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Combat (7")
Cat: SD 45S007. Rel: 16 Dec 19
  1. Combat (2:47)
  2. The Lovers Revenge (3:41)
 in stock $11.12
Combat (coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: SD 45S007C. Rel: 16 Dec 19
  1. Combat (2:46)
  2. The Lovers Revenge (3:41)
Review: Dirty Harry is a real maestro with his MPC and after too long without hearing from him, he is now back on the buttons and seemingly in fine form. The London born artist is a real jazz, rap and funk veteran with years of knowledge and he brings all that to the table each and every time. His frequent collaborator is Nat Lover, whom he met while travelling in New Zealand, and together they deliver some real rawness here. "Combat" is a flurry of chords, scratching and New York street breaks that hits hard and "The Lovers Revenge" carries on in much the same fashion.
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Gespielt von: Voodoocuts
 in stock $13.11
Funk Originals
  1. Grand Slam - "Get On Down" (4:10)
  2. Grand Mothers Funck - "The Dog" (Throw Me A Bone mix) (3:16)
  3. Nasa Funk - "Stand Up" (3:36)
  4. A Man About A Dog - "Pollos" (3:23)
Review: Perennial party boosters, Breakbeat Paradise dive into spring with a fire quartet of modern funk. With bands repping across Europe, it's a global groove affair as longstanding German funkateers buss up big boogie hooks on "Get On Down", Swiss soulboys Grand Mothers Funck up the tempo with the sweaty floor-focussed groove of "The Dog" and Nasa Funk fly the p-funk flag so hard and proud they need a new pole. UK's A Man About A Dog rips up the finale with a scratched-out Latin heater. Original.
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Gespielt von: TOSSES, TURNTILL
 in stock $8.55
Ballroom Edits One
Ballroom Edits One (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: APRIBA 001. Rel: 11 Jan 21
  1. Joi La Frique - "Family Rally" (5:40)
  2. Beard In Dust - "Calypso Boy" (6:01)
  3. Nonna Fab - "Tension (Release mix)" (6:35)
  4. Lancaster Bomber - "African Sauna" (7:11)
Review: The Apricot Ballroom crew are operating out of Sheffield and carrying the torch from the foundational work of David Mancuso's Loft parties and similarly spirited affairs like Lucky Cloud. Now they launch a label loaded with smoking hot edits that very much speak to the vibe of their parties - rich, warm 70s grooves that spring from the staple sounds of disco into cool, slick and psychedelic spheres. First up is Joi La Frique with the French flair of 'Family Rally', while Beard In Dust lays down some heavy slapping, cowbell toting funk with 'Calypso Boy'. On the flip, Nonna Fab ups the boogie mood with some nasty Moog action on 'Tension (Release Mix)' before Lancaster Bomber whips up a proto house storm with 'African Sauna'.
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 in stock $11.40
High Costa Living
Cat: CLMN 163. Rel: 12 Apr 19
  1. High Costa Living (3:37)
  2. Grab A Soda (3:12)
 in stock $7.42
Better Time Of Day
Cat: AK 1214. Rel: 04 Jan 19
  1. Better Time Of Day (part 1) (2:38)
  2. Better Time Of Day (part 2) (3:07)
 in stock $12.53
Ohh Yeah!
Ohh Yeah! (7")
Cat: AKD 1217. Rel: 04 Jan 19
  1. Ohh Yeah! (part 1) (3:29)
  2. Ohh Yeah! (part 2) (3:37)
$12.53 SAVE 40%
 in stock $7.53
Makom Ma Bobe
Cat: KALITA 12014. Rel: 13 Mar 20
  1. Makom Ma Bobe (4:28)
  2. Makom Ma Bobe (Mendel edit) (5:46)
Review: Kalita are excited to announce as their second release of 2020, the first ever official re-release of Cameroonian singer Jeannette N'Diaye's 1981 disco masterpiece 'Makom Ma Bobe', backed by an extended edit courtesy of Mendel! Originally appearing as one of three tracks on 'Mut'a Mbamba', her 1981 single released on Cameroonian producer Jojo Ngalle's record label Disques Jojo, 'Makom Ma Bobe' has recently exploded as one of the most sought-after Afro-disco records out there, with prices becoming ever exceedingly eye-watering and copies ever harder to find. Now Kalita come to the rescue, offering a loud and remastered 12" single for all. If that wasn't enough, the single is also backed by an extended edit of 'Makom Ma Bobe', courtesy of Netherlands-based DJ and producer Mendel! It's fast, it's euphoric and it's lasers are to die for. What more could you want?
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 in stock $15.10
Cadillac Annie (Record Store Day 2020)
  1. Cadillac Annie (2:41)
  2. Tired Blood (3:05)
 in stock $11.97
This Ain't Work Pt 2
This Ain't Work Pt 2 (limited 7")
Cat: KU 080. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. This Ain't Work (part 2) (2:28)
  2. Coming Down (1:24)
  3. RTA (4:17)
Review: The New Mastersounds are Simon Allen on drums, Eddie Roberts on guitar, Pete Shand on bass and Bob Birch on organ and piano, and for year snow they have been one of the tightest funk bands around. Mixing raw talent and an unrivalled love of funk, they mix up classic know how with new school thinking. This 45 shows plenty of influences form library sounds to gangster style funk with yacht rock and jazz also thrown in. The synths and guitars interplay to perfection and ensure dance floors will be in raptures when they hear this one.
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 in stock $10.25
Shake It
Shake It (7")
Cat: CRNMS 001. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Shake It (feat Lamar Williams Jr) (3:01)
  2. Permission To Land (feat Jeff Franca) (3:09)
 in stock $11.68
Atomic Kenny
Cat: FF45 009. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. Atomic Kenny (3:19)
  2. Atomic Stezo (4:03)
 in stock $12.53
A Little Bit Of Jazz
Cat: PRL 612. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. A Little Bit Of Jazz
  2. Space Age
 in stock $12.83
I Can't Keep Crying
Cat: FTSR 008. Rel: 11 Oct 18
  1. I Can't Keep Crying (3:49)
  2. I Can't Keep Crying (Instrumetal) (3:09)
 in stock $11.68
Shoreza Inyange (reissue)
Shoreza Inyange (reissue) (7" in custom made sleeve)
Cat: AFR7 712. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Shoreza Inyange (5:03)
  2. Amayaya (4:41)
 in stock $10.84
Ach Boze Zvedni Telefon (My God Has A Telephone)
Cat: MMR 002. Rel: 19 Mar 20
  1. Ach, Boze Zvedni Telefon (My God Has A Telephone) (3:41)
  2. Ach, Boze Zvedni Telefon (My God Has A Telephone) (instrumental) (3:40)
 in stock $18.24
Cafua (7")
Cat: BRZ45 074. Rel: 20 Nov 19
  1. Nonato & Seu Conjunto - "Cafua" (2:22)
  2. Jose Roberto - "Crioula Multicolorida" (3:12)
 in stock $10.25
Nootkatone (12")
Cat: NOOTKATONE 01. Rel: 22 Jun 20
  1. All I Want (3:43)
  2. Groove Invasion (4:01)
  3. La Vache (4:34)
  4. Walk On The Beat (4:35)
$15.39 SAVE 25%
 in stock $11.55
We The People
Cat: SG 062. Rel: 20 Dec 18
  1. We, The People (3:23)
  2. Free Yourself (4:21)
$11.97 SAVE 40%
 in stock $7.18
The Sculptor
The Sculptor (limited 7") (1 per customer)
Cat: DJSCH 02. Rel: 13 Jun 19
  1. The Rebel - "The Sculptor" (feat Illspokinn) (3:14)
  2. Nickodemus - "The Sculptor" (B-Boy mix) (2:57)
 in stock $15.10
Latin Fever Vol 1
  1. Luchito Rodriguez - "Hey Guajira Baby" (3:10)
  2. Luchito Rodriguez - "Vacilon" (2:17)
  3. Nestor Alvarez - "Lupita" (3:07)
  4. Nestor Alvarez - "Bang The Bongo" (2:52)
Review: The Original Gravity label's latest must-check missive is unusual, featuring as it does four tracks squeezed on to one limited edition seven-inch single. As the title suggests, it's Latin-themed, with two artists (overseen by Welwyn Garden City-based producer Neil Henderson) delivering two sweaty South American funk workouts apiece. Luchito Rodriguez handles side A, delivering the Tito Puente style mambo brilliance of "Hey Guajira Baby" and the insatiable, fienishly fuzzy Latin funk/boogaloo business that is "Vacilon". Over on the flip, Nestor Alvarez first offers up a beefed-up, bass-heavy taken on a familiar mambo favourite ("Lupita"), before sprinting towards heavy Latin funk territory on the insatiable "Bang The Bongo".
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 in stock $16.82
Express Yourself (remastered)
 in stock $11.97
Ultimo Trem (Record Store Day 2020)
Ultimo Trem (Record Store Day 2020) (limited red vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: FARO 217LP. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Abertura: Minas (5:55)
  2. Ponte De Areia (5:55)
  3. Povo Da Raca Brasil (5:29)
  4. A Viagem (4:11)
  5. Encontros E Despedidas (2:09)
  6. A Lua Girou (3:34)
  7. Bicho Homen (2:26)
  8. Decreto (2:37)
  9. Olha D'agua (4:32)
  10. Ultimo Trem (2:32)
  11. E Dai? (1:55)
  12. Saidas E Bandeiras (5:12)
  13. O Velho (5:39)
  14. Bola De Meia Bola De Gude (2:51)
  15. Oracao (1:31)
  16. Itamarandiba (2:47)
  17. Roupa Nova (5:22)
  18. Ponte De Areia (4:16)
Review: Brazilian songwriter Milton Nascimento has a remarkable catalogue behind him, beginning in the late 60s and running continuously since. Originally released alongside the recently repressed Maria Maria, here the 2002 album Ultimo Trem (Last Train) stands on its own as a startlingly beautiful body of work steeped in Brazilian folk. There are tracks that drift through scenes with expressive ease, such as the spellbinding acoustic suite "A Viagem". The haunting grace of "A Lua Girou" will stay with you long after the last note plays, and so runs an album packed throughout with such moments.
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 in stock $22.79
Navarro Con Polenta (reissue)
Navarro Con Polenta (reissue) (LP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALT 011. Rel: 23 Dec 20
  1. Black Dog (4:42)
  2. Vamos Quedando Pocos (5:50)
  3. Lucky Southern (4:36)
  4. Repartamos El Funky (4:38)
  5. Funk Yourself (4:29)
  6. Great George (7:09)
  7. Despues De La Polenta (8:30)
Review: It's hard to talk about anything other than the electrifying intensity Jorge Navarro's music manages to hit, no matter what the beginning of the track sounded like. A master of funk, he's among the most significant artists to help shape and direct jazz in Argentina, taking up responsibility for his homeland's mood, timing and rhythmic personality from the 1950s onwards, with this seven-track album arguably the most definitive Navarro moments, not least given the meaning of its title.

An expression used to describe something with great energy or strength, at this point in his career the aficionado had just spent a few years in the US, and the inspiration from that trip, the ideas and jumping off points were distilled into this record. Hence its remarkable immediacy and captivating sense of spontaneity.
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 in stock $28.79
Asfalto Selvagem (Soundtrack) (reissue)
Cat: MAR 31. Rel: 05 Nov 20
  1. Asfalto Selvagem (1:58)
  2. Assanhadina (Samba) (2:14)
  3. Tema 1 (2:06)
  4. Porque Brigamos (2:34)
  5. Tema 2 (0:55)
  6. Cafe Samba (3:01)
  7. Tema 3 (1:03)
  8. Cha-Cha-Cha Pra Drois (3:47)
  9. Engracadinha (Samba) (2:00)
  10. Suicidio (Fantasia) (1:30)
  11. Meu Rio Maravilhoso (Samba) (3:01)
  12. Tema 4 (1:04)
  13. Leticia (Cha-Cha-Cha) (2:35)
  14. Tema 5 (1:08)
  15. Um Olhar Assim (Fox) (2:27)
  16. Tema 6 (2:21)
 in stock $29.07
Backstreet Brit Funk Vol 2: Part 1
Cat: ZEDDLP 044. Rel: 29 Jun 18
  1. Rick Clarke - "Potion" (6:01)
  2. Savanna - "I Can't Turn Away" (5:36)
  3. Proton - "We're Funkin'" (5:48)
  4. The Oceans - "Pacific Dream" (5:47)
  5. Kandidate - "Girls Girls Girls" (3:46)
  6. The Paul Bailey Sound - "Take A Walk In The Moonlight" (6:03)
  7. Janet Kay - "Eternally Grateful" (unreleased mix) (8:57)
  8. Veira Krew - "Sexy Lady" (5:29)
  9. Rare Moods - "Closer To Your Love" (4:39)
  10. Powerline - "Watching You" (4:56)
Gespielt von: JimmyTheTwin
 in stock $23.37
Be Yourself
Cat: KU 038. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. This Ain't Work (part 1) (3:09)
  2. Your Love Is Mine (feat Corinne Bailey Rae) (5:12)
  3. Can't Hold Me Down (3:02)
  4. Be Yourself (4:00)
  5. You've Had It All (1:55)
  6. Six Underground (4:20)
  7. Better Off Dead (4:18)
  8. Do What You Gonna Do (3:29)
  9. Idle Time (feat LSK) (4:59)
 in stock $21.95
Shake It
Shake It (LP)
Cat: ONRLP 024. Rel: 12 Sep 19
  1. Shake It (2:59)
  2. Let's Go Back (3:46)
  3. Love They Deserve (3:34)
  4. Taking Me Down (4:44)
  5. Too Late To Worry (5:48)
  6. Layin' Low (3:22)
  7. Live Life Free (3:31)
  8. Kings & Queens (3:01)
  9. Permission To Land (feat Jeff Franca) (3:07)
  10. On The Up (SKA) (3:14)
  11. Lovely Daze (5:22)
Review: Few do funky soul jazz sessions as well as The New Mastersounds, who first formed in Leeds in 1999 and have gone on to be regulars at the Jazz Cafe as well as New Orleans' annual Jazz Fest. Late last year in Denver, the band linked up with vocalist Lamar Williams Jr (son of the late Allman Brothers bassist Lamar Williams) to record this high class album of soulful horns, live drums and heartfelt vocals, all finished off with percussion by Thievery Corporation's Jeff Franca. Digging deep into the history of funk while also looking to a new paradigm, "Shake It" is an album of feel-good emotions that make a lasting impression.
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 in stock $18.81
NOW Is The Time
NOW Is The Time (2xLP + 2xCD + book)
Cat: WARPLP 248X. Rel: 13 Jun 14
  1. Dextrous (JD Twitch Optimo remix)
  2. Biofeedback (Morgan Geist remix)
  3. A Case Of Funk (Loco Dice remix)
  4. Aftermath (LFO remix)
  5. Aftermath (Special Request remix)
  6. Aftermath (Acid Monday remix)
  7. Burn Me Slo (feat OC)
  8. Keep On (feat De La Soul - 86 In It mix)
  9. Gambia Via Vagator Beach (Mr Scruff remix)
  10. Survival Dub
  11. Hiyaself
  12. Da Mess Sticks
  13. Da Feelin (Hungry Ghost remix)
  14. Now Is The Time (Ashley Beedle Warbox dubplate special)
  15. You Wish
  16. Mind Eye
  17. Argha Noah
  18. Calling
  19. Dreddoverboard
  20. Thinking Of Omara
  21. Be There
  22. Les Nuits
  23. Morse
  24. I Am You (live in Chicago)
  25. Passion
  26. Give Thx
  27. 195 lbs
  28. 70s 80s
  29. Flip Ya Lid
  30. Be, I Do
  31. (Man) Tha Journey
  32. Now Is The Time
  33. Bless My Soul
  34. Da Feelin
  35. African Pirates
  36. Mega Donutz
  37. Mission Venice
  38. Dextrous
  39. Aftermath
  40. I'm For Real
  41. Set Me Free (Piano dub)
  42. Nights Interlude
Review: Amazingly, it's 25 years since George 'E.A.S.E' Evelyn and then production partner Kevin 'Boy Wonder' Harper sat down and recorded "Dextrous", their monstrous, bleep-era classic on Warp. A quarter of a century later, Evelyn is still going strong, though the grooves have mellowed a lot in that time. Here, Warp celebrate the producer's epic career with a much-deserved retrospective. All the familiar favourites are present, from the rush-inducing thrill of early dancefloor smashers "I'm For Real" and "Aftermath", to the sinewy downtempo goodness of the decidedly Balearic "Les Nuits", the blazed hip-hop dub of "195 Llbs" and stoner soul of "70s 80s".
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 in stock $53.58
Party Beats (reissue)
Party Beats (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: BBE 551ALP. Rel: 25 Jun 19
  1. Time For Fun (6:00)
  2. Love Vibration (5:02)
  3. Be My Lady (7:16)
  4. Highlife Makossa (5:34)
  5. You'll Be Already (With My Love) (5:59)
  6. Party Beats (6:31)
 in stock $21.66
Bailalo Duro
Bailalo Duro (limited LP)
Cat: PR 003LP. Rel: 07 Dec 20
  1. Ya Llego (3:29)
  2. Bailalo Duro (4:25)
  3. La Confianza (5:24)
  4. Gente De Buena Onda (5:03)
  5. Este Bolsillo (4:11)
  6. Cacerolazo (4:27)
  7. Paisano (feat Mamani Keita) (3:58)
  8. Mujer Hermana (feat Pedro Ojeda) (5:25)
 in stock $18.53
Sweet Funk Music (reissue)
Cat: JETRECORDS 001LP. Rel: 21 Jan 20
  1. Call A Spade A Spade (6:05)
  2. Married Life (6:33)
  3. Forgiveness (6:20)
  4. No Wrong Show (5:43)
  5. Love Of Parents (6:14)
  6. People In The World (2:55)
$28.23 SAVE 25%
 in stock $21.17
My Own Thing
My Own Thing (hand-numbered gatefold LP with obi-strip + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: NA 5169LP. Rel: 29 Jun 18
  1. Born Free - "I Don't Know" (4:29)
  2. Born Free - "Come Back To Me" (4:47)
  3. Born Free - "My Dear Girl" (3:08)
  4. Born Free - "Messed Day" (4:16)
  5. Born Free - "Mad Man" (2:36)
  6. Born Free - "Mwana" (4:25)
  7. Mike Nyoni - "SM" (4:12)
  8. Mike Nyoni - "My Own Thing (Nyoni's Thing)" (5:43)
  9. Mike Nyoni - "Coming Home" (4:49)
  10. Mike Nyoni - "It's Only A Dream" (3:55)
  11. Mike Nyoni - "Soweto" (4:05)
 in stock $57.00
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