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New releases last four weeks: Dancehall/Ragga

Dancehall/Ragga vinyl released in the last four weeks
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A Yu Shape
Cat: DSR 11975. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Admiral Bailey - "A Yu Shape" (3:34)
Mafia & Fluxy - "A Yu Shape" (version) (3:31)
 in stock $8.04
Sow & The Reap
Cat: IGBZR 7003. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Sow &The Reap (4:56)
Dub & The Reap (5:00)
 in stock $14.26
You Want All
You Want All (clear vinyl 7")
Cat: RM7 009. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Lij Amlak - "You Want All" (4:12)
Glen DaCosta - "You Want All" (instrumental) (2:53)
 in stock $14.00
Boom Youth
Cat: LLD 131. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Admiral Bailey - "Boom Youth" (3:25)
Admiral Bailey - "Boom Youth" (version) (2:49)
The Joys - "Crystal Blue Persuasion" (4:01)
The Joys - "Crystal Blue Persuasion" (version) (2:02)
 in stock $9.85
Black Carbon
Cat: IGBZR 7001. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Black Carbon (4:27)
Black Carbon (dub) (4:27)
Review: Black Carbon by Akae Beka featuring Chronixx delivers deep Jah vibes and chilled reggae rhythms that capture the soul of Jamaican life. On Side-1, the track unfolds smoothly, blending reggae and dub elements into a mesmerising sonic experience. The lyrics delve into profound themes, reflecting on societal issues and spiritual insights. On Side-2, the dub version amplifies the instrumental aspects, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the rich layers of the music. Overall, Black Carbon is a captivating release that shows the talents of both artists and offers a refreshing take on contemporary reggae music.
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 in stock $14.26
Everything Bless
Cat: IGBZR 7002. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Everything Bless (5:19)
Everything Bless Dub (5:20)
 in stock $14.26
No Chemical
Cat: BS 005. Rel: 16 Apr 24
No Chemical (3:03)
Ital Dub (3:02)
 in stock $10.37
Super Badman Riddim
Cat: M45 006. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Double A - "Super Badman Riddim" (4:00)
James Nasty - "Fan Dem Off" (3:54)
Review: The Mountain 45 label has been giving us some unique music that cross genres since its inception just a few years ago. Like previous editions, Double A contributes 'Super Badman Riddim' which is both catchy and clever. Featuring James Brown samples thrown in the mix takes this dub related track to the limit of fun. For the B-side, James Nasty's 'Fan Dem Off' with a peak time party song that should take the dancefloor to another level. These attention getters are ideal for being addictively fun and different. It's hard to categorise music like this, which is a sign of its originality.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies, Voodoocuts
 in stock $14.51
In Ting Sound
Cat: JAMWAXMAXI 32. Rel: 03 Apr 24
In Ting Sound (3:16)
Mandela (3:41)
Life All Over (3:47)
Finnegan (3:42)
Review: Jamwax presents the resurrection of a hard-hitting space synth masterpiece, Winston Fergus' 'In Ting Sound'. Lyrically an impassioned plea to free Nelson Mandela around the time of his incarceration, the titular A-sider is notable for its undeniable fusion of the dub reggae sound with space disco and synth element, owing to its later recognition as a track that refuses to be constrained by the passage of time. Now reissued in full force, it comes replete with the original set of tunes it was recorded alongside, including the teeth-gritting jovial dancehall of 'Mandela', the digital underwater weirdness of 'Life All Over', and the versiony goodness of said track with 'Finnegan', an alternate vocal take of the B1. A curio that all heads must surely know.
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 in stock $28.26
Fi Real
Fi Real (12")
Cat: BCR 38. Rel: 16 Apr 24
General Danger - "Fi Real" (3:27)
Prince Melody - "You Decorated My Life" (3:30)
 in stock $5.96
Burn Your Tag
Cat: COOLUP 7006. Rel: 18 Mar 24
Burn Your Tag (3:46)
Burn Your Tag (riddim version) (3:46)
 in stock $15.29
Burning Man
Cat: WR 12001. Rel: 16 Apr 24
Burning Man (4:46)
Burning Dub (4:27)
Intro/Raga Beat (5:26)
Raga Dub (3:42)
 in stock $17.11
Revelation Time
Revelation Time (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DBQKLP 14. Rel: 10 Apr 24
Righteous Way (4:57)
Revelation Time (4:17)
Love Sound System (3:34)
Goldfingas Interlude (3:28)
What A Ting (4:19)
Calling Jahova (2:29)
Roadblock (1:50)
Earthman Style (3:29)
Serious Time (3:58)
Warrior (3:16)
The Juice Interlude (0:23)
Radics Roots (3:11)
Chant Down Babylon (4:27)
Caution (4:47)
Wicked Man (4:17)
The Meaning Of Dub (outro) (4:34)
Review: Four sides of cavernous, postmodern dub inna year 3000 style from the UK soundsystem circuit's hottest boyband: Mark Iration, Dennis Rootical & Rico O.B.F. The trio combine their years of experience crafting box rattling anthems, bringing a new irreverence, sparkle, and poppy playfulness to the classic UK roots template. This really shines through on cuts such as 'Calling Jahova' where washes of buzzsaw synth and Sheffield-type bleeps call to mind Gregory Isaacs' early 90s proto-grime oeuvre, and more austere bangers like the aptly named 'Serious Time', where trappy hi hat flurries and savage anvil snares offer up a taste of unashamed 00s steppa nostalgia, while also deftly channelling O.B.F.'s hip hop influence. Great cover too!
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 in stock $28.78
No Luck
No Luck (translucent orange vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: LLM 7837671. Rel: 03 Apr 24
No Luck (3:10)
New Contract (2:55)
Heartache (3:24)
Guilty For Your Love (3:40)
What Will You Mama Say (3:48)
All The Store Are Closed (3:34)
Madly In Love With Sharon (3:40)
Meet Me At The Same Spot (3:17)
We Don't Pet Sound Boys (3:19)
Make A Track (3:15)
The Village (2:51)
Rock On (2:33)
Don't Believe In Him (2:58)
 in stock $28.52
Clean Up You Kingdom
Cat: CUYK. Rel: 16 Apr 24
Jah Roots & Biggy Ranks - "Clean Up You Kingdom" (3:31)
Horse Mouth & Obeah - "Clean Up You Kingdom" (version) (3:17)
 in stock $11.92
Natty Dread Checking
Cat: RR 010. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Johnny P - "Natty Dread Checking" (3:25)
Progressive All Stars - "Natty Dread Checking" (Wicked version) (3:20)
 in stock $14.26
Dung Deh
Cat: ERDS 006. Rel: 26 Mar 24
Lasai - "Dung Deh" (3:21)
Robert Souljah - "Dub Deh" (3:21)
 in stock $15.29
Dutty Bungle
Cat: CP 014. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Dutty Bungle (3:34)
Dutty Bungle (version) (3:32)
 in stock $9.85
2063 (12")
Cat: HLMEP 001. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Marina P - "2063" (3:46)
Marina P - "Collapse" (3:45)
Pupajim - "Blaze In The Jungle" (3:26)
Pupajim - "Blaze In The Dub" (3:34)
 in stock $16.08
Frankie Paul & Friends (warehouse find)
Cat: SPL 106. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Frankie Paul & Pinchers - "Sweet Cassandra" (4:16)
Richie Stephens & Papa San - "Jump Up" (3:54)
Courtney Melody - "Can't Give It Up" (3:58)
Frankie Paul & Richie Stephens - "Ragga Muffin Man" (4:26)
Frankie Paul - "Mrs Jones" (3:56)
Frankie Paul - "Poison Dart" (3:47)
Courtney Melody - "Don't Cry" (3:56)
Devon Irie - "Bus Crisis" (3:32)
D McLachlan & Charla B - "Crazy About Me" (3:37)
General Squeeche - "Cry Fi The Girls" (3:19)
 in stock $23.07
It's Really Love
Cat: VPRD 353. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Red Rose - "It's Really Love" (5:59)
Flourgon - "Them A Shock Out" (6:35)
 in stock $9.85
Calico (12")
Cat: HSS 2016. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Calico (4:02)
Calico (version) (3:43)
 in stock $6.74
Cool It Down
Cat: RN 001. Rel: 16 Apr 24
Reggae George & JR Demus - "Cool It Down" (4:13)
Reggae George & JR Demus - "Cool It Down" (version) (4:15)
JR Demus - "Ambitious People" (4:01)
JR Demus - "Ambitious People" (version) (3:41)
 in stock $13.48
Kintsugi Soul Steppers
Cat: RCLP 001. Rel: 21 Mar 24
AKAI Telecom (2:38)
Bruk Encounter (3:12)
Shinjuku Skanking (2:02)
Never 4get (edit) (0:58)
Wind Rider (3:25)
Mercury Rising (1:33)
Riddim Changes (part 1 & 2) (4:00)
Review: Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken stuff in beautiful ways and thus embracing the item's history. It is also in part the name of this new Kintsugi Soul Stepper's album that mirrors that concept by "celebrating the beauty found in piecing together diverse fragments to create a harmonious whole." Filipino Canadian collective seekersinternational and beat-maker jjuwanstockton lead the charge, on a record that celebrates the fusions of many diverse sounds from dub to soul to nostalgic 1980s Japan, as well as many different cultures, and identities.
Read more
 in stock $22.56
God Alone
God Alone (12")
Cat: MMLGODALONE. Rel: 16 Apr 24
Stina Man & Sanchez - "God Alone" (3:49)
Bugsy Lust - "Never Want Him" (3:51)
 in stock $5.96
Dolly My Baby
Cat: WAD 034. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Super Cat & Trevor Sparks - "Dolly My Baby" (3:34)
Trevor Sparks - "Your Love" (6:59)
 in stock $9.85
UK Cup Clash 2003: Discs 3 & 4
Cat: RGSC 04. Rel: 22 Mar 24
Ricky Trooper - "Track 1" (CD1: Round 3)
Tony Matterhorn - "Track 2"
Black Kat - "Track 3"
Mighty Crown - "Track 4"
Round 3 Elimination
Tony Matterhorn - "Track 6" (CD2: Round 4)
Black Kat - "Track 7"
Mighty Crown - "Track 8"
Tony Matternhorn - "Dub Fi" (dub 1)
Mighty Crown - "Dub Fi" (dub 1)
Tony Matterhorn - "Dub Fi" (dub 2)
Mighty Crown - "Dub Fi" (dub 2)
Tony Matterhorn - "Dub Fi" (dub 3)
Mighty Crown - "Dub Fi" (dub 3)
Tony Matterhorn - "Dub Fi" (dub 4)
Mighty Crown - "Dub Fi" (dub 4)
Tony Matterhorn - "Dub Fi" (dub 5)
Mighty Crown - "Dub Fi" (dub 5)
The Decision
 in stock $9.85
Ring Ding
Cat: DSR 15403. Rel: 18 Mar 24
Ring Ding (3:33)
Ring Ding (version Fire Stick) (3:09)
 in stock $8.04
Cat: COOLUP 7005. Rel: 18 Mar 24
Heartical (3:13)
Heartical (version) (3:15)
 in stock $15.29
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