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Audio- & MIDI-Interfaces

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Audio- & MIDI-Interfaces

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Arturia AudioFuse Rev 2 Advanced Audio Interface
Cat: 784939 Rel: 24 Jul 20
Audio interface
Notes: You're making tomorrow's music... so why settle for yesterday's interface? AudioFuse is the revolutionary pro audio interface that sets a new standard in sonic quality, creative production and value. It fuses the superior sound of high-end analog studio consoles with the flexibility of a solid mobile interface- with all the connectivity you need for any recording or performance.

Whatever sound you need to capture, from the most delicate ambience to the heaviest cacophony, AudioFuse will reveal the beauty in everything.

Pro studio quality was the mantra right from the start with AudioFuse. Now you can transform your desktop, hotel room, concert- whatever, wherever- into a studio with world-class sound.

No compromises, each element of the AudioFuse has been selected to perfectly serve your sound, such as the two proprietary DiscretePROr microphone preamplifiers and the set of top-notch AD/DA converters.

Saving the purity of your sound and the passion it conveys is what AudioFuse is all about.

When creating and recording, you need an interface that lets you focus on the task at hand and keep distractions to a minimum.

With AudioFuse, we didn't want to settle for merely bringing you the sound quality of a pro studio, we wanted to bring you its workflow too. That's why you have detailed metering, talkback for instant communication with talent in the next room, inserts to add professional effects processing to your recording chain, A/B monitor switching, and direct access to the essential features so you can spend more time creating and less time setting up.

Wherever it comes from, whatever it has to travel through, and wherever it needs to go, AudioFuse will guide your sound.

AudioFuse connects with virtually everything: mics, instruments, turntables, studio equipment, Mac, PC, tablets, even iOS and Android phones. It all happens with a round-trip latency as low as 3 milliseconds so you'll feel right in the groove every time.

When you know your equipment is the best of the best, creativity can take care of itself.

When it is all about giving the best of yourself being able to rely on the best technologies becomes crucial. The lowest harmonic distortion, the most linear frequency response, the highest signal-to-noise ratio and the shortest latency, these technical terms may seem far removed from your creative process, but they are essential to delivering your music in the highest quality possible.

Capture the moment- at home, in the studio, on the road, or wherever creativity strikes.

AudioFuse has a super-solid aluminum chassis you can trust, complete with a hard cover to protect it from damage in your bag- or even just dust on your desktop. The build quality goes far beyond a great-looking exterior, as well. Your unit has to pass rigorous testing before it can be packed and shipped. It even comes with a test specification printout of your exact unit. Meet your new best friend for the studio and stage.
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IK Multimedia AXE I/O Solo USB Audio Interface
Cat: 763087 Rel: 08 Jul 20
USB audio interface
Notes: IK Multimedia proudly announces AXE I/O SOLO, a new entry in its range of AXE I/Or high-end guitar interfaces with advanced tone-shaping features.

Developed for guitar players who want to record the best possible sound on a budget or on the go, AXE I/O SOLO is a compact 2-in/3-out USB audio interface that features IK's high-end PURE microphone preamp; an instrument input with proprietary tone-shaping options; an exclusive Amp Out to incorporate real gear into a recording setup; and 24-bit, 192 kHz converters with a wide dynamic range, for pristine recordings in all musical genres.

AXE I/O SOLO can also act as a controller for use with IK's included AmpliTuber or other favourite guitar-friendly software, offering a complete, affordable solution for players who want the best possible tone for their tracks.

AXE I/O SOLO offers IK's high-definition, Class A PURE mic preamp, designed for transparent and clean recording. An extended, flat frequency response captures the full tonal range of voices and instruments without colouring the sound. A best-in-class dynamic range ensures ultra-quiet recordings.

Proprietary tone-shaping options let users dial in the perfect settings for their instruments or coax a wider range of tones from a single instrument:

First, an active & passive pickup selector adapts instantly to any instrument. The active channel bypasses unneeded gain stages, ensuring the signal is always as direct and uncoloured as possible.

Next, AXE I/O SOLO offers both a PURE circuit for pristine, transparent sound and a JFET circuit for adding warmth and harmonics, all within a single device.

Finally, IK's proprietary Z-Toner impedance-adapting circuit lets users adjust the input impedance to interact with their guitar's pickups: at the maximum impedance, sounds are tighter, sharper and more precise, and at lower impedances the sound becomes thicker and bolder.

These controls give guitars even more sonic character - with just a few minutes' experimentation, users can dial in a sound that perfectly fits the mix.

AXE I/O SOLO offers a streamlined re-amplification setup in a single box. A front panel Amp Out lets guitar and bass players incorporate real amplifiers and stompboxes without the need for an external conversion box. This low-noise out also eliminates ground loops, to keep even the highest-gain re-amplification as quiet as possible.

AXE I/O SOLO preserves the best-in-class dynamic range, ultra-low self noise and wide, extended frequency response of the original AXE I/O, ensuring premium sound quality for recording both instruments and vocals.

1/4" balanced outputs and a headphones out provide comprehensive connections, and a "blend" knob mixes direct and processed signal for zero-latency monitoring. In addition, AXE I/O SOLO also features two dedicated inputs for controller pedals and switches, plus MIDI In/Out, offering a range of options for real-time control over amp modelling plug-ins or recording software.

For seamless, out-of-the-box recording and processing, AXE I/O SOLO comes bundled with AmpliTube 4 Deluxe, IK's powerful guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC/iPhone/iPad, as well as a suite of T-RackS mixing & mastering plug-ins and Ableton Live 10 Lite recording software.
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Meris MIDI I/O Control Interface
Cat: 781916 Rel: 15 Jul 20
MIDI I/O control interface
Notes: The Meris MIDI I/O is a MIDI-TRS control interface which opens up unlimited control capabilities for up to four Meris pedals. The interface offers remote control, the saving of multiple presets offline and much more, all via your favourite MIDI controller device - even wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Finished in stylish black paintwork, it allows control of all your Meris pedal's parameters via MIDI and can control up to 4 separate pedals, using different MIDI channels.

MIDI I/O supports MIDI input and output from all Meris pedals and therefore allows unlimited offline preset saving and loading, so you can recall all your preset creations and with the amount of control each Meris pedal gives you, this is a hugely valuable feature.

Using a wireless Bluetooth/MIDI dongle and the MIDI I/O also can allows full control of all parameters of your Meris pedal via your iPhone with a suitable MIDI controller app, when using a suitable Bluetooth MIDI adapter (like Yamaha's MD-BT01 or similar). The interface has MIDI in and out activity status LEDs so you can keep tabs on what's sending and receiving MIDI.
As a bonus, the Meris MIDI I/O is also compatible with pedals from other companies like Empress and Chase Bliss*.

9V DC center-negative, 10mA, 2.1mm jack

Dimensions 3.7" wide, 2.6" deep, 1.5" tall

Weight 6.4 ounces

Includes 1 Flat 11" TRS cable. (No power supply included.)
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SPL Crimson 3 Audio Interface (black)
Cat: 784783 Rel: 24 Jul 20
Audio interface
Notes: SPL's flagship audio interface offers a bit of everything, with 16 inputs, MIDI interface, powerful monitoring options and clear, precise sound. A proper all-rounder.

Supplier notes:
Following the success of the Crimson 1 and 2 models, SPL have gone further to create a new flagship audio interface delivering the same professional-grade recording and monitoring capabilities, along with even more useful features and workflow-aiding improvements.

Headphone mixing provides 100% left channel to one ear and 100% to another. This creates something of a natural disadvantage in mixing by creating an exaggerated split and a stereo image that seems wider than its reality. SPL's Phonitor Matrix, now fully integrated with every Crimson 3 interface, aims to combat this.

Phonitor is a cross-feed functionality that fills the otherwise-neglected middle of the image to create a more natural stereo sound. The resulting stereo spread is then far more translatable when mixing between monitors and headphones between sessions or even on the fly.

Crimson's built-in talkback function negates the need for an external microphone for communicating with the instrumentalist or vocalist being recorded.

When talkback mode is enabled, the connected set of speakers in port A are automatically dimmed. This ensures built-in microphone feedback is avoided and that artists can hear instructions or feedback more clearly.

Another unique technology built-in to Crimson is SPL's Artist Mode feature. When engaged, the Crimson provides a separate mix curated to the recording performer's preference. While in Artist Mode, talkback audio is also routed via the second headphone output and monitor output B to ensure an entirely independent mix.

SPL have taken great care to ensure that the Crimson 3 serves as a veritable power-hub for any home, project or commercial studio. As such the desktop and layout form factors have been meticulously designed to ensure all controls are accessible, adjustments can easily be made, and that all ports, functions and features are always within reach.

With 16 inputs, 2 preamps, 6 individual playback channels, talkback, high end conversion and built-in monitor control facilities, the Crimson is truly a worthy centrepiece for any professional audio workspace.

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Audio- & MIDI-Interfaces
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