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PA speakers

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PA speakers

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Cat: 703318 Rel: 15 Feb 19
Weather resistant, IP44 rated indoor/outdoor background speakers - 5.25" 80W white
Notes: High quality IP44 weather resistant speakers with a main 100mm driver, coupled with a 13mm tweeter, all housed in an efficiently designed moulded cabinet. Each speaker is supplied with a laterally adjustable wall mounting bracket that can also set to various tilt positions for efficient directivity. Designed for indoor or outdoor background music and public address applications.

The box for this item contains:

- 2 x BH series weatherproof background speakers
- 2 x curved mounting brackets
- 2 x mounting plates
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quote 703318
Behringer B105D Ultra-Compact 50-Watt PA/Monitor Speaker
Behringer B105D Ultra-Compact 50-Watt PA/Monitor Speaker (compact 50 watt pa/monitor speaker)
Cat: 762240
50 watt PA & monitor speaker
Notes: Behringer B105D is a fantastic multi-purpose, 50-Watt speaker for vocal and keyboard monitoring, multi-media, press conferences and home recording studio use. Feel free to connect your iPod*, iPhone*, iPad* or any other audio-streaming device via Bluetooth for great sound.

Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology provides enormous power, incredible sonic performance while also being super lightweight. With a 5" premium-quality and full-range driver, this product has ultra-low noise 3-channel mixer with 3-band EQ. 2 "Invisible" Mic Preamps comes with phantom power for condenser microphones and 1 instrument ready input.

Product contains a dedicated stereo input for keyboards, MP3, CD, and a Mic stand integration system for use with stand. In addition, it comes loaded with internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio, superior transient response and very low power consumption. Overall, this speaker is super-tough and have impact-resistant enclosure with integrated top carry handle great for a wide range of uses.
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Cat: 753484 Rel: 30 May 17
B-STOCK: Item refurbished, repaired and in perfect working order.
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Item refurbished, repaired and in perfect working order.***

Use the extremely lightweight, yet powerful EUROPORT MPA30BT PA system to stream songs from your Bluetooth-enabled iOS device at the next company picnic, or to get your message across on the playing field. With its 30-Watt amplifier and premium 2-way speaker system, the MPA30BT provides superb sound for up to 100 people - and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 20 hours. You can use a traditional-style microphone, or up to 2 of our ULM digital microphones (mics not included) to create a supremely easy-to-use wireless, go-anywhere PA system!

Bluetooth Ready:

The days of tape decks and CD players are long gone. Now your music lives on your smartphone or computer tablet, so you can stop searching for those outdated cables and fancy adapters. Now with a simple wave of your hand, you can stream music from any Bluetooth-equipped device such as your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or even your laptop computer. Now, isn't that easy?


The great-sounding MPA30BT is amazingly-lightweight (10.7 lbs/4.9 kg) thanks to its highly efficient Class-D amplifier, and the onboard battery pack keeps the party going for up to 20 hours - without a power outlet in sight!

Built-in Mixer & Wireless Option:

Loaded with features, the MPA30BT comes equipped with an onboard 2-channel mixer with the same ultra-low noise, high-headroom mic preamps that have made our mixers legendary, plus an Aux input for that aforementioned CD player. Also included is Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio directly from your iOS device, and our proprietary ULM wireless technology. Sold separately, BEHRINGER ULM Series digital mics integrate seamlessly to expand your MPA30BT system to handle virtually any live sound application.

Sound Value:

Whether you set your MPA30BT speakers on a table, or mount them on optional speaker stands, you'll enjoy music streaming through this rich-sounding, easy-to-setup system in mere moments. See your BEHRINGER dealer, or order your EUROPORT MPA30BT online - and put a little easy in your life today!
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Cat: 703373 Rel: 07 Nov 18
2-way passive PA speaker
Notes: 2-way passive PA speaker in high impact moulded enclosure. Each cabinet is fitted with side and top carrying handles and can be mounted via a 35mm pole mount or angled as a wedge monitor. Connection from an amplifier is via 2 Speakon connectors on the rear panel, which are wired in parallel for connecting onto further speakers. A punchy and powerful cabinet for compact and efficient sound reinforcement.
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 2 in stock $80.00
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PA speakers
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