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You And Me (reissue)
You And Me (reissue) (7" in custom made sleeve)
Cat: AFR7 7 13. Rel: 31 Oct 19
  1. You And Me
  2. I Found A Note
coming soon $10.25
Rumbero (7" picture disc)
Cat: BAC 002. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Rumbero (feat Nidia Gongora)
  2. Corazon (Camilo Tumbao)
Review: Ever since he first made an impact earlier in the decade, Bosq has proved adept at joining the dots between contemporary club culture and the heady heaviness of vintage African and South American dancefloor styles. He's also rather good at crafting authentic Latin dancefloor workouts, too, as this tidy seven-inch single proves. Check first "Rumbero", featuring the confident vocals of Nidia Gongora, a horn-happy affair that effortlessly joins the dots between rhumba, cumbia and psychedelic punk. His electronic influences come to the fore on flipside "Corazon (Camilo Tumbao)", a contemporary take on the Cumbia sound rich in fuzzy analogue bass, jaunty organs, dub-wise noises and Colombian style male vocals.
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coming soon TBA
Cycle (7")
Cat: LSR 002. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Cycle (7 Inch edit)
  2. Feel Like Makin' Love (7 Inch edit)
coming soon $17.54
El Corredor Del Jaguar (repress)
  1. Pajaro (extended mix)
  2. Frio Severo
  3. Chimbita Theme
Review: First released back in 2016, "El Corredor Del Jaguar" remains one of the most potent releases by Combo Chimbita, a New York-based crew of musical fusionists whose roots are defiantly Colombian. Reverb-soaked A-side "Pajaro (Extended Mix)" is particularly potent, with the band brilliantly melding elements of cumbia, funk and psychedelic rock into brilliant new shapes. The four-piece's obsession with jumpy, loose-limbed drumming once again comes to the fore on the sweet and slightly more wild "Frio Severo", while closing cut "Chimbita Theme" is a kaleidoscopic mix of military strength South American percussive, mind-altering bass and trippy wah-wah guitars.
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coming soon $12.14
Preco De Cada Um
Cat: PDSP 012. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. Preco De Cada Um
  2. Que Nem Gilo
coming soon $24.02
  1. Carnaval Soca (Antal edit)
  2. La Musique (Palms Trax edit)
Review: Although not widely known, Daniel Dimbas's 1985 album "La Diferencia" is regarded in some circles as one of the greatest Caribbean zouk records of all time, and certainly the heaviest. Rush Hour co-founder Antal is a fan, and here heads-up a double A-side of fresh edits of key cuts from the sought-after set. First up Antal expertly rearranges "Carnaval Soca", delivering a warm, humid and sweaty interpretation rich in driving soca-disco grooves, punchy horns, heady harmony vocals and mazy, Zouk style analogue synthesizer solos. Palms Trax takes a similarly light-touch approach on his edit of the breezier and more sun-kissed "La Musique", occasionally opting for filter trickery on an otherwise traditional style scalpel edit.
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coming soon $9.44
El Sol Brilla En Mayo
  1. El Sol Brilla En Mayo
  2. Cumicha
coming soon TBA
Satori Part 2 + 1 (reissue)
  1. Satori (part 2)
  2. Satori (part 1)
coming soon $27.53
Brazilian Edits
Cat: MTT 002. Rel: 28 Oct 19
  1. Jangada
  2. Infernal
  3. Melo Do Camelo
coming soon $11.60
Korobela (LP)
Cat: AFS 043. Rel: 02 Dec 19
  1. Indaba Kabani
  2. Victim
  3. Why
  4. Korobela
  5. Mjukeit
  6. Atikatareni
coming soon $14.30
Denya (12")
Cat: STEDIT 007. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Djessou Mory Kante - "Denya" (Ben Gomori edit)
  2. Orchestra Baobab - "Sibou Odia" (Ben Gomori edit)
Gespielt von: Ben Gomori
coming soon $10.52
Afrobeat (clear vinyl 7" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: LGF 703CL.
Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
coming soon $9.98
Afrobeat (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: LGF 703.
Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
coming soon $9.70
Zandale (reissue)
Zandale (reissue) (7" in custom made sleeve)
Cat: AFR7 7 14. Rel: 31 Oct 19
  1. Zandale
  2. Kiss To Kiss
coming soon $10.25
Quando Tu Dances
Quando Tu Dances (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FAR 041. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. Quando Tu Dances (Willie Graff edit)
  2. C'est Une Bombe (Faze Action edit)
  3. Les Vacances On S'eclete, On S'evade
Review: Faze Action Records presents the official reissue of three of Micky Milans classic tracks from the early 80's, including the stunning "Quando Tu Danses", orginally recorded in 1980. This hybridAof Disco and Brazilian music, with percussion and infectious piano hooks, has been given a re edit by Pacha resident Willie Graff and is already receiving big support from DJ Harvey at his Pikes residency in Ibiza. This track is now officially available for the first time on one side of a 12".
Micky Milan came to prominence in the early to mid 70s as one of France's first DJ's to support the Funk and Disco sounds from the US. Packing out clubs in Paris and delivering marathon sets til 6 in the morning, Milan quickly earned a reputation as a top DJ in the Paris nightlife scene with touring artists such as Prince, Madonna, Delegation all dropping in to catch him spin.
On B1 we have "C'est Une Bombe", a classic example of French boogie, included here is the Faze Action Edit and on B2 we have the dreamy balearic boogie sounds of "Les Vacances On S'Eclate, On S'Evade".
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coming soon TBA
Ozashiki Rock
Cat: JS 7S261. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Ozashiki Rock
  2. Ozashiki Rock (DJ Dymamite Re Touch)
Gespielt von: Voodoocuts
coming soon $20.78
Pyramids On Mars
Pyramids On Mars (1-sided 12")
Cat: MEVS 001. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
coming soon $14.84
Ritme Jaavdanegi
Cat: LTNC 018. Rel: 21 Oct 19
coming soon TBA
Deixa A Tristeza
  1. Neno Exporta Som - "Deixa A Tristeza"
  2. Agnaldo Rayol - "Sumauma"
coming soon TBA
Riddims Of Culture 2
Riddims Of Culture 2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 090. Rel: 23 Dec 19
  1. Riddim Of Inari (extended mix)
  2. Mi C'Yaan
  3. When Will You Come Down?
  4. Picayune
  5. Cricket (part II)
  6. Ancient Nomads
Review: For the second Riddims EP, collating the music of The New Morning, the label highlights further how a group based around the southern Germany Afro-Cosmic scene created a melange of music, a sound, that stepped wide of the house and techno movement then sweeping Europe.

In Global Rhythm Records, friends and producers, DJ Otti and Jay Pee, alongside DJ Thilo and DJ Fred, represented Munich "Westside", running parties and across just 11 self distributed releases, carved their own eclectic niche that were being played by the likes of scene DJs Stefan Egger and Enne.

Slowed afro-percussion, Brazilian flavours, elements of ethno folk, flighty wood instruments, trance overtures, shamanic voices and more are pieced together via heavy sample use in an early hip hop mastermix style.

Again with no track lasting much over 4 minutes, these musical vignettes are perfect tools for the eclectic DJ. Covering uplifting - almost Balearic grooves - to deeper mind-inducing spellbinds and to darker corners of trippy psychedelic invocation, this is The New Morning experience.
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Gespielt von: Manu•Archeo, Dj soFa
coming soon TBA
Riddims Of Culture 3
Riddims Of Culture 3 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 091. Rel: 23 Dec 19
  1. Kongo Bina (Trance vocal)
  2. Roots & Culture
  3. Flatline
  4. Satan (dub)
  5. Riddim Of Inari (Tribal mix)
  6. Anthems
Review: The final 6 track reissue EP of Munich's mid-90s Afro-Cosmic project, The New Morning, completes the archival while expanding their sound of heavy African / Brazilian influenced sampling and percussion to include Balearic, House and Trance.

Again a trip to the Cosmic wonderlands of Global Rhythm Records, Riddims 3 brings this collection of DJ Otti and Jay Pee's, plus support from DJ Thilo and DJ Fred, vision to a close.

More eclectic than cohorts like Tribal Italia out of Cesana or Stefan Eggers' Sound Station Records, The New Morning enwraps world beat music for the eclectic, post-hippie generation. Monotonous beats, deep bass, memorable melodies, sampled in a tribal mystic.

Included here, the previously unreleased Kongo Bina points to a fuller sound, where heavy samples are overridden by analogue machines. As found across the 3 EPs, the collage of sounds, laced with live percussion, make the party.

From the weekly gatherings across north Italy into Austrian and on to Munich, some twenties years pass but the journey from the original Cosmic club to now fits. Time for an "Afro Funky" discovery.
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Gespielt von: Manu•Archeo
coming soon TBA
Inyange (reissue)
Inyange (reissue) (7" in custom made sleeve)
Cat: AFR7 7 12. Rel: 31 Oct 19
  1. Inyange
  2. Amayaya
coming soon $10.25
Cafua (7")
Cat: BRZ45 074. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Nonato & Seu Conjunto - "Cafua"
  2. Jose Roberto - "Crioula Multicolorida"
coming soon TBA
Volta E Meia
  1. O Terno - "Volta E Meia" (feat Shintaro Sakamoto & Devendra Banhart)
  2. O Termo - "Tudo Que Eu Nao Fiz"
coming soon $12.41
Faz Tanto Tempo
Cat: BRZ45 073. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Faz Tanto Tempo
  2. Sambaloo
coming soon TBA
Wono EP
Wono EP (12")
Cat: OR 004. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Jingo (12' mix)
  2. Wono (Yoruba Soul mix By Osunlade)
  3. Won (Pocz remix)
coming soon $11.86
Goshu Ondo (Kubota Makoto Rare Mix)
  1. Senryo Nobori (VooDoo Ciranda)
  2. Senryo Nobori (80's Funk Stylee)
  3. Senryo Nobori (Massive Gollywood mix)
  4. Senryo Nobori
coming soon $36.69
Mais Bad
  1. Badtriptronics #21
  2. Badtriptronics #09
  3. Badtriptronics #17
  4. Badtriptronics #15
  5. Badtriptronics #05
  6. Badtriptronics #30
  7. Badtriptronics #28
  8. Badtriptronics #26
  9. Badtriptronics #26
  10. Badtriptronics #24
coming soon $17.81
Ten To Ten
  1. Let's Freak Together
  2. Party
  3. Ten To Ten
  4. Friday Night
coming soon $16.73
Meet Me In The City EP
Cat: TRANS 429X. Rel: 25 Oct 19
coming soon $13.49
Atlas (12")
Cat: SNDW 12038. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Jbit Aala Khiam
  2. Aha Yazine Kaymaltou
  3. Hyatti
  4. Yogi Yamahssar
coming soon $10.78
Bad Man Promo 4
  1. Alexis Taylor & Jennifer Herrema - "I'll Bet You"
  2. The Mauskovic Dance Band - "Cosmic Slop"
  3. CLAP! CLAP! - "By Way Of The Flute"
Review: Mysterious outfit from Los Angeles, California, Real Bad Man comes through with it's 4th release, this time a 12" with an all star tribute to the gods of P-Funk. Enlisting the talents of Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor dueting with Royal Trux's Jennifer Herrema...produced by Tim Goldsworthy, Afro-Futurist Clap! Clap! and Tropical Rhythm Kings The Mauskovic Dance Band, this limited edition (300 Black/200 White), vinyl only release, comes in a printed DISCO SLEEVE 500 with hand stamped white labels.
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coming soon $20.50
Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso
Cat: BRZ45 069. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Trio Ternura - "Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso"
  2. Eliana Pittman - "Quem Vai Querer"
Review: Mr Bongo's Brazil 45s series rarely misses a beat, with each successive seven-inch showcasing two more hard-to-find treats from the dim and distant past. The latest instalment opens with "Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso", a sought-after cut from Trio Tenura's eponymous 1971 MPB/soul fusion album. It's a genuinely summery treat, with ear-catching, reverb-heavy vocals and rising horn lines rising above a life-affirming backing track. On the flip you'll find "Quem Vai Querer", the title track from a superb 1977 album by Eliana Pittman. A breezy chunk of sizzling samba-soul, the cut features an impeccable lead vocal from Pittman and some sing-along group chorus vocals
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Gespielt von: JimmyTheTwin, Voodoocuts
coming soon TBA
  1. Fastness
  2. Coagulation
coming soon $15.10
Afroderrick EP
Cat: MGMS 02. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Afroderrick (Fresco remix) (2:00)
  2. Afroderrick (Daniele Baldelli remix) (2:00)
  3. Afroderrick
  4. Voodoo (Strange Fruit remix)
coming soon $12.68
Tema Do Brisa
Cat: CLUB 01. Rel: 18 Nov 19
  1. Zeca Do Trombone - "Tema Do Brisa"
  2. Sambacanas - "Panga, Danga, Panga"
coming soon $11.33
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