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Cat: 234449 Rel: 01 Sep 06
Replacement crossfader compatible with Vestax PMC 05/06/07/007/008, QFO/QFO LE, Allen & Heath Xone:02/32/62/92, Numark SM1 & 5000 FX, Stanton SK series, Urei 1601 series, Formula Sound FF-4000 & others (if modified))
Notes: The professional DJ company Eclectic Breaks have created the most advanced and DJ-focused analogue crossfader in the world: the Ebsel PXF-01 Pro X Fade crossfader.

Tapping into their extensive experience and involvement with the professional DJ industry, this 3rd generation fader has the sole purpose of addressing the real issues faced by the new wave of professional DJs today. Without compromising on quality by using inferior materials, the Pro X Fade crossfader provides the DJ with the Rolls-Royce of faders at a realistic price.

The Ebsel PXF01 Pro X Fade crossfader features advanced 100 Conductive Plastic Technology. Unlike other fader manufacturers, Eclectic Breaks use true 100 conductive plastic tracks. By developing a mirror- finish resistance track, Eclectic Breaks have improved audio performance. This technology also produces the superior feel and extended life cycle, substantially reducing the bleeding of sound after constant usage.

The Pro X Fade incorporates newly developed super-grinding technology which produces a very accurate component with a superior finish on the shaft surface. Tension Torque Control allows the DJ to physically change the feel of the fader to suit their needs. Whether it is a smooth, solid feel for that secure long mix or a very loose feel for the scratch DJs intensive on-off cutting technique.

Using the easy-access lag rotaries, the DJ can adjust the lag time to enable an instant on-off switch feel or gradual volume increase mode.
Using the correct connectors and face-plate, the DJ can interface with many different analogue and digital mixer architectures from some of the most popular manufacturers. Breaking away from traditional colour schemes, EB bring a little fun to the fader while still keeping focus on the most popular design, favoured by the best DJs in the world.

Due to the fact that many cross-fader stems snap off after intense usage or whilst in transit, Electric Breaks have developed a wider stem to counteract this problem; also developing a special metal-plastic double layer shaft carrier, giving greater accuracy in production, improving the feel and helping with long life in operation.

Furthermore, EB have developed a high quality multi-fingered brush, using a combination of materials, giving exceptional reliability in operation, very low electrical noise and a very smooth feel.
Eye-catching design and ergonomic packaging that projects the sense of quality and professionalism you can expect from this product.

Packed with industry standard lubrication oils from Caig-, adjustment tools and cleaning utilities to keep your fader in perfect condition.
The housing has been designed to allow easy access so that the DJ can lubricate and clean the fader-pole without any inconveniences.

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Cat: 384419 Rel: 27 Apr 10
Notes: This edition of the Faderfox Traveller DC Adaptor has a 5V/1A power supply output, 100-240V AC input, 1.8m cord length, exchangeable EU wall plug.
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Cat: 561134 Rel: 18 Feb 15
Revolutionary non-contact fader with quick mounting system, adapter included for 3 or 4 pin compatibility
Notes: Revolutionary non-contact technology:

The internationally lauded Innofader by Audio Innovate is now retro-fittable to all Reloop devices that are identified as "Innofader Compatible".

More than 4 million cycles: Optimised for the hardest scratching applications

The RMX Innofader has been specially developed to give users an effortless, professional performance even under the most rigorous use in the toughest conditions. Audio Innovate's revolutionary non-contact technology has created a fader that is perfect for the needs of professional DJs. The RMX Innofaders are accurately calibrated and ready for immediate use in any compatible Reloop product; however, the performance can also be personalised with the added ability to fine-tune the Cut-in and Cut-out points.

Easy and quick mounting:

The RMX Innofader represents the utmost quality throughout its design. The fader shaft is grounded to protect the integrity of the audio signal, and the design is tested to work for 4 million movement cycles - ensuring a long and reliable lifespan. The Reloop RMX Innofader is quick and easy to install on the professional RMX-22i/33i/60 and RMX-80 Digital DJ mixers. Inside the box, a blue performance fader cap is included to complete the package.
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DJ equipment spare parts