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Cat: 753601 Rel: 24 Oct 19
Rotating disco lighting effect
Notes: A revolving disco ball which creates a rotating disco lighting effect. The product features 43 coloured beams, constant rotation, attractive black housing and AC/DC adaptor for safety.

Product Dimensions (mm): 145x160x160
Bulb type: 12 V 7 W Bi-Pin
Power Input: 12 V DC Via Adaptor (Supplied)
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Cat: 753604 Rel: 24 Oct 19
Mini disco ball
Notes: The Cheetah LED Crystal Disco Ball with built-in rotator is fitted with 3 bright LED's in Blue, Red and Green. The unit requires 3xAA batteries (Not Included). Simply fit the batteries and switch on, all 3 LEDs will spin offering an excellent crystal star like effect. This disco ball is ideal for parties, children's bedrooms etc.
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Cat: 753603 Rel: 24 Oct 19
Rotating multi-coloured light
Notes: Battery operated LED Fuzz light with built-in rotator. The light is fitted with 4 bright LED's in Yellow, Blue, Red and Green, the unit requires 3xAA batteries (Not Included). Simply fit the batteries and switch on, an LED spinning effect is created interchanging between all four colours. The fuzz light is Ideal for parties and children's bedrooms etc.
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 1 in stock $8.08
Cat: 484360 Rel: 08 Mar 13
Battery operated bubble machine with fluid
Notes: Cheetah party time battery operated bubble machine with fluid. The product features a high output bubble machine with carry handle. The product is easy to use and comes in a robust plastic case and PSU. Requires 2 x C batteries (not supplied).

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 1 in stock $17.78
Cat: 753600 Rel: 13 Feb 20
6 pod light with sound to light control
Notes: A 6 lamp pod light with built in sound to light control. The product features speed control, sensitivity control and an on/off switch contained in a central pod. The 6 pods containing the lamps can be detached from the central unit to form alternative arrangements.
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 1 in stock $30.48
Cat: 758980 Rel: 06 Dec 19
Gooseneck LED light
Notes: The Kinsman Pro Console Light has a flexible 44cm gooseneck and a head with 4 cool LED lights with a 100,000 hour bulb life span. With 28 Lumin output and dimmable this gooseneck is ideal for all situations. 4 Pin XLR connector.
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 3 in stock $10.77
Cat: 495141 Rel: 10 Jun 13
4 channel, sound activated light effect
Notes: A 4 channel frequency dependant sound to light unit producing a very visual effect making it ideal for mobile DJs.

This lighting effect is sound activated and is encased within solid metal housing. It comes fitted with 4 coloured R80 reflector lamps and a fixed mains lead and plug

Power supply: 230Vac, 50Hz (280W)
Lamp: 4 x R80, 60W
Replacement lamp: 160.002 - 160.009
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Cat: 495161 Rel: 10 Jun 13
Classic fireball party light effect for ceiling or desk mounting
Notes: This classic light effect fires narrow beams of light around the room as it rotates. An essential party light, with very wide coverage. This fantastic light effect is perfect for either ceiling or desk mounting, and will give you approximately 100,000 hours LED life span!

Power: 12Vac, 1250mA
Revolutions per minute: 6

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 1 in stock $28.48
QTX LED Moonglow Light Effect (light effects unit)
Cat: 670667 Rel: 16 Nov 17
Tabletop LED light effect
Notes: Tabletop LED light effect with 6 x 1W LEDs producing coloured beams which are diverted through a rippled dome to create a dynamic ceiling display with a sound sensitive auto sequence. The fixture can also be wall or ceiling mounted to shine onto a wall or floor for home discos and parties.
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 2 in stock $16.40
QTX Mini LED Strobe Light (LED strobe light)
Cat: 358058 Rel: 17 Jun 09
Notes: Get the party started with this LED strobe. Adjustable from 0-10 flashes per second via a rotary control, and housed in a robust casing with an adjustable mounting bracket.

Note: batteries not supplied.
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 1 in stock $6.74
Cat: 495190 Rel: 14 Jun 13
Bubble machine with high speed fan and low noise output
Notes: Portable bubble machine with high quality fan and motor to produce the best bubbles possible for your party.
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Cat: 495135 Rel: 10 Jun 13
600mm long black light box with chrome reflector
Notes: Complete with starter and UV tube, on/off switch and fixed 1.5m mains lead

Power supply: 230Vac, 50Hz
Ultraviolet wavelength: 365um
Ultraviolet output: 80uW/cm²
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 1 in stock $29.14
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