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Eight Weeks: Indie

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Spook The Herd (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BELLA 947V. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. When It All Comes True (4:20)
  2. Baddies (2:57)
  3. Every Atom (4:17)
  4. Blue Screen Beams (4:23)
  5. Before They Excavate (4:46)
  6. Swimming Lessons (4:21)
  7. Secrets & Medicine (4:50)
  8. This Is Not A Drill (4:36)
  9. A Fitting End (4:56)
Review: If you've ever seen the "South Park" episode, "Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow", spare a thought for Lanterns On The Lake. The outfit have been in hiatus over the last four years, returning to studio and release schedule in a world increasingly hellbent on a worrying course. Their earlier work offered warnings of impending fallout from towns that time forgot, among other omens. Those chickens have come home to roost in reality, and the vocal cries of Hazel Wilde don't ignore this. Opening number "When It All Comes True" is proof enough of this. Nevertheless, this latest expands the horizon, still dealing with big problems only different ones. Isolation, dependency and - looming largest of all - a world set ablaze by its own people. All wrapped up in shimmering, soaring, cinematic instrumentation - here more intimately realised than ever - the picture painted is a lovely sort of doom.
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 in stock $19.90
Dixie Blur (180 gram mint green vinyl 2xLP + booklet + MP3 download code in die-cut spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: BELLA 995VX. Rel: 06 Mar 20
  1. Just For Love (3:14)
  2. '69 Corvette (4:21)
  3. New Home (3:44)
  4. So Alive (4:43)
  5. In Heaven Making Love (2:48)
  6. Oh Girl (4:50)
  7. Pirate (3:21)
  8. Enemies (3:46)
  9. Fun For The Masses (3:03)
  10. Platform (3:31)
  11. Riding The Blinds (4:46)
  12. El Camino Real (3:06)
  13. Golden Apples (3:19)
  14. Korean Tea (5:55)
Review: The credits alone should make it clear where this one is coming from. Recorded over the course of six days in a Nashville studio, with Wilco's Pat Sansone on production and sessions musicians called in for services in pedal steel, bass and fiddle (the latter by hero of the instrument, Mark O'Connor), 'Dixie Blur' sees Jonathan Wilson add to an already burgeoning back catalogue of work something for the timeless folk and Americana section of your collection.

And he does this very well indeed. A reflective outing that deals with some relatively standard themes, albeit poignant nonetheless - youth, love, friendship and the loss of any or all of those things - this is a case in point for the power of paring things back and allowing what elements are there to fully shine.
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 in stock $25.60
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Eight Weeks: Indie