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Experimental/Electronic vinyl represses and restocks
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1127 (LP)
Cat: NP 46. Rel: 23 Apr 24
Zooify (feat Premise & Cult Of Z Cheeky Yet Chic) (4:21)
Hyperfals(E)xoteric@iro (feat Concrete Shapes) (2:37)
1446 (4:52)
III Aeish Fi Jilbab Abi (feat Min Alyamin Lilshamali) (2:53)
302 Steps Towards Decadence 4 Dummies (2:38)
Complexity Induced Amnesia (feat Altaeqid Nisak & Albasha Daghaf) (2:01)
Ghalebny (3:29)
Told My AI Female Companion That Im Enjoying This V Generous Selection Of Fancy Conveniences (feat Transient Pleasure & SiliconValidity.io) (4:32)
Innocent Complicity (feat MinusDesire) (1:58)
165000 (feat Caironomixx) (2:39)
Mawawheel Aka PreEternal Poems Are My Alltime Fav Raps (feat Conclusion & Safwat) (2:54)
Post-unprecedented Creativity Causing Me An Awful Deal Of Stomach Paynn (feat Emna Maaref & Mounir@) (3:28)
 in stock $30.13
No Ordinary Love (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: PMKA 1008. Rel: 13 May 24
No Ordinary Love (4:22)
Let Go (4:13)
Review: Japanese stars Akiko and Yukihiro Fukutomi came together to cover SADE's anthem several years ago but it now makes its way back to fresh wax courtesy of Record Store Day 2024. They infused it with dark, mysterious jazz and contemporary influences and Akiko's enigmatic vocals intertwine flawlessly with the minimalist arrangement. On the B-side, their original 'let GO' offers a spiritual journey through dub-techno realms where the synergy between Akiko's emotive delivery and Fukutomi's masterful production creates a captivating sound. This release epitomises the pair's creative chemistry and innovative approach to blending diverse musical elements into a seamless, immersive new realm.
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 in stock $18.25
Patterns Of Consciousness
Patterns Of Consciousness (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: IMPREC 449. Rel: 27 Apr 17
This Causes Consciousness To Fracture (14:42)
TCCTF (8:03)
Information Needed To Create An Entire Body (6:35)
INTCAEB (9:07)
Scratches On The Readable Surface (5:56)
SOTRS (9:23)
Gravity That Binds (15:39)
Gespielt von: Ciel
 in stock $38.05
The Mountains Pass
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 117. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Northward (2:33)
The Hermit's Peak (12:31)
Violet-Green (9:19)
F2754 (6:20)
Ungulates (3:13)
Review: Olivia Block is back with an album that it is fair to say is her best as well as most ambitious and rewarding to date. The Mountain Pass is a compelling new work from the artist who is a key part of Chicago's vibrant experimental music scene and has been since the late 90s. She has proven prolific over the years and always fuses practices from the musique concrete tradition with her own sense of studio improv, sound installations and orchestral pieces. This album was recorded by Greg Norman at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio and is the result of distilling works made over the course of three years. They find Block head into all new terrain, at times zoning out with neo-classical bliss, at others working you into a freeform jazz and noise frenzy.
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 in stock $27.23
Black Metal 2
Cat: RT 0253CD. Rel: 22 Oct 21
Dash Snow
La Raza
Nil By Mouth
The Rot
Review: Dean Blunt is nothing short of an enigma. Whether you're reading one of his interviews of few words, listening to the records that seem to both celebrate the avant-garde and obsess over it, or watching him descend into strange, otherworldly cacophonies on stage, usually shrouded in smoke, he's never really been an easy guy to pin down. And that's exactly what he's always been going for.

It's something of a surprise, then, to learn that Black Metal 2, the long-awaited, seven years in the making sequel to his critically acclaimed Black Metal, is actually pretty straight forward. In a Dean Blunt kind of way. Opening on the compressed strings and near-spoken word of 'Vigil', the record takes us into the deep dark depths of strange, hook-fuelled guitar poetry, and we never want to find our way back.
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 in stock $10.57
Our Love
Our Love (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: SLANG 50070LP. Rel: 01 Oct 14
Can't Do Without You
All I Ever Need
Our Love
Second Chance
Julia Brightly
Back Home
Your Love Will Set You Free
Review: Some four years after Swims brought the work of Dan Snaith to the attention of a whole new audience, the London-based Canadian artist returns with a sixth Caribou album entitled Our Love. Staunch followers of Caribou will know that Snaith tends to adopt different sonic approaches with every long player (compare the psychedelia of Up In Flames with the more spaced out Andorra) but this latest album feels like a natural development of the club influenced sounds of Swims. City Slang call it Snaith's most soulful set yet, and that's certainly helped by the presence of compatriot Jessy Lanza, and like all Caribou albums there is something new that appeals with every listen.
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 in stock $20.62
The Midas Touch
The Midas Touch (limited 12")
Cat: SC 1229. Rel: 19 May 22
Alpine Plant (6:10)
Back In My Arms (5:32)
Midas Touch (6:18)
Still Life (6:10)
Le Train (3:21)
Something Is Technically Wrong (5:30)
 in stock $24.31
Chopping Mall (Soundtrack) (Remastered)
Cat: WW 005CD. Rel: 15 May 23
Main Title
Come Out & Play
Do They Kill Cockroaches?
Shopping Death
Burning Terror
Running Rampant
Fergie's Dead!
The One In The Middle
Crawling Around
Love Theme
End Title
Have A Nice Day!
Chopping Mall Suite
 in stock $17.45
Defragmentierte Assoziationen
Cat: ABST 035. Rel: 30 Nov 23
User-Agent Googlebot (4:43)
Dunkelflaute (5:55)
Ignore Ignorieren Delete Loschen Delete (4:40)
Smart Telekinese (6:06)
Griesel (5:55)
Neuwin Kur Komplex (5:35)
Doppel Jersey (8:22)
Data Morgana (2:52)
 in stock $26.96
Adieux Au Dancefloor
Adieux Au Dancefloor (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: CITI 021. Rel: 03 Oct 16
I Dedicate My Life (5:50)
Interfaces (4:45)
Naive To The Bone (4:06)
Denial (4:03)
La Femme Ecarlate (3:47)
Good Vibes (Mocking Birds) (4:54)
Inferno (4:58)
Planete Ego (6:33)
Adieu Au Dancefloor (6:01)
Review: Given the underground acclaim heaped on Marie Davidson's previous albums - ultra-stylish affairs that blend elements of minimal wave, dark Italo-disco, off-kilter electro and moody ambient - it's little surprise to see her popping up on Minimal Wave offshoot Cititrax. The album's nine tracks are largely sharp, rough and fuzzy, with sparse-but-dense drum machines rhythms underpinning bouncy, delay-laden synth lines, thrusting electronics and Davidson's sleazy, spoken word vocals. It's an attractive combination that guarantees thrills throughout, from the almost claustrophobic throb of "Denial", to the mutant electrofunk bounce of "Good Vibes".
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 in stock $26.18
Code & Melody
Cat: ARBITRARY 20CD. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Between The Click & The Hush
Hot Stove Conciousness
Going Up The Going Down
Serotonin Seeker
Four Humans & A Rope
Sample The World
Harder Than Gravity
Beyond Decision
 in stock $13.74
Tracks & Traces
Vamos Companeros
By The Riverside
Luneburg Heath
Sometimes In Autumn
Weird Dream
Les Demoiselles
When Shade Was Born
Gespielt von: Ekoplekz, Resident Advisor
 in stock $17.45
Social Engineering
Social Engineering (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FAIT 36LP. Rel: 23 Apr 24
Social Engineering 1: The Narrative Of The Heritage (2:20)
Social Engineering 2: A Mystery Wants To Be Disclosed (2:58)
Social Engineering 3: ALERT! (2:28)
Social Engineering 4: A Mystery Wants To Be Disclosed, Progressed Version (5:01)
Social Engineering 5: The One-off Opportunity (5:08)
Social Engineering 6: Medical Frivolities (1:49)
Social Engineering 7: A Vague Allegation & The Concrete Blackmail (2:40)
Social Engineering 8: This Is Not A Joke! 1 (0:46)
Social Engineering 9: Sad Self-optimization (3:24)
Social Engineering 10: Incoherent Translation Algorithms (0:40)
Social Engineering 11: BUSINESS (3:47)
Social Engineering 12: This Is Not A Joke! 2 (1:58)
Social Engineering 13: The Polite Threat (1:57)
Review: A fresh and exciting new concept record from ambient master Jan Jelinek; the new LP Social Engineering is made of nothing more than the text-to-speech renderings of the content of phishing emails received in the musician's inbox over an undisclosed period. Over the course of 13 tracks, Jelinek reworks, timestretches, juggles and expands these robotic narrations into speech-synthetic soundscapes, making for a weird and well-paced foray into a certain greyscale sonic unheimlich. Beginning with a Microsoft impersonator and ending on a 'polite threat', Jelinek's latest record presents an ironic conundrum; indeed, Social Engineering presents the only kind of decision under pressure - whether or not to buy ingenious new experimental ambient music - that we can't refuse.
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Gespielt von: Mimi
 in stock $26.70
Ghost In The Shell (Soundtrack)
Cat: WRWTFWW 017. Rel: 10 Jul 17
M01 I - Making Of Cyborg (4:19)
M02 Chosthack (5:14)
EXM Puppetmaster (4:20)
M04 Virtual Crime (2:40)
M05 II - Ghost City (3:39)
M06 Access (3:10)
M07 Nightstalker (1:43)
M08 Floating Museum (5:01)
M09 Ghostdive (5:50)
M10 III - Reincarnation (5:41)
 in stock $22.74
Avenging Angels Of Software
Cat: HRL 010. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Avenging Angels Of Software (5:24)
A Good Machine Is Hard To Find (6:00)
Bot Bottom (5:31)
Reptiles Like It Hot (5:41)
Gespielt von: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock $19.83
Floral Shoppe
Floral Shoppe (pink vinyl LP + poster)
Cat: OESB 92. Rel: 30 May 18
Track 1 (2:31)
Track 2 (5:19)
Track 3 (2:32)
Track 4 (2:01)
Track 5 (3:28)
Track 6 (4:47)
Track 7 (5:37)
Track 8 (1:50)
Track 9 (1:31)
Track 10 (0:53)
Track 11 (1:36)
 in stock $48.63
The Sunset Violent
The Sunset Violent (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 350. Rel: 28 Mar 24
The Trail (2:55)
Dumb Guitar (5:00)
Shipwreck (4:03)
Boxing (feat King Krule) (3:05)
Got Me (2:13)
A Figure In The Surf (4:49)
Fishbrain (4:33)
Yukka Tree (3:22)
Empty & Silent (feat King Krule) (6:09)
 in stock $24.06
Eye For An Eye (reissue)
Eye For An Eye (reissue) (limited LP + 7" + MP3 download code in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: MGARCHIVEVOL 58. Rel: 31 May 23
Eye For An Eye (part 1 - LP) (10:08)
Sub Cahra (part 2) (9:50)
Red Snow (part 2) (2:38)
Eye For An Eye (part 2) (13:47)
Dimashq Frequency (part 1) (5:24)
Red Snow (part 1) (5:46)
Sub Cahra (part 1 - 7") (6:30)
Dimashq Frequency (part 2) (7:26)
Review: Here be another posthumous release by Muslimgauze, the prolific and controversial project of the late Bryn Jones, an obsessive musician who dedicated his life to making music inspired by the struggles and conflicts of the Muslim world. Eye For An Eye was recorded in 1993, around the same time as his classic Veiled Sisters, and features a similar blend of ambient dub and tinkling, wacked-out beats. Nevertheless, its body is simply four long pieces, unfurling subtle changes in rhythm and texture over time. Be thankful for this reissue, as it originally only came out as part of Staalplaat's subscription series.
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 in stock $31.19
Betrayal (remastered)
Cat: SONG 21CD. Rel: 22 Apr 24
 in stock $15.33
Cat: MP 71. Rel: 29 May 24
This Time For Sure
I'm Trying To Be More Positive
Even I Can See This Now
Of Course You Know It All
A Day With Focus
When You Actually Want To Wake Up
Drier Days Ahead
Almost Through
What Kind Of Area
Right Next To Myself
Shared Disorientation
Less Yakkin' More Stackin'
 in stock $14.27
Most But Potentially All
Cat: STSLJN 422LP. Rel: 08 May 24
Most But Potentially All (part 1) (20:28)
Most But Potentially All (part 2) (7:58)
Most But Potentially All (part 3) (7:43)
 in stock $24.59
Again (Blu-ray)
Cat: WARPBR 365. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Oneohtrix Point Never - Again
 in stock $22.74
Edits (reissue)
Edits (reissue) (limited 12")
Cat: LBDISSUES 001RV. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Tropic (Ashley Beedle Africanz On Marz edit) (7:39)
Indicke Meditace (Regular Customer edit) (4:04)
Muj Sampion (Jonny Rock extended edit)
Indicke Meditace (Tasun Reinterpretation)
 in stock $5.81
Hit Parade of Tears
Hit Parade of Tears (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: CDTZ 4047. Rel: 19 Apr 24
You May Dream
Trial Witch
Women & Women
Desperate Wishes
Extraterrestrial Love
Night Picnic
When My Skin Was Still Humming
Full Of Malice
 in stock $19.56
Third (reissue)
Third (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 479761 2. Rel: 20 Jan 17
Silence (4:59)
Hunter (3:56)
Nylon Smile (3:21)
The Rip (4:29)
Plastic (3:29)
We Carry On (6:27)
Deep Water (1:33)
Machine Gun (4:45)
Small (6:52)
Magic Doors (3:34)
Threads (5:40)
 in stock $37.00
Room With A View
Room With A View (2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: IF 1057LP. Rel: 21 May 20
Lucid Dream (4:51)
La Marbrerie (6:20)
Sophora Japonica (2:50)
Ginkgo Biloba (3:28)
Nouveau Monde (6:40)
Room With A View (3:19)
Le Crapaud Dore (3:26)
Liminal Space (3:58)
Human (6:28)
Babel (4:16)
Esperenza (4:21)
Raverie (7:57)
Solastalgia (3:48)
Human (Blogotheque live version) (7:25)
Review: Inspired by the pressing issue of climate change and ecological catastrophe, Rone's latest album grew out of a commission he received from Paris' Theatre du Chatelet to create a live show featuring 20 dancers from the Ballet National de Marseille. Interestingly, he decided to use the show as an excuse to go "back to basics" and create the kind of electronic music he made during the early part of his career. The results are largely impressive, sitting somewhere between synth-wave, IDM, ambient and off-kilter experimentalism. Highlights come thick and fast throughout, from the melodic arpeggio lines and hypnotic grooves of "Nouveau Monde", and the layered haziness of "Room With A View", to the skewed dub techno pulse of "Liminal Space" and the near symphonic bliss of "Babel".
Read more
 in stock $18.77
Future Travel (reissue)
Future Travel (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 120. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Station Oaxaca (LP1) (3:26)
Time Arroyo (5:13)
Corona Dance (4:09)
Nazca Liftoff (2:19)
Desert Night Touch Down (5:10)
Palazzo (13:38)
Nova Wind (9:24)
Future Travel Patterns (LP2) (18:01)
Future Travel MUSIC (22:18)
 in stock $44.40
Bloom (reissue)
Bloom (reissue) (limited 180 gram pink & white split coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SWEATSV 015SPLIT. Rel: 02 Feb 21
Like An Animal
Say A Prayer For Me
You Were Right
Be With You
Tell Me
Until The Sun Needs To Rise
Lose My Head
 in stock $33.83
Esperanto (remastered)
Esperanto (remastered) (LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: WWSLP 43. Rel: 19 Nov 21
A Wongga Dance Song (6:19)
The "Dreaming" (3:29)
A Rain Song (2:32)
Dolphins (3:05)
A Human Tube (4:49)
Adelic Penguins (6:06)
A Carved Stone (8:26)
Ulu Watu (3:44)
 in stock $33.83
Dune (reissue)
Cat: MIG 01640. Rel: 28 May 24
Shadows Of Ignorance
Le Mans (bonus track)
 in stock $20.09
Masters Of All This Hell
Masters Of All This Hell (LP + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ANTI 026LP. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Sharkie (4:47)
5th Of Fireball (5:31)
Messi Alesis (0:25)
Security Challenge (6:02)
Death Perception (3:38)
Livid After Midnight (2:58)
Jogging In Jeans (3:16)
I'm Trying To Watch The Fucking Telly! (3:22)
Zakk Mylde (3:17)
Cyclops Of Weymede (3:48)
Korojekt Laundromat (3:34)
Review: Shit and Shine returns with Masters Of All This Hell, a new electronic LP that showcases Craig Clouse's signature pataphysical and unapologetically free approach to musical composition. This album is a masterclass in surreal collages and idiosyncratic beat-making, offering a distinctive blend of sonic thrills that is both stiflingly lo-fi and refreshingly unembellished. Clouse's latest work shows his unique soundscape that defies conventional electronic music norms. While his music could be classified as techno, it is imbued with the raw, sweaty energy of basement noise. His machines pop and stutter, creating a blown-out fuzz of noise and distortion that feels akin to Green Velvet jamming with Wolf Eyes. Tracks like''Death Perception' feature muffled militaristic snares, queasy reverb, distant vocal echoes, and stabbing bass sounds, creating a dense, immersive experience. 'Jogging in Jeans' is a demented DSP exercise that sounds like it's been left in the washer-dryer for an extra cycle, adding a layer of unpredictability to the album. Even on tracks with more familiar elements, such as 'I'm Trying to Watch the Fucking Telly,' Clouse injects tongue-in-cheek vocal samples and grubby breakdowns that keep the listener on their toes. Masters Of All This Hell is a no-holds-barred exploration of sound, demonstrating Clouse's creativity in blending the surreal with the rhythmic. It's an album that pushes boundaries and challenges listeners.
Read more
 in stock $28.02
Live At Votivkirche Wien
Cat: AMELCD 729. Rel: 08 Jan 24
Waitati Post
Flat & Endless
Cristal Bollore
Review: Way back in 1995, Sun Electric (AKA Berlin-based twosome Tom Thiel and Max Loderbauer) released one of the greatest live ambient albums of all time, the stunning 30.7.94 Live, on R&S offshoot Apollo. Live at Votivkirche Wien is a follow-up of sorts - a previously unreleased recording from 1996 of the pair's show at Vienna's neo-gothic Votivkirche Wien concert hall, at which the duo made great use of the venue's natural reverb. Mixing their usual unfurling melodies and deep space chords with a mixture of gentle beats, sumptuous sound design and dubby basslines, the set ebbs and flows attractively before concluding with an inspired, stretched-out ambient techno re-interpretation of 1994 single 'Aaah!' In a word: brilliant!
Read more
Gespielt von: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $17.45
Tase (LP + sticker in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: FILMLP 004. Rel: 05 Feb 20
Silence (3:46)
New Light (3:43)
Paradise (3:45)
New Jacket (2:38)
The Dog (3:49)
Skateboard (3:36)
Slide (3:37)
Assistent (3:41)
 in stock $22.74
The All American Powerhouse
The All American Powerhouse (heavyeight vinyl LP)
Cat: BEWITH 073LP. Rel: 18 Dec 19
Alan Parker - "Sweeny Todd" (2:06)
Alan Parker - "The Heister" (1:57)
Alan Hawkshaw - "Getaway" (2:39)
Alan Hawkshaw - "Speed Run" (2:27)
Alan Parker - "Pressure Point" (2:58)
Alan Tew - "Grand Central Station" (3:05)
Mike Moran - "The Pick-Up" (2:12)
Les Hurdle - "Soul Train" (4:29)
Alan Hawkshaw - "Smokey Joe" (2:57)
Alan Hawkshaw - "Grit Band Reggae" (3:50)
Keith Roberts - "West Coast Horn" (4:10)
Keith Roberts - "Overide" (3:32)
 in stock $20.62
Stereo Vision
Stereo Vision (unmixed CD)
Cat: UFO 01. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Ashem Vohu
Unravelling II (The Potter Revision)
A Perfect Day For Nudibranch
Object Lesson
In The Garden
Abyssal Spring
 in stock $11.62
Viento Sur
Viento Sur (LP + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: VAMPILP 257. Rel: 12 Apr 22
Guillermo Cazenave - "Mandala Fiel" (2:58)
Adalberto Cevasco - "Comparsa Color De Leon" (2:04)
Litto Nebbia & Mirtha Defilpo - "En La Tierra El Sol" (2:29)
Comedia - "Los Dias Antes A Melina" (3:21)
Cesar Franov - "Puma" (5:07)
Los Musicos Del Centro - "Sombras De Ecuador" (feat Daniel Homer) (4:39)
Jose Sarten Luis Asaresi - "Lluvia De Invierno" (4:26)
Mate De Luna - "Te Conozco De Algun Lado" (2:33)
Alfombra Magica - "Pequeno Y Primitivo" (3:19)
El Molino - "Moliendo Parches" (4:12)
Quique Sinesi & Cesar Franov - "Sudan" (6:32)
 in stock $23.52
Apolithoma (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: INVINC 30LP. Rel: 22 Jun 21
The Carnivorous Bar (8:08)
Beatrice Dahl's Jungle Fever (4:37)
Diamond Crocodile Tears (3:51)
Port Mattare (5:27)
Morning Patrol (5:13)
Magdalene (8:22)
Apolithoma (11:43)
Crystalize (3:08)
 in stock $13.22
Microgestures (limited 2xLP)
Cat: AMELLP 722. Rel: 14 Apr 22
Helix (7:25)
Incus (11:04)
Lobule (8:27)
Cochlea (10:47)
Review: Ricardo Villalobos and Samuel Rohrer have never failed to cook up real magic in the studio over the years. They have been working together again closely and the fruits of their labours form this new MICROGESTURES album. It is made up of five tracks that are all mind blowing detailed when you listen in close. Each one is constructed from infinitesimally small details that all coalesce into stringing minimal techno rhythms of the sort that will boggle brains at 5am in the club or get you lost in the deepest recesses of your own mind if you listen intently on headphones.
Read more
 in stock $22.74
Dead (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BD 239. Rel: 30 Jan 14
No Way
Just Another Bullet
Get Up
Mmmh Mmmh
I Am Not Your Boy
I've Arrived
 in stock $16.66
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