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Back Catalogue: Hip Hop/R&B

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Hip Hop / R&B

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The Bluest Note
The Bluest Note (CD Single)
Cat: TKR 135CD. Rel: 17 Jul 20
  1. The Caveat
  2. Good Enough Reasons
  3. There It Goes
  4. Give & Take
  5. We (Used To) Live In Brooklyn, Baby
  6. Sing Comfortably
 in stock $17.44
Baladas (CD)
Cat: BS 079. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Sammysosacleancoca (intro)
  2. Tellthetruthandshamethedevil
  3. Arockandahardplace (feat Eto)
  4. Poprockclassics (feat Daniel Son)
  5. Infiniteblackmind
  6. Balladsforthebrilliant (feat Ice Lord & Recognize Ali)
  7. Magomarmalade
  8. Launchtheboatoffakeywest
  9. Wisdom (feat Codenine)
  10. Plegariaaunsicario (feat Ice Lord)
  11. Yola
 in stock $11.16
Nuclear Evolution: The Age Of Love
  1. Spacefruit (feat Debi Nova)
  2. Dirty Beauty (feat Erykah Badu)
  3. I Swear (feat Noni Limar)
  4. Melodee N Mynor
  5. He Say She Say
  6. Traffika
  7. Souls Brother
  8. Bitch Baby
  9. Love Czars
  10. Gemini's Rising (feat Rozzi Daime)
  11. The Bone Song
  12. White Cloud (feat Rozzie Daime & Lil' Kenny)
  13. Move Your Ass
  14. Love Today
  15. Can I Get U Hi?
  16. My Star (feat Erika Rose)
  17. Cosmic Ball (feat The Gary Bartz Quartet)
  18. Spaceways Theme
  19. Just Like A Baby
  20. Double Dutch (Co Co Pops) (feat Aazablue)
  21. Death Of A Star (Supanova)
  22. Powder Bump
  23. Hangin By A String
 in stock $6.85
Jimmy Lee
Jimmy Lee (CD)
Cat: 190759 65492. Rel: 23 Aug 19
  1. Sinners Prayer
  2. So Ready
  3. This World Is Drunk
  4. Something Keeps Calling
  5. Kings Fall (feat Rob Bacon)
  6. I'm Feeling Love
  7. My Walk
  8. Belongs To God (feat Reverend E Baker)
  9. Dottie Interlude
  10. Glory To The Veins (feat Ernest Turner)
  11. Rikers Island
  12. Rikers Island Redux (feat Daniel J Watts)
  13. Rearview
Review: Since releasing his last solo album in 2011, Raphael Saadiq has spent rather a lot of time steering the career of American soul singer and rapper Adrian Marcel. Thankfully Saadiq has finally found time to get back in the studio himself, with "Jimmy Lee" the result of those sessions. Saadiq is in impeccable vocal form throughout an album that's far more musically eclectic than you'd perhaps expect. While naturally rooted in hip-hop and R&B, you'll also find cuts that feature fuzzy, razor-sharp guitar licks, doff a cap to doo-wop and gospel soul, breathe new life into '80s electrofunk and channel the spirit of vintage 1970s soul.
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 in stock $10.44
Instant Vintage
Cat: MOCCD 13864. Rel: 18 Feb 20
  1. Doing What I Can
  2. Body Parts
  3. Be Here
  4. Still Ray
  5. Oph
  6. You're The One That I Like
  7. Excuse Me
  8. Charlie Ray
  9. Different Times
  10. Tick Tock
  11. People
  12. Tek #1
  13. Faithful
  14. Make My Day
  15. Blind Man
  16. Tek #2
  17. Uptown
  18. What's Life Like
  19. Skyy, Can You Feel Me
Review: Soul man Raphael Saadiq has released a lot of superb music over the years, but he still finds it hard to top his debut album, 2002's "Instant Vintage". Now available again on CD courtesy of Universal Music's "Music On CD" reissue strand, the album remains one of the finest examples of early noughties neo-soul/R&B/hip-hop soul fusion. Highlights come thick and fast throughout, from the bluesy hip-hop soul bump of "Charlie Ray" and the string-laden R&B brilliance of D'Angelo collaboration "Be Here", to the uplifting "Faithful", softly spun "Blind Man" and the anthem-like "Skyy, Can You Feel Me", a spiraling single that remains one of Saadiq's most celebrated songs. In fact, it may well be his crowning achievement (though the whole album is undeniably brilliant).
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 in stock $9.14
Boxcar Sessions Demo
Cat: HHE 043 CD. Rel: 21 Oct 20
  1. Light Sleeper
  2. Joint Custody (J Groove Spliff mix)
  3. In The Future
  4. Heavyweight
  5. Prime Time After Seven
  6. Running From 5.0
  7. Bones
  8. Killen Kydz
  9. No Return (The Set Up)
  10. No Return
  11. Ball Point
  12. Whomp 2000
 in stock $14.86
In The Comfort Of
Cat: 782972. Rel: 15 Jun 18
  1. His Name
  2. Life Without God Is Nothing
  3. Mateo 2.19 (feat Romaro Franceswa & David 'Dave B' Bowman)
  4. Speak
  5. One More Thing
  6. Dance For Blessings
  7. Twogether (feat Jesse Boykins III)
  8. Chemistry (feat Christian 'JMSN' Berishaj)
  9. Khlorine (feat Chris 'Smino' Smith)
  10. Rude (feat Zoi 'Jean Deaux' Harris)
  11. Sweet Holy Honey (feat Xavier 'Xavier Omar' Adams)
  12. On Me (feat Jonathan 'Jon Bap' Reed)
  13. Out My Way/Around You (feat Terrance 'Marr Grey' Griffith, Chris 'RELLA' Terrell, Romayne 'July 7' Erin & Devin Tracy)
  14. Light-Skinned (feat Reynaldo 'Midnight' DeGuzman)
  15. Implications
  16. Changing Channels (feat James Vincent McMorrow)
  17. Comfortable (feat Ryan Ashley)
$12.16 SAVE 25%
 in stock $9.12
Cat: 190758 88362. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Stargazing
  2. Carousel
  3. Sicko Mode
  4. RIP Screw
  5. Stop Trying To Be God
  6. No Bystanders
  7. Skeletons
  8. Wake Up
  9. 5% Tint
  10. NC-17
  11. Astrothunder
  12. Yosemite
  13. Can't Say
  14. Who? What!
  15. Butterfly Effect
  16. Houstonfornication
  17. Coffee Bean
 in stock $11.16
Konke (CD)
Cat: MMG 001542. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Our People (feat Quelle Chris)
  2. WWW
  3. Cloud
  4. You Better
  5. The Kingdom
  6. I'm Scared (feat Oddisee)
  7. Konke
  8. Please
  9. Fred
  10. Magic
  11. Free (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow)
  12. Friday That's Good
  13. Home
  14. Peace Of Mind
 in stock $11.43
Chilltown New York
Cat: UNIVCDB 0002716. Rel: 17 Jun 04
  1. Home (intro)
  2. Wit Ee's
  3. Relentless
  4. Jackin' For Rhymes (skit)
  5. Street Hop (feat Redman & Tre)
  6. Chillin' (feat Talib Kweli & Whip Monster)
  7. Like Me (feat Sy Scott & Khari)
  8. Matrix (skit)
  9. God Sent
  10. I'm Not Him
  11. MC One Bar (skit)
  12. Feel It (feat Sy Scott)
  13. Future Thug (feat Redman & 11/29)
  14. Do You Know
  15. Listen (feat Sy Scott & Keith Murray)
  16. Hip Hop (skit)
  17. Can U Hear Me Now
 in stock $17.84
The Don Of Diamond Dreams
Cat: SPCD 1335. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Portal North: Panthera
  2. Ad Ventures
  3. Fast Learner
  4. Wet
  5. Chocolate Souffle
  6. Portal South: Micah
  7. Bad Bitch Walking
  8. Money Yoga
  9. Thanking The Girls
  10. Reg Walks By The Looking Glass
Review: It's been a while since we last heard from Shabazz Palaces, the suitably cosmic, experimental and otherworldly musical collective helmed by former Digable Planets mic man and producer Ishmael Butler. Remarkably, "The Don Of Diamond Dreams" is Butler and company's first album for over three years. The good news is that it's every bit as inspired as its predecessors, with Butler spitting conscious lyrics and singing spaced-out R&B choruses over beats that variously mix and match elements of future soul, spiritual jazz, exotica, glitch-hop, experimental electronica and intergalactic jazz-rock. It's perhaps a little more polished than some of the crew's previous albums, but it retains and expands on their inspiring, hard-to-pigeonhole musical blueprint.
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 in stock $8.96
A Room Therapy
Cat: CDDITC 004. Rel: 12 Mar 18
  1. Do What I Want 2 (feat David Bars)
  2. Burn Something (feat Tashane & A Bless)
  3. The Kalief Tale (feat David Bars)
  4. The Company (feat AG & A Bless)
  5. Bronx Day (feat Tashane & Majestic Gage)
  6. City Of The Gods (feat AG)
  7. Speak Ya Mind (instrumental)
  8. I’ma Ride (feat AG)
  9. Put You Down (instrumental)
  10. Pull Out The Gage (Featuring Majestic Gace)
  11. Toe 2 Toe (feat Tashane, Majestic Gage & A Bless)
  12. Love Never Dies (feat David Bars)
  13. The Science (feat David Bars & OC - bonus track)
  14. Recovery (feat OC - bonus track)
$13.14 SAVE 25%
 in stock $9.87
Full Scale (reissue) (Record Store Day Black Friday 2019 )
  1. Themes, Schemes & Dreams (feat OC/The Ghetto Dwellas)
  2. Drop It Heavy (feat KRS One/Big Pun)
  3. Q & A (feat The Ghetto Dwellas)
  4. Full Scale
  5. Spit
  6. Time To Get This Money (feat OC/Diamond D)
  7. Who's The Dirtiest (feat The Ghetto Dwellas)
  8. Dignified Soldiers (feat Big L/Lord Finesse/OC)
  9. Put It In Your System
  10. Raw As Ever
  11. Dignified Soldiers (remix - feat Big L/Lord Finesse/OC)
  12. Spit (remix - feat D Flow)
  13. Hidden Crates
  14. Hold Mines
  15. Get Dirty (feat The Ghetto Dwellas)
Review: Jumping on Black Friday as an excuse to put out this classic hip hop record from duo Show and A.G. is fine by us, especially when it also features O.C., KRS-One and Big Pun, as well as verses from Diggin' In The Crates (D.I.T.C.) crew mates such as Diamond D, Big L and Lord Finesse. Musically the sound ranges from classic era hip hop to darker, more hard-hitting gangster styles. It adds up to something impactful and adventurous that builds on the pair's already successful blueprint and solidifies their place in history. This project has never been realised in its full and complete glory on vinyl before now, so don't sleep.
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 in stock $14.86
Antagonist Survival Kit
Cat: VFORM 026CD. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Something
  2. A To Zero
  3. Fear Of Flying
  4. Baroque
  5. Outremont Mainline Runs Across The Sunset
  6. Daggers On All Corners (live)
  7. Funny Sticks
  8. Amphitheatre
  9. The Mile-End Artbike / Suicide Manual
  10. Keyed Cars
 in stock $11.43
Iconic (CD)
Cat: HHE 044CD. Rel: 20 Oct 20
  1. Funky Intro
  2. Lay You Down (feat Termanology, Nems & Flee Lord)
  3. Not The Same (feat Mad Squablz & Superstah Snuk)
  4. Just Do It (feat Termanology & Chris Rivers)
  5. They Ain't Us (feat Wais P, Avenue & Ea$y Money)
  6. UGK (feat Krumbsnatcha & H Blanco)
  7. Roaches (feat Termanology, Ruste Juxx & Runt Dawg)
  8. We Keep It Underground (feat Cane, Artisan & Syllables)
  9. No Mercy For Pigs (feat M-Dot, Ren Thomas & Superstah Snuk)
  10. Decisions (feat Termanology, Reks & Tek of Smif-N-Wessun)
 in stock $14.30
Il Genio Del Male
Cat: HHE 045CD. Rel: 21 Oct 20
  1. I'm Here To (Preludio)
  2. Represent Real
  3. Mass Murdering
  4. Streetz Of Rome
  5. Black Roses
  6. Il Mad Del Male (Interludio)
  7. Mad Lethal
  8. Might Come True
  9. Padurea Mortilor
  10. Audible Crack
  11. Vanilla Sky (remix)
 in stock $14.59
Don't Play It Straight
Cat: MMG 001532. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Safehouse (feat Fielded)
  2. Sometimes Care Looks Like Leave Me The Fuck Alone (feat Billy Woods)
  3. We Don't Really Need Altars (feat K)
  4. Moses Was A Magician
  5. Here Be Dragons (feat K)
  6. ET Diamond (feat Koncept Jackson)
  7. The Masters Clock Is X (feat K)
  8. Hush Harbor (feat Nosaj)
  9. Sunchoke (feat Fielded)
  10. Holes In The Air Caused By Light
  11. Banneker's Almanac
  12. Sly (feat K)
  13. Falling Up (feat Moor Mother)
  14. Even Without You (feat K)
 in stock $11.43
9 Lives
9 Lives (CD)
Cat: 882364. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. Highs & Lows
  2. I Used To (feat Stickz)
  3. The Flyest (feat Br3nya)
  4. Hold You Down (feat Mr Eazi)
  5. Since School Days (feat Ard Ads & Tiny Boost)
  6. Advice
  7. She Fell In Love (feat Greedy)
  8. Do What I Want (feat MK)
  9. Oh La La (Feta Dappy)
  10. Never Gonna Be
  11. Pree Me (feat Moelogo)
  12. Last Night In Brixton
  13. Love Is A Gamble (feat Kida Kudz)
  14. Skrrrr (feat Fekky)
  15. They Already Know
  16. Paris
  17. Outro
Review: Brixton MC Sneakbo is going up in the world. Having built his reputation via a trio of albums on small independent imprints, he's transferred to major label Island for his latest full-length excursion. It feels like an important moment in his career, and a reflection of grime's growing commercial appeal way beyond its London roots. He's managed to draw in an impressive guest list of underground rappers and singers, with the collected cuts combining scuttling grime beats and weighty sub-bass tones with an eclectic selection of musical flourishes - dreamy electronics, glistening guitar motifs and so on - that give the album added potential crossover appeal. Throughout, Sneakbo's lyrics and flows are distinctive and on-point. Added all together, it makes for hugely enjoyable listening.
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 in stock $12.57
I Wanna Thank Me
Cat: ERE 524. Rel: 28 Nov 19
  1. What U Talkin' Bout
  2. So Misinformed (feat Slick Rick)
  3. Let Bygones Be Bygones
  4. One Blood, One Cuzz (feat DJ Battlecat)
  5. Countdown (feat Swizz Beatz)
  6. I C Your B******t
  7. Turn Me On (feat Chris Brown)
  8. Blue Face Hunnids (feat YG & Mustard)
  9. New Booty
  10. Take Me Away (feat Russ & Wiz Khalifa)
  11. Do It When I'm In It (feat Jermaine Dupri, Ozuna & Slim Jxmmi)
  12. First Place (feat Tdot Illdude)
  13. Focused
  14. Rise To The Top (feat Trey songz & Swizz Beatz)
  15. Wintertime In June (feat Nate Dogg)
  16. Doo Wop Thank Me (feat The Hamiltones)
  17. Main Phone (feat Rick Rock & Stressmatic)
  18. Do You Like I Do (feat Lil Duval)
  19. I've Been Looking For You (feat Eric Jaye)
  20. Little Square UBitchU
  21. Ventalation (feat Rjmrla, Azjah & $tupid Young)
  22. I Wanna Thank Me (feat Marknoxx)
 in stock $12.01
220 (CD)
Cat: ERE 407. Rel: 13 May 19
  1. Intro
  2. Everything (feat Jacques & Dreezy)
  3. 220 (feat Goldie Loc)
  4. Waves (feat October London)
  5. I Don't Care (feat Lunchmoney Lewis)
  6. Doggytails (feat Kokane)
  7. Motivation (feat Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
  8. On The Double
 in stock $12.57
Where Magnolia Grows
Cat: BAD 009-2. Rel: 28 Mar 19
  1. Run With Wolves
  2. Vacant Paradise
  3. My Tiny
  4. Hoe For Love
  5. Pancakes
  6. Looming Storm
  7. Pay For Pizza
  8. Guarding
  9. Fractal Spirits
 in stock $16.30
Still 1982
Cat: STR 173CD. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. 6 Years Later Intro (interlude)
  2. Still (feat Kendra Foster)
  3. Can't Let It Go
  4. 30 Shots (feat Chris Rivers & Conway)
  5. Haunted (feat UFO Fev)
  6. Fuck Ya LyfeSTyle (feat NEMS & Beanz)
  7. Crimeology (feat CRIMEAPPLE)
  8. It's On You (feat Fame of MOP & Haile Supreme)
  9. Party Crashers (interlude)
  10. Never Let My City Down (feat Mtume)
  11. Different Now (feat CJ Fly)
  12. On My Own
 in stock $12.79
Gang Signs & Prayer
Cat: 190296 979279. Rel: 24 Feb 17
  1. First Things First
  2. Cold
  3. Bad Boys (feat Ghetts & J Hus)
  4. Blinded By Your Grace (part 1)
  5. Big For Your Boots
  6. Velvet/Jenny Francis Interlude
  7. Mr Skeng
  8. Cigarettes & Cush (feat Kehlani)
  9. 21 Gun Salute/Interlude (feat Wretch 32)
  10. Clinded By Your Grace (part 2 - feat Mnek)
  11. Return Of The Rucksack
  12. 100 Bags
  13. Don't Cry For Me (feat Raleigh Ritchie)
  14. Crazy Titch Interlude
  15. Shut Up
  16. Lay Me Bare
 in stock $11.43
Heavy Is The Head
Cat: 019029 5403034. Rel: 13 Dec 19
  1. Big Michael
  2. Audacity (feat Headie One)
  3. Crown
  4. Rainfall (feat Tiana Major9)
  5. Rachael's Little Brother
  6. Handsome
  7. Do Better
  8. Don't Forget To Breathe (feat YEBBA - interlude)
  9. One Second (feat HER)
  10. Pop Boy (feat Aitch)
  11. Own It (feat Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy)
  12. Wiley Flow
  13. Bronze
  14. Superheroes
  15. Lessons
  16. Vossi Bop
Review: It may have arrived right at the very end of 2019, but it would be fair to say that Stormzy's much-trumpeted second album, "Heavy Is The Head", is one of the most significant releases of the year. Made with a gigantic cast list of producers and guest vocalists - Aitch, Burna Boy, Headie One, H.E.R, Tiana Major9, Yebba, Fred Gibson and MJ Cole included - the set includes some of his most thoughtful and incisive lyrics to date, as well as some particularly ear-catching mutations of grime that will further solidify his place as one of Britain's most important artists of the 21st century. Yes, it does include more nods towards pop music - he's a Glastonbury headliner after all - but the beats remain tough.
Read more
 in stock $10.33
None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive
  1. Call My Phone Thinking I'm Doing Nothing Better (feat Tame Impala)
  2. None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Alive (feat Idles)
  3. I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him (feat Donae'O & Greentea Peng)
  4. You Can't Afford Me (feat Ms Banks)
  5. I Know Something You Did (feat Jesse James Solomon & ELIZA)
  6. Eskimo Ice (feat Kasien)
  7. Phone Is Always In My Hand (feat Dapz On The Map)
  8. The Poison I Take Hoping You Will Suffer (feat Oscar #Worldpeace)
  9. Same Direction (feat Jimothy Lacoste)
  10. Falling Down (feat Hak Baker)
  11. Conspiracy Theory Freestyle (feat Rob Harvey)
  12. Take Me As I Am (feat Chris Lorenzo)
 in stock $10.41
Smile Now Cry Later
Cat: BC 026CD. Rel: 30 Jan 18
  1. Smile Now, Cry Later
  2. Baby, I Apologize
  3. I Want To Make It Up To You
  4. Forever
  5. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
  6. Everybody Knows
  7. Hopeless Case
  8. Stop That Thief
  9. Hold On I'm Comin'
  10. Just A Gigolo
  11. Put Me In Jail
  12. Side Winder (part 1 & 2)
$14.15 SAVE 25%
 in stock $10.61
The Ruff Shit
Cat: HHE 011 CD. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. The Ruff Shit (Ruff Blues mix)
  2. The Ruff Shit (Ruff Man mix)
  3. The Ruff Shit (radio Man mix)
  4. The Ruff Shit (Nine Duce mix)
  5. The Ruff Shit (instrumental)
  6. Here It Is (vocal)
  7. Losing It (vocal)
  8. Blow For Blow (vocal)
  9. Buckle Up (vocal)
  10. Head For The Hills (vocal)
  11. Noiseman - "The Dope Move" (Beat)
$13.14 SAVE 35%
 in stock $8.55
Cat: 889854 49192. Rel: 14 Jul 17
  1. Supermodel
  2. Love Galore (feat Travis Scott)
  3. Doves In The Wind (feat Kendrick Lamar)
  4. Drew Barrymore
  5. Prom
  6. The Weekend
  7. Go Gina
  8. Garden (Say It Like Dat)
  9. Broken Clocks
  10. Anything
  11. Wavy (feat James Fauntleroy - interlude)
  12. Normal Girl
  13. Pretty Little Birds (feat Isaiah Rashad)
  14. 20 Something
 in stock $10.44
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Back Catalogue: Hip Hop/R&B
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