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New releases last two weeks: Electro House

Electro House vinyl released in the last two weeks
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The Nutritionist's Guide To The Galaxy Vol II
Cat: QUI 003. Rel: 09 Jul 24
Brique - "The Future" (6:16)
Brique - "Customer Service Meltdown" (7:12)
Babu - "Apollo" (5:57)
Babu - "American War" (6:02)
Review: Brique and Babu step up for two tracks each on this nice and cosmic new tech house offering from the Quinoa Cuts label. Brique get first with a deft blend of silky synth designs and snappy tech house drums. It's both driving and physical but nice and heady at the same time. His 'Customer Service Meltdown' has more textural, fizzy synths snaking their way through the crispy tech beats, then Babu's 'Apollo' has an acid-laced sound and cyborg vocals piped in. Last of all is 'American War' with more tight, bobbing beats and electro-tinged rhythms.
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 in stock $16.69
Gravity Loss EP
Gravity Loss EP (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: BCKD 13A. Rel: 09 Jul 24
Space Games
Hemisferio Sur
Gravity Loss
Empty Place
 in stock $19.92
The Story Of Wick (Soundtrack)
The Story Of Wick (Soundtrack) (translucent black vinyl LP)
Cat: DFLP 42. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Story Of Wick (3:03)
The Red Circle (0:59)
Shots Fired (3:14)
On The Hunt (2:08)
Plastic Heart (2:46)
John Wick Reckoning (2:57)
John Wick Mode (3:12)
Parabellum (0:41)
Excomunicado (1:24)
Winter At The Continental (2:47)
Deconsecrated (3:14)
Really Pissed Off (1:34)
Big Wick Energy (1:36)
Change Your Nature (1:39)
Helen A Handbasket (5:47)
Cry Mia River (0:58)
 in stock $21.52
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