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This Week: Funk Soul & Jazz

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  1. No Hiding Place/Softly Softly
  2. Morse
  3. The Bill
  4. Good Cop Bad Cop
  5. Flying Squad
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Sunday At The Village Vanguard (remastered) (limited CD with obi-strip)
Cat: 8119 6. Rel: 19 Mar 18
  1. Gloria's Step
  2. My Man's Gone Now
  3. Solar
  4. Alice In Wonderland
  5. All Of You
  6. Jade Visions
  7. Gloria's Step (alternate take - bonus track)
  8. Alice In Wonderland (alternate take - bonus track)
  9. All Of You (alternate take 1 - bonus track)
  10. All Of You (alternate take 2 - bonus track)
  11. Jade Visions (alternate take - bonus track)
  12. A Few Final Bars...
 in stock $8.12
Cat: 190758 28102. Rel: 19 Mar 18
  1. Right Off
  2. Yesternow
  3. On The Corner/New York Girl/Thinkin' Of One Thing & Doin' Another/Vote For Miles
  4. Black Statin
  5. One & One
  6. Helen Butte/Mr Freedom X
  7. Great Expectations/Orange Lady
  8. Ife
  9. Recollections (bonus track)
  10. Trevere (bonus track)
  11. Go Ahead John
  12. Lonely Fire
  13. The Little Blue Frog (bonus track)
  14. Yaphet (bonus track)
  15. Water Babies
  16. Capricorn
  17. Sweet Pea
  18. Two Faced
  19. Dual Mr Tillman Anthony
  20. Splash (bonus track)
 in stock $18.58
Ella & Louis (reissue) (limited CD with obi-strip)
Cat: 8120 1. Rel: 19 Mar 18
  1. Can't We Be Friends
  2. Isn't This A Lovely Day?
  3. Moonlight In Vermont
  4. They Can't Take That Away From Me
  5. Under A Blanket Of Blue
  6. Tenderly
  7. A Foggy Day
  8. Stars Fell On Alabama
  9. Cheek To Cheek
  10. The Nearness Of You
  11. April In Paris
  12. You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart) (bonus track)
  13. The Frim Fram Sauce (bonus track)
  14. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (bonus track)
  15. Can Anyone Explain? (No, No, No!) (bonus track)
  16. Necessary Evil (bonus track)
  17. Oops (bonus track)
  18. Would You Like To Take A Walk (bonus track)
  19. Who Walks In When I Walk Out? (bonus track)
 in stock $9.00
  1. Make A Change
  2. Smile
  3. Can't Keep My Cool
  4. Groovy Babe
  5. Giving Up
  6. Is It Any Wonder?
  7. Now I'm Gone
  8. Tuck 'N' Roll
 in stock $12.20
Cat: 538329 752. Rel: 19 Mar 18
  1. Na Poi
  2. Beasts Of No Nation (with Seun Kuti)
  3. Zombie (with Noraa)
  4. ITT (International Thief Thief) (with Fefe)
  5. Opposite People (with Femi Kuti)
  6. Go Slow
  7. Look & Laugh (Sith Nneka)
  8. Fight To Finish (with Duro Ikujenyo)
  9. Authority Stealing (with Nakhane)
  10. Yellow Fever
  11. VIP (with Showboy)
  12. OBE
Gespielt von: AfroBase (Radio Chart)
 in stock $13.36
Cat: MRBCD 156. Rel: 19 Mar 18
  1. A Fim De Voltar
  2. Acenda O Farol
  3. Sossego
  4. Vitoria Regia Estou Contigo E Nao Abro
  5. All I Want
  6. Murmurio
  7. Pais E Filhos
  8. Se Me Lembro Faz Doer
  9. Juras
  10. Jhony
Review: By 1978, Tim Maia was safely nestling in the higher echelons of Brazilian music, thanks in no small part to a run of fine albums that put a homegrown twist on American soul and funk. His next move was to gather together some of Rio de Janeiro's finest musicians and record Disco Club, his first full-length to explore the celebratory rush of New York disco. As this official reissue proves, the album has lost none of its' over-the-top, orchestrated charm. It contains some seriously righteous dancefloor moments, from the punchy horn lines and jammed-out electric pianos of the hustling "Vitoria Regia Estou Contigo E Nao Abro", to the swirling, rising strings and typically Brazilian vocal harmonies of "Juras".
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 in stock $9.59
The Bucovina Club Years (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: AYCD 38. Rel: 19 Mar 18
  1. Shantel & Tropkillaz - "Rayah"
  2. Bucovina (Haaksman & Haaksman Soca Bogle mix)
  3. Shantel & Mahala Rai Banda - "Mahalageasca" (Shantel dub)
  4. Shantel & Fanfare Ciocarlia - "Ailili" (Shantel dub)
  5. Turkish Girl
  6. Shantel & Fanfare Ciocarlia - "Iag Bari" (Shantel dub)
  7. Hava Is The Future
  8. Ramallah Beat
  9. Shantel & Goran Bregovic - "Gas Gas Gas" (Shantel dub)
  10. Shantel & Jewish Monkeys - "JM Fever" (Shantel dub)
  11. Borino Oro
  12. Shantel & Amsterdam Klezmer Band - "Buchalter Joint" (Shantel dub)
  13. Bucovina
  14. Dunarea
  15. Shantel & Mahala Rai Banda - "Iest Sexy" (Shantel dub)
  16. Butterflies Dub
  17. Ya Raya
  18. Bucovina (Ian Oliver radio mix)
  19. Shantel & Amsterdam Klezmer Band - "Sadagora Hot Dub" (Shantel dub)
  20. Shantel & Binder & Kriegelstein - "Wir Wissen Nicht" (Shantel dub)
  21. Shantel & Boban Markovic Orkestar - "Disko" (Friends Of Boban mix)
  22. Shantel & Taraf De Haidouks - "Corolina" (Shantel dub)
  23. Shantel & DJ Click Vs Shantel - "Inel Inel De Aur" (Shantel dub)
  24. Shantel & Bucovina Club Okestar - "Ciganka Medley"
  25. Dimineta
  26. Shantel & Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - "Da Zna Zora" (Shantel dub)
  27. Shantel & Taraf De Haidouks - "Duba Duba Shora"
  28. Shantel & Vienna Phil Banda - "Yalla Habibi" (Maxglaner Reload - Shantel dub)
  29. Shantel & Baba Zula - "Kisaltmalar" (Limoncu version)
  30. Shantel & Jewish Monkeys & Boom Pam - "Bucovia Kosher Nostra Mix"
  31. Shantel & Zdob Si Zdub - "Boo Nika Bate Doba" (Shantel dub)
  32. Shantel & Senor Coconut - "Bucovia" (Cumbia mix)
  33. Shantel & Dissidenten - "Telephone Arab" (Shantel dub)
  34. Bucovina (Omfo dub)
 in stock $20.90
Cat: EUCD 2485. Rel: 19 Mar 18
  1. Wula
  2. Aline Sitoe Diatta
  3. Gummal Sa Bopp
  4. Fentangya
  5. On Verra
  6. Fall
  7. Maki
  8. Doole
  9. Sinaya
  10. Malouya
  11. Africa Moo Baalu
 in stock $8.42
Cat: STRUT 166CD. Rel: 19 Mar 18
  1. Island In The Sun
  2. New Dawn
  3. I'm Gonna Unmask The Batman
  4. I’ll Wait For You
 in stock $11.33
Drank (CD)
Cat: BFCD 067. Rel: 19 Mar 18
  1. Rabbot Ho (Chopnotslop remix)
  2. Drink Dat (feat Wiz Khalifa - Chopnotslop remix)
  3. Lava Lamp (Chopnotslop remix)
  4. Weakstyle (Chopnotslop remix)
  5. Show You The Way (feat Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins - Chopnotslop remix)
  6. Where I'm Going (Chopnotslop remix)
  7. Tokyo (Chopnotslop remix)
  8. Uh Uh (Chopnotslop remix)
  9. Inferno (Chopnotslop remix)
  10. Them Changes (Chopnotslop remix)
  11. I Am Crazy (Chopnotslop remix)
  12. 3AM (Chopnotslop remix)
  13. Jethro (Chopnotslop remix)
  14. The Turn Down (feat Pharrell - Chopnotslop remix)
  15. Walk On By (feat Kendrick Lamar - Chopnotslop remix)
  16. Day & Night (Chopnotslop remix)
  17. A Fan's Mail (Tron Song Suite II) (Chopnotslop remix)
  18. Jameel's Space Ride (Chopnotslop remix)
  19. Captain Stupido (Chopnotslop remix)
  20. Friend Zone (Chopnotslop remix)
  21. Bus In These Streets (Chopnotslop remix)
  22. DUI (Chopnotslop remix)
  23. Blackkk (Chopnotslop remix)
  24. Drunk (Chopnotslop remix)
Review: Under the Chopstars alias, DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C have become famous for delivering pitched-down, chopped-and-screwed versions of albums by Drake and Little Dragon, amongst others. Now the Houston duo has given Thundercat's brilliant 2017 set Drunk the same treatment, and it may well be their finest work to date. Their method was simple: radically slow down each of the album tracks, add their own production touches and re-cast the notoriously eclectic album as a blazed, loved-up journey through smooth soul and '70s style "quiet storm" R&B. It's a relatively radical departure - in the case of some tracks, at the very least - but works magnificently well. Remarkably, it's almost as good as Thundercat's original - and that's saying something.
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 in stock $11.04
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This Week: Funk Soul & Jazz

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