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Tales Of Z
Tales Of Z (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: ERS 047.
  1. The Orm
  2. Volzotan's Phogarr
  3. Natiff
  4. X Capsule
  5. Mind Expander XS
  6. Pillowed Zamomine
  7. Bollognaise
  8. Laptantidel
Review: A new philosophy as time enters a radical history of our evolution. Being and nothingness in one, creatures of habit, the angels of nature, we can herald a new humanity.

DJN4 enters in homage. Optimus Yarnspinner. Edification through music bends, but does not break the untameable lost voices. This dissolution of ego, where culture exemplifies the principle of innovation through excess, the nocturnal brain sees only what it seeks.

The order of time is more than a conspiracy of the people, this enforced interlude does not mean culture's end. Our culture, music's culture, acts as a genome, a graffiti of society.

The psy, the rave, the sounds, the species, the food of the gods. Alpha Juno, Cyclon 303, mutable instruments and ideas collated, N4's modern mysticism to harness the Earth as a being of sound. This occult features an anarchism, offering us a collective immortality, allowing us, showing us, how to be more humane.

Across eight tracks, our DJ weaves a journey to the inner and outer digi sphere, a two-year search, in to steppas, out of dub, evoking legitimate synthesis and sensibility. Look beyond Zamonia. The lost Chord. An alien dreamtime. Tales of Z.
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coming soon TBA
Audio Exotica
Cat: MARICAS 001.
  1. Extrema
  2. Floating C2
  3. Track 90
  4. KetaJungle
  5. Contacto
Review: Fittingly, the first release from Barcelona party crew Maricas's offshoot record label was written and produced by one of their co-founders, resident DJ ISAbella. Rich in analogue electronic sounds that hark back to techno's dim and distant past, not to mention some suitably weighty basslines inspired by Warp Records bleep-era output, it's as vibrant, exciting and interesting a debut 12" as we've come across of late. Highlights include the sub-heavy, club-ready intoxication of "Track 90", the psychedelic, breakbeat-driven heat of closing cut "Contacta", and the alien-sounding, early LFO style intoxication of EP opener "Extrema".
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coming soon $12.77
Space Cadet EP
Space Cadet EP (hand-stamped translucent blue vinyl 12" limited to 200 copies)
  1. Evergreen
  2. Moodswing
  3. Space Cadet
  4. Steel Soul
Review: We can think of few producers who are quite as capable of crafting timeless, emotive electronic music as John Shima - something that makes each of his releases a "must-check" for fans of far-sighted musical futurism. He's naturally in fine form on this surprise outing for Subwax's Excursions series, effortlessly moving between the emotive, melodic bliss of "Evergreen", where lilting lead lines spar with dreamy chords and a hybrid electro/deep sci-fi techno groove, the poignant, pitched-down deep electro beauty of "Moodswing", the deep space breakdowns and tactile chords of "Space Cadet", and the intergalactic electrofunk haziness of enveloping closing cut "Street Soul". Music for your head, heart and soul: don't sleep!
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coming soon $13.59
Conduit (2xLP)
Cat: PGHTRXLP 03. Rel: 21 Aug 20
coming soon $24.18
Function EP
Function EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EYA 012. Rel: 19 Oct 20
  1. Digital Modulation
  2. Exit Level
  3. Function
  4. System Error
Review: EYA Records is back with a special collaboration between two of the most revered producers in the scene.
For the first time Innershades and Do or Die are joining forces together blending their powerful and distinctive styles to deliver a genre-bending record which ranges between Techno,Rave,Acid and Trance.Killer!
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coming soon TBA
D Construction EP
D Construction EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OM 008.
  1. Obelisk
  2. 1m Pendulum
  3. Hotep
Review: The brothers OdD return to their self titled label after a two year hiatus with more of that refined, off-centre minimalism they do so well. "Obelisk" is an epic scraping the 12 minute mark with a tapestry of intricate beat design and spacious atmospherics - one to take the dancefloor to some intriguing places deep into the morning. "1M Pendulum" has a more linear house groove, and a plethora of subtle tweaks and wobbles rumbling away in the lower register. "Hotep" closes the B side with a spaced out groover that teeters on the edge of ambient, albeit with a nagging house groove holding everything together.
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coming soon TBA
Vixere I/II
Vixere I/II (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MGM 09.
  1. Aventijn
  2. KIAB
  3. Duppy
  4. Amulius Numitor
  5. Kring IV (locked groove)
  6. Kring III (locked groove)
  7. Kring II (locked groove)
  8. Kring I (locked groove)
Review: Malin Genie takes us deeper than deep on this new drop for his self-titled label. "Aventijn" opens proceedings up with a veritable plunge pool of submerged pads and steady ticking techno hypnotism - the perfect mind bath for all sub-aquatic travellers. "KIAB" has a dusty house groove to it, but it's still resolutely liquid in its demanour, while "Duppy" has a more pronounced edge and some intriguing metallic dub clangs at work in the mix. "Amulius Numitor" continues the dub techno theme without using any drums - just one massive gravelly chord pulse. Then the record trips on out for as long as you like with a batch of locked grooves for the trick-loving DJs to get creative with.
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coming soon TBA
The Depth EP
  1. Chevrolet (feat Josh Caffe)
  2. The Depth
  3. Jupiter Traxx
  4. My House My Rules
Review: When it comes to robust, far-sighted and futuristic machine music, Posthuman can usually be relied upon to deliver the goods. Here they make a now rare outing away from their I Love Acid label, offering up a must-check four-track on Lobster Theremin's nostalgia-tinted There Is Love In You offshoot. The long-serving UK duo hits the ground running with sweaty opener "Chevrolet", a weighty, bass-heavy, warehouse-ready affair featuring the distinctive vocals of Josh Caffe, before switching to mind-altering acid techno heaviness on "The Depth". Over on side B, "Jupiter Traxx" sees them eagerly join the dots between electro, breaks and hip-house, while "My House Rules" is vintage deep house taken to the outer realms of the galaxy.
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Gespielt von: Alinka
coming soon $11.41
Aslohop EP
Aslohop EP (limited clear brown marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: RWX 012B. Rel: 14 Sep 20
coming soon $12.24
Eight O Eight
Eight O Eight (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: 303808. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Three O Nine
  2. Adsorption
  3. Resonate
  4. Difraction
coming soon TBA
Bford 14
Bford 14 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SL 4. Rel: 26 Oct 20
  1. Night D3 Died
  2. Make Your Own Sunshine
  3. Serpentine Tale
  4. The Introducer
Review: After gifting us a fresh pressing of Dimbiman's Iso Grifo, Baby Ford revives another highly prized classic from the Pal SL archives. He originally released BFORD14 in 1998, as he was diving deeper and deeper into the minimal techno sound he's best known for these days. The real charm in these tracks is that necessary rawness that comes from the era and means of production, not to mention Ford's peerless sense of groove. From the sublime meditation of "Make Your Own Sunshine" to the shimmering wormhole-worthy patterns of "Serpentine Tale" and on to the boxy house delights of "The Introducer", this is a masterful slice of late '90s techno from one of the scene's all time greats.
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coming soon TBA
Vixere II/II
Vixere II/II (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MGM 10.
  1. Troglodyte Party
  2. Drek
  3. Mastodon
  4. The Foolish & The Senseless Alike
  5. Bodie
Review: Malin Genie is back with the second instalment in his immersive 12" project, Vixere. This edition kicks off with an instantly tougher demeanour compared to the supremely chilled first one, as witnessed by the straight-up tech thump of "Troglodyte Party". "Drek" teases things back down to a heady murmur with some squashed and subliminal minimal house for the back room crowd, while "Mastodon" brings back some of those vibrant industrial textures that stood out on "Duppy" from Vixere I/II. "The Foolish & The Senseless Alike" is a more chirpy, synth rich groover and "Bodie" closes this quality project out with a richly rendered ambient sound bath.
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coming soon TBA
Tappo Di Ferro EP
Cat: OPIA 008.
  1. Background Radiation
  2. Ihr Lied
  3. Zisco United
  4. Like A Train
  5. 9 Evolution
coming soon $12.77
The Hexachord EP
The Hexachord EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OM 009.
  1. Pythagorean
  2. Do-re-me
  3. Solfeggio
Review: Starting their 2020 with a bang, OdD swiftly follow up their D Construction EP with another trio of reductionist sure shots for adventurous travelers in the minimal realm. "Pythagorean" lives up to its name with an intricately arranged pattern of percussive threads creating a kind of geometry that crystalises around a sturdy minimal groove. "Do Re Me" features plenty of tripped out FX sweeps and swishy pads that give this roller a dubbed out flavour perfect for the after hours. "Solfegio" switches things up with a crooked broken beat template and some pointed chord drops that really lift the track into an intriguing new realm - this is classy minimal with personality so don't sleep on it!
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coming soon TBA
  1. Peder Mannerfelt - "The B 2.0"
  2. Repro - "The Moment Of Impact"
  3. Darc Marc - "Running With The Devil"
  4. Uncrat - "Linx" (Pure Kaos version)
coming soon $10.87
Sektion 1
Sektion 1 (3xLP)
Cat: RC 1.
  1. In Verruf - "Zerfall"
  2. Somewhen - "Ruined"
  3. DIMI - "Interconnected Lines"
  4. Clara Cuve - "Control"
  5. Wallis - "Hard Definitions"
  6. Kobosil - "Hafiza"
  7. New Frames - "Staub"
  8. Dax J - "Scope"
  9. Rikhter - "Kryptos"
  10. Afem Syko - "Like Soldiers"
  11. Tham - "Raw Reverbation"
  12. Mp3heat.ru - "Tension"
  13. In Verruf - "Let Out"
  14. Parallx - "Ehre"
coming soon TBA
Hypnagogia remixed
Cat: 131 DSRRMX. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Hypnagogia (part 2 - Efdemin remix)
  2. Indub (Luigi Tozzi remix)
  3. Atoms Speak (RRoxymore remix)
  4. Moth Lines (Mattheis remix)
coming soon $10.60
We Meet Again
Cat: RWX 010.
  1. La Pas
  2. Big Little
  3. Welcome A
coming soon $10.06
I Learned That On The Street
Cat: OAKS 14. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Leben Auf Highspeed
  3. Neanderthal
  4. I Learned That On The Street
coming soon $11.69
Drama Chord
  1. Drama Chord
  2. Drama Chord (John Beltran remix)
  3. Drama Chord (Exos remix)
  4. Aetherius
coming soon $10.06
M SYNC (12")
Cat: ELM 1013.
  1. M.SYNC
  2. Solidification Point
  3. High Purity
  4. Holy Waters (extended DJ mix)
Review: Leipzig producer Tim Schlockermann has yet to really make a name for himself, though his previous outings - most notably a solid EP of house/techno fusions on Kaizenrecordsberlin - have suggested a breakthrough 12" might be just around the corner. Whether this four-tracker on Elephant Moon is that release remains to be seen, but there's certainly plenty here to set the pulse racing. Check for example title track "M Sync", a deliciously funk-fuelled deep techno roller that makes use of squelchy acid bass and some deliciously glassy-eyed melodic motifs, and the hazy, summery and warm deep electro shuffle of "Solidification Point". He adds classic deep house warmth to a bouncy tech-house beat on "High Purity", while closing cut "Holy Waters (Extended DJ Mix)" is deliciously sparse and spaced-out.
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coming soon $11.41
Two Sides (reissue)
  1. Matt Thibideau - "Evaporation" (6:05)
  2. Matt Thibideau - "Time Stands" (6:26)
  3. Mark Thibideau - "4v Cycle" (7:10)
  4. Mark Thibideau - "Late Train" (7:47)
Review: The Joule imprint continues to wreak havoc on our charts, and this latest collaboration between brothers Matt and Mark Thibideau is exactly the right thing for you if you're looking for some effective house grooves. Matt Thibideau's first two tracks, "Evaporation" and "Time Stands" are both effortlessly punchy deep house bangers with a strong dub-techno presence at their core, deep in the lower ends of the tracks; Mark's two licks are no different, both similarly laying down heavy 4/4 punches with mounds of echo and dubwise filtering. Smooth and elegant DJ tools.
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Gespielt von: Rick Hopkins, Moreon
coming soon $12.77
Taapion Records Sales Pack 002
  1. Shlomo - "The Harvest"
  2. Shlomo - "Here"
  3. Shlomo - "The Harvest" (Stephen Brown remix)
  4. Shlomo - "Here" (Conforce remix)
  5. PVNV - "Consortium"
  6. PVNV - "Intrasolaar"
  7. PVNV - "Consortium" (Sterac remix)
  8. PVNV - "Intrasolaar" (Shlomo remix)
  9. Shlomo - "Radiocative Sin"
  10. Francois X - "Dreaming Of The Tesseract"
  11. PVNV - "Pace Chemistry"
  12. Birth Of Frequency - "Child"
coming soon $11.14
UglyTruth (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ZEIT 009.
  1. The E-Street
  2. Sfaari
  3. UglyTruth
  4. Uprising
coming soon $13.32
If I Die Tonight
Cat: PRLX 09. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. If I Die Tonight
  2. Dead Lines
  3. Dead Lines (Florian Kupfer remix)
  4. Aurora Secrets
  5. It's Yellow Outside
coming soon $11.95
You'll Never Work In This Town Again!!
  1. Thinking Of You
  2. Scaldy Fiver
  3. Tarmac Under Ten Tonne Sky
  4. Interesting & Unique Opinion!
  5. Illegal Trousers (Tweed Limit)
  6. Beilin Beo
  7. One Of These Days
  8. Sea Cave
  9. Dialup
  10. Walking Distance
  11. Weatherlore (Signs Of Rain)
  12. Suantrai Suaimhneach
coming soon $35.86
Changing Seasons EP
Changing Seasons EP (double 12")
Cat: VERTEX 002. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Roblegt (ASC Grey Area mix)
  2. Another Day (GRIT Breathe dub)
  3. Borg Tekin (Mike Schommer 88 Beatdown)
  4. Forever (Reconstructed By Octal Industries)
  5. Another Day (Ohm Morning Glory)
coming soon $25.81
Matrix Computer Poetry EP (reissue)
Cat: SSL 009. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. The Ride (5:15)
  2. Axxxide (5:39)
  3. Voices Of Skyzophrenia (1:50)
  4. Mr Robson (5:44)
  5. The Great Machine (6:23)
coming soon $12.77
Transcendental Movements Vol 1
  1. Marow - "Inter 3"
  2. Konduku - "Fallout"
  3. Olaf Tonstein - "Algol"
  4. Ligovski - "Emeyo"
  5. Neel - "Alchemy"
  6. Varuna - "Current"
  7. Donato Dozzy - "C-Zone"
  8. Refracted - "Enord"
  9. Valentino Mori & Ligovskoi - "Regen"
  10. Lanoche - "The Rainbow"
Gespielt von: Alexis Le-Tan
coming soon $23.65
Palmenhouze EP
  1. Nani Kore
  2. Palmenhouze
  3. Radio Exercise
coming soon $12.50
Planet Rhythm Sales Pack 009
Planet Rhythm Sales Pack 009 (coloured vinyl double 12" + 12")
  1. Scalameriya - "Planetary Deflector"
  2. Scalameriya - "Undeciphered Language"
  3. Scalameriya - "Colonal Resort"
  4. Scalameriya - "Subterranean Transmitter"
  5. Klankman - "Can Not Use That Command On Overlapping Selections"
  6. Charlton - "Profiler"
  7. Thanos Hana - "The Injury Pattern"
  8. Rhyw - "MKFBTB"
  9. YYYY - "Relic"
  10. YYYY - "A Cry From The Plateaus"
  11. YYYY - "Instrument Of Self Evasion"
  12. YYYY - "Born To Breed"
coming soon TBA
Manifold (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: VIS 320. Rel: 01 Jun 20
  1. Binary Worlds (8:24)
  2. Covert Ops (5:26)
  3. Shadow Union (5:15)
  4. Isotropic (6:15)
  5. Manifold (6:23)
  6. Mystica (6:12)
  7. Cyclical Pathway (5:36)
  8. Ambrosia (7:13)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Versalife continues a prolific run of deep and dynamic electro soul with this double pack on 20/20 Vision. The scene is set early on with the smoky pads and crisp drums of "Binary Worlds" - equal parts deep-diving machine soul and body-popping 808 funk. Things get nastier with the strafing monosynth punctuating "Covert Ops" and the edgy creep of "Shadow Union" on to "Manifold"s luxuriant sound world. The quality level remains staggeringly high as we trip through classically informed electro of every shade, adding yet another accomplished payload to the formidable Versalife catalogue.

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coming soon $21.73
Jive (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CS 023.
  1. Jive
  2. Honkey (Crazy Hats)
  3. Ochos
Review: Constant Sound welcome a true stalwart of underground UK house and techno, the one and only 100HZ. Lee Renacre has been delivering distinctive club tracks with an ear-snagging kink since the early '90s, and he's sounding as inspired as ever on this new release. "Jive" skips and swings with urgency, but the synths soar like the loftiest Motor City anthems. "Honkey (Crazy Hats)" is a more obscure affair that uses subtle inflections of rhythm and texture to create an immersive trip anchored to a steady kick. "Ochos" is a dreamier cut that places the emphasis on melody and atmospherics rather than straight up beats, creating a beautiful slice of machine soul in the process.
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coming soon TBA
Free Entrance EP
Cat: MST 045. Rel: 05 Oct 20
  1. Im Your Master
  2. Esclavo Castigado
  3. Kings Valley
  4. Austria
Gespielt von: Ali Renault, Zukas
coming soon $12.50
Hurricane (12")
Cat: REN 2007V. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Hurricane (club mix)
  2. Hurricane
  3. Hurricane (Tim Green remix)
coming soon TBA
Tetra (LP)
Cat: SAHKO 015LP.
  1. Koentsyymi
  2. Tutkat
  3. Tele
  4. Vitamin A
  5. Rakenne
  6. Kefeidi
  7. Kryoskopia
  8. Anksiolyytti
  9. Rakenne 2
  10. Vitamin B
  11. Creuzfeldt Jakob
  12. Kuvio 4
  13. Valo
coming soon $18.76
Lucid Intervals
Lucid Intervals (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: VOILP 03.
  1. Low Frequency Phantasy
  2. Elektro 0ffens1ve
  3. Contamination Ph0nk
  4. Data Lag
  5. Time Elapsed
  6. Early Defects
  7. Strangelet Research Lab
  8. Aquasma
  9. Hylia Echoes
coming soon $15.21
Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis (12")
Cat: BTL 002.
  1. Quo Vadis
  2. Quo Vadis (D Diggler remix)
  3. Sparticus
coming soon $13.59
Paradise City Breakers EP (reissue)
  1. Andromeda Is A Lie (6:40)
  2. The Pacman Effect (6:02)
  3. I've Seen The World (7:00)
  4. Paradise City Breakers (6:14)
coming soon $12.50
Multimorphic Live
  1. Live One
  2. Live Two
coming soon $10.60
Kemuri No Demo Part 1
Kemuri No Demo Part 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: UCT 002.
  1. GimAnsDub
  2. Invorch2-1
  3. Tell Me
  4. Chamaaf
Review: Utopia Club Tracks, the new 12" dancefloor subdivision by Utopia Records takes a dubbed out direction with legendary UK house producer Neil 'Nail' Tolliday under his 'Smoke' guise. Music for being eyes down in the smoke, these late night cuts expand on the sound of Basic Channel and Rhythm and Sound with extra groove and just enough elements to create a modernist house palette, essential for any DJ that goes deep.

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coming soon TBA
Love + Light
Cat: PHLP 13CD. Rel: 16 Oct 20
  1. London Island (CD 1)
  2. Dusting For Smoke
  3. Dream Distortion
  4. Katana
  5. Darlinnn
  6. Depth Wish
  7. Searing Light, Forward Motion
  8. Infinite Future
  9. After The Fire
  10. Into The Arms Of Stillness
  11. Fuzzwar
  12. Pure Life
  13. A Story In E5
  14. One More Morning
  15. Falling Light (CD 2 - bonus)
coming soon $11.14
  1. Planeters - "Area"
  2. Saverio Celestri - "Entrance"
  3. Saverio Celestri - "Sintesi"
coming soon $9.77
Cat: LIES 153.
  1. Unaware
  2. Piddle
  3. No Surrender
  4. Perception Of Time
coming soon $13.03
Higher EP
Higher EP (12")
Cat: LENSKE 013. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Higher
  2. L'Obscurite
  3. Higher (Fjaak remix)
coming soon $14.95
AWRY Sales Pack 002
  1. Ruhig - "Lethargy"
  2. Ruhig - "Lethargy" (Sciahri remix)
  3. Ruhig - "Abode"
  4. Ruhig - "Nadir"
  5. Ryan James Ford - "Masthead"
  6. Serena Butler - "To Tilt The Fulcrum"
  7. Magna Pia - "Ys Ura"
  8. Wrong Assessment - "Calcare"
  9. Wrong Assessment - "Rebirth" (Cosmin TRG remix)
  10. Wrong Assessment - "Morfosi"
  11. Wrong Assessment - "Neglect"
  12. Wrong Assessment - "Rebirth"
coming soon $11.14
This Tasty Volume #1
  1. Cesare Muraca - "Possibilities"
  2. Aymeric - "Initial Commit"
  3. Cesare Muraca - "365 Days"
  4. Aymeric - "Funky Things"
  5. Aymeric - "Tasty Bonus"
coming soon $12.24
Klockworks 30
Cat: KW 30. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. True State
  2. Foothold
  3. Human Form
coming soon $11.14
Inferno EP
Inferno EP (12")
Cat: PRRUKBLK 056. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Order
  2. Worm
  3. Inferno
  4. Lucid
coming soon $9.77
The Struggle
Cat: TBC. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Robert Hood - "The Struggle"
  2. Floorplan - "Save The Children"
  3. Floorplan - "Save The Children" (Detroit mix)
coming soon TBA
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