
  8. King Of New York
  9. We Have All The Time In The World
  10. Bear Hug
  11. Come Find Yourself
  12. Crime & Punishment
  13. Methadonia
  14. I Can't Get With That (Schmoove version)
  15. Coney Island Girl
  16. Up On The Hill (100% Colombian)
  17. Love Unlimited
  18. The View Belongs To Everyone
  19. Korean Bodega
  20. Back On The Block
  21. 10th Street
  22. Sugar
  23. Southside
  24. We Are All Very Worried About You
  25. All For Self
  26. All My Time Is Gone
  27. Big Night Out
  28. Mini Bar Blues
  29. Couldn't Get It Right (Mimosa 1999)
  30. Scooby Snacks (Schmoove version)
  31. Shining Star
  32. Bombin' The L (Circa 1956 version)
  33. I'm Not In Love
  34. Summer Wind (feat Ian McCulloch)
  35. Crazy Train
  36. I Can't Get With That (Schmoove version)
  37. We Have All The Time In The World (Copa Cabana version)
  38. Coney Island Girl (Schmoove version)
  39. I'll Be Seeing You
  40. Where The Bums Go (Loco 2001)
  41. Loco
  42. The Biz
  43. Run Daddy Run
  44. Half A Block
  45. Swashbucklin In Brooklyn
  46. Bump
  47. Microphone Fiend
  48. My Sin
  49. Underground
  50. She's My Friend
  51. There Was A Time
  52. Dickholder
  53. Little Song
  54. Love Ya Back: A DVD Collection
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Cat: 65411 CD. Rel: 11 Mar 19
  1. Already
  2. Going Straight Crazy (feat Princess Shaw)
  3. Clap Your Hands (feat Miss Charm Taylor)
  4. Everlasting Light (feat David Shaw & Nahko)
  5. Touch Get Cut (feat Erica Falls)
  6. Goose Grease
  7. Dance At My Funeral (feat Boyfriend)
  8. Ready Already
 in stock $10.19
Cat: 871409 2761924. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Lucy's
  2. Stale Device
  3. Where You Sink
  4. Hire
  5. Pretty
  6. Chemical Freeze
  7. All Blacked Out
  8. Lucky Joke
  9. Minute In Your Mind
  10. What Chaos Is Imaginary
  11. Hoax & The Shrine
  12. Swamp & Bay
  13. Josephs Dad
  14. Roses
Review: With associations to the great Wichita label, Californian punk duo Girlpool land a third LP in the twosome's short but burgeoning tenure. The album sees the pair converge a series of solo works over their previous hands on collaboration style; masses of land for this album holding Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad, for the time being, apart. Their sound in 2019 reflects tints of Garbage and Hole - grunge, shoegaze and downbeat - to patches of more contemporary electronic impulses in tracks like "Minute In Your Mind" and title track "What Chaos Is Imaginary". While there is some neon to light this LP, it remains an album of wash-dyed hair and denim jacket trips out of the city.
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Good Fuck (CD)
Cat: JNR 279CD. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. We Keep It Light
  2. En Garde
  3. Jenny Dreams Of Pies
  4. Nick
  5. Celibate
  6. Fawn
  7. Spring Song
  8. Gold
  9. Saint Francis
  10. Shadows
  11. Physics
  12. Secret Meetings
  13. Stacking Oranges
 in stock $12.39
Cat: IHTCD 1815. Rel: 05 Mar 19
  1. The Sapling
  2. Gold In A Brass Age
  3. Furthering
  4. Ridiculous Heart
  5. It's Late
  6. A Tight Ship
  7. Watching The Waves
  8. Hall Of Mirrors
  9. If 8 Were 9
  10. Hurricane Season
  11. Mallory
 in stock $10.46
Cat: FIRECD 542. Rel: 25 Feb 19
  1. Swept Away
  2. Love Explosion
  3. The Puppet People
  4. Return Of The Vampire
  5. Or Ever Will
  6. No More
  7. All At Once
  8. The Walking Dead
  9. Forever In My Heart
  10. What Are You Gonna Do?
  11. It's Here
  12. Invincible
  13. No Wonder
  14. It Has Me
  15. Indestructable
 in stock $12.39
Weird (CD)
Cat: ALR 0046CD. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. Staying In
  2. It's So Weird
  3. Sugar
  4. Everything's For Sale
  5. All Right, Yeah
  6. Broken Doll
  7. Receiver
  8. Lost Ship
  9. Paid To Lie
  10. No Meaning
  11. Do It To Music
 in stock $13.77
Cat: LIM 8CD. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Save It For Another
  2. Joyful Mind
  3. Ribs
  4. Lima Limo
  5. Empire
  6. A Taxi Man
  7. Seven
  8. You
  9. Thread Of Gold
 in stock $11.56
Cat: PRR 373. Rel: 06 Feb 19
  1. Too Early
  2. Revolution
  3. I Call Bullshit
  4. Mexico
  5. Hail Of Bullets
  6. Out Of Order
  7. Egomaniac
  8. Uranium Heart
  9. Stick With You
  10. Outro
 in stock $10.46
Helium (CD)
Cat: LYN 45CD. Rel: 15 Feb 19
  1. Early
  2. Anything At All
  3. Like Mariah
  4. Heartburn
  5. All Night Long
  6. Trudi & Lou
  7. Just Like My
  8. Nothing Could Be Better
  9. Other Than
  10. Salu Says Hi
  11. Another Thing
  12. Couch Cushion
  13. (Secret Track)
Review: Tales from the spray-jacket and beanie clad contemporary crooner Homeshake, aka Canada's Peter Sagar. Presenting the artist's fourth LP under this moniker since 2014, Homeshake's Helium delivers 13 cool and breezy hits of melo-pop ("Like Mariah") - so chill - to more contemporary, trippy jaunts of sound that's heard in "All Night Long". It's an album that clearly represents where R&B-infused pop music is in 2019, while still maintaining that lo-fi, bedroom producer charm. A most relatable album of sweet nostalgia steeped in ambient and experimental electronica with a wistful, warm and playful haze throughout to match the LP's artwork. TIP!
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 in stock $11.56
  1. After Dark
  2. The Ballad Of Remedy Nilsson
  3. On Repeat
  4. Time For The Seasons
  5. She Walks In Beauty
  6. Interstellar
  7. Age Of The Train
  8. Praxis Makes Perfect
  9. Love Girl
  10. Oh Yosemite
 in stock $10.74
Cat: SPCD 1288. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. On Your Wings
  2. Naked As We Came
  3. Cinder & Smoke
  4. Sunset Soon Forgotten
  5. Teeth In The Grass
  6. Love & Some Verses
  7. Radio War
  8. Each Coming Night
  9. Free Until They Cut Me Down
  10. Fever Dream
  11. Sodom, South Georgia
  12. Passing Afternoon
  13. Naked As We Came
  14. Cinder & Smoke
  15. Teeth In The Grass
  16. Love & Some Verses
  17. Free Until They Cut Me Down
  18. Fever Dream
  19. Sodom, South Georgia
  20. Passing Afternoon
 in stock $10.74
Crushing (CD)
Cat: TRANS 384CD. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Body
  2. Head Alone
  3. Pressure To Party
  4. Don't Know How To Keep Loving You
  5. When The Family Flies In
  6. Convention
  7. Good Guy
  8. You Were Right
  9. Turn Me Down
  10. Comfort
Review: Australian singer hailing from the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Julia Jacklin, resurfaces with a third album following Don't Let The Kids Win (2016) and Eastwick / Cold Caller (2017). Opening with arguably the album's most afflicting number, "Body", Jacklin's voice almost inhibits an Edith Piaf-like quality, somewhat shaky but resolute. It's far from a forlorn listen though, and while "Pressure To Party" may lament such things as fun, it adds an upbeat rhythm to the album's more down beat numbers, be they "Don't Know How To Keep Loving You", to the lowly piano and voice solo of "When The Family Flies In". Touching on the hallmarks of a true romantic, Jacklin's music is melancholic as ever, but with her vocals only adding to the warm embrace of the instrumentation, "Crushing" should melt a few hearts yet.
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Cat: DH 468. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. Went To Meet Her
  2. Maybe You're The Reason
  3. We Talk All The Time
  4. Wild
  5. You Seemed So Happy
  6. Follow My Girl
  7. Somethingfartoogoodtofeel
  8. Lilo
  9. Everybody Hates Me
  10. Marika Is Sleeping
  11. Worms
  12. Faraway
  13. I Saw You In A Dream
Review: With a slew of releases for Dirty Hit, it was only a matter of time before Amber Bain's project, The Japanese House, would find its debut album release. Good at Falling presents Bain's vocal talent at its fullest, with vocoder work to rival the best of pop to come out of Istanbul's studios or Kolkata's streets - see "Went To Meet Her". Ethereal and poppy, there's comparisons to be made with the music of Ladyhawke in an album that subtly dabbles in genres likes post-dubstep (see "Wild") to cosmic disco and emotional electronica (see "Everybody Hates Me") across an album that's proud and steadfast in its folky, singer-songwriting form.
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Cat: 732047 0234969. Rel: 08 Feb 19
  1. In The Blank Space
  2. Healing
  3. Burning (For A New Start)
  4. Once Apart
  5. Evaporation
  6. Feral Thing
  7. Oceans Wait
  8. Company
  9. Backing Line
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Cat: MRG 609CD. Rel: 30 Jan 19
  1. Power Chords
  2. What's The Rhythm
  3. An Ambulance
  4. Little Drama
  5. Left For Dead
  6. Blue & Pink
  7. I Wonder
  8. Wasted Memory
  9. Nothing To Yell About
  10. Arrow In My Heart
  11. The End
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Cat: SLANG 50197. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. The New Isn't So You Anymore
  2. Crosswords, Or What This Says About You
  3. Everything For You
  4. The Lasting Last Of You
  5. The Air Is Heavy And I Should Be Listening To You
  6. The December-ish You
  7. This Is What I Wanted To Tell You
  8. Flower
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  1. Amsterdam
  2. John & Yoko
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Cat: 093624 901457. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. Heads Gonna Roll
  2. Wasted Youth
  3. Red Bull & Hennessy
  4. Hollywood Lawn
  5. Do Si Do
  6. Dogwood
  7. Party Clown
  8. Little White Dove
  9. Taffy
  10. On The Line
  11. Rabbit Hole
Review: Some super cool sound design to open Jenny Lewis' fourth album for Warner, and it's enough to send the heads of Radiohead fans spinning. This all happens in the first few seconds of the LP's opening, before bursting into a song-soaked ballad of lessons learned, folky stomp boxes and whiskey-laced songwriting. "Red Bull & Hennessey" for example, socially plays with jingle of a wild west cantina, with strokes of Shania Twain and Dire Straits instrumentation mixed with the slightest of pop Madonna and LeAnn Rimes. It's quite a combo to listen to all fixed up in a faded acid wash. There's dubby tropes and funk to be heard in "Little White Dove" too, while solo pianos washed in reverb offer the album a touch of folk classical as well. Our favourite: "Dogwood" is also the one to catch on that tip too.
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Cat: NW 6434CD. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Self Care
  2. Supernatural Sadness
  3. Just Do It
  4. Canterbury Girls
  5. Bruises
  6. Pachinko Song
  7. Circles
  8. Can't Help The Way I Feel
  9. Analog Love
  10. Go
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Cat: ALT 45CD. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. The Pitts
  2. Lad Life
  3. 92
  4. Rave Slave
  5. RBB
  6. Lust Forevermore
  7. Glamour
  8. Gabbertron
  9. Warrior
  10. Crash
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Cat: 145 GONE CD. Rel: 07 Mar 19
  1. The Piits
  2. Lad Life
  3. 92
  4. Rave Slave
  5. RBB
  6. Lust Forevermore
  7. Glamour
  8. Gabbertron
  9. Warrior
  10. Crash
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