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Back Catalogue: Hip Hop/R&B

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Hip Hop / R&B

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Aitch20 (CD single)
Cat: 190759 91582. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Intro
  2. What's Next
  3. Already (feat Tyreezy)
  4. 2 G's
  5. Aeroplane Mode
  6. Buss Down (feat ZieZie)
  7. Weekday (feat Mo$tack & Steel Banglez)
  8. Taste (Make It Shake)
 in stock $14.80
In My Defense
Cat: ERE 496. Rel: 29 Aug 19
  1. Thanks I Get
  2. Clap Back
  3. Sally Walker
  4. Hoemita (feat Lil Yachty)
  5. Started
  6. Spend It
  7. Fuck It Up (feat Kash Doll)
  8. Big Bag (feat Stini)
  9. Comme Des Garcons
  10. Freak Of The Week (feat Juicy J)
  11. Just Wanna
  12. Pussy Pop
 in stock $9.71
The Love Movement
Cat: 828765 35542. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Start It Up
  2. Find A Way
  3. Da Booty
  4. Steppin' It Up (with Busta Rhymes & Redman)
  5. Like It Like That
  6. Common Ground (Get It Goin' On)
  7. Moms (feat Spanky)
  8. His Name Is Mutty Ranks
  9. Give Me (feat Noreaga)
  10. Pad & Pen (Featuring D-Life)
  11. Busta's Lament
  12. Hot 4 U
  13. Against The World
  14. The Love
  15. Rock Rock Y'all (feat Punchline, Wordsworth, Jane Doe & Mos Def)
 in stock $4.86
Beats Rhymes & Life (reissue)
Cat: MOCCD 13910. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Phony Rappers
  2. Get A Hold
  3. Motivators
  4. Jam
  5. Crew
  6. The Pressure
  7. 1nce Again (feat Tammy Lucas)
  8. Mind Power
  9. The Hop
  10. Keeping It Moving
  11. Baby Phife's Return
  12. Separate/Together
  13. What Really Goes On
  14. Word Play
  15. Stressed Out (feat Faith Evans)
 in stock $8.63
Madvillain Vol 1
Cat: ATACD 012. Rel: 01 Nov 18
  1. Accordion
  2. Curls
  3. All Caps
  4. Bistro
  5. Fancy Clown
  6. Raid
  7. Madmix 1
  8. Great Day
  9. Madmix 2
 in stock $10.79
Only For Dolphins
Cat: LVR 01364. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Capoeira (feat Yung Mehico)
  2. C12H16N2
  3. Latin Grammys
  4. Golden Eye
  5. Mongolia (feat Hologram & Meyhem Lauren)
  6. Vega
  7. Splash
  8. Sergio
  9. Shredder
  10. Cliff Hanger
  11. Marcus Aurelius
  12. Hard Target
Review: He may now be a bona-fide global celebrity with a string of books, TV shows and film appearances to his name, but Action Bronson remains a fine rapper - even if we don't hear those skills as much as we once did. If you still need convincing, check out Only For Dolphins, his first album on two years. His love of trash talking, tall tales and classic boom-bap style flows has not changed, but his subject matter is more varied. The beats he raps over have evolved significantly, too. Over the course of the album, there are fewer bog-standard "golden era" type backing tracks; instead, you'll find killer beats that offer nods towards Brazilian samba and MPB, reggae, smoky jazz and Latin music.
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 in stock $12.41
Ultimate! (4xCD)
Cat: CRPOPX 217. Rel: 25 Jun 20
  1. Respect (CD1: original album + bonus tracks)
  2. Treat Me Right
  3. I Thank You
  4. So Right
  5. In & Out Of My Life
  6. Warning!
  7. I Don't Need You
  8. Beautiful Love
  9. Promises
  10. Musical Freedom (with Paul Simpson feat Carmen Marie)
  11. I Thank You (club mix)
  12. Warning! (dub mix)
  13. Respect (single version)
  14. Warning! (single version)
  15. I Thank You (single version)
  16. Beautiful Love (single version)
  17. Treat Me Right (single version)
  18. Respect (CD2 - feat Monie Love Dancin' Danny D remix)
  19. Respect (bonus beats)
  20. Respect (acappella)
  21. Respect (extended version)
  22. Respect (Rough mix)
  23. Respect (Longer dub version)
  24. Warning! (High On Hope mix)
  25. Musical Freedom (feat Paul Simpson)
  26. Warning! (Zanzibar mix)
  27. I Thank You (original club mix)
  28. I Thank You (The New Jersey mix)
  29. I Thank You (Somehouse Somewhere mix)
  30. I Thank You (The Philadelphia mix)
  31. I Thank You (CD3 - Philly dub mix)
  32. I Thank You (Love To Infinity mix)
  33. I Thank You (Dancing Divas club mix)
  34. I Thank You (Dancing Divas Rhythm mix)
  35. I Thank You (Love To Infinity edit)
  36. Beautiful Love (extended mix)
  37. Promises (extended)
  38. Beautiful Love (instrumental)
  39. Beautiful Love (remix)
  40. Promises (Truth mix)
  41. Beautiful Love (Classic club mix)
  42. Promises (Broken mix)
  43. Beautiful Love (Dream mix)
  44. Treat Me Right (CD4 - Smack mix)
  45. Love Is Special
  46. Treat Me Right (Big Jam mix)
  47. Treat Me Right (The JZJ mix)
  48. Warning! (7" edit)
  49. Warning! (Capitol mix)
  50. Warning! (You've Been Warned! mix)
  51. Warning! (Serious Lies mix)
  52. Warning! (The Emergency mix)
  53. Warning! (Final Warning mix)
  54. Warning! (Dubstrumental)
  55. Love To See You Dancin' (LP version)
  56. Treat Me Right (Taj Mahal mix)
 in stock $20.25
The Concrete (25th Anniversary Edition)
  1. Penetration (interlude)
  2. One For The Trouble
  3. Life Flow
  4. Ill At Will
  5. Day 2 Day
  6. Off The Top (interlude)
  7. Let It All Hang Out
  8. The Voice (interlude)
  9. Keep It Real
  10. From The Concrete
  11. The Kid Is Crazy
  12. Here Comes Da Wreck
  13. Heart & Soul
  14. Day 2 Day (Diamond D Mecca mix - bonus track)
  15. The Last Word (interlude - bonus track)
  16. One For The Trouble (Sha-Eaze remix - bonus track)
  17. Let It All Hang Out (Pete Rock mix - bonus track)
  18. See The Light (bonus track)
  19. The Rush (bonus track)
  20. Shock To Bliss (bonus track)
  21. Enter The Center (bonus track)
  22. Enter The Center (BaBanzi mix - bonus track)
  23. Enter The Center (DJ club Mecca mix - bonus track)
 in stock $13.50
Chilombo (CD)
Cat: 834136. Rel: 13 Mar 20
  1. Lotus (intro)
  2. Triggered (Freestyle)
  3. None Of Your Concern (feat Big Sean)
  4. Speak
  5. BS (feat HER)
  6. P*$$Y Fairy (OTW)
  7. Happiness Over Everything (HOE) (feat Future & Miguel)
  8. One Way St (feat Ab-Soul)
  9. Define Me (interlude)
  10. Surrender (feat Dr Chill)
  11. Tryna Smoke
  12. Born Tired
  13. LOVE
  14. 10k Hours (feat Nas)
  15. Summer 2020 (interlude)
  16. Mourning Doves
  17. Pray For You
  18. Lightning & Thunder (feat John Legend)
  19. Magic Hour
  20. Party For Me (outro)
 in stock $6.47
Steal The Show
Cat: JAL 280CD. Rel: 18 Oct 18
  1. Fade Away (feat Andy Cooper)
  2. Can't Keep Working This Hard
  3. When The Heat Comes Down (feat ASM)
  4. Dance Now
  5. Big Bad Woman
  6. Steal The Show (feat Andy Cooper)
  7. Let's Drive (feat Izo FitzRoy)
  8. Keep It Moving (feat Skunkadelic)
  9. No Look Pass Bop (feat Uncle Frank)
  10. I Don't Know (feat Andy Cooper)
  11. Countdown (feat Dr Syntax)
  12. Run It Back (feat Andy Cooper)
  13. Samba Fox
Review: Boom: three years, three albums. No biggie for Bristol duo The Allergies, Jalapeno's biggest success story since Kraak & Smaak. Each album shows them getting deeper into the groove, creeping away from the cheeky samples and sculpting their own pedigree funk originals. With Ugly Ducking Andy Cooper onside through the mix from the wild ride vibing "Fade Away" to the white knuckle lyrical fire of "Run It Back", there's a real band feeling to the whole album as familiar voices thread throughout the jams... including that of UK hip hop legend Dr Syntax.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies
 in stock $9.17
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa (CD)
Cat: MMG 001192. Rel: 23 Oct 18
  1. Brushstrokes
  2. Reflection
  3. My Block
  4. Cocaine Fingertips
  5. Grace Of God (feat DJ Los)
  6. That Place
  7. Word
  8. Decisions
  9. Timberlan'd Up (feat Royce Da 5'9")
  10. Come Back Home
  11. Mona Lisa
 in stock $12.69
Shrines (CD)
Cat: BWZ 762CD. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Bitter Cassava
  2. Solarium
  3. Charms
  4. Pommel Horse
  5. Leopards
  6. King Tubby
  7. Frida
  8. Slewfoot
  9. War Stories
  10. Flavor Flav
  11. Dead Cars
  12. Parables
  13. Ramesses II
  14. The Eucharist
Review: Shrines is a fourth collaborative album (third in a couple of years) from the New York pairing of Elucid and billy woods and it brings plenty of fresh and free musical vibes that are somewhat new for this duo. Of course, there are still darker moments about the harsh reality of life in 21st century America but lush musicality and smart lyrics from woods also elevate the mood. His smooth flow ranges from cockiness to realism, with sojourns into abstract word play next to chillingly real and explicit ideas. It all adds up to a vital record.
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August Greene
Cat: AUG 001CD. Rel: 13 Apr 20
  1. Meditation
  2. Black Kennedy
  3. Let Go (feat Samora Pinderhughes)
  4. Practice (feat Samora Pinderhughes)
  5. Fly Away
  6. Aya
  7. Piano Interlude
  8. No Apologies
  9. The Time
  10. Optimistic (feat Brandy)
  11. Swisha Suite
 in stock $14.85
The Brown Tape
Cat: MMG 001122. Rel: 29 Mar 18
  1. Beware Of The Stare
  2. The Rise Of The Black Suits
  3. I Declare War (feat Masta Killa & RZA)
  4. Blood On The Cobblestones (feat U-God & Inspectah Deck)
  5. The Center Of Attraction (feat Cappadonna)
  6. Enemies All Around Me
  7. An Unexpected Call (feat Inspectah Deck)
  8. Rise Of The Ghostface Killah (feat RZA)
  9. Revenge Is Sweet (feat Masta Killa, RZA & Killa Sin)
  10. Murder Spree (feat Masta Killa, U-God, Killa Sin & Inspectah Deck)
  11. The Sure Shot (part 1 & 2)
$11.61 SAVE 33%
 in stock $7.77
Fantastic 2020
Cat: NMG 3202028CD. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Intro (with vocals)
  2. Raise It Up (with vocals)
  3. Once Upon A Time
  4. Players
  5. Eyes Up
  6. 2U4U
  7. CB4
  8. Go Ladies
  9. Thelonius
  10. Who Are We
  11. Raise It Up (instrumental)
  12. Intro
  13. Conant Garden (with vocals)
  14. Jealousy
  15. Climax
  16. Hold Tight
  17. Tell Me
  18. What's It All About
  19. Forth & Back
  20. Track 9
  21. Fall In Love (with vocals)
  22. Conant Gardens (instrumental)
  23. Fall In Love (instrumental)
Review: Having previously offered live, orchestral style interpretations of works by Madvillain (AKA Madlib and MF Doom) and J Dilla, Leeds collective Abstract Orchestra has decided to tackle the early works of Slum Village, and specifically their "Fan-Tas-Tic" and "Fan-Tas-Tic Volume 2" albums from the late 90s. The resultant two disc set is inspired, delivering warm, soulful and jazzy interpretations of Dilla's brilliant beats and layered backing tracks that makes extensive use of strings, woodwind, brass and some suitably soulful singers. Excitingly the remaining members of Slum Village add their distinctive flows to a number of key cuts, too, adding an air of legitimacy to a project rooted in love for two of hip-hop's greatest albums.
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Jazz Is Dead 1
Cat: JID 001CD. Rel: 03 Jul 20
  1. Hey Lover (feat Roy Ayers)
  2. Distant Mode (feat Gary Bartz)
  3. Nancy Wilson (feat Brian Jackson)
  4. Conexao (feat Joao Donato)
  5. Down Deep (feat Doug Carn)
  6. Apocaliptico (feat Azymuth)
  7. Nao Saia Da Praca (feat Marcos Valle)
  8. Jazz Is Dead (feat The Midnight Hour)
 in stock $14.58
Jazz Is Dead 2
  1. Synchronize Vibration
  2. Hey Lover
  3. Soulful & Unique
  4. Shadows Of The East
  5. Sunflowers
  6. Gravity
  7. Solace
  8. African Sounds
 in stock $15.93
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Back Catalogue: Hip Hop/R&B
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