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Power cables & adapters

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Power cables & adapters

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Crosley AC32 UK 9 Volt AC Adapter For Executive & Cruiser Turntables
Cat: 653631 Rel: 07 Jun 17
Replacement UK 9 volt power adapter
Notes: UK Mains 9 Volt Power Adapter suitable for Crosley Cruiser, Crosley Executive or Crosley Player Record Player. If your Crosley Record Player was supplied without a UK Mains adapter, this replacement UK mains adapter will get you up and running in no time.
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 6 in stock $8.90
EBS DC4 Power Adapter Split Cable (1-4)
Cat: 628949 Rel: 02 Dec 16
Power adapter split cable - one-to-four configuration
Notes: Power split cables make it easy to distribute the power from an AD-9 to more than one pedal. These split cables are available in one-to-two, one-to-four or one-to-six (DC-2, 4 or 6) configurations.
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 5 in stock $8.93
Mercury Energy Efficient UK Switch Mode Universal Power Supply 1000mA
Cat: 483466 Rel: 26 Feb 13
Energy efficient UK switch-mode power supply 1000mA, with 7-way voltage selectors
Notes: This compact, energy efficient switch-mode power supply gives up to 1000mA with a variable output from 3V to 12V. Suitable for most low power electronic products such as CD Players, Walkmans, Radios, Portable Games Consoles, MP3 players etc.

Up to 1000mA at all output voltages
Supplied with 8 DC adaptors and USB socket adaptor
Uses 25% less power making it more energy efficient
Materials used and manufacturing process are more environmentally friendly
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Mercury SMDC400UK Switch Mode Plug In Power Supply (3-12V, 600mA)
Cat: 457801 Rel: 29 May 12
600 mA regulated switched mode plug-in power supply with 6 output voltages and 6 DC interchangeable plugs
Notes: The Regulated Switch Mode Plug-In Power Supply is a plug-in regulated power supply with 3-12 V DC switchable output.

The Features include, IC regulated DC output, short circuit protection and automatic overload cut off, LED indicator and selectable polarity.

The Regulated Switch Mode Plug-In Power Supply comes complete with 6 DC adaptor plugs.

The specifications:

Colour: black
Dimensions (mm): 67x50x60
Weight (kg): 0.3
Power input: 230 V AC @ 50 Hz
Plug type: UK
Connectors: 6 x interchangeable DC adaptor plugs
Outputs: 3, 4.5, 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12 V DC
Continuous current (A): 600 mA.
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 2 in stock $7.86
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Power cables & adapters
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