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Coming Soon: Deep House

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05A1 (Cassy & Bambounou remixes)
  1. ITJ05B1 (Cassy remix)
  2. ITJ05B1 (Bambounou remix)
coming soon $10.25
10 Years Of Bass Culture: Part 3
  1. Mr G - "Now Is The Time"
  2. Leo Pol - "Estbalished 1991"
  3. D'Julz - "Sychronicity"
coming soon $10.78
2 Faces
2 Faces (2xLP)
Cat: M&F 010. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. Spleen
  2. Trouble Khillaudio
  3. But Not For Me
  4. Illness
  5. In My Head (Pat Lezizmo remix)
  6. Winds
  7. But Not For Me (Akyra remix)
  8. Be Careful How You Use It
coming soon $17.54
24 Carrot #1
Cat: 24C 01. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Junktion - "The Search"
  2. Fouk - "That's Pretty Vague"
  3. Fouk - "Paahdy"
coming soon $11.33
24/7 Love Affair Part 1
Cat: LTLP 010. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. U'll Like It
  2. Luve Yaselves
  3. Jus Listen
  4. Speedswing
  5. Work That
coming soon $13.76
24/7 Love Affair Part 2
Cat: LTLP 011. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. 24/7 Love Affair Dub
  2. The Mood
  3. 80's Standard
  4. A Freak
coming soon $13.76
24/7 Love Affair Part 3
Cat: LTLP 012. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. Blueprint
  2. Raw Truck
  3. Feelin' Good
  4. Smurfin
coming soon $13.76
312 Rock
312 Rock (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: GYC 003.
  1. 312 Rock
  2. We Got Next
Review: 313 ROCK is a combination of old school house with Soul samples from the 70s and the 80s revisited with today's sound and club grooves... Composed by K Alexis, the EP offer a cosmic voyage with bassline and strings.AMore thanA« Aa good dance track »Athis is a sampling Orchestra Art piece.ADJ and producer K Alexis is one of Chicago's true heroes and cited by many as a pioneer in the city's sound with many of its releases regarded as classics.AHe has also worked with Larry Heard & Robert Owens, Dave Angel, Tjen Tjen, Felix Da Housecat and Will Smith.. He is now part of the family!
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coming soon TBA
35 003 Acid Track (remixes)
35 003 Acid Track (remixes) (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: AAP 3035003. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Acid Track (K Alexi Shelby remix)
  2. Acid Track (Posthuman remix)
  3. Acid Track (Lauren Flax remix)
  4. Acid Track (Acidulant remix)
  5. Acid Track (30303 remix)
coming soon $12.68
4 Years Of Service
Cat: SNFLP 002. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. Adryiano - "U Used 2 Know Me"
  2. Soela - "Sensual"
  3. KETTAMA - "Sundaze"
  4. 1-800 Girls - "My Speedos"
  5. Harry Griffiths - "Since We're Here"
  6. Big Miz - "Sun"
  7. LK - "Unified Love Machine"
  8. Black Hoops & Ruff Stuff - "La Progressive"
  9. Harrison BDP - "Interference"
coming soon $23.48
90s Club & Dance Classics
Cat: ZYX 829832.
coming soon $20.50
  1. Looser
  2. Noseblunt
  3. Track 3
  4. Slimey
  5. Untitled II
  6. Careless
coming soon $10.52
A Call For Romance
A Call For Romance (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PERMVAC 1951. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Drop Wet Gorgeous
  2. Tan Lines
  3. Lace Yourself
  4. Burning Orange
  5. Drive
  6. Street Beat
  7. Lady Is A Vamp
  8. A Call For Romance
  9. Release
Gespielt von: Benjamin Fröhlich
coming soon $16.18
Across The Clouds
Cat: CTXJES 001. Rel: 28 Oct 19
  1. DJ Jes - "Green"
  2. DJ Jes - "Dance The Walk"
  3. DJ Jes - "Give"
  4. DJ Jes - "Many Moons"
coming soon $11.60
Aesthetic 05
Aesthetic 05 (140 gram vinyl 12")
  1. Us01
  2. Heads Down
  3. Dream State
  4. Locker
Review: After a huge ep on pleasure zone, kepler drops 4 killers on aesthetic.

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coming soon TBA
AESTHETIC 06 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AESTHETIC 06. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. 34100
  2. XYZ
  3. Line Of Questioning
  4. Shelter
Review: The latest transmission on Aesthetic comes from Nolga, previously spotted alongside Michael James on the Hoarder label. The sound on this record is pure, classy minimal house executed with a fine ear for detail, leading in with the deep tracking "34100" before locking into the equally immersive "XYZ". The shuffle is strong on this 12", keeping up on the flip with the subtly dubby, utterly funky "Line Of Questioning" before launching into the crafty, bouncy tones of "Shelter". Immaculately produced with maximum body response in mind, this is another strong outing for Aesthetic and a promising next step for a highly promising producer.

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Gespielt von: Burnski
coming soon TBA
AESTHETIC 07 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AESTHETIC 07. Rel: 06 Jan 20
  1. Formulate
  2. No 800
  3. Exteria
Review: The funking, bumping sound of Aesthetic continues to bolster the impact of parent label Constant Sound, bringing a more colourful palette to realm of minimal tech house. The latest Aesthetic release comes from emergent talents Josh Baker & Alfa, working in collaboration to summon up some sprightly grooves to put a spring in your step. "Formulate" is especially bouncy, not least thanks to those nimble synth lines, while "No 800" takes things in a tougher direction without losing that groovy swing and rich sense of melody. "Exteria" completes the set with a particularly funky concoction that heads towards the deeper end of the night.

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coming soon TBA
African Paradigm
Cat: CPT 5501. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. African Paradigm (intro)
  2. Africans In Deep & Dance (feat Ahmet Sosso)
  3. African Paradigm (Chapter 1-4)
  4. O Mera Dil (Oh My Heart) (feat Lady Parul)
  5. Touman (Right Time) (feat Ahmet Sosso)
  6. African Paradigm (Chapter 5)
  7. African Paradigm (Chapter 6)
  8. Kele Bila (Stop Fighting) (feat Ahmet Sosso)
coming soon $20.24
African Power
Cat: LT 102. Rel: 21 Oct 19
  1. African Power
  2. African Power (Trinidadian Deep remix)
  3. Keep Movin' (Anthony Nicholson Mediterreanian Disco remix)
  4. Keep Movin'
coming soon $10.52
Agility (12")
Cat: NH5. 110.
  1. Time Serves No One
  2. Smells
  3. Papyrus
  4. LD
coming soon $9.98
Aletheia (CD)
Cat: BEARCD 001.
  1. 60 Rutledge (0:30)
  2. Mesablanca (0:30)
  3. Aletheia (0:30)
  4. Sunspear (0:30)
  5. Udu (0:30)
  6. Celestine (0:30)
  7. Tru Dancing (0:30)
  8. Aeolian (0:30)
  9. Painted Wolf (0:30)
  10. Seamstress (0:30)
  11. Desmond's Empire (0:30)
  12. Neptune (0:30)
coming soon $14.84
Aletheia (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BEARLP 001.
  1. 60 Rutledge
  2. Mesablanca
  3. Aletheia
  4. Sunspear
  5. Udu
  6. Celestine
  7. Tru Dancing
  8. Aeolian
  9. Painted Wolf
  10. Seamstress
  11. Desmond's Empire
  12. Neptune
coming soon $24.02
All Rise
All Rise (LP)
Cat: DTW 055. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. All Rise (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins)
  2. Crackablackalacka (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins)
  3. Soundtrack For The Summer
  4. Long Deep Breath
  5. Train From Cali
  6. Fly High
  7. Another Day In LA (feat RayClev)
  8. The Best (feat Nicholas Ryan Gant)
  9. Nite Operator
  10. Blind (feat RayClev)
  11. Afternoon Smoothness
  12. Robot Sunny Trip
  13. Mirror Universe
  14. Infinite War
coming soon $18.34
All U Gotta Do Is Listen
Cat: HZ O11. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. All U Gotta Do Is Listen
  2. Night Time Is The Right Time
Review: The crew behind the Hizou label is rightly chuffed that they've managed to secure this two-tracker from Andres, a Detroit producer whose releases - whether aimed at deep house dancefloors or hip-hop heads - are rarely less than superb. The two tracks the label has selected are suitably strong, too. Check first A-side "All U Gotta Do Is Listen", a warm and hazy chunk of break-driven mid-tempo deep house rich in jazzy samples, swirling crowd noises, chunky bass and dewy-eyed instrumentation. Andres' vintage influences are explored further on flipside "Night Time Is The Right Time", a P-funk influenced deep house bumper whose swinging drums and elongated organ chords casually tip a wink to classic New Jersey garage.
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coming soon $10.78
Alright! EP
Cat: FINE 13. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Johannes Albert - "The Prance Johannes Albert"
  2. Johannes Albert - "Antoni’s Groove"
  3. Tilman - "July Joy"
  4. Tilman - "The Theme"
coming soon TBA
Ama De Sol EP
Ama De Sol EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CRAY 08. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. D'Funk - "Follow Me"
  2. Adam Collins & Mark Ambrose - "Modern Moule"
  3. D'Funk - "Break For Jungle"
  4. Mark Ambrose - "Machine Man"
Review: A1 Starting off the Ep with D'Funks track Follow me with Jazzy Chords and his signature 909 Drums and humming bass.
A2 Adam Collins from Omni A.M. and Mark Ambrose found this one from the Vaults .A grooving bassline with Adam on the vocal effects with funky drums and with a tripped out sound from a Roland Jupiter 6.
B1 D'Funk takes it back the to the sound of the early 90's when House was moving into Drum and Bass. Great chords with his signature 909 programming over a break beat and a deep baseline.
B2 Mark Ambrose's Machine Man track is the faster and darker track on the Ep. A track that can be played slowed down as well. A old school bassline , heavy drums and tripped out effects.

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Gespielt von: CHIRAYA, Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Anna Melara EP
Anna Melara EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LIH 037.
  1. Feel Yo
  2. Where They're From
  3. Want You
  4. Get Over
Review: Kolja Gerstenberg serves up a funky four track lo fi House and Disco EP for Lumberjacks in Hell. The German drummer has previously released on Suol and Smile for a While.
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Gespielt von: Makèz
coming soon TBA
Another Galaxy EP
  1. Another Galaxy
  2. Dirty Wave
  3. Gambit
  4. Back To Darkness
Gespielt von: Vincent Inc
coming soon $10.78
Anyways (12")
Cat: PEAR 007. Rel: 28 Oct 19
  1. Party Girl Theme
  2. MSN (feat D Futers)
  3. Plushied (Plush Management's mix)
coming soon $9.44
Aquarium Nightclub
Cat: TARTALB 011. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Sea Shake Island
  2. Temple Dancer
  3. Sim City
  4. Twilight Swim
  5. Lavender Oil
  6. Ocean Odyssey
  7. Night Dive
  8. Emerald Pools
  9. Mirage
  10. Lavender Flower
  11. Strange Sequence
  12. Aquarium Nightclub
  13. Peace Waves
coming soon $24.56
Aratura Study
Aratura Study (7" in hand made 7 inch sleeve)
Cat: SRM 268.7. Rel: 29 Nov 19
Gespielt von: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
  1. Archipelago
  2. Pipe Phase
  3. Paranormalisation
  4. Drip By Drip
coming soon $9.44
Artifical Extelligence
Cat: LT 098. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. High Adventures
  2. Fire Trail
  3. Playground Fun
  4. A Kind Whisper
coming soon $10.25
Arya EP
Arya EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PURISM 8. Rel: 21 Oct 19
  1. Nodi (7:34)
  2. Virgo (7:34)
  3. Arya (7:43)
Review: Italian crew Unknown Collective come correct on this latest Purism joint as they drop some seriously bumping deep house heat to get bodies popping with approval. "Nodi" is the consummate A side jam, all exuberant energy and rock solid functionality, just like a DJs best friend should be. "Virgo" is, on the surface, a slinkier affair, but don't be fooled as there's some serious weight in that bassline which will absolutely rock on a proper soundsystem. "Arya" is the dreamier cut on the record - the groove is still solid, but there's a dreamy tone to the pad hovering in the background and the track is sprinkled with all kinds of extra sonic delights to toy with your mind at the hazy end of the dance.
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coming soon $9.44
AstroDEEP Vol 1 (DJ Rocca mix)
  1. Nigel Hayes - "Stop"
  2. Collate & Balaur - "Spinning Voices"
  3. M&M - "Vibe" (feat Sammy Zone - DJ Rocca remix)
  4. Vincent Inc - "So In Love With DEEP"
Review: Nigel Hayes is probably best known for his collaboration with Funk D'Void as Chaser, but as Stop demonstrates, his solo work is just as impressive. It sees the UK producer move from the cinematic ambience into sleek, pulsating deep grooves. UK's Jack Bowditch has been moving through the dance music circuit over the years now and has found himself with a new alter ego in Collate. He teams up with established Romanian producers Balaur for the riveting deep classic Spinnin Voices on Astrolife. B-side opener DJ Rocca presents a nudisco odyssey into misty lands of shuffly beats, incessant basslines. Studio don Vincent Inc always bring unforgettable impressions & inspiration for mind, body & soul. 4 tracks came together to tell music stories about hypnotic deepest stuff, depression, happiness, loneliness, love, miracles and magical experiences. And now we're asking other's to join the sound conversation.

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coming soon TBA
At The Seams
Cat: ATMV 071. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Don't Call Me Back
  2. Smile
  3. Hers
  4. Otherworld
  5. Where Is That Good Energy Lurking
  6. Lullaby
coming soon $11.60
Awake EP
Awake EP (12")
Cat: FR 252. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Closest Star
  2. On Point
  3. Awake
  4. Juno Ride
Gespielt von: Vincent Inc
coming soon $10.52
Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn & They Listenhd
Cat: ZEN 12520. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. InNarito
  2. Gas Whillis (While I Paint My Nails)
  3. ForTee
  4. I'm Not Always Right, So I Listen
  5. Matthew Keeps Me Pirrie
  6. It's Tough, But Not As Much As The Dream Is Worth (Joseph)
  7. Dan (Will Some Day Know How Special He Makes Me Feel)
  8. Welcome, To The Rest Of My Life
coming soon $19.70
Barbary Coast EP
Barbary Coast EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ORN 027.
  1. Barbary Coast
  2. Breath Control
  3. Xingu
Review: Since 2015 Reedale Rise's refined strand of electro and techno has quickly established him as one of the most inventive artists operating in the current crop of machine manipulators coming out of the UK underground. Liverpool-based producer Simon Keat has released a prolific body of work under the alias in a short space of time, notching up appearances on crucial labels such as Frustrated Funk, Hizou, Where We Met and many more besides. With a sound indebted to the early wave of UK techno artists like B12, the electro experimentation of Silicon Scally as well as Detroit forefathers such as Drexciya and Model 500, it's not hard to see why Reedale Rise makes perfect sense on Ornate. Technically astounding and emotionally charged, across all three tracks ORN027 marries shimmering, hi-def synth lines with crisp rhythms spanning 2-step shuffle, broken beats and understated techno propulsion.
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coming soon TBA
Bare Essentials EP
Bare Essentials EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DMT 09.
  1. Rock It
  2. Lock N' Load
  3. Cut I
  4. Cut II
  5. Cut III
Review: Dungeon meat drop more heat this time from talented young gun William Caycedo who delivers a jam packed ep of tracky tools and beaty club cuts . This is for DJ (ab)USE only.
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coming soon TBA
Barefoot Agna Serra Venerdi
Cat: DOLLYDUBS 8. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. Maseo Flex (Agna mix)
  2. Maseo Flex (Broken mix)
  3. Metapontum Riviera
  4. Pedro De Bilbao
Gespielt von: Wes Baggaley, Steffi
coming soon $10.78
Bavarian Stallion Series
  1. DJ RFR - "Cum On"
  2. Rhode & Brown - "Boys Do Cry"
  3. Oana Leca - "How You Doing"
  4. Nik Woodward - "Latch The Gate"
coming soon $11.60
Being All Vinyl 03
Cat: BAV 003. Rel: 15 Nov 19
coming soon $12.68
Between Time & Rhythm
Cat: SBLM 801.
  1. Rhythmics
  2. You
  3. Changing
  4. About Everything
  5. Laws Of Nature
  6. Between Time & Rhythm
  7. Just You By My Side
  8. Your Roots
coming soon $19.42
Cat: SRV 63.
coming soon $12.14
Beyond Compare (Sean McCabe remixes)
Cat: SITU 027. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Beyond Compare (Sean McCabe vocal mix)
  2. Beyond Compare (Sean McCabe instrumental mix)
  3. Beyond Compare (Sean McCabe vocal reprise)
  4. Beyond Compare (Sean McCabe Loose dub)
Gespielt von: Sean McCabe
coming soon $10.25
Bicravia (2xLP)
Cat: DKO 28.
coming soon $16.73
Big Time Crush
Cat: DWLD 002. Rel: 21 Oct 19
  1. LoveUm
  2. Buoyant Beat
  3. 4U
  4. RBZ
coming soon $10.78
Blame It On The Groove
Cat: GAMM 141. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Blame It On The Groove
  2. San Francisco
coming soon $10.52
Bloom's Pump Edits
Cat: UGONGETIT 006. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Murder On The DFloor
  2. Bounce
  3. Do It (Naturally)
  4. Feel Me
coming soon $11.86
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Coming Soon: Deep House