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Back Catalogue: Indie

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All The New Ends (CD single)
Cat: SMR 129. Rel: 07 Aug 19
  1. All The New Ends
  2. Temporal Rinse
  3. Infernal Flame
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Cat: CDSTUMM 411. Rel: 25 May 18
  1. Manik
  2. Turn Me On
  3. Mello
  4. Wonder Y
  5. Up In Downsville (part 1)
  6. 27 Forever
  7. Tekno 4 An Answer
  8. Salvador's (Fish)
  9. Up In Downsville (part 2)
  10. 27 Forever (remix)
  11. Mello (remix)
 in stock $5.14
  1. I Ran (So Far Away) (extended remix)
  2. Modern Love Is Automatic (extended remix)
  3. Space Age Love Song (extended remix)
  4. Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) (extended remix)
  5. The More You Live The More You Love (extended remix)
  6. Nightmares (extended remix)
  7. DNA (extended remix)
  8. Electrics (extended remix)
  9. Man Made (extended remix)
  10. Tranfer Affection (extended remix)
Review: This year, the original A Flock Of Seagulls line up is touring together for the first time since 1984. To celebrate, they've decided to put out this collection of "Extended Essentials" - club-ready 12" versions of their original 1980s hits. There's naturally plenty to enjoy throughout, from the hazy shuffle of "Transfer Affection" and the alien freakiness of "Space Age Love Song" (a cut smothered in eyes-closed guitar solos that changes tempo midway through), to the surprisingly cheery hustle of "Nightmare" and the classic new wave creepiness of early single "Modern Love is Automatic". These aren't 12" mixes that showcase 1980s production trickery, but rather tasteful extensions that ratchet up the atmosphere and thrusting grooves.
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 in stock $10.40
Plastik (CD)
Cat: HD 0014. Rel: 09 May 18
  1. Keine Geister
  2. Feng Shui
  3. Patchwork
  4. Waterboarding
  5. U8
  6. FFM
  7. Fake
  8. Starring Contest 2009
  9. Hattori Hanzo Schwert
  10. Deephouse Und Tiefenrausch
 in stock $17.91
Cat: MOCCD 13838. Rel: 10 Oct 19
  1. What Jail Is Like
  2. Mr Superlove
  3. Dark End Of The Street
  4. Little Girl Blue
  5. What Jail Is Like (live)
  6. Now You Know (live)
  7. My World Is Empty Without You/I Hear A Symphony (live)
 in stock $9.22
Cat: ADA 0021CD. Rel: 21 Oct 08
  1. Garbage Pale Crocodile
  2. Kamikaze Curry Bun
  3. Perrrgo
  4. Kopakabanappa
  5. Gay Hussar
  6. Szazhalombatta Disco
  7. 30,000 Lightyears Old
  8. Bamyasi Ege
  9. The Beautiful Breadman
  10. Mousy
  11. Bastard Cabbage
  12. Satyricana
  13. Johnny Paprika
$13.87 SAVE 25%
 in stock $10.40
  1. The Age Of Not Believing (instrumental)
  2. John Lackland
  3. Seahead (interlude 1)
  4. My Beloved Monster
  5. Toy Maker's Son
  6. There's Room Here
  7. Verdun
  8. The Pylon (interlude 2)
  9. Pure Imagination
  10. Four Strong Walls
  11. Woodburner (interlude 3)
  12. Hushabye Mountain
  13. The Age Of Not Believing
 in stock $10.53
Cat: COMP 519 2. Rel: 05 Oct 18
  1. Woods
  2. June
  3. Wide (feat Ozgur Yilmaz)
  4. It Rains Without You
  5. We Can't Fall Off A Mountain
  6. Quod Non Pertinent Hic
  7. Dawn
  8. Paradise (feat Leah Christensen)
  9. Beyond Dreams (feat Elif Caglar)
  10. Heart Knows This
 in stock $9.66
Cat: MF 76. Rel: 19 Jul 07
  1. Black Cat John Brown
  2. Don't Beat This Dog
  3. Stanley vs Hannah
  4. Kiss Me Bar
  5. The Northen Territory
  6. My Heart
  7. The Killing
  8. On The Beach
  9. Lee J Cobb Is Screaming A Lot
  10. Breaker-Breaker 1-2
  11. The Open Sea
  12. Chocolate Years
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 in stock $16.42
Cat: WIGCD 350. Rel: 14 Oct 15
  1. Intro
  2. Bug
  3. Thorns
  4. Kicker
  5. Salt
  6. Look Out
  7. Brite Boy
  8. In Love
  9. Walk
  10. Mud
  11. Ready
  12. Station
  13. Snot
 in stock $10.30
Cat: BU 115CD. Rel: 05 Apr 18
  1. Smile Dog
  2. Movida
  3. Diffrent Corner
  4. Rise
  5. When The Lights Go Out
  6. Cinema Of Thunder
  7. Darkest Sea
  8. When I Think Of You
  9. Coincidence Flies
  10. Do It Again
  11. Fly
  12. Movida Theme
  13. Different Corner (Stripped version)
  14. Cinema Of Thunder (Stripped version)
  15. When I Think Of You (Stripped version)
  16. When The Lights Go Out (Stripped version)
  17. Do It Again (Stripped version)
  18. Fly (Stripped version)
  19. Movida (Stripped version)
  20. The Glow
  21. Want You Back
  22. 100 Years
 in stock $9.48
Cat: DS 128CD. Rel: 01 Dec 17
  1. This One's For The Humans
  2. The Visitation
  3. The Moon Is Not Your Friend
  4. Titanic Dance (Lynch Mob mix)
Review: Alien Stadium is a collaborative project comprised of Martin Duffy of Primal Scream and Felt, and Steve Mason of The Beta Band. 'Livin' In Elizabethan Times' is an audacious and oddball cosmic rock concept mini-LP about a comically underwhelming invasion of drunkard aliens. As well as the sheer unadulterated fun of the record, the amount of dense and inventive genre-melting the pair have managed to cram into these four tracks is astonishing - dropping in theremins, sound effects, militaristic horns and much more when you least expect them. They set an interplanetary course from twanging and stomping bluesy opener 'This One's For The Humans', through hypnotic balearic-ish bleep and orchestrated retro-futurist pop, to the huge cosmic disco closer 'Titanic Dance'. At first glance, it's an unashamedly silly and fun offering, but repeat listens will reveal these maverick veterans have woven in far deeper layers of commentary humour and substance.
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 in stock $6.46
Cat: DS 118CD. Rel: 09 Jun 17
  1. Burn It All Out
  2. Human
  3. Animal
  4. Dance
  5. Down
  6. Dreamer
  7. Youth
  8. Waiting
  9. Punch
 in stock $8.25
Cat: MEX 2252. Rel: 07 Sep 16
  1. Strange Heat
  2. Satisfied
  3. Could Be You
  4. High & Dry
  5. Mausoleum
  6. Roadside Memorial
  7. Autumn Dawn
  8. Famous Phone Figure
  9. 200 South La Brea
  10. Warmed Kippers
  11. Terra Ignota
  12. Place In The Sun
 in stock $10.30
Cat: PSR 061. Rel: 02 Apr 09
  1. Superstar
  2. Open Road
  3. Hold On
  4. V
  5. Don't Wanna Stay
  6. Lullabye
  7. BMF
  8. Simple Disaster
  9. Black Dogs
  10. Countdown
  11. Sea Song
  12. Jaded
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 in stock $8.50
Cat: AMAZ 0008. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Mother
  2. Fuzzy Tree
  3. 25
  4. The Mire
  5. Doubt It
  6. All Over Town
  7. End Of Wonder
  8. Dark Visions
  9. 25 (reprise)
  10. Warning Sign
  11. Georgia
 in stock $9.52
Cat: HVNLP 157CD. Rel: 28 Sep 18
  1. Simple Song
  2. Hardly Knew
  3. Oh My Love (What Have We Done)
  4. Goodnight Europe
  5. Alpine Town
  6. I've Done The Best
  7. Self-Portrait In A Car At Night
  8. Something's Gonna Take Your Love Away
  9. Antoine
  10. Where Did You Go
  11. Baby, Eternity
Review: Should you find yourself in continental Europe, or the little islands surrounding it, you may be feeling a sense of the autumnal blues upon the release of this European Heartbreak LP. It's far from a morose and downcast listen though, with the choral of Annelotte de Graaf's voice a shining light to lead you through the trepidation of winter. On top of her two law degrees and work for the international war crimes tribunal, this latest opus provides her with a second album following Fading Lines of 2016, and expect spells of tatty pop intertwined with boops and breathy vocals that meet with subtle brass instrumentation, pianos and folky practices, all sung with a slight smug and smirk of discontent.
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 in stock $8.25
Cat: BSM 248CD. Rel: 19 Mar 19
  1. Silhouettes
  2. Every Wave To Ever Rise (feat Elizabeth Powell)
  3. Uncomfortably Numb (feat Hayley Williams)
  4. Heir Apparent
  5. Doom In Full Bloom
  6. I Can't Feel You (feat Rachel Goswell)
  7. Mine To Miss
  8. Life Support
 in stock $11.46
Cat: WIGCD 430. Rel: 17 Aug 18
  1. Hair Cutter
  2. Buffalo Tomato
  3. Inspector Gadget
  4. Buxom
  5. Coral Understanding
  6. Airpipe (To A New Transition)
  7. Jake & Me
  8. Coral By Numbers
  9. Hip Sponge
  10. Coral Realization
  11. Lundsten Coral
  12. Palythoa
  13. Best Of Times (Worst Of All)
Review: Over the course of their lengthy career, Animal Collective have put out a steady stream of albums that veer between experimental, post-rock soundscapes and skewed, left-of-centre indie-pop. Tangerine Reef, their eleventh and latest set, sees them back in experimental mode, delivering a range of fluid, liquid soundscapes inspired by their work with art-science filmmakers Coral Morphologic. All of the album's music was written to soundtrack a film by the latter duo, which can be watched in full on Animal Collective's website. Aurally, the album is indicative of the slowly shifting visuals - built around time-lapse style footage of coral growing - and tends towards the dreamy, otherworldly and drowsy.
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 in stock $8.25
Cat: CDMRED 416. Rel: 31 Jul 19
  1. Anorak City
  2. I'm In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist
  3. Things Will Be Nice
  4. The Centre Of My Little World
  5. What's Happened To You, My Dearest Friend?
  6. Can't You Tell It's True?
  7. Impossible
  8. You Should All Be Murdered
  9. Horseriding
  10. Green
  11. Rio
  12. The Very Beginning
  13. I Don't Suppose I'll Get A Second Chance
  14. New Years Honours
  15. Genetic Engineering (bonus track)
  16. Kilburn Towers (bonus track)
  17. It's OK If You Don't Love Me (bonus track)
  18. The Boy From St Ives (bonus track)
  19. I'm In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist (4-track - bonus track)
  20. Things Will Be Nice (4-track - bonus track)
 in stock $7.25
4x12 (CD + booklet)
Cat: PM 27. Rel: 18 Jul 19
  1. Ha
  2. SHGL
  3. Zulu
  4. Further Evident Meanings
  5. New Upheavil
  6. Sunset Eyes Through Water
  7. Morpheus Baby
  8. Big Sex
  9. Broadcast Test Transmission 1
  10. After Upheavil (Richard H Kirk remix - Adi Newton Radical version)
  11. Zulu (Richard H Kirk remix - Adi Newton dub version)
Review: Following the original dissolution of legendary Sheffield industrial funk outfit Clock DVA in 1984, founder member Adi Newton struck out on his own with The Anti-Group: an experimental project in which he could explore a variety of sonic worlds with the aid of a revolving cast of likeminded Steel City stalwarts (Richard H Kirk, Stephen Mallinder, Martyn Ware and Warp co-founder Robert Gordon included). "4x12" is a retrospective of sorts, gathering together tracks from three 12" singles ("Ha-Zulu", "Big Sex", "Broadcast Test") and one mini-album ("ShT"). Musically, it veers from collage style sample patchworks and dark ambient soundscapes to rubbery industrial funk, twisted post synth-pop, EBM-influenced workouts and madcap experimental escapades.
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 in stock $13.57
Cat: BMR 106CD. Rel: 19 Aug 08
  1. Boyz Life
  2. Bullet Train
  3. Nazi Knife
  4. The Real Shit
  5. Russian Roulette
  6. Crystal Clear
  7. White Hammer
  8. Charlie (Hot Shot)
  9. Sugargliding
  10. Chelsea Girl
  11. Ride Apache Ride
  12. Track 12
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 in stock $11.51
Cat: BELLA 544CD. Rel: 19 Aug 16
  1. Kaleidoscope
  2. Kingdom Come
  3. Paint With The Sun
  4. Pretending
  5. She Arose
  6. Lilly
  7. Johnny
  8. Saturation Brain
  9. Rainy Days
  10. Moon Saloon
 in stock $8.25
Cat: 889854 47862. Rel: 28 Jul 17
  1. Everything_Now (continued)
  2. Everything Now
  3. Signs Of Life
  4. Creature Comfort
  5. Peter Pan
  6. Chemistry
  7. Infinite Content
  8. Infinite_Content
  9. Electric Blue
  10. Good God Damn
  11. Put Your Money On Me
  12. We Don't Deserve Love
  13. Everything Now (continued)
Review: Fight through the blizzard of scrupulously meta promotional activity surrounding it and you'll find a record that deconstructs the bombast Aracade Fire have become known for, reveals the vulnerability behind the stadium sheen and offers a treatise on modern day superficiality and consumerism. Moreover, it makes a sterling job of all three - joyfully disco-inflected, poppily uplifting, stylistically adventurous and bolder than every before, this is a band who can reference ABBA and Bowie irony-free in a ditty about information overload and somehow get away with it - a bunch of eternal square pegs with emotional wallop and deft melodic skills at their disposal, constantly in search of musical worlds beyond empty rhetoric and grandstanding gestures.
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 in stock $9.62
25 (4xCD box + booklet)
Cat: VISIT 25CDX. Rel: 17 May 19
  1. Again
  2. Londinium
  3. Bullets
  4. System
  5. King Of Speed
  6. Nothing Else
  7. Kid Corner
  8. Erase
  9. Noise
  10. Shiver
  11. Controlling Crowds
  12. Remains Of Nothing
  13. Distorted Angels
  14. Bright Lights
  15. The Empty Bottle
  16. Falling
  17. End Of Our Days
  18. Finding It So Hard
  19. Fuck U
  20. The False Foundation
  21. Take My Head
  22. Lights
  23. Waste
  24. Splinters
  25. Collapse/Collide
  26. Black & Blue
  27. Bridge Scene
  28. Numb
  29. Feel It
  30. Wiped Out
  31. Driving In Nails
  32. You Make Me Feel
  33. Bastardized Ink
  34. Pills
  35. Violently
  36. Hatchet
  37. So Few Words
  38. Lines
  39. Lightning Love
  40. The Hell Scared Out Of Me
  41. Hyperreal
  42. Heart Beats
 in stock $19.64
Cat: ALCOPOP 175. Rel: 19 Nov 18
  1. Hooray!
  2. I Hope You're Very Happy Together
  3. Good Morning Berlin
  4. She Kissed Me (& It Felt Like A Hit)
  5. Schwarzfahrer
  6. Hospital!
  7. Too Clever
  8. Kultfigur
  9. Veronica Falls
  10. Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out!
  11. Awkward Breakfast
  12. Your Enemies Are My Enemies Too
 in stock $10.36
Cat: CHI 10CD. Rel: 17 Aug 18
  1. Symbol Land
  2. Shut My Mouth
  3. The Border
  4. The Room
  5. 9 Fingers
  6. Fly Over Me
  7. Visitor
  8. Who I Talk To
  9. Stray Observations
  10. Kelly On The Moon
  11. Idleness
Review: Had it not been for 'chronic arthritis' you might have found the music of Anthony Ferraro, aka Astronauts, etc. filed under classical. Instead, with years of cafe work and collaborative encounters, he's surfaced as an emerging talent bringing fresh life to tropical, breathy, psychedelic and chilled acoustic sounds. His third, and most accomplished album comes via Californian label Company, which most recently put out Cut Chemist's long awaited Die Cut LP. This album however, co-produced with Chaz Bear, presents what's been described as an ode to ambiguity, the future, and saying 'so long' to the known. Across reverberant, acoustic soundscapes, expect a breeze of breathy vocals that add sweet sentience to the warm droplets of jazz, post punk, latin psychedelica and finger-picked guitars that is the balmy blur of Living In Symbol.
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 in stock $11.32
  1. Never By Myself
  2. Ruby's Song
  3. Come Back To Me
  4. People Come On
  5. Fables
  6. Louis
  7. I Found A Girl
  8. Palace Of Losers
  9. Kings Of Whatever
  10. Back Rub
 in stock $11.46
Getimed (CD)
Cat: KLANGBAD 76CD. Rel: 25 May 18
  1. Getimed
  2. Mag
  3. Komm Lass Uns Gehen
  4. Diese Stadt
  5. Aus
  6. Komm' Come On
  7. 19 Millionen
  8. Tick Tack
  9. Alleine
  10. Eiskristalle
 in stock $14.94
Cat: 775715 1. Rel: 07 Jun 19
  1. The River
  2. Animal
  3. Dance On The Moon
  4. Daydreamer
  5. Hunger
  6. Soulless Creatures
  7. In Bottles
  8. A Different Kind Of Human
  9. Apple Tree
  10. The Seed
  11. Mothership
Review: You may already know 22-year old Norwegian pop singer Aurora Aksnes for her rendition of Oasis' "Half the World Away" for a John Lewis Christmas advert in 2015, but if not, she's the biggest thing since Robyn. This latest record, following A Different Kind Of Human (Step 1) from last year, presents a third album to date and one that forms the second part of last year's surprise release. Fast-paced, hopeful, dancey and nordically folkal music, (Step 2) sees Aurora deliver something more experimental than before with its themes said to focus on ecological crisis and societal concepts of individualism. Syncopated basslines, staccato vocals and criss-crossing rhythms hit all the right spots in "Apple Tree" while our other pick "In Bottles" combines '90s pop sensationalism with breakbeats made to fit house tempos. Tip!
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 in stock $10.40
Cat: WIGCD 365. Rel: 20 Jan 17
  1. We Were Alive
  2. Future Politics
  3. Utopia
  4. I'm A Monster
  5. I Love You More Than You Love Yourself
  6. Angel In Your Eye
  7. Freepower
  8. Gaia
  9. Beyond A Mortal
  10. Deep Thought
  11. 43
Review: Katie Stelmanis, the spectrally-voiced and ferociously-talented figure behind maverick electro-pop outfit Austra, set herself the not inconsiderable target of setting out 'a commitment to replace the approaching dystopia' with this third album, yet against all odds she's done a sterling job of marrying the icy binary chill of technology with a very human frailty to emerge with a defiant and emotionally affecting statement of intent. Indelible melody and Stelmanis' extraordinary tones may dominate, yet the sonic landscapes here - equally bracing and beatific - have the rare effect of making the listener hopeful for what 2017 has in store.
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 in stock $8.25
Cat: TLV 105CD. Rel: 03 Nov 17
  1. Prologue
  2. Obituary
  3. Future
  4. The Moral Crossing
  5. Torment
  6. Low/High
  7. Execution/Rise
  8. Creation
  9. Fallen
  10. Vessel
 in stock $6.32
Signal (CD)
Cat: STH 2410CD. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Too Much Money
  2. Calling It
  3. Suicide In Texas
  4. I Love You, Fine
  5. Highway
  6. Signal
  7. Humanoid
  8. Damage
  9. Electrocution
  10. Champagne
  11. Strange Conversations
Review: No matter how hard they try, some bands struggle to make people dislike them. Take Los Angeles trio, Automatic. Sure, militant guitar fans might find a little to complain about, what with the distinct focus on synthdom here, but realistically that's like saying you hate pies because sandwiches also exist. There's more than a touch of Neu! and Suicide in this indie-post punk mix up, but we wouldn't want anyone to think they'd heard this before. Unless, of course, you actually have heard this lot before. Working within sounds that often feel explored to the nth degree, we're dealing with a band disinterested in convention but obsessed with making you feel immediately at home with them. From the rolling bass, distorted electro refrains and send-return vocals of "Too Much Money" through "Highway'"'s darkroom neo-dance bounce, to the slo-mo, anthemic closer "Strange Conversations", this debut album stands out for miles.
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 in stock $11.07
Cat: 796627008320. Rel: 05 Sep 07
  1. Guard
  2. Whisper
  3. Carry On
  4. Roundabout
  5. Follow Me
  6. Long
  7. On An Island
  8. Fences
  9. Cross The Line
  10. Morning Blues
$20.42 SAVE 25%
 in stock $15.31
Cat: AUK 129CD. Rel: 12 Oct 18
  1. Life After Youth
  2. Monochrome Wound
  3. Mount Pleasant
  4. Bindle
  5. Please Never Die
  6. French Monday Afternoon
  7. Die Neue Welt
  8. Talking About The Weather
  9. Right On
 in stock $10.40
  1. Itken Aina (I'm Always Crying)
  2. My Kind Of Doll
  3. The Aboriginal Variations
  4. Afflux De Luxe
  5. I'm Always Crying
  6. Veronika Winken
  7. Je Pleure Tout Le Temps (Contrelarme version)
  8. Endormons-nous
  9. Afflux Skoui
  10. Saure Gurke 2016
  11. Le Troisieme Personnage/Paysage Vole
  12. Kinda Doll
  13. Chez Les Aborigenes
  14. Oh Je Veux!
  15. Je Pleure Tout Le Temps
  16. Fuir Les Aborigenes
 in stock $8.25
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