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Acc Sees Pro 12" Vinyl LP Record Case 70 (black)
coming soon $47.71
Acc Sees Pro 12" Vinyl LP Record Case 70 (silver)
coming soon $47.71
Bags Unlimited Nostatic 10" High Density Polyethylene Sleeves (pack of 100)
Cat: 729501
high density polyethylene record sleeves
10"/ 78 rpm Records
10-1/8 x 10-1/8" x 3 mil
Fits directly over 10"& 78 rpm records.

These High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Sleeves are similar to the original MoFi sleeves. They are made from 3 layers of HDPE and 1 layer of acid-free paper which is sandwiched between 2 of the layers of HDPE. The acid-free paper neutralizes migrating acids as well as absorbs moisture. Our NOSTATICr HDPE resists static build up and protects against abrasion.
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coming soon $34.98
Denon Prime 4 Standalone DJ System
Cat: 717959
4-deck standalone DJ system with 10" touchscreen
Notes: Denon DJ is proud to announce Prime 4 - a 4-Deck Standalone DJ system with 10-inch multi-touch/gesture display, dual-zone output, pro-mixer section, powerful performance pads, dual mic channels and a 2.5-inch built-in SATA drive bay.

From Touchscreen to Mainstage:

Prime 4 features a glorious 10-inch multi-touch/gesture display for the most advanced DJ music library interaction experience available. DJ's can touch, feel, move and play their music with the elegant swipe of a finger for the ultimate, technology driven tactile experience. Prime 4 will deliver that Mainstage experience to any DJ, and in any venue or gig scenario!

Unrivalled Creative Energy:

Prime 4's 8 performance pads bring the most advanced and easy to use creative expression for DJ's to hot-cue juggle, remix tracks, roll and slice up their tracks for dancefloor and crowd energy. Never seen before on a standalone DJ system, Prime 4 combines class-leading timestretch for DJs to radically mix any track tempo and genre, with real-time musical pitch shifting, matching musical keys with just the tap of a finger!

Two Rooms - Different Music:

Another industry 'world's first' is Prime 4's independent Zone Output, empowering DJs with the ability to send a full playlist of music to a completely separate room or location, all while the DJ rocks the dancefloor in the main venue. Also, keeping the music flowing, Prime 4 can access literally unlimited music files and media sources with no less than 4 x USB inputs, 1 x SD and also a built-in SATA drive bay - A DJs full gig/music set can also be recorded 'live' to any connected media source!

Command Audio & Visual Effects:

Prime 4 empowers DJs to manipulate 14 on-board, pro-club DJ Effects, with three quick access parameter adjustments for instant gratification 'in the mix.' DJs can quickly access and manipulate single encoder, dual-function control too for Sweep FX and Filter, across all 4 channels. In addition, any DJ in any venue now has total command over impactful visual elements with lighting and video control via Denon DJ's StagelinQ connectivity and Denon DJ partners Soundswitch, Timecode and Resolume applications.

Built to Last - Built to Perform:

Prime 4 is built on the legacy of 25+ years of superb Denon audio engineering and manufacturing excellence, with rugged metal build quality and detailed, pristine 24-bit Denon DJ audio. Nothing sounds, looks or performs like the Prime 4 standalone 4-channel DJ System. With no existing 'feature-comparable' competitor unit on the market right now, the Prime 4 is affordable DJ technology that is light years ahead of any existing product.
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coming soon $1,557.75
Four Stories
Four Stories (equipment)
Cat: 731248
coming soon $12.46
Mukatsuku Chunky Laser Cut 45 Adapter
Notes: Mukatsuku stainless steel 45 adapter in a chunky laser cut style. 6mm height and 40 grams in weight
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coming soon $6.35
Mukatsuku Laser Etched Wooden Keyring *Juno Exclusive*
Cat: 730221 Rel: 28 Jun 19
Mukatsuku wooden keyring
Notes: Bespoke wooden keyring with laser etched Mukatsuku logo on one side and Mukatsuku name on the other.
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coming soon $1.79
Mukatsuku Records Are Our Friends Black Leather 7 Inch 45 Vinyl Record Bag (vintage soft black leather, holds up to 80 x 7'' singles) (Juno Exclusive) (vintage leather 45 record bag  + keyring + badge + 45 adapter)
Notes: This hand crafted British made 7" record bag with embossed Mukatsuku logo is made from vintage black leather and comes with adjustable leather shoulder strap and padded top flaps with zips to hold money, needles or adapters.

Holds up to 80 x 45's.

Other goodies included;

- Branded leather keyring
-Steel 45 adapter
- 2 x wooden 45 adapter (1 x pattern edition,1 x round)
- Button badge
- Stickers

NB. These bags are individually hand made from vintage leather and as the material is a natural product the color may vary slightly from the image shown
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coming soon $159.05
Mukatsuku Stainless Steel Branded Easy Lift Off 45 Adapter
Cat: 721464 Rel: 10 Jun 19
Notes: Mukatsuku high quality Stainless Steel Cut Away Dome shape 45 adapter is an easy lift off design. 117 grams. Height 27.5mm
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coming soon $14.84
Mukatsuku Stainless Steel Branded Heavy Dome 45 Adapter (pair) *Juno Exclusive*
Cat: 730212
2 x Mukatsuku 45 adapters
Notes: Pair of Mukatsuku Heavy Stainless Steel Dome shape 45 adapters. 181 grams each. Height: 27.5mm.
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coming soon $23.85
Mukatsuku Wooden 12" Vinyl Record Divider With Lip (pack of 5) *Juno Exclusive*
coming soon $19.08
Mukatsuku Wooden 7" Vinyl Record Divider With Lip (pack of 5) *Juno Exclusive*
coming soon $14.84
Pioneer DDJ200 Smart Wireless DJ Controller
Cat: 732816 Rel: 28 May 19
Entry level DJ system with multi-app compatibility & support for music streaming services
Notes: Start DJing with our easy-to-use DDJ-200 smart DJ controller. Lightweight and compact with a pro-style layout, it'll help you learn to mix and, if you want to, develop DJing from a hobby into something more. Put your own twist on the music as you mix for friends at parties. Play tracks via your smartphone or PC/Mac using a variety of DJ apps and software including our dedicated, free app WeDJ for iPhone, as well as djay and edjing Mix. Depending on your device and the program you choose, you can mix music stored in your iTunes or rekordbox library, or stream songs from Beatport LINK, SoundCloud Go+, Deezer or even Spotify.

Quickly develop your mixing skills with the help of the Tutorial and Pop-Hint features in WeDJ for iPhone. These functions will teach you about the hardware and help you understand DJ terms. Your hands will be flying between the DDJ-200's jog wheels, buttons and knobs when you're done. And we've added Transition FX to help you match phrases and smoothly transition between songs. This beginner DJ controller will have you dropping mixes and playing friends' requests like you've been doing it for years.

Compatible apps:

Connect your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac to start mixing. A number of software programs and apps - including WeDJ, djay, edjing Mix and rekordbox dj - are compatible with selected devices. You'll also have free use of all the features in WeDJ for iPhone that normally require in-app payments.

Compatible streaming sites:

Depending on your app and device combo, you can mix sounds via streaming services including Beatport LINK, SoundCloud Go+, Deezer, and even Spotify.

Tutorial & pop-hint:

Our updated WeDJ for iPhone app includes Tutorial and Pop-Hint features. They'll help you learn how to operate the controller, discover the basics of DJing including common DJ terms, and have you mixing in no time.

Transition FX:

Just starting out behind the decks? Transition between tracks and make it sound professional with the Transition FX feature in WeDJ for iPhone. Choose from 11 effect styles and simply slide the crossfader to the other side to smoothly switch tunes.

Compact lightweight body:

The DDJ-200 is lightweight and portable. Leave the speakers at home and play sound from your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac's audio outputs. No outlet handy? No problem. Power the controller via an external battery.
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coming soon TBA
Serato Sacred Geometry Origin 12 Inch Control Vinyl (iridescent copper, pair)
coming soon $53.01
Sounds Wholesale Double CD Case With Hinged Black Insert Tray (single)
coming soon TBA
Technics SL1210 MK7 Direct Drive DJ Turntable
coming soon $953.31
UDG Creator Elektron Analog Four / Rytm MKII Hardcase
Cat: 727186
hard case moulded to fit Elektron Analog Four MKII & Analog Rytm MKII
coming soon TBA
UDG Creator Elektron Analog Heat / Digitakt / Octatrack Hardcase
coming soon TBA
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Coming Soon: DJ-Equipment