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Eight Weeks: Drum And Bass

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Cat: LMS 5521229. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. Naxalite (Rafi's Revenge)
  2. Buzzin'
  3. Black White
  4. Assassin
  5. Hypocrite
  6. Charge
  7. Free Satpal Ram
  8. Dub Mentality
  9. Culture Move
  10. Operation Eagle Lie
  11. Change
  12. Tribute To John Stevens
  13. Intro (Under The Influence)
  14. Real Areas For Investigation
  15. Culture Move (Audio Active Pusher Sound mix)
  16. Naxalite (Adrian Sherwood Mad Scientist dub mix)
  17. Modern Apprentice
  18. Digital Underclass
  19. Dub Mentality (Rafi)
  20. Buzzin' (Dylan Rhymes remix)
  21. Hypocrite
  22. Charge (live)
  23. Free Satpal Ram (Russel Simmins remix)
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Cat: SPEAR 098CD. Rel: 26 Feb 19
  1. Sincerely Yours (feat Leo Wood)
  2. Sight Unseen
  3. All Fired Up
  4. For All You're Worth
  5. Run For Cover
  6. Prozac Dub
  7. Wanderer
  8. All The King's Horses
  9. Vintage
  10. Remind Me
  11. Shouting About Nothing
  12. Moving Away (feat Jevon Ives)
  13. First Love
  14. Magic Words (feat Degs)
Review: When it comes to sunny, summer-fresh drum and bass, few producers are quite as capable as Spearhead Records supremo Steve "BCee" Jefroy. Further proof of his mastery of soulful-but-punchy D&B comes courtesy of Jefroy's fifth solo full-length, "Shouting About Nothing". Highlights come thick and fast, from the gentle pianos, rolling breaks and stunning vocals of "Sincerely Yours (feat. Leo Wood)" and the weighty low-end rumble of "All Fired Up", to the ruffneck early jungle/vintage D&B fusion of "For All Your Worth", cinematic drum and bass soul of "Wanderer" and the dub-wise, hot-stepping dancefloor skank of the title track "Shouting About Nothing".
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Cat: BRSSCD 009. Rel: 07 Feb 19
  1. The New Trainers
  2. Ballistics
  3. The Waves
  4. No More Mind Games
  5. Quicksilver
  6. Something I Feel
  7. Mystical Power
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Cat: HZNCD 014. Rel: 07 Feb 19
  1. Manoeuvres
  2. Distant Light
  3. Achille
  4. Float
  5. Just Let It
  6. Red Hand
  7. Passage
  8. Gatekeepers
  9. Oblivion
Review: Although Naibu producer Robin Leclair has released some tidy singles over the years, his immersive, dreamy and soulful brand of drum and bass is arguably better suited to the long-playing format. All five of his previous albums have been full of deep and musically expressive treats; "Manoeuvres", his first LP for nearly three years, follows a similar blueprint. Highlights are plentiful, from the weightless ambient bliss of "Float" and hot-stepping, club-ready warmth of "Red Hand", to the poignant vocal D&B-soul of "Distant Light" and the intergalactic symphonic shuffle of "Achille". This is drum and bass to get lost in; we can think of few finer things.
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Soul Grind (2xCD)
Cat: PRSPCTLP 015CD. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Roll Hard
  2. Ostara (feat Lucy Furr)
  3. Timelapse
  4. Fear Shifter (feat Freqax)
  5. Dead Renegades
  6. Casual Folk Music (feat Dart Mc)
  7. Till Death Do Us Part
  8. The Task (feat Deathmachine)
  9. Technocratism
  10. Evil Dance (feat Gancher & Ruin)
  11. Bad Sequence
  12. In My Perfect World (feat Robyn Chaos)
  13. Distorted Lifes (feat Katharsys)
  14. Mindgames (feat The Clamps)
  15. Everyone (feat Sinister Souls)
  16. Doctor Wrecker (feat Limewax)
  17. Evil Dance (feat Gancher & Ruin - VIP)
  18. Dead Renegades (VIP)
  19. Till Death Do Us Part (VIP)
  20. Roll Hard (VIP)
Review: Under the Switch Technique alias, Dominik Piechocki has emerged as one of the leading figures in Poland's developing drum and bass scene. It's likely that "Soul Grind" - his fourth album and first for four years - will increase his standing internationally, too. It's something of an epic, all told, with 20 tracks - many of them collaborations - stretched across two all-action discs. The title is an apt one, because it sees the long-serving Pole fuse flashes of soulful bliss - a dreamy vocal sample here, a loved-up chord or melody there - with the kind of intense, noisy, razor sharp drums, basslines and electronic riffs more often associated with the grindcore and industrial scenes. The resultant music can be challenging at times, but Piechocki never loses his dancefloor focus or sense of fun.
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Sick Music 2019 (3xCD (CD1 & 2 unmixed, CD3 mixed))
Cat: NHS 345CD. Rel: 06 Feb 19
  1. Fred V - "Burning Me"
  2. Degs - "Poveglia" (feat De:Tune - Whiney remix)
  3. London Elektricity - "Funkopolis"
  4. SPY - "Dusty Fingers" (feat Diane Charlemagne - Metrik remix)
  5. John Holt - "Police In Helicopter" (Benny L remix)
  6. Inja/Whiney - "Be My Cure"
  7. Makoto/Hugh Hardie - "Bluebird"
  8. Bou/Unglued - "Ascendant Man"
  9. Flava D - "Return To Me"
  10. Mitekiss - "Lie Awake" (feat Degs)
  11. Lakeway - "War Dub"
  12. Grafix - "Frozen"
  13. Logistics - "Levitate"
  14. MRSA - "Nail Out"
  15. Krakota - "Reload"
  16. Gridlok - "It's Not Techno"
  17. Anile - "Allergens" (Bop remix)
  18. Impish - "Hive"
  19. Polaris - "Alignment"
  20. Pete Cannon - "Ella"
  21. Murdock - "Headshot"
  22. In:Most/Saikon - "Untold History"
  23. Zephire - "Desperation" (Primate remix)
  24. DIP Vertido & Dr Apollo - "Red" (feat Josh Phillips)
  25. Walk:R - "Solis"
  26. Gridlok - "It's Not Techno"
  27. Grafix - "Frozen"
  28. MRSA - "Nail Out"
  29. Murdock - "Headshot"
  30. Krakota - "Reload"
  31. Anile - "Allergens" (Bop remix)
  32. Fred V - "Burning Me"
  33. Lakeway - "War Dub"
  34. Walk:R - "Solis"
  35. DIP Vertigo & Dr Apollo - "Red" (feat Josh Phillips)
  36. Polaris - "Alignment"
  37. Zephire - "Desperation" (Primate remix)
  38. Makoto/Hugh Hardie - "Bluebird"
  39. Degs - "Povgelia" (feat De:Tune - Whiney remix)
  40. John Holt - "Police In Helicopter" (Benny L remix)
  41. Impish - "Hive"
  42. Inja/Whiney - "Be My Cure"
  43. Bou/Unglued - "Ascendant Man"
  44. SPY - "Dusty Fingers" (feat Diane Charlemagne)
  45. London Elektricity - "Funkopolis"
  46. In:Most/Saikon - "Untold History"
  47. Logistics - "Levitate"
  48. Flava D - "Return To Me"
  49. Mitekiss - "Lie Awake" (feat Degs)
  50. Pete Cannon - "Ella"
Review: Three words: "Police In Helicopter"... One of the biggest dubplates last year is finally here, and it's joined by 24 other exceptional bangers as the Hozzy team roll out another absurd stack of "Sick" freshness from across the board. Genuinely on point tune for tune highlights include Pete Cannon's outstanding drumfunk lash out "Ella", Flava D's first D&B tune (the breath taking "Return To Me"), a bone shaking duet from the next gen gems Unglued and Bou ("Ascendant Man"), both Fred V & Grafix's first solo tunes since they split and an absolute neck breaking gully snapper from Lakeway in the form of "War Dub". And that's just scratching the surface, this is a humungous V/A album and it's here in all its glory on vinyl. Hot enough to burn down a cane field or two...
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Eight Weeks: Drum And Bass