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Back Catalogue: Folk/Americana

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Wanderer (CD)
Cat: WIGCD 435. Rel: 05 Oct 18
  1. Wanderer
  2. In Your Face
  3. You Get
  4. Woman
  5. Horizon
  6. Stay
  7. Black
  8. Robbin Hood
  9. Nothing Really Matters
  10. Me Voy
  11. Wanderer/Exit
Review: It seems everyone has their own story when it comes to Cat Power; from first albums purchased, to seeing her perform live on stage with a broken ankle, all the while never ceasing to maintain her blissful air of elegance and withdrawn charisma. Chan Marshall's latest album, six years from her last, provides her debut on Domino, bringing with it three defining aspects, most notably a collaboration with Lana Del Rey on title track "Woman". A Rihanna cover version of "Stay" also makes an appearance mid-way through while tinges of auto-tune inside "Horizon" only add to her continuous extension of folky, blues & roots Americana.
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Cat: DECOR 46CD. Rel: 06 Feb 19
  1. Cheer Up Charley
  2. The Imperial
  3. Where Are You Sonny?
  4. Let's Be Us Again
  5. Roll Back My Life
  6. Eddie & Polly
  7. Holly The Hustle
  8. That Old Haunted Place
  9. He Don't Burn For Me
  10. Waiting On The Blue
Review: As we tick over in 2019 it's been some five years since the release of The Delines' lauded debut album Colfax. The six-piece did come out with the The Scenic Sessions in 2015, and while its members have simultaneously remained active pursuing music elsewhere, there's no denying this Imperial album is what everyone's been waiting for. With swathes of piano keys and strings adding the country blues melancholia of the music, the album paints a picture of times in transitional seasons, maybe somewhere in the midwest; be it winter-to-spring or summer-to-autumn. The slow swaggered back-beat of "Where Are You Sonny?" is a real whiskey soaker, while the emotional twang of "Roll Back My Life" should strike a chord or two, too. Hit dem blues.
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Crack Up (CD)
Cat: 007559 7937336. Rel: 16 Jun 17
  1. I Am All That I Need/Arroyo Seco/Thumbprint Scar
  2. Cassius
  3. Naiads, Cassadies
  4. Kept Woman
  5. Third Of May/Odaigahara
  6. If You Need To, Keep Time On Me
  7. Mearcstapa
  8. On Another Ocean (January/June)
  9. Fool's Errand
  10. I Should See Memphis
  11. Crack-Up
Review: It was a precipitous climb from obscurity to indie rock royalty for Fleet Foxes, and some might view their most recent five year absence as wise given the pressure they felt following up the harmony-laden and heartwarming strains of their debut. Yet longterm fans of Robin Pecknold's bunch of bookish aesthetes will rejoice as 'Crack Up' is every bit as deliriously wrought with heavenly melody, as rich in autumnal melancholy and as overloaded with symbolism and cerebral reference points as anything they might have hoped for - now as ever, Fleet Foxes set the standards for the sound of the more overgrown quarters of bohemia.
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Designer (CD)
Cat: 4AD 0102CD. Rel: 26 Apr 19
  1. Fixture Picture
  2. Designer
  3. Zoo Eyes
  4. Treasure
  5. The Barrel
  6. Damn
  7. Weight Of The Planets
  8. Heaven Is Empty
  9. Pilot
Review: To live a life with harmony is some of the first lyrics spent on Aldous Harding's anticipated Designer album, and she gives us plenty here. Easy going '90s coastal pop nostalgia is subtly blended into folky storytelling of up-front, breathy vocals, strumming and finger picked guitars, to acoustic drums and various strokes of piano. Patti Smith influences, to Nico, Kate Bush and even Cat Power similarities and inspirations are there to be found on this LP too. And with the New Zealand singer-songwriter already making quite the impression with her Party LP from two years ago, her debut on the always impressing 4AD, this sophomore album looks to conjure up more of her sweet and dreamy flow yet.
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Cat: MI 0545CD. Rel: 05 Jul 19
  1. Free Of The Feeling (feat Lucius)
  2. Shoulder Charge (feat Lucius)
  3. Old Fear Of Father
  4. Footfall To The Path
  5. Death Row
  6. Red White & Black
  7. 01 Tear
  8. All Time Low
  9. Outside Of Eden (feat Kate Stables & Justis)
  10. Passage's End
  11. Time Capsule
Review: On her fifth solo album, singer and songwriter Jesca Hoop teams up with UK producer John Parish, best known for his work with singer-songwriter PJ Harvey. "Stonechild" marks a slight sonic seachange here with the American arguably delivering her quietest, most contemplative studio work yet. Cryptic confessionals, fabled tales and spiritual expression are just some of the more subdued themes that come up across these 11 songs, and with environmental concerns and emotional harmonies both voiced through vocals and guitars, Jesca Hoop lacks no fear in chronicling her take of exploring the depths of one's own abyss.
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Cat: COUNTCD 134. Rel: 02 Mar 18
  1. Gabriel
  2. Brand New Start
  3. Know Who You Are At Every Age
  4. Dinner At Eight
  5. Morning Theft
  6. Ingenue
  7. God Bless The Child
  8. Halo
  9. Old Man's Back Again
  10. Wild Is The Wind
  11. Dream Letter
  12. La Ritournelle
Review: Ninja Tune offshoot Counter Records recently described singer-songwriter Jono McCleery - a regular support act for label stalwart Fink during his live tours - as "one of British music's best-kept secrets". If this sublime new album (his first since 2015) is anything to go by, McCleery's talents won't be hidden for much longer. Stripped back and atmospheric, Seeds of Dandelion sees McCleery and his trusty guitar accompanied by little more than an occasional string quartet. Combined with McCleery's superb lyrics and impassioned, quietly soulful vocal delivery, the result is a folksy set packed to the rafters with gently arresting highlights. While his own compositions are rarely less than superb, it's his closing cover version of Sebastien Tellier's downtempo classic "La Ritournelle" - McCleery somehow making a beautiful track even more poignant - that hits home hardest.
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Cat: 093624 911388. Rel: 08 Sep 17
  1. Pocahontas
  2. Powderfinger
  3. Captain Kennedy
  4. Hawaii
  5. Give Me Strength
  6. Ride My Llama
  7. Hitchhiker
  8. Campaigner
  9. Human Highway
  10. The Old Country Waltz
Review: Following the indignant and charged agenda of 2016's 'Peace Trail', Neil Young has changed tack in releasing this fascinating collection of unheard material. As opposed to his usual polemical protest, 'Hitchhiker' provides refreshing and necessary solace from the increasingly insane zeitgeist. Recorded over one night in 1976 with Young's then-producer David Briggs, this previously unreleased set is thoroughly engaging through its purity and presence. The closeness with which the two worked together is audible through Briggs' intimate production, and this rediscovered gem serves to prove Young's continuing relevance and could provide an engaging introduction to a new generation of fans.
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Back Catalogue: Folk/Americana
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