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Cat: 557838 Rel: 22 Jan 15
Book capturing the inner workings of Tristan Perich's "1 Bit Symphony" - including written explanations, calculations and diagrams
Notes: 0.01s, Perich's new companion to 1-Bit Symphony, is a synthesis of art and computation in book form, giving a tangible mass to the code behinds its music.

Digging even deeper into the basic operations of computation, 0.01s captures the inner workings of 1-Bit Symphony over the first hundredth of a second after it is switched on. In just 0.01 seconds, its processor executes 80,000 computational cycles, enough information to fill a 695-page book with austere tables of numbers and machine language, becoming a visual meditation on the internal mechanics of computation.
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100 (book)
Cat: 655113 Rel: 23 Jun 17
Limited edition 200 page hardback book containing front & back covers for Robert Pollard's 100 studio albums
Notes: On April 7th 2017, Guided by Voices released August By Cake, a double album. For anyone who knows the band this isn't necessarily a newsworthy event. The band and its leader are extremely prolific and release multiple albums every year. What made this one special, what made it historic, was that it marked the 100th studio album release for Robert Pollard.

It is arguable as to whether any other artist has released that much music. What we know for sure is that no other artist has released 100 studio albums with every one of them on vinyl.

This book contains the front and back covers for all 100 albums. Less a testament to Pollard's extensive career and more a study in album art, the book is a large format (12" x 12") hard cover document containing over 200 pages printed to the edge.

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.
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100 Club Stories (hardback book)
Cat: 708288 Rel: 18 Mar 19
162 page book documenting the 75-year history of one of the UK's most iconic music venues - edition of 1000
Notes: In celebration of the legendary 100 Club, a venue with as much character as the bands booked to play there, Ditto are publishing a book of anecdotal stories from its 75-year history. From the musicians who have played there through to the bar staff and the customers they served, each unique story adds to the legend and myth.

The 100 Club, launched in 1942 as the Feldman Swing Club, was frequented by GIs during the war, and by the stars of British and global jazz in the 1950s, including BB King and Muddy Waters. But it was in the 1970s that it became an iconic venue for the punk scene, hosting "the 100 Club Punk Special", an event which included the Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Clash, Buzzcocks and The Damned. The event cemented punk as an idea and subculture.

It wasn't just incredible bands that emerged from this independent venue, but tribes of fans devoted to new ways of thinking. "100 Club Stories" will be published in spring, with various digital activations and events throughout the 75th anniversary year which runs until September 2018. The book will feature stories from everyone from club punters to internationally famous musicians, alongside archive imagery, much of it completely unseen prior to now.

Case bound with a screen printed cover, coloured papers and special inks, a truly fitting artefact for one of the UK's most beloved institutions.

162 pages, 29 x 21cm, hard cover.
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Cat: 370836 Rel: 16 Oct 09
out of stock $14.76
1000 Record Covers (hardback book)
Cat: 661777 Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hardback book with 1000 of the best record covers from the 1960s to 1990s
Notes: Record covers are a sign of our life and times. Like the music on the discs, they address such issues as love, life, death, fashion, and rebellion. For music fans the covers are the expression of a period, of a particular time in their lives. Many are works of art and have become as famous as the music they stand for Andy Warhol's covers, for example, including the banana he designed for The Velvet Underground.

This edition of "Record Covers" presents a selection of the best rock album covers of the 60s to 90s from music archivist, disc jockey, journalist, and former record-publicity executive Michael Ochs' enormous private collection. Both a trip down memory lane and a study in the evolution of cover art, this is a sweeping look at an underappreciated art form.
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12" Sleeves: Disco Graphics (book 350 pages/400g)
Cat: 215577 Rel: 13 Apr 06
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Cat: 566362 Rel: 18 Mar 15
A journal with a selection of 15 years Godspill artwork for Creme Organization
Notes: To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Creme Organization, the label releases a book in collaboration with artist Mehdi Rouchiche aka Godspill. The 76 page book showcases a big selection of the work he's done for Creme over the years. Limited to 500 copies!
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Cat: 728520 Rel: 30 Apr 19
Definitive Brazilian music catalogue book with full colour guide & obi-strip
Notes: Introducing over 600 titles, including Rio's Indie Pop, Novos Compositores and the Sao Paulo Scene, Minas New Generation, MPB, Samba Soul, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Local Music and more!
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Cat: 535401 Rel: 17 Jun 14
Paperback part fiction, part reality story of Factory Records founder Anthony Wilson
Notes: ''The musicians own everything. The company owns nothing. All our bands have the freedom to f**k off''

Written in blood, The Factory non-contract set out the manifesto for one of the most influential and progressive record labels of our time...

24 Hour Party People: What The Sleeve Notes Never Tell You is the bizarre and not entirely fabricated story of Factory founder Anthony Wilson. Part fiction, part reality, comic and tragic by turns, Wilson tells his own unique story in his own unique way for the very first time.

Manchester, 1976: Anthony Wilson, Granada TV presenter, is at an early Sex Pistols gig. Inspired by this pivotal moment in music history, he and his friends set up Factory Records. They go on to conquer the world with Joy Division (who become New Order) then again with the Happy Mondays.

Riding high on their success and just about keeping the business afloat, the Factory directors decide to give something back to their city, to open a club - The Hacienda. Packed on opening night but losing money hand over fist for the first five years, The Hacienda and the Happy Mondays take their unique brand of hedonism to breaking point.

From the dawn of punk to the death of acid house, Anthony Wilson was at the centre of it all. Love him or hate him, you can't possibly ignore him.
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Cat: 614410 Rel: 06 Jun 16
Hardback book featuring images and info on rare folk, psychadelic, garage & beat records from the 60's & 70's
Notes: Volume 3 in the fantastic series of books on rare records from the '60s and '70s. Another cream of folk, psychedelic, progressive, garage and Beat records.

Over 1000 colour images of the rarest album covers from over 40 countries. A kaleidoscopic overview of the most expensive collectable albums from all over the world.

An indispensable book for all serious collectors with accurate description of origin, label, value and rarity, printed on glossy paper and issued as a hard-cover.

This edition has 15 pages more then previous issues featuring a host of British beat.
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out of stock $48.53
Cat: 614412 Rel: 06 Jun 16
Hardback book featuring images and info on rare folk, psychadelic, garage & beat records from the 60's & 70's
Notes: Vol. 4 in the fantastic series books on rare records from the 60's and 70's. Over 1000 colour images of the rarest 60s and 70s folk, psychedlic, progressive, garage and Beat album covers from over 40 countries in the book for the first time.

A kaleidoscopic overview of the most expensive collectable albums from all over the world.

An indispensable book for all serious collectors with accurate description of origin, label, vaklue and rarity.

Printed on glossy paper, issued as hard-cover.
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70's Soul (book)
Cat: 563201 Rel: 14 May 15
Notes: .
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Cat: 594117 Rel: 02 Feb 16
128 page hardback price guide of rare and collectable 60's, 70's and 80's LPs
Notes: The long awaited '7001 Record Collector Dreams' book by Hans Pokora. As you know, it's a mandatory purchase for any serious beat, garage, folk, psych, prog, '60s pop and proto hard rock collector! The 128-page book is presented in a deluxe hardcover and features over 1.000 colour photographs of the rarest '60s, '70s and '80s LP covers, a price guide, and there also is an extra index of the contents of all the previous books. Don't miss this very limited edition!
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Cat: 551691 Rel: 06 Nov 14
252 page hardback book celbrating over 100 years of photography in the Caribbean
Notes: This book celebrates over 100 years of photography in the Caribbean. From calypso kings to Vodou priests, revolutionaries to dictators, colonialism to independence, slave trade to tourist paradise - the many uses and abuses of the Caribbean are vividly captured here.

The image of the Caribbean is as much a creation of the outsider as it is the complex identity of its people, a melting pot of races created out of the participants of the 400 year slave trade - enforced Africans, indigenous Caribbeans and their colonisers - French, Spanish, Dutch, English.

From luscious and beautiful backdrop of tourism and hedonist retreat, to colonial outpost and revolutionary threat within North America's backyard, the complex identity of the Caribbean stands at the intersection of tourism, the detritus of the slave trade, the decline of colonialism and the region's tropicality.

The regions politics span an almost constantly changing path of ideas, radicalism and revolutionaries - from Castro's Cuba and Michael Manley's Jamaica, to the violent right-wing dictatorships of Haiti's Francois 'Papa Doc' Duvalier and the Dominican Republic's Rafael Trujillo.

The hundreds of fascinating and unique photographs featured here illustrate more than one hundred years of Caribbean history, culture and industry as well as the subsequent diaspora of its people to America, England, Canada and elsewhere.

Introduction by Paul Gilroy. Edited by Stuart Baker.

Paul Gilroy is the author of There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack: The Cultural Politics of Race and Nation (1987), The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness (1993), Black Britain - A Photographic History (2004) amongst others.

Stuart Baker is the editor of a number of photography and design books all of which deal with culture and identity including Punk 45 (with Jon Savage), Dancehall (with Beth Lesser), Kanaval: Vodou, Politics and Revolution on the Streets of Haiti (with Leah Gordon), Voguing (with Chantal Regnault), Bossa Nova, Freedom, Rhythm & Sound (both with Gilles Peterson) and more. He is also the founder of Soul Jazz Records.collection.
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Cat: 714268 Rel: 11 Dec 18
59 page illustrated paperback book
Notes: A Brief History of Acid House is an illustrated celebration of Acid House music's rich and colourful history which chronicles the key events and major players responsible for its global influence and on-going legacy.

Also included in the book is a list of essential Acid House classics with descriptions for each with images and a Periodic Table of Dance Music.

Other topics included are Ikutaro Kakehashi, Tadao Kikumoto, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Phuture, the TB-303 synthesizer, The Hacienda night club, Shoom, Blackburn, The Media, the UK Government, Football casuals, 1980's Police aggression and some of the most pivotal moments in Acid House's history.

About the author: A brief History of Acid House was written and illustrated by Suddi Raval. Suddi Raval began attending Acid House parties in the North of England at the age of 17 in 1988 and has been a life-long Acid House enthusiast ever since.

He has released records under various names on different record labels including being co-writer and producer of the UK top 20 hit single Hardcore Uproar which became a Hacienda anthem in the summer of 1990.

He has since scored soundtracks for numerous video game titles and writes a regular column sharing his memories of rave experiences for Iconic Underground magazine.
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Cat: 648660 Rel: 21 Jun 17
768 page paperback book
Notes: This stunning encyclopaedic guide covers in great detail rock, pop, beat, R'n'B, folk, psych, prog and more from Australia, New Zealand, Africa (expanded to include 'Afro-rock' music from Sub-Saharan Africa) and, for the first time, Turkey and the Middle East, between 1963 and 1976.

The guide contains detailed discographies, line-up data, bibliographies, comment on their music, compilation appearances, and an up-to-date rarity scale for all album releases between 1963 and 1976, for the artists featured.

Illustrated throughout and includes 12 pages in colour. There is nothing currently in print similar to this!
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Cat: 212959 Rel: 01 Jan 90
Notes: Best known as hip hop's finest fashion photographer for his blockbuster best-selling monograph, "Back In The Days" Shabazz revisited his archive and unearthed an exceptional collection of never-before-published documentary photographs collected for his 3rd Powerhouse Books release, "A Time Before Crack". A visual diary of the streets for NYC from the mid-70s to the mid-80s, Shabazz's distinctive photographs reveal the families, the poses, and the players who made this age extraordinary. Once upon "A Time Before Crack", inner-city communities were blighted by poverty and unemployment but not by the drug wars that tore families apart, destroying lives with needless violence and mindless addiction. Once upon "A Time Before Crack", pride and style were as inseparable as a beatbox and mixtape, or as a pair of shoes and matching purse. Once upon "A Time Before Crack", Jamel Shabazz was on the scene, working the streets of NYC capturing the faces and places of an era that have long since disappeared.
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Cat: 703041 Rel: 11 Sep 18
Paperback book
Notes: An exclusive, fully authorized, first-person account by Ed Sheeran of how he became an internationally renowned singer-songwriter. Ed Sheeran is the soulful singer-songwriter from England who has captivated American audiences. With words by Ed Sheeran and illustrations by his childhood friend, artist Phillip Butah (who produces artwork for Sheeran's albums and singles), and accompanying photos, Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey explores Sheeran's early musical experiences and influences as well as his time recording and touring, right up to the release of his second album, x. The book reveals what drives and inspires Ed as he continues to evolve as an artist, while coping with stratospheric success. With close to 100 photographs and illustrations, this is a book that all Ed Sheeran fans should own and will cherish.
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Cat: 434366 Rel: 26 Aug 11
Book packed with professional testimonials, concepts, definitions, hundreds of tips, tricks and hidden features (407 pages, paperback, black & white/colour)
Notes: Learn how to create, produce and perform a whole new way; prepare to unlock the power of Live.

In this brand new title for Ableton Live 8 and Suite 8 users, author Keith Robinson details exactly what Abelton Live can deliver. The book is engineered to follow Live's non-linear music environment, the book looks and feels like the program. Its unique format utilizes the terms and creative features of Live, tabs, keys, pointers and labels.

Packed with professional testimonials, concepts, definitions, hundreds of tips, tricks and hidden features, the Ableton Live 8 and Suite 8 covers the software's nuts and bolts and creative technique to create, produce, perform and make music on the fly.

The accompanying website contains Live sets and web pointer information to sync and download as well as interviews, additional hints, tips and video.
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Cat: 411028 Rel: 22 Nov 10
Visual guide to the history of modern music and discovery of the stories of the people behind, with archive photographs, rare artwork and newspaper clippings (190 pages, paperback, black & white/colour)
Notes: Now the world's foremost blues, rockabilly, soul and rock n roll reissue label, Ace Records has been responsible for unearthing lost classics and neglected pioneers for over three decades and provided some of the finest and most influential records of the post-war era. The first comprehensive history of this fascinating label, Ace Records takes in some of the finest and most enduring modern music, rock n roll, soul, funk, blues, jazz, R&B, garage rock and punk.

To read the Ace Records: Labels Unlimited is to explore the history of modern music and to discover the stories of the people that made it. The book chronicles this fascinating label and profiles a diverse range of artists including BB King, John Fahey, Lee Hazlewood and Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Riff Raff, Johnny & the Self Abusers, Drug Addix and Rocky Sharpe & The Replays. Illustrated with many unseen archive photographs dating back to the 1920s, rare artwork and newspaper clippings and written by established music journalist and author David Stubbs, the Ace Records: Labels Unlimited is a highly entertaining and visually stunning guide to a pioneering alternative to the mainstream UK music scene.
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Actual Air
Actual Air (book)
Cat: 729748
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Cat: 428425 Rel: 01 Jan 90
Notes: Aja was the album that made Steely Dan a commercial force on the order of contemporaries like Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles and Chicago. A double-platinum, Grammy-winning bestseller, it lingered on the Billboard charts for more than a year and spawned three hit singles. Odd, then, that its creators saw it as an "ambitious, extended" work, the apotheosis of their anti-rock, anti-band, anti-glamour aesthetic. Populated by thirty-fi ve mostly jazz session players, Aja served up prewar song forms, mixed meters and extended solos to a generation whose idea of pop daring was Paul letting Linda sing lead once in a while. And, impossibly, it sold. Including an in-depth interview with Donald Fagen, this book paints a detailed picture of the making of a masterpiece.
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Cat: 274452 Rel: 21 Jul 07
Notes: This is a groovy little guide to all things disco - a Japanese discography that focuses on key club records from a number of different generations. As you'd guess from the title, the core focus here is the seventies - and possibly the early eighties - represented by listings of a variety of albums and other releases. The book sets out a few artist-based sections for folks like Chic, Jellybean, Jocelyn Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, and others, and also features some DJ's Choice sections, and Essential Disc Guides throughout. There's plenty here to wet your appetite, including a full colour section of rarities at the beginning, plus lots of other text and interviews in Japanese.
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Cat: 212965 Rel: 01 Jan 90
out of stock $13.71
Cat: 728510 Rel: 30 Apr 19
Definitive ambient catalogue book with full colour guide & obi-strip
Notes: The second edition of the "Definitive" series supervised by Ele-King is "Ambient Edition" - from Brian Eno, Krautrock and Mark McGear, to new artists such as OPN, Grouper and Flying Lotus.
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out of stock $27.96
Cat: 522389 Rel: 19 Mar 14
Hardback book covering the story of Amon Duul's formative years (1968-1972) and their unparalleled musical expression
Notes: Hardcover, 160 pages, Many rare illustrations and photos.

Amon Duul is one of the most important acts in psychedelic and progressive music of the 20th century. This is the story of their formative years (1968-72) and their unparalleled musical expression. Limited edition printing of 500 copies.

The German rock band Amon Duul II quickly rose to prominence in West Germany due to their energetic live performances and the pioneering debut album Phallus Dei in the late 60s. They were frontrunners in what would be termed Deutschrock or Krautrock, a loose and sprawling musical movement which included acts like CAN and Kraftwerk. The tension between Germany's past, present and future provided the energy for this movement, which had its own artists, record labels and fans.

The people of this movement worked mostly outside the sphere of the establishment and the commercial record labels and institutions, although the most economically viable acts would later be picked up by major companies. In many ways, this movement was in opposition to the current situation, to politics, society and music. They were looking for freedom, and the different paths leading there; one was through politics via anarchism, socialism or communism, towards a new society beyond traditional values and monetary power; another was spiritual, through artistic expression psychology and psychedelic drugs.
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Cat: 705917 Rel: 26 Nov 18
104 page paperback book about Electro group Aux 88 - limited signed edition
Notes: A 104 page autobiography book written By Anthony "BlakTony" Horton, The book exposes the micro-details of each member of the group, and gives insight into their humble beginnings from Detroit, and the movement the group created in reviving electro music.
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 1 in stock $30.59
Cat: 496209 Rel: 27 Jun 13
Written and photographed biography on the history of the band The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Notes: The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the most successful bands of all time, having sold over 55 million albums worldwide. Originally formed in 1983, for the most part the group's lineup has consisted of Anthony Kiedis (vocals), John Frusciante (guitar), Michael 'Flea' Balzary (bass) and Chad Smith (drums).

Explosive, uncensored and always revelatory, Red Hot Chili Peppers is the long awaited, never before told history of the globe's most worshipped rock band. Loaded with rare and unpublished photographs and memorabilia from their own archives, the band finally reveal all, allowing unprecedented access into their wild inner world.
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Cat: 434342 Rel: 26 Aug 11
Book of technical explanation of the nature of analog sound creation, with appendices, hints on values and purchasing, other sources of information and a discography (332 pages, paperback, black & white)
Notes: In this book, the technical explanation of the nature of analog sound creation is followed by the story of its birth and its subsequent development by various designers, manufacturers and performers.

The individual components of analog sound creation are then examined in detail, with step by step examples of sound creation techniques. Then the modern imitative analog instruments are examined, again with detailed instructions for programming and using them. The book is completed with appendices listing the major instrument lines available, hints on values and purchasing, other sources of information and a discography of readily available recordings which give good examples of analog sound synthesis.

The CD which accompanies the book gives many examples of analog sound creation basics as well as more advanced techniques and of the abilities of the individual instruments associated with classical and with imitative analog sound synthesis.

The CD contains a complete history of analog sound in one work, interviews with industry Legends and developers of of analog synthesizers and the demo sounds and tuitional pieces to illustrate the processes discussed in the book.
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out of stock $31.64
Cat: 209467 Rel: 01 Jan 90
A collection of 29 articles and essays, editor Cepeda chronicling the growth of hip-hop music and journalism. Includes contributions by Nelson George, Cheo Hodari Coker, Joan Morgan, Toure and Greg Tate (black & white photos, 361 pages, paperback)
out of stock $15.82
Cat: 411947 Rel: 15 Nov 10
Behind-the-scenes story of Casablanca Records. From the daring first signing of KISS, through the discovery and superstardom of Donna Summer, the Village People, and funk master George Clinton and his circus of freaks, Parliament Funkadelic.
out of stock $16.87
Cat: 375502 Rel: 23 Nov 09
out of stock $12.65
Notes: 'Armin Only' is the English version of the Armin 'Road Biography' written by Coen Bom. Armin van Buuren was voted world's most popular DJ In the 'Top 100 DJ Poll' in 2008. This book takes a closer look at him in the year leading up to this important event. Across countless trips around the world, sharing and creating great music, numerous performances at interesting places and interviews with friends, parents and his manager it reveals an in-depth and personal glimpse into the life of the DJ we have all come to like and love. The wait is over. It's taken some time, but Armin van Buuren's 'on-the-road-biography', "E‚n op E‚n", has finally been translated! 'Armin Only' is the English version of the book, in collaboration with Cloud 9 Music BV and Armada. Coen Bom reports about the hectic life of one of the most popular DJs of the moment. During the process of writing 'Armin Only', Armin van Buuren received several prestigious Dutch Awards, amongst them an Edison Award, the 'Pop Prijs' and the BUMA Culture Pop Award. Bom challenged himself to dig deep in Armin's past and present to find an answer to the question 'What is the key to Armin's success?'. Friends, parents, managers and other acquaintances of Armin will all speak their mind. The book contains pictures, an overview of all of Armin's performances in 2008 and the path Armin walked to become the successful man he is right now. 'Armin Only' offers an interesting view behind all the glamour, shows and his artist status.
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Cat: 674216 Rel: 22 Jan 18
117 page hardback book - limited edition of 800 copies
Notes: Funny, what people seem to want. In Art, Mystery, a controversial former footballer, now export agent specializing in chrome, accepts an unusual commission - to find and export a pornographic work of Renaissance art.

"Mr. Thompson has given us the perfect cocktail of suspense and whimsy. Very highly recommended - even the most humourless of art historians will be tickled by Art, Mystery!"
- Dr. Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen

"I am impressed with Art, Mystery. Cracking dialogue. I enjoyed reading it. I also thought it was very funny and wore its humour integrally, I mean, like, subtle."
- Josephine Pryde
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Cat: 239801 Rel: 25 Oct 06
Notes: These lavish, 28cm x 28cm hard-back books from classic Universal artists feature around 100 pages of essays, beautiful photographs and memorabilia. One of the most influential songwriters and performers of all-time, Stevie Wonder has been making music for getting close to half a century. It is almost impossible to think of him not being there. 'At The Close Of A Century' - originally released in 1999 - offers the greatest overview of his career to date. Packaged lavishly and annotated thoughtfully, this four-CD set takes us from the rambunctious rush that was his debut single 'Fingertips' (Parts 1 and 2) through his remarkable run of 60s smashes, highlights from his 70s classic albums through to his towering ballads from the 80s and 90s. Often as irresistible as it gets, 'At The Close Of A Century' is one of the great documents in popular music.
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Cat: 212957 Rel: 01 Jan 90
Notes: Autograf: NYC's Graffiti Writers, is a never-before-seen chronicle of the people and places that populate NYC's famed graffiti scene and features 53 portraits authentically tagged by: 323, Area, Artz, Cinik, Claw, Cope 2, Cycle, Deck, Diva, Dona, Doze, Dsense, Earsnot, Ewok, Fanta, Futura, Gen 2, Glacer, Goal, Jakee, Jest, Kaws, Kech, Lorn, KR, Kser, Lady Pink, Lase, Made, Merz, Mint, Mosco, Muk, Mynock 21, Nato, Net, Nymz, Oze 108, Peek, Pez, Rate, Rehab, Revs, Sacer, Same, Sare, Semen, Semz, Serf, Since, Stay High 149, UFO, Vfresh, Year and Zer.
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Cat: 212956 Rel: 01 Jan 90
Notes: "Back In The Days" documents the emerging hip-hop scene from 1980-1989 before it became what is today's multi-million-dollar multinational industry. Back in the days, gangs would battle not with guns, but with breakdancing. "Back In The Days" the streets, not corporate planning, set the standards for style. "Back In The Days", Jamel Shabazz was on the scene, photographing everyday people hangin' in Harlem, kickin' it in Queens, and cold chillin' in Brooklyn. Street styling with an attitude not seen in fashion for another twenty years to come, Shabazz's subjects strike poses that put supermodels to shame, showing off Kangol caps and Gazelle glasses, shell-top Adidas and suede Pumas with fat laces, shearling coats and leather jackets, gold rope chains, door-knocker earrings, name belts, boom boxes, and other designer finery. For anyone who wants to know what "Keepin' it real" means, "Back In the Days" is the book of your dreams.
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Cat: 430279 Rel: 04 Jul 11
The story of the 80s indie group told by their fan (and fellow Creation artist) JC Brouchard.
Notes: Felt, the British band started by Lawrence in Birmingham, released twenty records in the 1980s on the Cherry Red and Creation labels. Hailed by the press, Felt made its mark on the independent music scene in Britain, topping the indie charts in 1985 with the "Primitive Painters" single.

In "Ballad Of The Fan", JC Brouchard chronicles the story of Felt through their records and puts it in parallel with his own experience as a fan. He first followed the band from afar, before he met up with them in England, put on their first gig in France and tagged along with them on a European tour.

JC Brouchard is the identity bestowed in 1984 upon Pol Dodu by Alan McGee, the Creation Records founder, when he made him his spiritual advisor and that of his band Biff Bang Pow! JC had his own Creation single release with Biff Bang Pow! in 1986 and was celebrated by the same band with the 1987 single "The Whole World Is Turning Brouchard!". "Ballad Of The Fan" is the first book published by the "renowned eccentric archeologist from Reims", as "Melody Maker" once put it.
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out of stock $13.71
Cat: 212934 Rel: 01 Jan 90
Notes: This is possibly one of the most colourful, graphic and beautifully put together books on Graffiti Art. Unlike most of the Graffiti Art books that are from the NYC locale, "Barcelona 1000" is set in that lovely and enigmatic city. Political as it is controversial, Barcelona is a hotbed of artistic inspiration. Just as a huge added bonus, this oversized rectangular books is accompanied by a DVD from the streets of Barcelona, giving one a first hand feel of the artwork and graffiti.
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out of stock $46.42
Notes: Sanctuary Publishing presents 'Basic Effects & Processors' by Paul White.

From multi-effects units to software plug-ins, digital instruments and soundcards; effects and processors are a crucial part of modern music. Yet, even cheap units can be complicated to understand and operate.

'Basic Effects And Processors' offers in-depth explanations of all the mainstream effects and signal processing treatments, along with tips on how to use them in music production. Once you've seen how these devices work, you'll be able to use them to record and mix.
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out of stock $6.32
Cat: 386920 Rel: 29 Apr 10
Investigating areas such as soundproofing, acoustics and monitoring, this book will help you transform your bedroom into the equivalent of a modern recording studio, and at a fraction of the price. Softback, Black & White, 187 pages.
Notes: Sanctuary Publishing presents 'Basic Home Studio Design' by Paul White. To produce a high-quality recording it's important to have the right acoustic setting. Unfortunately most home recording studios are constructed in less-than-ideal surroundings. Investigating areas such as soundproofing, acoustics and monitoring, 'Basic Home Studio Design' will help you transform your bedroom into the equivalent of a modern recording studio, and at a fraction of the price.
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out of stock $6.32
Cat: 386912 Rel: 29 Apr 10
Notes: Sanctuary Publishing presents 'Basic Mastering' by Paul White.

The ultimate aim of any recording project is the mass-production of music; whether on CD, cassette, MiniDisc or any of the other media available to the modern recording artist. It is important, therefore, to have the best possible recording in the first place.

'Basic Mastering' shows you how to master and edit your music so that you end up with a product that would look at home in any record store.
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Cat: 386921 Rel: 29 Apr 10
Notes: Sanctuary Publishing presents 'Basic Microphones' by Paul White.

No matter how sophisticated computers or synthesisers become, the recording of a 'real' sound always starts with a microphone. The problem is that, unlike the human ear, there is no single microphone that is ideal for all jobs.

'Basic Microphones' teaches you how the different types of microphones work, which types are best suited to each job, and how best to use them in a recording situation.
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Cat: 386914 Rel: 29 Apr 10
Notes: Sanctuary Publishing presents 'Basic Mixing Techniques' by Paul White.

In music recording the quality of a mix is every bit as important as the quality of the performance, and potential hit singles have been ruined by poor mixing.

'Basic Mixing Techniques' blows the lid off the secrets of mixing and explains - in easy and illustrated terms - how you can create a professional-quality recording with even the most basic equipment.
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Cat: 386916 Rel: 29 Apr 10
Notes: Sanctuary Publishing present the Basic Sampling by Paul White.

Smpling is the most pervasive of music production techniques and has redefined how songs are written & made. This easy-to-follow guide covers all aspects of the sampling process, including choosing hardware equipment and software programs, setting up a smaple-capable recording system, sourcing and editing samples and integrating them into your music.

In short, the Basic Sampling provides a comprehensive and ready-to-go smapling solution.
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Cat: 386918 Rel: 29 Apr 10
Notes: Sanctuary Publishing presents 'Basic VST Effects' by Paul White.

The days of the rack-mounted reverb unit or dirt smeared fuzzbox are gone. With the development of Steinberg's virtual studio technology, you can now recreate every classic effect, from distortion to delay, using just a home computer. 'Basic VST Effects' provides an essential, user friendly insight into recreating classic effects with the minimum of cabling, using your home computer.
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Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession TR 909 (20 page book + 1 x clear 7" flexi disc + 1 x orange 7" flexi disc)
Cat: 486261 Rel: 22 Apr 13
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Cat: 670960 Rel: 24 Nov 17
Featuring over 30 images inspired by Vintage Samplers, Drum Machines & other tools that shaped modern music
Notes: The Beat Machine Colouring Book features a collection of over 30 images inspired by vintage samplers, drum machines, and other tools that shaped modern music. In addition to the colouring pages, the book also features historical information including the release year of each beat machine, plus a brief history of the art of sampling.

Version 2.0 features all new illustrations to colour and customize. A colouring book for music lovers, producers and drum machine enthusiasts.
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