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Pedal boards and accessories

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Pedal boards and accessories

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Cat: 560490 Rel: 04 Feb 15
Electro Harmonix branded pedal board bag, with extra zippered compartment for cables etc
Notes: Organize your pedals with this padded and lightweight Electro-Harmonix pedal board with bag. Made of durable canvas, enclosing a stiff non-slip board, the EH pedal bag board securely holds effect boxes of all sizes and shapes. Customizable velcro strips and dividers allow a setup to suit your needs. Measuring 27" long by 12" wide by 2" deep, the board has dual handles and a shoulder strap for easy transport. The front offers a separate zippered pouch for smaller items. Plus, cable openings on both sides make plugging in amps and AC a breeze without ever moving your gear. Just open up and you are ready to rock!

Note: Pedals and board showing in the image are not included!
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Mooer Firefly M6 Pedal Flightcase (pedal board/flight case)
Cat: 666632 Rel: 19 Oct 17
Flight case with integrated pedal board for Micro & Mini Series pedals
Notes: Firefly M6 is able to accommodate 6 Micro Series pedals or 5 MICRO pedals & 1 Mini Series pedals. Includes 6 plug multi DC power cable. Specially designed guitar cable plug is compatible to many connect cables.

- Integrated pedal board
- Aluminium construction
- Foam insert
- Place for 6 effects units from Mooer Micro Series, or 5 Micro and 1 Mini Series
- Specially developed recess for jack - compatible with most guitar cable
- Incl. 1 x 6-plug DC power cable (power supply not included)
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Cat: 666780 Rel: 16 Oct 17
Pedal board with patented folding design, plus padded carry case
Notes: - Compact size and simple styling, reflecting the consistent design concept of Mooer products.

- Patented 180 degree folding design, using a customized Aluminium alloy rotatable structure, which can be placed in multiple angles on stage, making it more convenient to access all pedals.

- The Foldable structure makes the Pedal Board more compact, easier to use and ensures accurate operation on the stage; the built-in fixing method and the perfect combination of aluminium alloy make the whole board stronger and lighter with a solid structure.

- The bag features smooth area on the side for logos or labels, as well as an ergonomic handle and strap design which allows the it to be carried in a variety of ways.
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Cat: 666749 Rel: 16 Oct 17
Lightweight pedalboard with 2 independently adjustable platforms - includes soft case
Notes: The TF pedalboard series is MOOER's latest instalment to their extensive range of unique pedalboard solutions. It's double platform configuration allows the shape to be easily transformed to accommodate different pedal layouts. The TF pedalboards are designed with both practicality and beauty in mind so you can create the setup you want, keep everything neat and tidy and have a pedal board which looks great!

- TF16: 490 x 285 x 86mm
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Cat: 647520 Rel: 27 Apr 17
Universal aluminium pedalboard with softcase
Notes: Universal aluminium Pedalboard for the storage of all commercially available floor effects. The cross bars as well as the height and the tilt of the Pedalboard can be individually adjusted. The cross bars are already covered with Velcro (fleece), a sufficient amount of hook strap is also included. Power supplies and similar peripheral devices can be mounted below the board. For this the Pedalboard features 4 practical hooks on the underside. 2 Elastic bands are supplied - making fixation easy!

This set also features a high-quality padded softcase with an accessory compartment and a shoulder strap.
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Pedal boards and accessories