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Eight Weeks: Drum And Bass

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Drum And Bass

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Recurring Horrors
Cat: ACOLOUR 030CD. Rel: 19 Nov 20
  1. Combine
  2. Delinquent Dreams
  3. Toteninsel
  4. Recurring Horrors
  5. Frost
  6. No Man's Land
  7. Blue Hours
  8. Day By Day (Life Fades Away)
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The Edge Of Everything
Cat: CRMCD 44. Rel: 06 Nov 20
  1. Hegel Dialect
  2. Constructive Ambiguity
  3. Negative Returns
  4. Antigravity Love
  5. The Dust Fell Off
  6. 7 Known Truths
  7. Deep Fields Of Liars
  8. Keter The Heavenly
  9. It’s A Lot
  10. Space Oddity
  11. Only God Can Tell
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Flames (CD)
Cat: 31RSNFM 001. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. Without U (feat Sal)
  2. Play Doh
  3. Coppola
  4. Adore
  5. Slewisham
  6. Snoopy Vans
  7. Taboo
  8. Witch Shark
  9. Coco
  10. Dior Trench
  11. Clouds
  12. Flow Forward (feat Vromm)
Review: Joe Moses AKA Need For Mirrors is arguably one of drum & bass's unsung heroes. A promoter, DJ and producer for decades, he's rarely received acclaim despite an impressive back catalogue that includes 12" releases on many of D&B's most renowned imprints. Perhaps that will change thanks to Flames, his sophomore set. Built on the solid foundations of punchy, club-ready rhythms and a mixture of deep sub and warped basses, the album sees his flit between soaring, string-drenched rollers, deeper concoctions, dustier D&B pastures, tech-step inspired pumpers and the kind of dark, forthright fare that always goes down well at dances. The whole thing is well balanced and brilliantly produced, with Moses deftly showcasing the depth, variety and quality of his productions.
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Second Nature
Cat: NHS 405CD. Rel: 27 Oct 20
  1. Hold On (feat Becky Hill)
  2. Mixed Emotions (feat Montell2099)
  3. Destiny (feat Sub Focus & Jozzy)
  4. I Choose You
  5. Broken Bottles
  6. Blend (feat Rudimental & Afronaught Zu)
  7. Let Me Hold You (feat Hybrid Minds)
  8. Look At Me Go (feat Darren Styles)
  9. Don't Care What People Say
  10. Complicated
  11. Free
  12. I See The Future In Your Eyes
  13. Waiting All Day To Get To You
  14. Power (feat Urbandawn)
  15. Float
  16. Dreaming Of You (feat Elias)
  17. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (feat Kashala & Daddy Waku)
  18. Basic Instinct
Review: Over the course of his career as Netsky, Boris Danaen has rightfully earned a reputation for delivering some of the most sparkling, colourful and entertaining drum & bass around. In keeping with the Hospital house style, his releases come laden with positive melodies, soaring instrumentation, fizzing beats and vocals designed to make the heart sing. He's at it again on fourth album Second Nature, a gloriously summery and smile-inducing affair full to bursting with a mixture of soulful workouts, string-laden future D&B anthems, bona-fide singalongs and synth-heavy tracks that draw influence from radio-friendly synth-pop and EDM. In a year when it's hard to stay positive, Danaen has delivered an album that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
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Ten Thousand Feet & Rising
Cat: PTTS 001CD. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. Enter The Warrior (feat B3ndu)
  2. Shadows (feat Lily McKenzie)
  3. Oxygen (feat Kudu Blue)
  4. Quantum
  5. Reason (feat Lowes)
  6. Paradise (feat Elle Exxe)
  7. Passion
  8. Electric
  9. Killer (feat 2Shy MC)
  10. Rocket Guns Blazin'
  11. Ten Thousand Feet & Rising
 in stock $10.54
Portals (CD)
Cat: CDV 3252. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Air I Breathe
  2. Enter Night
  3. Illuminate
  4. Freedom
  5. Turn The Lights Off
  6. Just Hold On
  7. Ray Of Sun
  8. Alone
  9. Time
  10. Stratus
  11. In Bloom
 in stock $10.82
Bass Explosion
Bass Explosion (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: ZYX 830312. Rel: 29 Sep 20
  1. DNF & David Puentez - "Put Your Hands Up"
  2. Sevenn - "Everybody" (radio edit)
  3. Afrojack, Jewelz & Sparks - "Switch" (feat Emmalyn - DES3ETT remix)
  4. Atika Patum - "Atikapatum" (radio edit)
  5. Klaas - "Wonderful Days" (feat Tony Ronald - radio edit)
  6. Monaco Trash Machine - "I Don't Kiss The Air" (Giorgio Gee remix)
  7. Niels Van Gogh - "Rockit" (radio edit)
  8. Strobe & Cladigal - "Burn It Down" (radio edit)
  9. Jens Lissat - "Brothers On Acid & Sisters Feel Love" (short edit)
  10. Tom Mountain - "Don't Go" (Dan Kers edit)
  11. Kenlo & Scaffa - "Dumb" (radio edit)
  12. Tai - "Midnight Memories" (VIP edit)
  13. Eric Chase - "Trouble (So Beautiful)" (radio edit)
  14. Ton Don - "Dawn"
  15. Van Edelsteyn - "James Brown Is Dead" (Aquagen radio edit)
  16. Sidney Samson, Linka & Outgang - "In Control"
  17. Justin Prime & Vito Mendez - "Tear Dem Down" (feat Sensei Milla - radio edit)
  18. Chester Young And Castion - "Pyro" (radio edit)
  19. Bluckther - "You & I" (feat Jaime Deraz - radio edit)
  20. Julian Reifegerste - "Beat That Bass" (radio edit)
  21. Vize - "Stars" (feat Laniia - VIP remix)
  22. Tujamo - "Hell Yeah" (radio edit)
  23. Beachbag - "Beatbox Rocker" (Andy Latoggo remix)
  24. Pep & Rash - "Da Fck You Lookin' At!" (radio edit)
  25. Toby Vice - "Freaks" (Rene Rodrigezz edit)
  26. Giorgio Gee - "Hah!" (IMAG remix)
  27. Basto - "Acabou" (radio edit)
  28. Diage - "Ballers"
  29. I.Got.U & Emdi - "Video" (feat Marvin Divine - radio edit)
  30. Franky B. - "Dirty Kicks, Dirty Claps" (feat How To Loot Brazil - radio edit)
  31. Quattro, Callson & Bielu - "Know What's Gucci" (radio edit)
  32. Sem Vox - "Get Louder" (radio edit)
  33. Chris Armada & Shany - "Chicago" (radio edit)
  34. Sandro Silva & Dimaro - "Harder" (radio edit)
  35. Huherko - "Run The Show" (radio edit)
  36. Danny Avila - "Lala" (radio edit)
  37. Neverglow & Nssnd - "Schauma" (radio edit)
  38. Noprobs - "Shaded" (radio edit)
  39. Cappella - "Move On Baby" (Mike Candy VIP remix)
  40. Talstrasse 3-5 - "Zu Wenig Alkohol" (Dia-Plattenpussy remix radio mix)
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Balance Over Symmetry
Cat: NHS 399CD. Rel: 29 Sep 20
  1. So Close
  2. Life Of A DJ (feat Demolition Man)
  3. Outta Orda
  4. Save Me From Myself
  5. Endless Dreaming (feat Bulgarian Goddess)
  6. Automatic
  7. Consciousness
  8. Moonshine
  9. Odyssey (feat Evil B)
  10. Keep On Dancing
  11. Make Me Feel
  12. Natty Love (feat Sweetie Irie)
  13. Pyramidz
  14. Journey To Outer Space
  15. Life Of A DJ (feat Demolition Man - Rockers mix)
Review: On his first album for Hospital Records - and third solo set in total - Rouen Wilkins AKA Voltage has created a more widescreen musical vision than anything he's previously releases. Balance Over Symmetry begins with a sparkling, synth-heavy tribute to mid-80s NYC freestyle ('So Close'), and ends with a weighty, dubstep style collaboration with Demolition Man ('The Life of a DJ (Rockers Mix)'); in between, the fast-rising producer breathlessly rushes between typically heavy and ear-catching, club-focussed drum & bass jams, revivalist ragga-jungle workouts (Sweet Irie hook-up 'Natty Love'), stunningly atmospheric ambient interludes (see the spacey 'Consciousness'), immersive experimental D&B ('Moonshine'), and up-beat synth-wave goodness ('Endless Dreaming', with Belgian Goddess). It's an impressive achievement all told, and an album that's well worth checking out.
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Eight Weeks: Drum And Bass