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Back In Stock: Balearic/Downtempo

Startseite  Back In Stock  Balearic / Downtempo  

14 days

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Cat: C56 071. Rel: 21 Mar 19
  1. Salmon Spungcake (Conrad McDonnell Zip It Shrimpy mix) (6:52)
  2. Salmon Spungcake (Conrad McDonnell I Think I've Got Gout mix) (7:21)
Review: "Salmon Spungcake" was one of the last things Claremont 56 super-group Bison recorded before the sad passing of two of its' founder members, Holger Czukay and Ursula Kloss in the summer of 2017. Two years on from its initial release, Bison members Ben Smith and Paul 'Mudd' Murphy (also label boss) have decided to get it remixed, with original producer Conrad McDonnell (he of Idjut Boys fame) providing two suitably heavy dub disco interpretations, making this the band's first release since the passing of Czukay and Kloss. Check first the spacey A-side hypnotism of the "Zip It Shrimpy Mix", where melancholic chords and spaced-out vocal snippets wrap around a particularly percussive dub disco groove. Arguably even better is the stripped-back, bass-heavy and reverb-rich "I Think I've Got Gout Mix", which sounds like it was tailor-made to manipulate mangled minds at four in the morning.
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 in stock $15.51
Anastasis (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: PIASR 311DLP. Rel: 04 Sep 12
  1. Children Of The Sun
  2. Anabasis
  3. Agape
  4. Amnesia
  5. Kiko
  6. Opium
  7. Return Of The She-King
  8. All In Good Time
 in stock $19.73
Baltus (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: UOK 007LP. Rel: 13 Mar 18
  1. Duck Hunting (intro) (0:58)
  2. Duck Hunting (3:37)
  3. Iron (5:12)
  4. Control (4:21)
  5. Hurt (4:18)
  6. Games (feat ARY) (4:17)
  7. Night Sky (4:01)
  8. Past The Building (feat ARY) (4:48)
  9. Slo Rock (3:08)
Review: Where he once mused on love and longing, Norwegian experimental pop and electronica artist Gundelach spends much of "My Frail Body" delivering music (and in some cases lyrics/vocals) inspired by the recent birth of his first child. While his music always feels thoughtful, mellow and glacial, there's certainly many more joyous melodies and positive synth sounds to be found across the album, which also utilizes field recordings, quirky electronic beats, occasional nods towards more up-tempo styles (early Biosphere style deep techno and drum & bass in particular) and copious amounts of both reverb and delay. The resultant set is as impressive and enjoyable as anything the Oslo-based artist has released to date.
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 in stock $17.87
Inji (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WIGLP 344. Rel: 24 Jun 15
  1. Occasion (4:36)
  2. Lady's In Trouble With The Law (3:41)
  3. Gene Washes With New Arm (2:38)
  4. Oino (4:39)
  5. Party Zute/Learning To Love (8:24)
  6. Lorry Park (2:33)
  7. Night Train (3:57)
  8. Fabby (3:14)
  9. A Good Sign (5:03)
  10. Mountain (2:09)
 in stock $15.51
Most Of The Sun Shines (clear vinyl 7" + MP3 download code)
Cat: FCEP 030. Rel: 11 Jun 20
  1. Most Of The Sun Shines (3:37)
  2. Wandering (2:59)
 in stock $18.15
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Back In Stock: Balearic/Downtempo
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