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Back Catalogue: Deep Dubstep

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Deep Dubstep

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Cat: ELIM 007. Rel: 23 May 12
  1. Here We Stand
  2. Riding With Your Plastic Spokes
  3. Antarctica
  4. First Chair
Gespielt von: THE EXALTICS
out of stock $6.81
Embrace (12")
Cat: 3024 004. Rel: 14 Jan 09
  1. Embrace
  2. Hijack
out of stock $8.64
Cat: HEAVY 009. Rel: 22 Apr 09
  1. Waterfallz (Peverelist remix)
  2. Waterfallz (Crissy Criss remix)
out of stock $7.32
Cat: ARE 007. Rel: 22 Jan 13
  1. The Last Time I Saw You (feat Akshay Kalawar)
  2. Voodoo Girl (feat Ozz & Akshay Kalawar)
Gespielt von: Be-1ne
out of stock $8.36
Viagem (10")
Cat: CRUCIAL 024. Rel: 02 Jul 19
  1. Viagem (5:23)
  2. Encanto (4:40)
Review: Having soared us through the dense black marsh earlier this year, Portuguese deepsmith 3WA takes us through even swampier, intense territories with this Crucial debut. "Viagem" is like stepping into a deep boggy cave where the drips from the stalactites get heavier and the ground swallows you like quicksand. "Encanto" then hauls your keister out of there with insistent hang drum percussion and rolling kicks before blowing you dry with powerful flutes and pipes. Charmed.
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 in stock $9.94
Black Marsh (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: FAV 011. Rel: 01 May 19
  1. Black Marsh (5:00)
  2. Protect Ya Neck (4:09)
  3. Blackbird (4:48)
  4. Glory (5:59)
out of stock $12.29
Altair EP (12" + zine)
Cat: TERRA 001. Rel: 03 Mar 20
  1. Altair (5:04)
  2. Laser Lords (5:06)
  3. King Of Style (5:09)
Review: Off to a firing start last year on the likes of Foundation Audio, FKOF, Crucial and 786, Portuguese darksmith 3WA has the honour of launching Earth & Stone, the new label from Subtle FM's Chalcraft. Taking off where the likes of "Viagem" and "Black Marsh" left us, the "Altair" EP is awash with spooky harmonics and eerie, creeped out textures and trippy off-beat drum patterns. The title track sets the parameters with its folding tubular bass that shoots up an octave or three when you least expect it, "Laser Lords" follows with a stern lesson in percussive persuasion wrapped up in a raffish Coki style bassline before "King Of Style" signs the deal off with a swaggering groove and techno attitude. 3WA? 3WOAH mate.
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 in stock $11.97
Gist (12")
Cat: SUBWAYDS 005. Rel: 14 Sep 11
  1. Gist
  2. Borderline
out of stock $9.40
Cat: CPHWAX 01. Rel: 02 Aug 13
  1. Jorge Reyes - "Viaje Al Mictlan" (6Blocc remix)
  2. Antonio Zepeda - "Mexico Tenochtitlan" (6Blocc remix)
  3. RAW - "Sensi"
  4. Screechy Dan - "Boomin' In Your Jeep" (RAW remix)
  5. RAW - "Dub Fi Dub Medley"
  6. Criminal Mindz - "Baptized By Dub" (Skanx remix)
  7. Solo Banton - "Babylon Coke" (Skanx remix)
  8. Skanx - "Distant Dream 2013"
Review: Some call him R.A.W, some call him Skanx, others call him 6Blocc. Here at Juno we call this LA low-end veteran a 'badman'. Flipping through the tempos like vinyls in a dusty crate and flexing his bass muscles with depth and dexterity on every release, he's renowned for flicking the style switch at the drop of a fractured amen. Declassified Dubplates acts as a cool potted CV with cuts like "Sensi" and "Booming In Your Jeep" show his breakneck full throttle style, cuts like "Babylon Coke" and "Distant Dream 2013" showing his lower nu-jungle skills and cuts like "Viaje Al Mictlan" and "Mexico Tenochtitlan" showcasing his mesmerisingly deep, dubby styles. An accomplished collection to say the least.
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out of stock $15.68
Revolution (12")
Cat: MS 008. Rel: 02 May 12
  1. Revolution
  2. Pressure Dub
out of stock $11.50
Cat: NAHBACK DOWN. Rel: 26 Jun 13
  1. Nah Back Down
  2. Nah Back Down (version)
 in stock $7.32
Recolor (12")
Cat: BNZ 002. Rel: 08 Mar 13
  1. Fantasmo (feat Bobby Tank)
  2. Charger
  3. Chrystal Raw
  4. Elastique
  5. Frosty Morning
  6. 256 Colors
  7. The Whaler (feat On-The-Go)
Gespielt von: Teielte, Nphonix
out of stock $8.11
Monkey See (1-sided 12")
Cat: MEDI 105W. Rel: 24 Oct 19
  1. Monkey See (6:01)
out of stock $8.36
Cat: ANJ 196. Rel: 22 Mar 11
  1. Sun & Moon (Distance remix)
  2. Sun & Moon (Seiji remix)
Review: Woah, we didn't see this coming; Ajunabeats, the UK trance imprint founded in 2000 by Above & Beyond types Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamaki, release a pair of remixes that touch on dubstep and future garage. The label boss's "Sun & Moon" is given some sub bass growl and menace by Distance on the A, while Seiji pops up with a garage-y interpretation on the flip that retains the straight up trance synths and chipmunk vocals!
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Gespielt von: DJ Downrock, EPITOME
out of stock $6.81
Cat: DDD 032. Rel: 10 May 18
  1. Fire Dance (5:05)
  2. Warrior (4:36)
  3. Tribe (5:59)
  4. Imperfection (feat Merak) (3:44)
out of stock $9.68
Arabxo Ishara (cassette)
Cat: BKV 006.
  1. Pashmak
  2. B!n Ladens Funeral Fiesta
  3. Tired In Istambul
  4. Back In England
  5. Aramazd
  6. Kufi Wood Art
  7. Sleep Well In Jakarta (short version)
out of stock $6.81
Cat: 205200 2. Rel: 09 Sep 16
  1. Kurdish Wisdom Atmee (4:41)
  2. Grey Moondust (4:31)
  3. Gypsy's In Dub (6:28)
  4. Devan Beduin (3:17)
  5. Macadamia Oil (5:01)
  6. Tsinking About (5:24)
  7. A Tank For Swag (4:01)
  8. My Allah Protect Me & You From The Fire (5:01)
out of stock $16.22
Tempa Allstars Vol 8 (double 12")
Cat: TEMPA 104. Rel: 30 Dec 15
  1. Acre - "Messages" (5:59)
  2. Epoch - "The Vile" (4:42)
  3. Cliques - "AUT" (6:30)
  4. Fracture - "Excalibur" (4:37)
  5. Youngsta & Distance - "Track 5" (5:38)
  6. Biome - "Closed Minds" (6:06)
Review: The Allstars compilation series from Tempa has proved a fine litmus test of the UK underground since it was launched in the heady early days of dubstep circa 2003. An eighth volume rounds out Tempa's 2015 business and this broadly diverse selection is proof enough that bass music is in fine health. Following his superb debut LP for Tectonic, Acre opens the doublepack with the stuttered, swung sound design of "Messages", and from here Tempa run the gamut of the UK bass scene. Epoch lays down raw and doomy steppa vibes with "The Vile", Cliques offers up futuristic footwork of "Aut" whilst both Youngsta & Distance and Biome bring the 140BPM heat.
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Gespielt von: Calculon
out of stock $13.60
Cat: PRESENT. Rel: 05 Sep 12
  1. Theo - "Skywalking" (Adesse version)
  2. Singing Da Blues (Adesse version)
  3. Bang The Box (Adesse version)
  4. Bang The Box (Adesse version - instrumental)
Gespielt von: Martin Haberland
out of stock $9.40
  1. Jump Up (Terror Danjah remix)
  2. Jump Up (Terror Danjah dub mix)
out of stock $5.22
Cat: FPL 016. Rel: 05 Dec 17
  1. The Day We Met (3:51)
  2. The Future We Used To Have (4:33)
  3. Watching You Fake A Smile (3:27)
  4. Together We Will Live Forever (3:01)
  5. Onsra (3:31)
  6. The Night We Parted (5:00)
Review: Scottish artist Aether emerges from the ether with some of his most spell-binding material to date. Twinkling, evocative and hazy, there's a dreamlike theme as the narrative runs throughout and we're taken down lullaby lane with woozy and wondrous results. From the startling sunrise soul of the first encounter to the poignant, lingering final goodbye, Aether's sonic imagery and consistency makes this more of a mini album than an EP. Utterly beautiful.
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out of stock $11.25
Viraha (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: FPL 012. Rel: 06 Dec 16
  1. Cathersis (3:59)
  2. Vale (4:14)
  3. Fade Away (3:16)
  4. Viraha (4:15)
  5. Flowerdance (3:36)
  6. At What Point Do I Stop Trying (4:12)
Review: Back in the spring, Jason 'Aether' Taylor delivered one of the more assured vinyl debuts of the year; a collection of evocative ambient soundscapes and gentle dubstep rhythms entitled Von. This belated follow-up continues in a similar vein, with the Scottish producer prioritized beauty and melodic intent over dancefloor weight. That's not to say that his beats and basslines aren't solid, it's just that what really catches the ear is Taylor's use of intricate piano figures, dreamy female vocal samples, glacial sonic textures, and mood-enhancing chord progressions. It's a blend that results in music more suited to reclined listening than over-enthusiastic dancing. When the music is this picturesque, though, who are we to argue?
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out of stock $11.25
Von (12")
Cat: FPL 009. Rel: 28 Apr 16
  1. Clairvoyance (3:32)
  2. Should Have Known (3:23)
  3. Von (6:21)
out of stock $8.64
Above EP (double 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: IMRV 027. Rel: 17 Apr 19
  1. Above (5:32)
  2. Blur (3:32)
  3. Dragon Love (5:07)
  4. So I Smoke (5:40)
  5. Deer (7:55)
  6. Deer (dub) (5:25)
Review: Fresh from featuring alongside Lapo on Moonshine Recordings, Agostino Isola AKA Ago returns to the Innamind Recordings label he's long called home. It would be fair to say he's in fine form, too, serving up a double-EP of melodious, atmospheric cuts that pepper the deepest of dubstep riddims with a variety of smoky samples, blissful lead lines and becalmed chords. For dancefloor play, the highlight is undoubtedly "So I Smoke", where echoing female vocal snippets bounce above dub bass and punchy drums, though "Deer (Dub)" - a rumbling club revision of included ambient cut "Deer" - is similarly impressive. Highlights elsewhere across the EP include the trip-hop style stoned beats of "Dragon Love" and the wind chimes-sporting bliss of "Above".
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out of stock $19.63
Good Luck! (heavyweight vinyl 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: IMX 004. Rel: 24 Sep 19
  1. Good Luck! (3:40)
  2. I Got (5:10)
Review: Numa Crew enigma Ago wishes us nothing but the best right here as we're offered all the drugs and the good luck over a satisfyingly trippy beat. Opener "Good Luck!" is peppered with smoking 808s, creepy arpeggios and more space than Professor Brian Cox's photo album, there's a reason this has been in such demand all summer. "I Got" is just as beguiling. Watch out for those Latin guitars as they wash over the booming kicks. Emotional. Good luck mate.
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out of stock $10.72
Why Won't You (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: IMRV 019. Rel: 27 Jun 17
  1. Why Won't You (4:26)
  2. Flashin' (3:59)
  3. Zero Shift (5:14)
Gespielt von: Nice Up! Records
out of stock $9.94
So Mi Seh (limited 10")
Cat: IMRV 015. Rel: 24 Dec 15
  1. That's What I Was Talking About Back In '96 (4:21)
  2. So Mi Seh (4:26)
out of stock $8.64
Backlash (12")
Cat: SUBALT 011. Rel: 02 Nov 16
  1. Backlash (4:12)
  2. Trust Inc. (4:20)
  3. Opium Riddim (4:44)
out of stock $9.15
Skankers Chant EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: MS 048. Rel: 10 Apr 19
  1. Skankers Chant (4:41)
  2. Tuff! (4:28)
  3. Helicopter Dub (4:16)
out of stock $9.40
Cat: RS 1209. Rel: 23 Aug 12
  1. Pyramid Lake
  2. Black Ink
Review: Otherwise known as Rob McAndrews, former James Blake collaborator Airhead is fast becoming one of the most interesting producers on the R&S roster since Blake's movement to more mainstream concerns. Taking a more explicitly rhythmic direction than previous release which concentrated on lush acoustic textures, "Pyramid Lake" combines rapidfire percussion, breathy vocal samples and lo-fi VHS textures to create the most unlikely club banger you'll hear this year. "Black Ink" meanwhile sounds like a maelstrom of kickdrums tumbling up and down a rubber staircase with stray hi-hats and handclaps thrown into the mix. Undeniably one of the best R&S cuts this year.
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out of stock $8.36
Cat: MATH 10. Rel: 10 Nov 10
  1. Paper Street (original mix)
  2. Paper Street (Nick Hoppner remix)
Gespielt von: Girls Of The Internet, OCH
out of stock $7.32
Cat: ZAMZAM 75. Rel: 30 Sep 19
  1. Cambridge Road (4:13)
  2. Over & Out (3:46)
Review: New Zealander Akcept is arguably rather representative of his home country's unique approach to bass music, offering up a string of releases for the likes of Modern Hypnosis, Amar and Moonshine that fuse dubstep and UK dub rhythms with audible references to techno and roots music. He's at it again on this superb new single, first combining African percussion, pitched down vocal samples, deep dubstep rhythms, weighty bass and dub effects on A-side club cut "Cambridge Road". He stays closer to experimental dub territory on flipside "Over & Out", where sparse drum hits and metallic dub trails combine with an unashamedly heavy sub-bass motif and Melodica samples to devastating effect.
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Gespielt von: Toby Tobias
out of stock $10.46
Cat: SEN 003. Rel: 03 Oct 17
  1. Dreader Than Dread (5:04)
  2. Howl (4:46)
Review: Three releases deep, each one an absolute peach: Youngsta's Sentry label has been total fire so far. Kicking off with dBridge, then Nomine, now the label take us to New Zealand for its third outing as Akcept takes the controls and proceeds to drive on both sides of the road; "Dreader Than Dread" is an epic bounce back 10 years with its brazenly funk horns and rolling chubby bass groove while "Howl" is a lot more spaced out, starker, late night jam with a fatty sub line that should come with a health warning. Stay alert.
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 in stock $9.94
Cat: ARTKL 034. Rel: 21 Aug 18
  1. Might Of The Trinity (4:39)
  2. Nightcrawler (4:44)
Review: New Zealand's reputation for proper system-primed dubstep continues to reach new levels as Akcept builds on his ever-growing discography with this Artikal debut. "Might Of The Trinity" is a rootsical bumper with a lavishly warm and bouncing bassline and sparse, splashing cymbals. "Nightcrawler" flips for a different schooling as we're treated to a shimmering metallic dub techno roller. Two sides, two styles; one dope release.
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out of stock $9.94
Teachings (12")
Cat: MH 006. Rel: 27 Mar 19
  1. Teachings (5:12)
  2. Going Around In Circles (5:42)
Review: New Zealand dubsmith Akcept hops over the Pacific with a plate of two halves; "Teachings" takes us back to the foundations for root cause analysis. Unfathomably deep, warm and tailored for fine tuned systems, it's a quintessential lesson in dub science. Meanwhile on the B "Going Round In Circles" flips the coin for something just as dubby but a lot more dancefloor. As teased by many of his mixes, Akcept's penchant for dub techno is just as strong as his love for roots... Something that's more than clear when you hear this record.
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Gespielt von: Pugilist
out of stock $9.94
Cat: AMAR 009. Rel: 25 Oct 16
  1. Peace Pipe (5:09)
  2. The Streets (feat Clinton Sly) (4:30)
  3. Insight (4:31)
Review: Amit's AMAR imprint continues its consistent run of fresh 140 form with New Zealand dub-wiser Akcept. Easing us in with crisp keys, we're soon introduced to his spacious sense of groove and lean instrumentation as "Peace Pipe" lurks and lingers before a lavish horn sample hits midway. "The Streets" takes us further down Akcept's melodic rabbit hole as Clinton Sly spits and sermons over a more colourful version of the riddim. "Insight" takes the prize for heaviest dancefloor cut with a bouncing sub line that tramples with abandon beneath a flow of dubby FX and textures. Playful but ultimately deep and dark, these guys aren't mucking around.
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out of stock $9.68
Control Tower (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: LIONCHG 024. Rel: 15 Jan 19
  1. Akcept - "Control Tower" (4:39)
  2. Bukkha & Halcyonic - "What's In A Dub" (4:15)
Review: Lion Charge live up to their name and march into the new year with serious intent. Another split-sided release plunging into the depths of the exciting new generation, both sides carry a distinct vibe. Akcept fires out the orders over a relentless but stately 4/4, sweeping horns and shimmering dub effects on "Control Tower". Flip for "What's In A Dub", a much more minimal dubbed-out percussive skanker from the US and UK combo Bukkha & Halcyonic. Warm, authentic and limited; the charge is on.
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out of stock $9.68
Amazigh (12")
Cat: RWINA 024. Rel: 09 May 14
  1. Eye Of Zohra
  2. Spatial Scale
  3. Tanmmirt (outro)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Bass
out of stock $9.15
HTH020 (12")
Cat: HTH 020. Rel: 12 Jun 14
  1. Gravure
  2. Continuum
  3. Typeface
  4. Greyscale
Review: Indigo and Synkro return for Houndstooth duty under the Akkord guise, with HTH020 their first material for the fabric-affiliated label since last year's roundly praised debut album. That long player was perhaps the most confident display of the sound design-heavy production style the Mancunian pair had been narrowing in on since their cultish white label bow, but this new 12" finds them adding whole new levels of darkness to the mix. Moody low end sits deep in the channels; given the space to breath by Akkord who seem careful to restrict their drum samples to the barest of appearances at times (see "Gravure") whilst those out there that enjoyed the Millie + Andrea album for Modern Love will probably gravitate towards "Continuum" which showcases a murky, raw take on breakbeat-led jungle.
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Gespielt von: Z Lovecraft, Dusky
out of stock $5.44
Surge (12")
Cat: EREV 001. Rel: 15 Nov 12
  1. Akkord - "Surge"
  2. Milanese - "Hersheys Back"
  3. Kahn - "Polar"
  4. Ruckspin - "Belong"
out of stock $10.41
Notch Fields EP (hand-numbered limited 12")
Cat: 16 DIAM. Rel: 07 May 13
  1. Notch Fields
  2. Echolot
  3. Treasures
  4. Treasures (Valanx remix)
out of stock $9.40
Cat: ONEDROPEP 05. Rel: 08 Sep 09
  1. Ride De Riddim Dub (feat Jah Seal)
  2. Far Out Dub
  3. Mother Earth (feat Kaya T)
  4. Poppy Hop (feat Ras Perez)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Dub
out of stock $10.41
Inside (10")
Cat: INSIDE. Rel: 14 Jul 10
  1. Inside
  2. Inside The Version
  3. BFM
  4. BFM (Xtra dub)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Dub
out of stock $10.41
Cat: LOW 012. Rel: 12 Dec 12
  1. Twenty Five
  2. Fontaka 46
  3. Saint Kille
  4. Its Easy Coz U
  5. Submortem Nightmare
  6. Yesterday Noise
  7. Oh So
out of stock $8.89
Fire Key (10")
Cat: TRIGRAM 03. Rel: 26 Jun 14
  1. Fire Key (feat Ras Dago)
  2. Shaka Satori
out of stock $7.32
Cat: AS 0512. Rel: 30 Mar 12
  1. Haibo (part II)
  2. Poor Sinnerman
  3. Wangbi
  4. Wangbi (A Steppa remix)
out of stock $7.32
Cat: AS 0713. Rel: 21 Jun 13
  1. Two Sacred Swords
  2. Dub Sacred Swords
  3. Two Sacred Swords (DJ Madd remix)
Review: Steppas head honcho Alpha joins forces with prolific toaster Lutan Fyah for a rootical exercise in traditional dub. With a bumping bassline and sugar-sweet vocals, it's a fantastic transitional track that's guaranteed to enjoy plenty of exposure this festival season. For added club-focussed welly (and some lovely cymbal splashes) head for DJ Madd's remix.
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out of stock $10.41
Nubian Dub (limited 7" in hand-printed sleeve)
Cat: ZAMZAM 19. Rel: 20 May 14
  1. Nubian Dub
  2. Warning Dub
out of stock $6.01
Secrets (12")
Cat: MS 040. Rel: 04 May 18
  1. Secrets (3:48)
  2. Secrets (Alter Echo remix) (3:06)
  3. Secrets (Von D Spring dub remix) (4:23)
out of stock $9.40
Cat: KHALIPHONIC 06. Rel: 21 Jan 16
  1. Warning Dub (feat Rider Shafique - Ishan Sound Special) (3:50)
  2. Warning Dub (Egoless remix) (4:47)
out of stock $14.39
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Back Catalogue: Deep Dubstep
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