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Back in stock: Electro House

Electro House vinyl represses and restocks
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Random Album Title (reissue) (B-STOCK)
Random Album Title (reissue) (B-STOCK) (gatefold translucent red vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MAUP 5001.1 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Sometimes Things Get, Whatever (7:40)
Complications (6:16)
Slip (5:26)
Some Kind Of Blue (3:18)
Brazil (2nd edit) (5:14)
Alone With You (10:48)
I Remember (9:11)
I Remember (John Summit remix) (3:49)
Not Exactly (8:03)
Arguru 2k19 (7:14)
Arguru (5:31)
So There I Was (6:22)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Sleeve damaged but otherwise in excellent condition***

Joel Zimmerman, known as deadmau5, has cemented his place in the EDM world with his iconic third album, Random Album Title. Recently reissued, this album continues to earn new listeners with its unique blend of atmospheric beats and melodic intricacy. The album opens with 'Sometimes Things Get, Whatever,' setting a dark and atmospheric tone that pervades much of the record. Tracks like 'Complications' and 'Slip' have dizzying melodies and seamless transitions. 'Brazil (2nd Edit)' and 'Alone With You' highlight his ability to craft uplifting anthems, with the latter offering a nostalgic, almost melancholic vibe. 'I Remember,' co-produced with Kaskade, stands out with Haley Gibby's haunting vocals and impeccable transitions, making it a timeless hit. 'Faxing Berlin,' 'Arguru,' and 'Not Exactly' are other simple yet effective beats with memorable melodies.
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 in stock $20.99
Gravity Loss EP
Gravity Loss EP (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: BCKD 13A. Rel: 09 Jul 24
Space Games
Hemisferio Sur
Gravity Loss
Empty Place
 in stock $19.92
Conspiracy Part II
Conspiracy Part II (12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: TURBO 106. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Viol (5:43)
Opr (2:15)
Conspiracy Origins (3:58)
Review: French DJ and producer Gesaffelstein has a renowned penchant for all things dark and heavy handed when it comes to his productions. For Turbo's 106th release the habit sticks and the three track EP is strewn with menacing arp'd synths and cutting drum wallops. Kicking off with "Viol" and its horror movie style sound pockets, tension is rife across the throbbing bass with screeching off-key samples leading the fear. Moving on, B-Side opener "Opr" maintains the theatrical swagger as winds sweep through pitch black tunnels and into creepy underground raves - not for the faint hearted! Finally, "Conspiracy Origins" takes on a more cosmic feel with electric glitches and bleeps galore that build and weave slowly through atmospheric downtempo moments.
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 in stock $25.29
Perspiration Nation
Cat: PRL 002. Rel: 05 May 23
My Love Inside (5:37)
King Ghidorah (5:17)
Spaced N Paced (5:31)
Post Play: Nice To Meet You (4:52)
Review: The debut release by a mysterious artist known only as Sweater, 'Perspiration Nation' is nominally a rallying cry to get the nation moving once again. Sonically, it's a liquefying foray through breakslectro, corroding any sense of bodily paralysis and ensuring a state of 100% liquefaction at all times. Particularly unique sonics appear on the track 'Spaced N Paced', which glues snippy drums together through guttural FM lines and shocking vocal shouts.
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 in stock $15.35
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