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Nagaoka AM801 Stylus Cleaner (stylus cleaning fluid)
Cat: 567495 Rel: 27 May 15
Stylus cleaning formula, for dissolving substances caught on the stylus tip
Notes: Your phonograph stylus also needs cleaning and care. Due to air pollution caused by both outside influences (traffic) and domestic influences (kitchen, smoking) a sticky film is deposited over time on to your records.

During playback the stylus will scrape this deposit from the groove which in turn causes a sticky film to form around the stylus tip which in turn traps other dirt and dust found on your record. This easily visible thick deposit not only influences the quality of the sound but may even cause damage to your favorite records.

The special formula of the Nagaoka AM-801 efficiently dissolves all the sticky substance caught on the stylus and removes this as well as the dirt trapped.
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 1 in stock $17.95
Cat: 567540 Rel: 26 Mar 15
Pack of cartridge mounting screws, varying sizes
Notes: Nagaoka BN-7S

This pack includes

M2.6 x 3mm 4 each
M2.6 x 6mm 2 each
M2.6 x 8mm 2 each
M2.6 x 10mm 2 each
M2.6 x 12mm 2 each
M2.6 x 14mm 2 each
M2.6 x 18mm 4 each
M2.6 Nut 4 each
Nylon Washer 4 each
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 1 in stock $15.65
Nagaoka Cartridge Display Case (cartridge display case)
Cat: 567531 Rel: 27 Mar 15
Ultra strong transparent display case for storing your cartridges
Notes: Ultra strong transparent display case for storing your cartridges
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 2 in stock $16.18
Cat: 640566 Rel: 07 Mar 17
Cork turntable mat for enhanced sound quality & reduced static electricity
Notes: Sound tuning through platter mat replacement! The interaction between the record and the surface can be tracked very easily by the sensitivity of a good pick up cartridge.

Common felt mats give a smooth contact between record and platter but have the disadvantage of static. This means that felt mats often collect a lot of dust which can be then transferred to the record. Also, the damping ability is very limited which can be a problem with metal platters. Thick rubber mats overdamp the record and have an isolation effect which leaves static on the record - hearable noise clicks are the result.

Leather and Cork are 2 different but very interesting options to upgrade the sound quality. Resonances are damped more effectively than felt, they keep dust away and also avoid static.

Which is better largely depends on taste and the actual platter design. These mats are a very cost effective way to improve the sound and have less noise by static and dust. You can hear a difference!
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 1 in stock $19.96
Cat: 567749 Rel: 24 Mar 15
Adhesive universal isolation foot pads for turntables, isolate your turntable from external vibrations
Notes: Universal isolation foot pads for turntables, isolate your turntable from external vibrations.

This product comes in a pack of 8 pads, enough for 2 turntables.
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 3 in stock $16.46
Cat: 567717 Rel: 27 Mar 15
No-static turntable mat made of felt & carbon fibres for isolation of the record from surroundings
Notes: The Nostatic mat II improved, is one of the bestselling Tonar record turntable accessories. The mat is made of a combination of felt mixed with carbon fibers. The felt cushions the record and damps the vibrations caused by acoustic feedback to the record players from the speakers and other vibrations coming from outside. The mat is 2 mm thick. The carbon fibers collect the static charge from the record and conduct it back to earth due to the contact with the center spindle as well as with the platter.
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 3 in stock $18.34
Cat: 567728 Rel: 27 Mar 15
White perspex turntable mat for isolation of the record from surroundings
Notes: During the past 20 years the quality of record players and vinyl records have improved dramatically. Acoustic feedback is one of the big problems when playing records. The cause is the sound that has just been produced by the speakers which comes back to the record player and cause it to vibrate. The problems is that there is a very slight time difference between the reproduced sound and the sound that is fed back onto the record player. This results in a big loss of detail and clarity and makes the sound "muddy". So every effort has to be done to isolate the record player from its surroundings as well as to isolate the record from the record player.

In order to reduce acoustic feedback from the surroundings back to the record and the cartridge a lot of effort has gone into developing turntable mats that make the reproduced sound crystal clear with great separation and detail. This has been done by experimenting with various materials which absorb unwanted vibrations which were not present in the original recording. Now many people are trying to combine these different materials as a sandwich at the same time in order to reach better results. Now Tonar offers you this opportunity to experiment yourself but at modest pricing.

In order to enhance the better contact between the record and the mat, the center part - with the dimensions of the label have been recessed to accommodate the thicker label part.

- Diameter 295 mm.
- Thickness 3 mm.
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 2 in stock $19.97
Cat: 600014 Rel: 08 Sep 16
Resonance dampening, anti-static cork turntable mat
Notes: The Vinyl Styl 12" Anti-Static Cork Turntable Mat is designed to improve overall sound quality, dampen vibrations, and provide a no slip surface that audiophiles will be sure to appreciate. It also features a label recess for extra protection.

- Resonance dampening
- Anti-static
- No-slip grip
- Improves vinyl playback quality
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 3 in stock $15.10
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Turntable accessories