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Coming Soon: House

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La Danza
La Danza (12")
Cat: RB 080. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. La Danza
  2. Ambient Braindisk
  3. Moments
  4. Star Dance
coming soon $9.01
DJ Spinna & Kai Alce Present Foundations Classic House 45 Series Part 4: I Got The Feeling
  1. Dreamer G - "I Got The Feeling"
  2. Precious - "Definition Of A Track"
coming soon $7.41
Gordon Starck
Cat: RB 078. Rel: 24 May 19
coming soon $9.01
This Is What You Are
  1. This Is What You Are (original mix) (7:10)
  2. This Is What You Are (Opolopo remix) (6:55)
Review: One of the richest, soulful voices in the European jazz, Biondi regularly works with the likes of Incognito. The High Five Quintet complements his delivery well with a Pimptones style soft-jazz structure but plenty of rhythmic welly. For a little more house and a little less jazz, flip for Opolopo's remix. Weighty and club-ready but with Mario's full vocal still intact, it's yet another notch in Opolopo's award-worthy remix bedpost
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coming soon $8.22
Another Day Another Dollar Part 1
Cat: CMCEP 1371. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Oliver Dollar - "The Delta" (feat Matthew K & Daddy Hemingway)
  2. Testified (feat Daniel Steinberg)
  3. Jam Hot
  4. Space Is That Place
  5. Party Together (interlude)
coming soon $10.07
Another Day Another Dollar Part 2
Cat: CMCEP 1372. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. John's Church (feat Nils Ohrmann)
  2. Not Enough (feat Brillstein)
  3. On & On (feat Ben Westbeech)
  4. Spinal Tap
  5. Sampling (feat Gene Farris)
coming soon $10.07
Vortex (12")
Cat: KOMPAKT 403. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. Vortex
  2. Elektromekanik
coming soon $10.59
Animal (12")
Cat: HOTC 134. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Animal
  2. Waves (Jamie Jones remix)
coming soon $9.28
Hint Of '92
Cat: PERMVAC 1871. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Hint Of '92
  2. Hint Of '92 (Underspreche remix)
  3. Discoteque
  4. Colours
Gespielt von: Benjamin Fröhlich
coming soon $9.28
No Hassle (Record Store Day 2019)
No Hassle (Record Store Day 2019) (gatefold blue vinyl 2xLP) (1 per customer)
Cat: K 7240LPX.
  1. My First
  2. Elitsa
  3. Springer
  4. Birthday
  5. Oysters In May
  6. Joe Sie Ha
  7. Elektra Bregenz
  8. Fondue
  9. Rosa
  10. Raymondo
  11. Mrs Bongo
  12. No Hassle
coming soon $22.25
Tonic Edits Vol 6 (The Japan reworks)
Cat: TOYT 096. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. Japanese Woman
  2. Matchbox
  3. Uber Man
  4. Tibetan Dance
coming soon $9.01
What It Is
What It Is (2xLP + poster)
Cat: TOYT 090.
  1. Jaas Func Haus
  2. Delirio Italiano
  3. Brasiliko
  4. Fusion
  5. Fuck Music (short)
  6. The Nose (short)
  7. Salva Tion
  8. Get Down Brother (2019 version)
  9. LOVE
Gespielt von: Max Essa, BRENDON P
coming soon $20.41
Pimping People In High Places
Cat: DET 313. Rel: 27 May 19
  1. Pimping People In High Places (Woodword Ave alternative mix)
  2. The Medusa Touch
Review: Gary Martin is well known for his unique productions and his label Teknotika is surely a classic coming out of the famous motor city. This special 10" holds two sought after tracks that were found on a lost DAT tape by Yossi Amoyal and Gary Martin himself. On the A side we have a long time secret weapon, it's a hypnotic groove that was heard on many classic sets, Zip and Ben Klock to name a few. An extremely insane, hard to find Gigi Galaxy track that was changing hands for silly prices is on the B side, for those who know... massive release!
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coming soon $9.28
Cat: 776853 4. Rel: 07 Jun 19
coming soon $12.71
TIM (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 776853 3. Rel: 09 Aug 19
coming soon $19.35
Drift (gatefold transparent vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 774864 5. Rel: 07 Jun 19
coming soon $31.27
Chicama EP
Chicama EP (12")
Cat: PAMPA 034. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Jelly Legs
  2. El Point
  3. Chicama
coming soon $9.01
Venq Tolep
Cat: PAMPACD 14. Rel: 07 Jun 19
coming soon $11.40
Venq Tolep
Venq Tolep (2xLP + 7")
Cat: PAMPALP 14. Rel: 07 Jun 19
  1. Advent (feat Lysann Zander)
  2. Westfal (feat Lysann Zander)
  3. Iklahx
  4. Ak-Do 5
  5. Volta Copy (Ambient version)
  6. Komalh
  7. Ago Lades
  8. Venq Tolep
  9. Bezique Atout (feat Oxia)
  10. Nata Alma (feat Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft (You Might Say))
  11. Ende #2
  12. Anton Iii
  13. Ila I
coming soon $20.41
Shilungu (12")
Cat: SNDW 12035. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Shilungu
  2. Shilungu (Esa & Mervin Granger '99 mix)
Gespielt von: AfroBase (Radio Chart)
coming soon $9.53
Soul Sounds 3 (reissue)
Cat: FXHE SCMK. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. My Body Is Strong
  2. Watch Your Step
  3. Come Home
Review: FXHE reissue this 1996 house classic by Marc Pharaoh.
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coming soon $12.19
Perlas (12")
Cat: COR 12163. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Perlas
  2. Love Summer
  3. Electro Indianer
coming soon $9.28
A Bath Full Of Ecstasy
A Bath Full Of Ecstasy (limited clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WIGLP 375X. Rel: 21 Jun 19
coming soon $26.77
A Bath Full Of Ecstasy
Cat: WIGLP 375. Rel: 21 Jun 19
coming soon $23.85
A Bath Full Of Ecstasy
Cat: WIGCD 375. Rel: 21 Jun 19
coming soon $10.59
Disco Rout (remixes)
  1. Disco Rout (Tuff City Kids remix)
  2. Disco Rout (Catz 'N Dogz remix)
  3. Disco Rout (Younger Rebinds remix 2)
  4. Disco Rout
coming soon $9.53
John Digweed: Last Night At Output
coming soon $22.53
Stil Vor Talent Berlin: Admiralbrucke
Cat: SVT 250CD. Rel: 28 Jun 19
coming soon $16.95
Space Babe EP
Cat: ROYAL 047. Rel: 10 Jun 19
  1. Filthboi69
  2. Discosizer
  3. Space Babe
  4. Stealth
coming soon $9.53
Whalesong (repress)
Whalesong (repress) (140 gram green vinyl 12")
Cat: TR 021G.
  1. Whalesong
  2. Blind Is The Wind
  3. Last Chance Saloon
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Trelik reach into their recent archives with a much needed repress of Whalesong, the label's 2011 debut from UK producer OCH. With a compulsive passion for the dying art of crate-digging combined with a love for modern synthesis techniques the now Sweden based OCH manages to put together a 12" that could easily be described as psychedelic Chicago. "Whalesong" is a pulsating floor work-out which references the US greats whilst building an emotive sub-aqua soundscape. "Blind is The Wind" follows with a sneaky chord driven spoken interlude which creates an air of tension before climaxing into "Last Chance Saloon".
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coming soon TBA
Schneeweiss 10
Schneeweiss 10 (unmixed CD)
Cat: SVT 244CD.
  1. Rampa - "Sunday"
  2. Danito & Athina - "Sleepy"
  3. Lunar Plane - "Jackal"
  4. Niko Schwind - "Prima Lux"
  5. Rauschhaus & Peer Kusiv - "Drowning"
  6. Prismode & Solvane - "Alesis"
  7. Modeplex - "Kronos Pearl"
  8. Candy Man - "Raw"
  9. Ikarius & Dhakka - "Salvation"
  10. Polaroit - "Short Days & Long Nights"
  11. Malandra Jr - "Nocturne"
coming soon $11.65
Red Scorpions
Red Scorpions (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ROYAL 046LP. Rel: 27 May 19
  1. Harpo
  2. Red Scorpions
  3. Sunshine In The Limousine
  4. Enjoy This Limousine
  5. 6Drops (Piano mix)
  6. 6Drops (Technocid mix)
  7. Ibiza Ritter
  8. Sting Collins
  9. Sonnen Ambiente
Review: Having previously collaborated on tasty 2013 single "Speckbass", partners in audio insanity DJ Fett Burger and DJ Speckgurtel have united for a full-length excursion full of "dance music for clubs and pubs and some easy-going jams to jazz the sheets". In practice, that means a saucer-eyed mixture of retro-futurist house treats (see jaunty opener "Harpo" and the Italo-house giddiness of "6Drops (Piano Mix)", loved-up deep electro (the spacey warmth of "Red Scorpions"), unashamed Larry Heard tributes ("Sunshine In The Limousine"), densely percussive peak-time workouts ("Enjoy This Limousine"), ragged acid ("6Drops (Technocid Mix)"), rushing Balearic synth-pop ("Sting Collins") and chiming, early '90s style ambient house (the beat free lusciousness of "Sonnen Ambiente").
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Gespielt von: Tim Sweeney
coming soon $20.94
Trans World Junktion
Cat: BARN 053. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. El Baile De Los Muertos
  2. Mania
coming soon $9.53
Mount Liberation Unlimited
  1. Clintro Space Funk
  2. Welcome To Organic
  3. Gospel (Makes My Body Move In Sinful Ways)
  4. Prozac
  5. WWW.ednesday
  6. Climb Me Up
  7. Jaz For More
  8. Krauten
  9. The One
  10. Techno Thrills & Ecstasy Pills
  11. Air 2 Breathe
coming soon $9.81
Cat: PETS 105. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. Rattlesnake
  2. Rattlesnake (Magda Blotter Traxion remix)
  3. Rattlesnake (Vyvyan remix)
coming soon $9.28
Watergate 26 EP #2
  1. Tim Engelhardt - "Under Armour"
  2. Mathias Schober - "Bigger Than Expected"
  3. Echonomist - "At The End Of The Day"
  4. Stereocalypse - "King Not Naked"
coming soon $9.81
Tracks From Silent
  1. CVO's Prelude
  2. Negro Muzic
  3. 7 Minutes Of Funk
  4. Shake It
coming soon $19.88
The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Volume 2
coming soon TBA
With More Love
With More Love (red vinyl 7'')
Cat: SRM 266 7. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. With More Love (GTR version)
  2. With More Love (Piano version)
coming soon TBA
Joaquin Joe Claussell Presents Cosmicdelic Africa Vol 2 : The Extended Versions
  1. Come & Fly With Me
  2. Abraxas
  3. Mundo De Agua
  4. Emarofo Tech
  5. Okoasambi
  6. Blowing Your Fucking Mind
coming soon TBA
10 Days
10 Days (12")
Cat: CRM 218. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. 10 Days
  2. 10 Days (Osunlade remix)
coming soon $9.28
Collections Volume Eleven
Collections Volume Eleven (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PPC 11. Rel: 05 Aug 19
  1. Cultured Pearls - "Mother Earth" (Hoff Optimistic House edit)
  2. Night Society - "You Turn Me On" (Lounge mix)
  3. J.J. Carn - "I Don’t Know Why" (dub mix)
Review: A collection of very rare garage house cuts make series 11 from the Plastik People label.
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coming soon TBA
The Island
The Island (limited 140 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SSCD 23. Rel: 29 Jul 19
  1. Sunrise Over Malaspina
  2. Shore Breeze
  3. Mirage
  4. Desolation Sound
  5. Beacon Point
  6. Midnight Dip
  7. Galaxies
  8. Deep Current
Review: Silent Season is proud to present Segue's third full-length LP with the label. On his new album, Jordan Sauer explores a new facet of West Canadian natural history. Four thousand years ago, Western Canada's First Nations people migrated into the fjords and rainforests carved out by the retreating glaciation of the last Ice Age. The Island is a tribute to Canada's prehistory and the spiritual journey of a people entering a forever- altered landscape to call their home.

While Segue's last album very much explored a cross section journey of British Columbia from the mountains to the sea, The Island explores the hidden coastlines and inlets that pepper a still- mysterious landscape.

Throughout the album, each song spreads out beautifully as a reflection of the place or thing it's named after and paints a stunning portrait of BC's natural wealth. At first glance it seems like a tourist's guide, but when you listen deeper, The Island blossoms into something deeply personal and moving- a sonic imprint of places in relation to culture. One listen will put you right in the rainforests and mountains that the Coast Salish has called their home.
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coming soon TBA
The Sound Of Garage House
  1. Marc Cotterell - "Those Days"
  2. Ed The Spread - "The Bauhaus Movement"
  3. Grant Nelson - "Move Close"
  4. Rocket Dubz - "Dirty Bath"
Review: A collection of garage house tracks forming the new garage movement in 2019.

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coming soon TBA
Machine Life
Machine Life (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIS 314. Rel: 17 Jun 19
  1. Machine Life
  2. MO5
  3. Monospace
  4. Axion
Review: Versalife aka Boris Bunnik is one of the most respected producers in electro, recording for many of the truly great Dutch labels including Delsin, Clone, Rush Hour and Frustrated Funk as well as cutting edge imprints like Brokntoys, Shipwreck and Transcendent. Bunnik has toured Versalife live extensively across the world, as recently featured on Boiler Room. Bunnik now presents his debut release for 20/20 Vision as the label continues it's path into the world of pure electronic music. 'Machine Life' immediately stood out as one of those rare killer club cuts that works it's way into a wide range of DJ boxes, simple but massively effective. 'M05' returns to more classic sounding Versalife electro with complex layers of synths, strings and analogue squelch all held together by a solid bass hook. On the flip side Bunnik shows off his pedigree in producing Detroit influenced string laden beautiful music with the EP rounded off by 'Axion', a heavier trip to the dark side.

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coming soon $9.01
Kubatana (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FAR 039. Rel: 24 Jun 19
  1. Kubatana
  2. Hapana
  3. Kubatana (Rudy Midnight Machine mix)
  4. Kubatana (Paradise dub)
Review: Faze Action return with Zeke Manyika to present "Kubatana", which aptly means "Together" in Zeke's native Shona. This second release, in a series of four 12"s, features live horns and flute with the lead track taking influences from the late 80s South African Proto House sound. The result being an uplifting slice of original African House for the modern dance floor.
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coming soon TBA
Stolen Sunrise
Stolen Sunrise (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EES 034. Rel: 29 Jul 19
  1. Moan Up
  2. Moan Up (Ambient mix)
  3. White Pepper
  4. White Pepper (Ambient mix)
Review: Especial is delighted to welcome Alphonse back to the label for a third EP to again show his deep knowledge of the past to make a future. After the debut dub-breaks-poem of Same For Me and success of his warrior afro-dance Smokey 12", Alphonse made new friends with acclaimed releases for Klasse Wrecks, Hypercolour and Black Orpheus, before here returning like a chosen one with four sun kissed blessings.

Before the fields of Letchlade, hills of Castlemorton or beaches of Skegness had witnessed Alphonse exploring the sounds of many a free party sunrise, summers were misspent travelling the "disco" buses of Europe, tripping the light fantastic from Spook to Amnesia, Disco Piu to Euritimia.

The music, shared experiences and inclusion all led to an acute understanding apparent in his production skills. Ambient dreamscapes, warm bass lines, 808 breaks, 909 kick, piano, flute and horn melodies atop all lift to the heavens. In Moan Up and White Pepper Alphonse takes, reshapes, rebuilds and rewrites to create anew, expanding minds and hearts like never before.

Long stories, short stores, a nod and wink, at its heart Stolen Sunrise is an EP of wonderful expression, a producer peaking, providing a soundtrack to share for those that look to the future horizons with love.

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coming soon TBA
Met (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EES 032. Rel: 27 May 19
  1. Met
  2. Met (dub)
Review: Project Runaway brings together two of Tel Aviv's new breed of talented DJ / producers in a meeting of tripped out, expansive, psychedelic, club music. Landing on Especial to expand horizons is Met, their debut EP of deep, percussive dubs for late night tribes.

A name on many leftfield lips, Alek Lee's journey continues following two acclaimed solo releases for the wonderful Antinote crew and new project, Shame On Us (alongside Naduve and Yovav Arzi) for that brightest star, Hivern Discs. Teaming up with the sound production skills of Stephan Bazbaz they create Project Runaway. Holding down his own citywide residencies, Bazbaz has developed a studio mastery of minimal dub, crispy house and trippy techno via a growing stream releases on numerous labels, as well as setting up his own No Wave records in 2016.

After their welcoming, simple, yet wall quaking remix of Persian (EES031), Met, or 'dead' in Hebrew, bring their strands together as one sound. In original form, a vibrating drum takes on bass backbone is broadened with tight layers of percussion overtones and warped vocal interplay. Lee's psychedelic imaginings are a perfect fit across Bazbaz's wide production expanse, before horns raise the heat to extreme.

For deeper DJs and big system dwellers, Met (Dub) does as it should, stripping away and opening wide. Hand percussion and vox ride the channels, coming in and out of the mix, while dub stabs transfix and could run for days. A meeting of minds, drums, psychedelics and pure club love.

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coming soon TBA
Glitterbox: Discotheque
Glitterbox: Discotheque (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: DGLIB 15LP. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Gladys Knight - "Taste Of Bitter Love" (4:40)
  2. Dele Sosimi - "You No Fit Touch Am" (Medlar remix) (9:35)
  3. Rene & Angela - "I Love You More" (5:35)
  4. Horse Meat Disco - "Let's Go Dancing" (feat Amy Douglas - Dimitri From Paris remix) (6:57)
  5. Herbie Hancock - "Just Around The Corner" (7:36)
  6. Fallout - "The Morning After" (Purple Disco Machine rework) (6:28)
  7. Patrick Cowley - "If You Feel It" (7:25)
  8. Julien Jabre - "Swimming Place" (Purple Disco Machine rework) (6:24)
Gespielt von: Purple Disco Machine
coming soon $19.35
DMC Dance Mixes 228 (Strictly DJ Only)
Cat: DJODM 228.
coming soon TBA
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Coming Soon: House