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Still People
Still People (7" limited to 200 units)
Cat: RSRECS-007.
  1. Still People (vocal)
  2. Still People (instrumental)
coming soon $11.75
Got To Get Your Love
Cat: DI 001. Rel: 22 Feb 21
  1. Got To Get Your Love
  2. Got To Get Your Love (instrumental)
Review: This is the debut release on the new underground 45 label "Digging It" by artist, "Cash From Chaos". This version features the orignal song writer, Gary Davis, of the underground disco classic. Marie Tweek provides the sexy, sultry vocal on top of a band of session players. Look out for future soul, jazz and funk tracks on " Digging It", The perfect 45 territory for the Soul, Disco, Funk and Hip Hop DJs!

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coming soon TBA
A Real Mother For Ya
A Real Mother For Ya (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile gold vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2767. Rel: 11 Dec 20
coming soon $23.49
How Did I Get Here
Cat: DAP 1133. Rel: 22 Jan 21
coming soon $8.68
Pura Vida Sounds Compilation
  1. David Walters - "Mama" (remastered version)
  2. David Walters - "Mama" (remix)
  3. David Walters - "Mama" (Patchworks remix)
  4. David Walters - "Mama" (Deni-Shain remix)
  5. Les Freres Smith - "Ecolo Assiko" (IZem remix)
  6. Guts - "Lorigine Du Monde" (IZem remix)
  7. El Gato Negro - "T'aimes Pas Ca" (Guts edit)
  8. Pat Kalla - "El Gato Negro - Toca Y Toca" (Guts edit)
  9. Pat Kalla - "Canette"
  10. Pat Kalla - "Requiem" (Serge Gainsbourg cover)
  11. Canette (Bosq remix)
  12. Souleance - "Disco Sega"
  13. Souleance - "Sulette"
coming soon $13.99
Purple Image (reissue)
Purple Image (reissue) (180 gram silver vinyl LP + insert limited to 250 copies)
Cat: TWM 23LITA.
  1. Living In The Ghetto (6:32)
  2. Why (4:39)
  3. Lady (3:40)
  4. We Got To Pull Together (3:37)
  5. What You Do To Me (3:35)
  6. Marching To A Different Drummer (15:20)
coming soon $29.38
Shapes (LP)
Cat: KU 072. Rel: 15 Jan 21
  1. We're From Nowhere
  2. Leaves
  3. Odysea
  4. Outsider
  5. Ikigai
  6. Perceptron
  7. Villains
  8. Gabor
  9. Stay Free
coming soon $19.58
Spill The Wine: Live
Spill The Wine: Live (numbered limited 180 gram orange vinyl LP)
Cat: RVCLP 2169. Rel: 22 Jan 21
coming soon $20.13
Spill The Wine Live
Cat: RVCD 2169. Rel: 18 Dec 20
coming soon $11.75
O Som Das Americas
  1. America Do Sul (feat Augusto Bapt, Jadiel Oliveira, Marquinho O Socio & Thalles Roberto)
  2. Labirintos
  3. Aguas Sabias (feat Chico Cesar)
  4. Arthur E O Gigante (feat Hadrien Feraud & Leo Gandelman)
  5. Irere (feat Gilberto Gil)
  6. Aos Pes Do Redentor (feat Caetano Veloso)
  7. Hearts In Time (feat Heidi Vogel)
  8. Vento Leva (feat Thalles Roberto)
  9. Nossa Jornada
  10. I Send All My Love
  11. Isabela (feat Cesar Camargo Mariano & Elza Soares)
  12. Rir E Chorar
  13. Visao (feat Daniel Novato)
  14. Round & Round (feat Heidi Vogel)
  15. Codigo Morse Da Flor
  16. Ana Do Ileae
  17. Bossa Da Praia (feat Cesar Camargo Mariano)
  18. Nove No Samba
coming soon $32.74
O Som Das Americas
O Som Das Americas (brown vinyl LP limited to 100 copies)
Cat: AMM 00X BROWN. Rel: 25 Dec 20
coming soon $48.12
Sample Bag 7
Sample Bag 7 (limited white vinyl 7")
Cat: LGF 709W. Rel: 18 Jan 21
  1. The Return Of BBC (Lego Classic Funk)
  2. Silent Storm
coming soon $13.42
Spirit (limited numbered 180 gram yellow audiophile vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 2682C. Rel: 15 Jan 21
coming soon $24.06
Stratos Bleu Remixed
Cat: JAL 336V. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Do It (Ray Mang remix)
  2. Fade Away (Fouk remix)
  3. It Ain't Working (Ashley Beedles NSW vocal)
  4. E.P. (Rayka remix)
coming soon $9.51
Inspiration Information (reissue)
coming soon $29.38
Hold On I'm A Comin'
Cat: MSR 024. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Hold On I'm A Comin'
  2. Comin' Home Baby
coming soon $11.75
You Can Be
Cat: NA 5207CD. Rel: 11 Dec 20
coming soon $12.60
Doing Their Own Thing (reissue)
coming soon $27.70
Uncle Jam Wants You
Cat: CRLY 617.
coming soon $21.26
A Night Out With The Boys
A Night Out With The Boys (limited 180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: TWM 63. Rel: 22 Jan 21
coming soon $29.09
Another Level
Another Level (blue vinyl 7" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: BH 118 BLUE. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Another Level
  2. I Luv That Girl
coming soon TBA
Here I Go
Here I Go (7")
Cat: P745 07. Rel: 03 Feb 21
  1. Here I Go (Through These Changes Again)
Review: This is the first single cut including "Here I Go", which is famous as the finest modern soul from the masterpeace album in 1976! B-side includes a self-cover of Harris and O's "Spread Love", a funky groove featured by Kenny Dope and Madlib from "Love Will Rise" which was released by Michael O in '81. This is also the first 7-inch release!!
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coming soon $20.99
Sister X
Sister X (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: OGR 803. Rel: 26 Feb 21
  1. Anderson Bentley - "Sister X"
  2. Melvin Craig - "Peter Gunn" (Parts 1 & 2)
coming soon TBA
Ultrafunk (LP)
Cat: TDP 54053. Rel: 04 Dec 20
coming soon $21.54
Roma A Mano Armata
coming soon TBA
Pink Steamroller (reissue)
Pink Steamroller (reissue) (7" Nachpressung)
Cat: 337 001. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Pink Steamroller (2:39)
  2. Boodili Doo (2:42)
Review: is an incredibly hard to find Australian jazz-funk & latin tinged 45 - It rarely turns up anywhere, which is why originals listed fetch upwards of $500AUD. The A-side was written by master Australian-Czech trumpeter/composer Miroslav Bukovsky (Renee Geyer, Marcia Hines, the list goes on) Coupled with the original, more Latin-tinged B-side, which was written by highly regarded fellow Australian jazz composer, arranger, drummer, cornettist and vibraphonist John Sangster, this was one of a few 45s The Life Organisation recorded. This 2020 re-issue 7" single comes in a custom-made pink outer cover-sleeve featuring a single line pencil drawing by Sydney artist Bradley O'Brien.
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coming soon $15.39
HOLE 001
HOLE 001 (7")
Cat: HOLE 001. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Brain Fuck
  2. Small Bullshit (short version)
  3. Common - "Car Horn" (Drunkenstein remix)
coming soon TBA
Big Crown Vaults Vol 1
  1. Two Timer
  2. Regenerate
  3. Do You Know?
  4. Time
  5. Thinking About You
  6. Don't Give Up
  7. Out To Get You
  8. Two Timer (instrumental)
  9. Regenerate (instrumental)
  10. Do You Know? (instrumental)
  11. Thinking About You (instrumental)
  12. Don't Give Up (instrumental)
coming soon $12.60
94 East Featuring Prince
Cat: CHAY 840. Rel: 04 Dec 20
coming soon $16.77
Hardcore Jollies
Cat: CRLY 156.
coming soon $29.65
Another Level
Another Level (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: BH 118 BLACK. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Another Level
  2. I Luv That Girl
coming soon TBA
Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?
Cat: P745 08. Rel: 17 Feb 21
  1. Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?
Review: Ned Doheny is one of the representative artists of AOR, gained high popularity from Japanese fans. the self-cover of the song "What cha Gonna Do For Me?" Which is well known to Chaka Khan and Average White Band, is the first single cut in the original version!
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coming soon $29.65
  1. Ikunnyakana (Ryuhei The Man vocal Re edit)
  2. Ikunnyakana (Ryuhei The Man instrumental Re edit)
coming soon $21.26
Moonpie (reissue)
Moonpie (reissue) (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PLP 6799. Rel: 26 Mar 21
  1. Ebony Jam
  2. Do You Wanna
  3. Sunshine Of My Life
  4. My Old School
  5. Funny Feeling
  6. Cold Duck Time
  7. I'll Be Good To You
  8. Can't Hide Love
  9. Nesila Funk
Review: This is a new release of the Groove Diggers series, the only work released in 1977 by 8-members funka soul band "Moonpie" based in Nashville, USA. Aused to be known as just collectors items but you can listen to high quality sound with skillful performance and various arrangements from this record. The cover take of "Stevie Wonder / Sunshine Of My Life" is really awesome.
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coming soon $40.27
Terra (LP in thick sleeve with obi strip)
Cat: MAR 034. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Salve Se Quem Souber/O Vale Do Quilombo
  2. Picadeiro
  3. Doce Manha
  4. Novos Horizontes
  5. Irmazinha
  6. Veio Ao Mundo Itibere
  7. Acordes E Sementes
  8. Nu Musical
  9. Vagalume
coming soon $28.25
Disko Funk (reissue)
Disko Funk (reissue) (limited LP)
Cat: DTW 009. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Disko Funk
  2. Say It
  3. Death In A Trance
  4. He Needs Somebody
  5. Brandified Dad
  6. Love's Cry
  7. Introduce Me To Your Loving
coming soon $21.54
An Ode To Escapism
An Ode To Escapism (cassette)
Cat: KCR 12009CS. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Introduction (1:08)
  2. Overture (1:40)
  3. Little Bird (4:23)
  4. Stoop Talk (2:11)
  5. Step Back (Wild Child) (2:18)
  6. Fuzzy Logic (3:12)
  7. Pause I (0:31)
  8. Quiet Soul (3:56)
  9. Mourning (0:40)
  10. Drop Me A Line (3:34)
  11. Pause II (0:27)
  12. Queen Bee (2:49)
  13. Korban Olah (2:04)
  14. Toujours (2:23)
  15. Pause III (1:01)
  16. King Of Misdirection (3:33)
  17. Cost Of Living (4:01)
coming soon $8.68
Navarro Con Polenta (reissue)
Navarro Con Polenta (reissue) (LP + 4-page insert)
Cat: ALT 011. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Black Dog
  2. Vamos Quedando Pocos
  3. Lucky Southern
  4. Repartamos El Funky
  5. Funk Yourself
  6. Great Gorge
  7. Despues De La Polenta
coming soon $25.46
Yes I Am
Yes I Am (7")
Cat: OSP 5004. Rel: 08 Jan 21
  1. Yes I Am
  2. Yes I Am (instrumental)
coming soon $12.60
Hard Up
Hard Up (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: PT 009. Rel: 07 Dec 20
  1. Hard Up
  2. Ride On Time
coming soon $8.39
Grade Fou EP
Cat: OFF RECORDS 002. Rel: 08 Jan 21
  1. Garde Fou
  2. Garde Fou (instrumental)
  3. Summer Drive
  4. Garde Fou (Soulparlor remix)
  5. Summer Drive (Leopard Da Vinci remix)
  6. Garde Fou (DJ Friction remix vocal)
  7. Garde Fou (El Kazed remix)
coming soon $15.66
Harlem Pop
Harlem Pop (LP limited to 150 copies)
Cat: QRLP 14. Rel: 11 Dec 20
coming soon $33.29
Believe In Family
Cat: DD 019JIM. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Believe In Family (DJ Goce Nuts mix)
  2. Who's Phenomenal (DJ Goce Funkin' It mix)
coming soon $10.92
Hardcore Jollies
Cat: CRLY 685.
coming soon $18.75
Life & Times (reissue)
Life & Times (reissue) (180 gram clear vinyl LP limited to 100 copies)
Cat: TWM 62C. Rel: 22 Jan 21
coming soon $35.53
Nezarai (7")
Cat: P745 14. Rel: 26 Mar 21
  1. Nezarai
  2. Free Yourself
Review: Nimbus, a local student band in Mecosta, Michigan, is one of the highest peaks of self released AOR/Mellow Fusion/Blue eyed soul! This 7 inch is cut out from the only work of Nimbus "Children of the Earth" which was released as private pressing vinyl and distributed just a few copies in 1980. P-VINE are very proud of releasing this EP as new one of Groove Diggers series.
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coming soon $20.99
Do The Doo (Part 2)
Cat: P745 13. Rel: 26 Mar 21
  1. Do The Doo (part 2)
  2. What About The Music (part 2)
Review: JB's, who are so famous as the backing band of James Brown, are coming back!! About 20 years after the release in the 70's, Aa super-class funk album "Bring The Funk On Down" which was suddenly produced and released as a Japanese project in 1999 by P-VINE and we would like to present a special single from the album for the first time! Both tracks are re-made as short versions just for this ep. BORN TO GROOVE!
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coming soon $20.99
Vinyl Box Vol 1
Vinyl Box Vol 1 (7" box)
Cat: SEB 01. Rel: 07 Dec 20
coming soon $38.04
Music To Moog By
coming soon $15.11
Romantic Funk: The Unfamiliar
coming soon $28.54
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Coming Soon: Funk