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Synth modules

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Synth modules

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Doepfer A-174-4 3D Joystick Module
Cat: 765892 Rel: 31 Jul 20
control voltage module
Notes: Module A-174-4 modules outputs three control voltages generated by a spring-loaded X/Y cross potentiometer (so-called joy stick) and a Gate signal. The control voltages for X and Y are controlled by the X and Y position of the joystick in the usual way. The third control voltage Z is controlled by the rotation of the spring-loaded joystick knob. The Gate signal is generated by a button at the center/top of the joystick knob.

For each control voltage the non-inverted signal (X, Y, Z) as well as the inverted signal with adjustable offset (-X+XO, -Y+YO, -Z+ZO) are available. The generic joystick control voltages are bipolar, i.e. they range from typ. -5V (lowest position) via 0V (center position) to typ. +5V (highest position). The "Overlap" switches can be used to add a fixed offset voltage of typ. +5V to the non-inverting output in question so that the output voltage range changes to typ. 0...+10V (rather than -5...+5V). That's necessary if e.g. a VCA has to be controlled, which requires a pure positive control voltage range. The switches are named "overlap" because they allow the overlapping of the non-inverting CV output (X, Y, Z) with the inverting output (-X+XO, -Y+YO, -Z+ZO) for crossfading applications. With the overlap switch "on" and appropriate setting of the offset control it's possible to obtain a control voltage range of 0...+10V for the non-inverting output and +10V...0V (i.e. same range but opposite direction) for the inverting output.

The offset voltages which are added to the inverting outputs can be adjusted by means of three small potentiometers. That way different kinds of control voltage ranges are possible, e.g.
-5V ... +5V for the non-inverting output and +5V ... -5V for the inverting output ( Overlap = off, Offset = 0)
0 ... +10V for the non-inverting output and +10V ... 0V for the inverting output ( Overlap = on, Offset = max)
-5V ... +5V for the non-inverting output and +10V ... 0V for the inverting output ( Overlap = off, Offset = max)
0 ... +10V for the non-inverting output and +5V ... -5V for the inverting output ( Overlap = on, Offset = 0)
On top of this the four quadrant voltages Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 are available. A quadrant voltage becomes positive when the joystick is positioned in the quadrant in question.
Each CV output is equipped with an LED that displays the present voltage.

Because of the construction height of the joystick (about 7 cm) the module cannot be installed into the cases A-100P6, A-100P9, A-100PMS6, A-100PMS9 and A-100PMS12 during transportation as the depth of the case cover is not sufficient. Into the base cases A-100PB and A-100PMB as well as in all other cases without cover the module can be installed without problems.

HP : 12
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Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio dsp Reverb & FX Platform Module
coming soon TBA
ADDAC System ADDAC806 Bluetooth Audio Module (red faceplate)
Notes: This small module will allow you to send wireless audio signals from any bluetooth compatible device straight to your modular.

. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 4 HP
. Depth: 4.5 cm

. Max current: 75mA on each rail
. Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector
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EMW X-Drum 12-Bit Drum Module (black faceplate)
coming soon TBA
Intellijel 1U x 2HP Blank Panel (Eurorack blank panel)
Cat: 620719 Rel: 29 May 18
1U blank panel space made from brushed aluminium - 2HP wide
Notes: Blank panel for Intellijel 1U spaces. Made from high quality brushed aluminium that matches the 1U modules.

These can also be used for DIY purposes if you drill/mill them to fit your own custom circuits.

Comes with 2 screws.
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SynthRotek Passive Mult Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Cat: 778295
passive multiplier module
Notes: The Synthrotek Passive Mult is the module that keeps on giving! Use this as either a 2x 1-to-3 passive multiplier or one 1-to-6 passive multiplier. Input one cascades to all 6 output jacks, or can be interrupted by plugging a cable into input two.

What is a passive mult? It is an ideal way of multiplying non-precise voltages in your Eurorack system. (Buffered multiples like the MST '07 Buff Mult are needed to maintain exact outputs of input voltages). Multiply any control voltage or audio sources across your system with ease in a very small and well priced package.

Available as an assembled unit, kit or PCB/panel combo. With such a small part count, this is a great module for first-time DIYers!

Width: 2HP
Depth: 14mm
Current draw: n/a
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Cat: 719700 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Three USB power output sockets
Notes: Each of the three USB-A sockets on the USBPOWER module can be used to charge your mobile phone, connect a USB lamp or supply power to any other USB device. Furthermore, the output socket provides +5V and ground to supply e.g. DIY circuits on a breadboard.

Please note: This is only a power source via USB sockets; no USB data communication is possible here.

Includes additional USB lamp!
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 3 in stock $20.57
Cat: 673902 Rel: 12 Jan 18
1/4" TS jack interface for the Pedal I/O 1U system - 8HP
Notes: The Pedal I/O JACKS 1U Module allows you to patch standard 1/4? TS cables to and from your guitar/instrument pedals.

This module only works when connected to a Pedal I/O 1U module via ribbon cable.
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 2 in stock $20.71
Cat: 739060 Rel: 29 Jul 19
Dedicated jack expansion module for use with the Stereo Out 1U module
Notes: 1/4" TRS jack panel in 1U for the Stereo Line Out 1U module.

If you don't own an Intellijel case with built-in compatible 1/4" jacks, then you need to purchase a Stereo Out Jacks 1U module, which connects via ribbon cable to the Stereo Line Out 1U module to provide 1/4" TRS output jacks for interfacing with other studio or stage gear.
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 1 in stock $21.34
Cat: 761031 Rel: 19 Jan 16
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The Z-Ears Tabletop are standard 3U rack ears that can be used as either a tabletop frame or standard rack mount frame. These parts are made of anodized aluminium and are custom made to work with Eurorack mounting rails like Z-Rails.
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 1 in stock $23.17
Cat: 595807 Rel: 19 Jan 16
3U rack ears for use as either tabletop or rack mount frame
Notes: The Z-Ears Tabletop are standard 3U rack ears that can be used as either a tabletop frame or standard rack mount frame. These parts are made of anodized aluminium and are custom made to work with Eurorack mounting rails like Z-Rails.
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 1 in stock $23.95
EMW Patch 1 Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 775800
patch module
Notes: 4 HP patch (multiples) module with 3 independent groups of 3 connections each.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 4 HP width
Power consumption: +12V [0mA] / -12V [0mA]
Weight: 23g
Depth: 22mm
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coming soon $23.95
Cat: 752443 Rel: 25 Oct 19
32HP metal enclosure for Eurorack modules - Beta version
Notes: Limited Beta version of the popular Pod32. These are new, fully tested and functional units. The only difference between the Pod32 Beta and the regular Pod32 is that the Beta version has fewer holes to screw in modules. Most common Eurorack sizes will fit from 4HP to 32HP, but some odd sizes and combinations won't fit. Please refer to the product image, or visit the 4ms website for possible module combinations.

Pods are a perfect way to get started in Eurorack module, or add a couple more modules to your monster system!

Made from 100% anodized aluminium, Pods are light, tough and perfect for on-the-go set ups. Mix and match your Pods with desktop synths, effect pedals, drum machines or any musical gear for a flexible modular system. Need to add another module? Just add a Pod! Need to pack light for a live set? Just grab the Pods you need and go!
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 4 in stock $23.95
Cat: 719676 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Noise generator
Notes: Analogue & Digital Noise Module.

- The A output generates analogue noise (technically, a fluctuating voltage between about 1...4V)
- The D output generates digital noise, which is a random changing 0V / 5V

The RATE knob controls the colour of the noise, which goes from almost white noise on A output and knob fully clockwise to a rather harsh and digital sound on D output and RATE counter-clockwise.
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 2 in stock $24.47
Cat: 686691 Rel: 27 Apr 18
Companion board for uploading your samples to Pico Drums
Notes: If you wish to upload your own drum samples to Pico Drum module, you'll need the Pico Drum Programmer. Please refer to the Pico Drum user manual for sample upload instructions via a plug in for the Google Chrome browser.

- 5 pin header connects with the module, USB header connects with the computer
- USB cable is not included
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 2 in stock $24.98
Cat: 719678 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Audio mixer with 4 inputs
Notes: This module consists of an audio mixer with 4 inputs and their level knobs, plus an additional 4 separate inputs that are mixed at full level (especially for mixing CV signals), and a separate output.
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 5 in stock $24.99
Cat: 602207 Rel: 04 Apr 16
USB socket for charging/powering peripheral devices - 2HP wide
Notes: USB socket for charging/powering peripheral devices.

This tiny but handy module connects the USB A connector to the +5V bus on the Intellijel TPS series powered busboards. Allowing 1A or more of current to be supplied to USB devices such as lamps, phone chargers, and usb powered musical devices.

It connects to the bus via supplied two-pin cable.

*Compatible with the TPS30 MAX and TPS80 busboards. TPS30MINI board requires an adapter.
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SynthRotek MIX Mixer Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: This simple passive mixer is suitable for mixing both audio and control voltage sources. Three channel inputs mix down to one output.

It is not suitable for additive voltage applications. All the jacks are switched to ground to minimize external interference when not patched. This can lead to unwanted attenuation of the output signal unless you plug a dummy cable into the unused channel(s) or, even easier, you can turn the channel's pot completely CCW.

Width: 2HP
Power consumption: none
Module screws included
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coming soon $25.78
Cat: 714698 Rel: 19 Dec 18
Self-powered white noise generator
Notes: This cable expands every synth without a noise generator but an external audio input and a 5V source at the tip of a socket (e.g. an expression pedal input) and gives you digital noise. Initially the cable has been developed as an expansion for the Moog products Little Phatty and Minitaur but it works also with other synths etc. The Hirlostek needs to be provided with a 5V voltage, for instance at the tip of a expression pedal socket. A circuit inside of the bigger plug generates a bright digital noise you can use as audio or modulation source. The narrower plug carries the noise signal and is to be connected either with an audio input or a CV input. Hand made, military quality due to good Neutrik jacks.
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 1 in stock $27.08
Cat: 719699 Rel: 03 Sep 19
Amplifier for audio signals
Notes: 2SIGNALAMP contains two amplifier stages for audio signals; the amplification can be adjusted up to 15:1.

A clip LED indicates that the amplified level exceeds the usual range of AE modular and is short before clipping.

Main purpose of this module is to boost external audio signals for further processing within AE modular, or also the triangle output of the VCO which has by design a lower signal amplitude.
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 3 in stock $27.34
Cat: 602202 Rel: 04 Apr 16
Passive multiple synth module
Notes: Dual 1x5 Passive Multiple

Two rows of 1 x 5 Passive Multing
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Cat: 719668 Rel: 03 Sep 19
Dual voltage controlled amplifier module
Notes: 2VCA contains two separate VCA (voltage controlled amplifiers); the classic module to shape the volume of a sound that is fed to IN by a control voltage, e.g. from an ENV to the CV input.

A switch determines the operation mode (DC/CV or audio), choosing the right position can reduce/avoid pop's with short attack envelopes.

An additional knob for each VCA attenuates the level, if necessary.
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SynthRotek TST Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Cat: 778316
test kit module
Notes: Test your modules safely without reaching into your case! The TST has two keyed 16-pin headers on the front of the module so you can plug and unplug quickly and easily. Two 16-pin plugs are included to shield the power pins when the module is not in use. It also has LEDs to indicate the power status on each rail.

Please note: Use this module at your own risk. You will be exposing electricity to the front of your modular system. Be careful not to dangle patch-cables, etc. on the exposed pins. This may damage modules and your power supply. Be smart and safe!

Features and Specifications:
Two 16-pin connectors and plugs on the front side of the module
LED indicator for each rail
Module width: 3HP
Module depth: 5mm
Current draw:
+12V: 1mA
-12V: 1mA
+5V: 1mA
Includes keyed power cable, 2.5mm and 3mm screws
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Eurorack Hardware Modules OR Dual Eurorack Combiner Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The OR is a passive dual OR Combiner module in 2HP for Eurorack. Two channels of three inputs to one output. Matte black panel with white graphics. Perfect for adding gates or trigger signals together as each input is diode protected. Passive, no current draw.
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coming soon $30.19
Cat: 777300 Rel: 30 Jun 20
interface module for NS1 nanosynth
Notes: A great little board to interface the NS1nanosynth to your eurorack devices. The Nanobridge includes 14 protected patch points that interfaces to 3,5mm jacks.

The NS1nanobridge is the definitive companion that allows the NS1nanosynth to interface to any eurorack or other modular system. With its 14 3,5mm jacks and optional protections on signals, the NS1nanobridge is the best solution to spread the nano strain.

You have, for each connection, a protected and unprotected nanopatch header. To have a fully working protected connection from the external system to the NS1nanosynth (that handles 0V to 5V voltages) connect the 0V and 5V nanopatch points to the same patch p0ints on the RIGHTMOST connector header on the NS1nanosynth. This way you will limit the excursion of the incoming signal from 0V to 5V. To achieve this we put a resistor-diodes limiting circuit on each pin. Alternatively, and this is useful for two purposes: outgoing signals (from NS1 to modular) and incoming V/oct pitch, you can use the 'unprotected' header side.

A note about the compliance. Keep it always safe! if you don't know what is the voltage range of the incoming signal use ALWAYS the 'protected' side, after having connected the 0V and 5V.

The NS1nanobridge is shipped complete with four rubber feet.
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Cat: 719686 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Classic wavefolder for the AE system
Notes: This module is based on a design used also by Ken Stone for his CGS system; the original circuit dates back to a publication from 1973.

Basically, the WAVEFOLDER clips and folds the incoming waveform; usually, waveforms with little overtones (like triangle or sinewaves) are used as input. In general, by the clipping and folding, the signal enriches the input signal with more overtones.
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 1 in stock $32.28
Cat: 686028 Rel: 04 May 18
Signal splitter module
Notes: Mult is a 2 input, 6 output signal splitter. Channel 1 is normalled to channel 2 when no cable is present, allowing the user to split an input signal six ways, or two input signals with three outputs each.
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Cat: 719689 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Versatile mixer/quadattenuator
Notes: 4ATTMIX offers four input channels which can be level controlled / attenuated by the corresponding knobs. The attenuated signals are sent to four outputs.

Additionally, each channel can be sent to an internal mixer by the switches beside the knobs. The mix signal is then sent to the mix output.

An additional switch selects the general operation mode for the mixer, for DC/CV signals or for audio signals.
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 4 in stock $33.06
Cat: 751717 Rel: 23 Oct 19
Passive multi-port distributor - 2HP
Notes: 2HP narrow version of the A-180 multiples module. It is a passive signal splitter suitable for audio or CVs. Two sets of four jacks are interconnected, by placing a solder bridge you can connect all eight jacks.
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 4 in stock $33.06
Cat: 635861 Rel: 30 Dec 16
Signal splitter module
Notes: Mult is a 2 input, 6 output signal splitter. Channel 1 is normalled to channel 2 when no cable is present, allowing the user to split an input signal six ways, or two input signals with three outputs each.
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Behringer 994 Multiples Module
Cat: 772832
multiples module
Notes: Enter the Behringer 994 MULTIPLES Module. An authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the Modular 55 Series used by the world's most famous pop, rock and jazz musicians. Now, musicians can build their very own, unique, synthesizer that can fit in a standard Eurorack case for a very affordable price. Mix and match specific modules to create your personal, unique synth to complement the music you play or go all out and fill a room, from floor to ceiling, with modules that'll fulfill any synth geek's wildest dream.

The dual 4-socket multiples of the 994 MUTLIPLES allows you to split CV or audio signals to multiple destinations. Now, one signal can control several modules.

Installing the 994 MULTIPLES is simple as it was designed to fit into a standard Eurorack case. This allows for the 994 MULTIPLES to be mixed with other synth modules for a truly unique set up.
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Cat: 760351 Rel: 19 Dec 19
Multi-mode divider
Notes: A multi-mode divider for clock and audio signals.

It can be used either for dividing clock signals (e.g. from an LFO, BEATDIVIDER) for rhythmical purposes but also for audio signals - in this case you get subharmonics / lower octaves squarewaves at the outputs, which can be mixed or used separately.

The module has eight outputs which - depending on the selected division mode - provide different division factors of the input signal:

Beat: musical/rhythmical clocks are generated as 1/1, 1/2, 1/4... 1/16 and triplets
Binary: the outputs work as binary counter (same as the predecessor module DIVIDER)
Decimal: The outputs have decimal divisions of the input, meaning half, third, quarter, fifth... of the input clock
Prime: The outputs use the prime numbers as division factors
Fibonacci: The outputs use the numbers of the fibonacci row as division factors

The reset input resets all output signals; in case of audio signals this can get quite unique, ringmodulator-like sounds.

The Shift knob shifts/rotates the outputs; usually, the fastest output is on output 1, but with shift the entire output pattern is shifted so the fastest output can be set to any position 1...8.
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 3 in stock $33.31
Cat: 745619 Rel: 17 Sep 19
Pure analogue kick drum module
Notes: KICK is a pure analogue Kick drum of raw bass power.

It has three knobs: PITCH for the overall pitch of the sound; with DECAY the length of the sound can be set and with DRIVE a nice distortion can be added to the sound.

With the pitch decay switch the pitch follows the amplitude, giving a bit different character.

And a trigger button is available to check the sound without an external trigger signal.
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 8 in stock $33.84
Cat: 595820 Rel: 03 Aug 16
Links up to 3 Zeus Studio Bus boards with an external power supply - 4HP wide
Notes: Zeus Access provides a simple, fast, and cost-effective solution for linking up to three Zeus Studio Bus boards with an external Cincon-TTA brick-style power supply. It is a tethered 4HP space-saving front panel with a long lasting high power rating On/Off switch and power socket.

It comes fully assembled and wired with 16AWG wire and plated copper terminals leads that require no additional assembly or special tools for connecting to a Zeus Studio Bus board.
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 1 in stock $34.36
Cat: 719656 Rel: 03 Sep 19
State variable filter
Notes: This module is a classic state variable filter.

It offers the control knobs cut-off frequency, resonance and CV attenuator; two signal inputs for different signal levels control the "drive" of the module. Compared to the wasp filter, this module has a significant self-resonance, and also a very quick response to cut-off frequency changes.

Three different outputs provide lowpass, bandpass and high-pass output.
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Cat: 719685 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Lowpass gate module for AE modular
Notes: The LOPAG is the lowpass gate module for AE. It is based on a Vactrol (like all good lowpass gates) and has two inputs: IN (audio signal) and TRIG. A pulse on the TRIG input opens the signal path shortly and via the characteristics of the Vactrol the audio signal is filtered and attenuated in a plucked, percussive way. Additional GATE and CV inputs allow more control over the way the module works.
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Cat: 777169 Rel: 15 May 20
LFO module
Notes: A dual LFO with different waveforms and triangle-sawtooth blending.
The 2LFO module has two LFO units with different features and generates modulation voltages mostly below the audio range. This module offers

RATE knobs for controlling the frequency
SLOW / FAST switch for two frequency ranges; with FAST the rate can go into the lower audio range
SHAPE knob for the first LFO, blends from rising sawtooth to triangle to falling sawtooth
Triangle / Sawtooth switch for the second LFO; changes the waveform of the output
PULSEWIDTH knob for the second LFO, this sets the pulsewidth of the according output
control LEDs for the output waveforms
PWM input for modulation of the squarewave pulsewidth of the second LFO
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Eurorack Hardware Modules ATT 2HP Triple Attenuator Eurorack Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: Get the most signal attenuation in the smallest 3U package possible! The ATT module features three independent IN - Attenuate - OUT circuits in one 2HP module. Works great for attenuating both audio and CV signals. Completely passive, so no current draw on your power supply.
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Eurorack Hardware Modules E-OR Selectable Gate Mixer Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The E-OR is a passive 2HP 'selectable gate mixer,' which means that you can choose between two different gate sources, two trigger sources or BOTH using the three way switch per channel. Great for choosing between various rhythms, clocks, gates, etc. Perfect for manual fills and variation in your set! Matte black panel with white ink. The E-OR is diode protected, so combining two trigger or gate sources is what it is meant to do!
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coming soon $35.40
Cat: 719657 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Filter module
Notes: This filter module is a variant of the Wasp filter, a quite strange circuit used first in the EDP Wasp synth end of the seventies, which abuses digital chips in an analogue way leading to the characteristic sound of this filter type. In this module, vactrols are used for controlling the filter frequency.
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Cat: 719687 Rel: 02 Sep 19
4 minijack inputs/outputs
Notes: 4I/O offers four minijack sockets that are connected to the AE sockets for connecting external audio sources, CV's and Eurorack modules. Sockets 1 and 3 are stereo sockets; if a stereo cable is inserted here the signal is available on sockets 1/2 and 3/4. With mono cables the four sockets can be used independently.

All sockets have an overvoltage protection (as AE modular is limited to 5V) and can be switched between audio and DC/CV signals.
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Cat: 719693 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Classic VCO for AE modular
Notes: The VCO module is a "classic" VCO featuring:

- Two CV inputs 1V/octave
- MODulation input with Level-knob, switchable to frequency or pulsewidth
- PWM input
- Coarse/Fine knob for frequency
- Pulsewidth knob for squarewave
- Square/Triangle/Sawtooth output

The module works well if you need an oscillator for primary musical/melodic use.
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 4 in stock $36.45
Cat: 719654 Rel: 12 Sep 19
Spring reverb module
Notes: Unique, vintage reverb sound.

The SPRINGREVERB module brings the unique sound of this quite old (introduced in the 60's) technique for creating reverbs to the AE modular.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only the module without spring tank and connection cable; with this module alone, you get no reverb. This is for users who want to use their own spring tanks.
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 1 in stock $37.48
EMW Patch 2 Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 775801
patch module
Notes: 6 HP patch (multiples) module with 4 independent groups, two with 4 connections each and two with 5 connections each.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 6HP width
Power consumption: +12V [0mA] / -12V [0mA]
Weight: 48g
Depth: 22mm
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coming soon $37.49
Cat: 719658 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Stereo headphone amplifier
Notes: A stereo headphone amplifier for AE modular.

It has separate left/right inputs; via a switch it can be set to mono operation (only left input is used). One common volume control for both outputs.

Two headphones can be attached via 3.5mm stereo minijack sockets.
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 3 in stock $37.49
EMW Adaptors 101 Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 775806
adaptor module
Notes: A simple passive adaptor with 2 x mono to stereo or stereo to L-R mono, dual P2 to RAC and dual P2 to P-10.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 8 HP width
Power consumption: +12V [0mA] / -12V [0mA]
Weight: 48g
Depth: 35mm
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Intellijel LPG 1U Passive Low Pass Gate Module
Cat: 782952 Rel: 30 Sep 20
MRP:$47.48 SAVE 17%
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Cat: 751728 Rel: 23 Oct 19
Dual passive attenuator - 4HP
Notes: Module A-183-1 is a simple passive dual attenuator. Passive means, that each unit is made of two sockets and a 50k linear potentiometer only. There are no active parts like amplifiers or buffers and no power supply is required.

This is how the A-183-1 works: At the output socket appears the attenuated input signal, i.e. zero level at the fully CCW position and max. level and the fully CW position.


Adjustable level of CV or audio signals to control other modules that do not have attenuators (e.g. Dual VCA A-132-1, Quantizer A-156, CV-to-Midi interface A-192 and modules of other manufacturers).
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Cat: 719670 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Dual attack/decay envelope
Notes: 2ENV is a dual attack - decay envelope; it can be switched between full sustain (the output remains at full level as long as the GATE input is on) and zero sustain (for percussive envelopes). Another switch (SLOW/FAST) allows selecting the time range.

For manual triggering there is a button for each envelope.

CV control: Both attack and decay time can be CV controlled; the CV "multiplies" the time by 1...approx. 8 times.
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quote 719670
Cat: 751731 Rel: 23 Oct 19
Compact module for attenuating control voltage signals - 4HP
Notes: Module A-183-2 is a voltage offset generator combined with an attenuator/polarizer.

This is how the A-183-2 works: At the two output sockets (simply two connected sockets) appears a DC voltage that is adjusted with the Offset control in the range 0...+5V or -5V...+5V. An internal jumper is used to select the offset range (0...+5V or -5V...+5V). Other ranges are possible by changing a resistor on the pc board (e.g. 0...+10V or -10V...+10V). The DC voltage generated by the Offset control is overlaid by the attenuated voltage that is fed to the In socket. The function of the attenuator control can be set to Attenuator or Polarizer by means of a toggle switch. When the switch is in the Attenuator position the control works as an usual attenuator, i.e. zero level at the fully CCW position and max. level and the fully CW position. When the switch is in the Polarizer position the control works as a polarizer, i.e. zero level appears at the centre position. Right from the centre position the In signal is added to the offset voltage, left from the centre position the In signal is subtracted from the offset voltage. In other words: at the fully CW position the non-inverted In signal is added with the full level to the offset voltage, at the fully CCW position the inverted In signal is added with the full level to the offset voltage.

The amplification range for the input is about 0...+1 in the attenuator mode, and -1...+1 in the polarizer mode. The amplification range can be modified by replacing a resistor by another value.


Generation of adjustable DC voltages overlaid by control voltages with adjustable level and polarity to control other modules that do not have attenuators or offset controls, e.g. Sampler A-112 (mainly for the wavetable mode), dual VCA A-132-1, VCLFO A-147-2 for waveshaping and ring modulator applications, Quantizer A-156, Theremin A-178, CV-to-Midi interface A-192 and modules of other manufacturers).
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