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Coming Soon: Ambient/Drone

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Songs For Her
Songs For Her (transparent vinyl 7" + insert)
Cat: AETHER 001. Rel: 04 Mar 19
  1. Sweetheart
  2. The Ocean Between Us
  3. Opalite
  4. 20:46
  5. Moment
  6. Our Song
coming soon $16.70
Sojourn (12")
Cat: MES 004. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Intro
  2. Renee
  3. Raga
  4. Sojourn
coming soon $12.39
Shadow Play
Shadow Play (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: GRA 012. Rel: 04 Mar 19
  1. Children At Play
  2. Bangkok Mural
  3. Life
  4. Reality
Review: Anurak Boonliang is a young producer from Bangkok. As a child, he was trained as a musician for the traditional Thai shadow theatre. Nang Yai, as it is called in Thai, is an acting genre counted among the shadow plays with large picture panels made of parchment, which is cultivated in the center of Thailand around the capital Bangkok. The immovable figure plates are each carried by one actor and danced to the music of Pi Phat. Boonliang's journey from Pi Phat, the classical music ensemble of Thai music, mainly composed of percussion instruments, to working with drum computers and synthesizers was a short one.
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coming soon $TBA
False Iguana
  1. Hollow Phobos
  2. 24-Track Set
coming soon $10.76
A Place Of Solace
Cat: STRLP 024. Rel: 04 Mar 19
  1. Prologue
  2. A Date With The Zone
  3. The Night Sky Is Falling (Sizth Seal)
  4. This Concerns You
  5. Hardness & Strength Are The Companions Of Death
  6. Artemievs Dream Or: The Metaphysical Horror Of An Unpredictable World
  7. A Quiet Place
  8. Consolation For Martiska
coming soon $21.53
The Art Of Fighting In A Dream
  1. Point Of No Return
  2. Reflections
  3. Stage Of Delta
  4. IV
  5. Delirio
  6. Evant Horizon
coming soon $15.35
Deer Park
Deer Park (cassette)
Cat: MEDS 017.
coming soon $10.76
On Time Out Of Time
coming soon $21.53
Drastic Measures
Cat: MMPO 372. Rel: 22 Feb 19
coming soon $TBA
Terminology Mission EP
  1. Beltix
  2. Modrate
  3. Quartz
  4. Cerinasss
coming soon $10.76
Atwater (transparent purple vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies + MP3 download code) (1 per customer)
Cat: ASIPV 014. Rel: 25 Feb 19
  1. Atwater
  2. Hands
  3. Shifting Registers
  4. A Feeling
  5. End Of An Era
Review: With productions dating back to 1994, James Bernard has gained a cult following for his combination of atmospheric analog beats and modular synthesizers. His debut album, 'Atmospherics' is often heralded as a classic by the diggers who stumble across it, and James' 'Unreleased Works' are a hidden gem of early 90's electronica (if you're lucky enough to own a copy on CDR of course).

James has been busy experimenting and refining his modular setup over the years, to the extent that a full album of beautiful music, created live in one take on a sunny afternoon, comes to life once more here on ASIP.

'Atwater', was performed live during a 2018 'Modular On The Spot' event, held in Los Angeles' North Atwater Park. With his custom analog modular rig, a small set of speakers and a generator, James took the afternoon audience on a glistening tour of the beautiful sounds to emerge from a Moog Mother 32, custom built filters and various Eurorack modular sequencers, modules and effects.

After hearing James' set, ASIP proposed presenting the music in permanent form for everyone who missed that special day. James initially took the chance to recreate the set and edit versions ready for a release, but after careful consideration, it was decided to release the raw unedited live version of his set (mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri) forever cementing that special moment and irreplaceable emotion found in North Atwater Park that one afternoon.
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coming soon $17.23
Landscape Part 1
Landscape Part 1 (cassette)
Cat: DB 1704.
coming soon $7.00
Refraction (12")
Cat: MNR 010.
  1. Refraction Praxis
  2. Mutations (version)
  3. Neurotoxin
  4. Revealer (reduction)
coming soon $15.07
Namisen (cassette)
Cat: MEDS 019.
coming soon $10.76
Enveloped (cassette)
Cat: PURR 0104. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. Waves
  2. Wash
  3. Alice
  4. Love
coming soon $12.92
A Wound Of Earth
coming soon $21.28
Flow & Return
Flow & Return (cassette)
Cat: PURR 0102. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. Brightlea
  2. Sea Change
  3. Cascading Tides
  4. Glacial Float
  5. Crescent/Visions In Eclipse
  6. Sand Hollows
  7. Meridian
  8. Colorform
  9. Paths Divergent
  10. Non-Volatile
  11. Clean Air
  12. Flow & Return
  13. Ridgeway
  14. Wanderlust
coming soon $12.92
In Human Terms
Cat: TER 054. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. Basso Continuo
  2. Rock
  3. Slave Waltz
coming soon $25.05
From Here To Eternity
From Here To Eternity (gatefold 4xLP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: PITP V001. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Preludium Aeterna
  2. Infinite Escalators
  3. Triple Axel On Cremazie
  4. Years Later Theme
  5. Happiness & Momentum
  6. Zendel Holiday Hangover Toccata
  7. Boul Gouin
  8. The Flattening
  9. September & Her Sudden Drones
  10. Their Memories
  11. Alpine '88
  12. Foothills Medical Clinic
  13. Le Stationnement De Finders
  14. Rachel (Hiver Eternal)
  15. Dead Calm (Southcentre Suite)
  16. From Over To Wendover
  17. Videodrones Des Questions
  18. Eternity, The Stars & You
Review: 'From Here to Eternity' is the first full length album from Canadian composer Kyle Bobby Dunn since his 2014 long play, 'Infinite Sadness'.

The use of processed guitar and his passion for cinematic swells reaches new realms that are markedly more ominous and dense than his previous long play. Kyle Bobby Dunn also recruited prominent ambient composers and a handful of his favorite musicians to arrange their own instrumentation for several works on this release that add multiple layers of mystery and intrigue of the human mind and heart. Artists that contributed to this effort are: Benoît Pioulard, Simon Scott, Loscil, Pan-American, Wayne Robert Thomas, Isaac Helsen, Mark Nelson, Robert Donne, Maryam Sirvan, and Michael Vincent Waller.

Kyle Bobby Dunn wanted this album to be very much about the eternal conflict with all human emotions and life circumstances and to somehow go even further than the concepts left behind on 'Infinite Sadness'. The moods and sounds range from angelic choral elements to motion picture soundtrack epics; permeating the skeletal system of the listener with a sense of boundaries and mortality. There are also moments that capture the dynamics of the artist performing in the live setting perfectly and were engineered meticulously by Matt Rogalsky and Kyle Bobby Dunn himself. Truly a difficult album of unending loss, confusion, pain, identity, disease and even death, but also include the most reflective and warm moments of his career to date.
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coming soon $62.47
HDD EP (12")
Cat: ETHBO 11.
  1. HDD1
  2. HDD2
  3. HDD3
  4. HDD4
coming soon $11.58
In Vivid Motion
In Vivid Motion (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WEX 003.
  1. Inzit
  2. Afterwork Patch
  3. Resilience
  4. Assemble
  5. Hymn
  6. Just The Beginning
  7. Seem
  8. In Vivid Motion
  9. Skin
coming soon $25.32
I Remember When
I Remember When (grey vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: NFMD 273. Rel: 22 Mar 19
coming soon $23.16
Agora (LP)
Cat: TO 115V. Rel: 08 Mar 19
  1. In My Room
  2. Rainfall
  3. Agora
  4. We Trigger The Sun
coming soon $15.62
Are Faces Really Necessary?
  1. I've Been Searching For You (2:00)
  2. Lost In My Sentences Again (2:00)
  3. I Found Your <3 On The Floor (-4 electro cut)
  4. Cox_nut A6d (2:00)
  5. Personnal Communication (mix 2) (2:00)
  6. Lonesome Walk (2:00)
  7. Where Has Gone That Feeling? (2:00)
  8. Ambian Twerk (2:00)
coming soon $21.28
In The Forest
In The Forest (limited LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SE 005LP. Rel: 01 Mar 19
coming soon $23.97
Encores 1
Encores 1 (12")
Cat: ERATP 107LP.
coming soon $16.70
Japon (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: VDE 301501. Rel: 08 Mar 19
coming soon $25.84
Woven (LP)
Cat: TNRLP 2.
coming soon $24.51
Symphonic Songs
Symphonic Songs (limited coloured vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DAIS 124LPC.
  1. Symphonic Songs (part I)
  2. Symphonic Songs (part II)
  3. Symphonic Songs (part III)
  4. Symphonic Songs (part IV)
coming soon $30.97
Symphonic Songs
Symphonic Songs (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DAIS 124LP.
coming soon $29.36
Anoyo (LP)
Cat: KRANK 220LP. Rel: 10 May 19
coming soon $18.58
Suddenly We Looked Like Giants
Cat: PHA 004V. Rel: 01 Mar 19
coming soon $20.46
When It All Gets To Be Too Much
coming soon $25.58
Commune (180 gram transparent vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: KI 023LP.
coming soon $42.00
2 (limited LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MFR 056LP.
coming soon $19.38
Sequence One
Sequence One (LP + poster)
Cat: CST 139LP. Rel: 08 Mar 19
coming soon $19.93
A Room Now Empty
A Room Now Empty (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PS 46LP. Rel: 01 Mar 19
coming soon $23.43
A Vancouver
A Vancouver (cassette)
Cat: JKTN 027.
  1. Excerpt 1
  2. Paris
  3. Tempered
  4. Agony
  5. Excerpt 2
  6. Voice
  7. Electric
  8. Black On Red
  9. Excerpt 3
  10. Soft
coming soon $7.81
Make A Wilderness
  1. Root
  2. Shell
  3. Perfume Dream
  4. Flower
  5. Trees Bearing Fruit
  6. Place
  7. Language Collapsed
  8. Apparition
coming soon $16.97
Parks (cassette)
Cat: MEDS 018.
  1. Bronze Overcast
  2. A Declining Day
  3. Parks
  4. Two Dreamers
  5. Karl-Marx Strabe
  6. The Devil's Duty
coming soon $10.76
Piano Music
Piano Music (limited 7")
Cat: MFRS 001.
coming soon $12.92
Subterranean Landscapes
Cat: PURR 0103. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. Adaptor
  2. The Day After The Banquet
  3. Driftwood Collage
  4. Night Children
  5. Minimum Feed
  6. Out Of Reach
  7. The CHAOM Corpration
  8. Pets Or Children
  9. Taming The Moon
coming soon $12.92
Neptuno (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: ERC 071.
  1. Preparativos Para El Viaje
  2. Neptuno
  3. La Verdad De Lo Pequeno
  4. Paseo Celeste
  5. Gacelle
  6. Lo Inevitable
  7. Aqui Y Ahora
  8. Lo Ves?, Ya Te Lo Decia
Review: The wondrous, expansive and meditative music of Spanish musician, Luis Paniagua is explored with this reissue of his classic 1987 album, Neptuno.

Released on the now cult El Cometa de Madrid label - itself a sub label of Grabaciones Accidentales (Finas Africae/Suso Saiz/Javier Bergia) - the album is another is the canon of exploratory new age, world and ambient recordings that came out of Spain during the formative period as the country returned to democracy.

Luis Paniagua, a musician, composer and producer, was born in Madrid, in 1957. His first associated release was in 1974 to record the pioneering album "Music of Ancient Greece" as a member of Atrium Musicae. As a member of Babia, alongside Luis Delgado (ERC045), he released the sought after folk and fusion album "Oriente - Occidente" in 1982, before dedicating exclusively to compose his own music with many instruments of the world.

In late summer 1987, his friend and now creator behind the El Cometa de Madrid label, Delgado proposed to record an album of music in Paniagua's attic in Madrid. Bringing his eight-track they recorded the music found here in a mere few days.

Predominantly written by Paniagua - the rhythmic Gacelle being co-written with Don Cherry and Cancion De Senegal - and produced with Delgado, the album is, in his own words, a journey to the balm of love, truth, beauty and purity.

Exploring new age music, world music and spiritual music without being of a specific religion, Neptuno, flows as one. Centred on the beautiful multi-instrumental mastery by Paniagua, including percussion, chimes, guimbri, sitar and vocals, he is joined by friends and family on keys, flute and drums.

Performing today, with 16 albums released and counting, Luis Paniagua's dedicates himself through music. To discover that has always been within.

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coming soon $TBA
coming soon $TBA
Les Paresseuses Volume No 1
coming soon $23.69
Verve (LP)
Cat: 672283 7. Rel: 01 Mar 19
coming soon $22.08
Antiphone (LP)
Cat: SB 019.
coming soon $20.20
Circumfluence (gatefold 2xLP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: DE 003.
  1. Oceanview
  2. See You Through Your Eyes
  3. Almost There
  4. Seeweed
  5. Image Eidetique (feat Daytripper)
  6. The Thaw
  7. Death (live at Ssamzie Space 2001.3.24)
coming soon $27.20
Skin (LP)
Cat: NSP 16. Rel: 08 Mar 19
  1. Surface
  2. Movements & Codes
  3. Skinscapes
  4. Inside
  5. Falling
  6. Lizard
  7. Oscillation
  8. Your Skin
  9. Darkness
  10. Out There
  11. Natural Cause
  12. Latex
coming soon $21.01
Night Tapes
Night Tapes (cassette)
Cat: PURR 0105. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. Phosphorene
  2. The Searing
  3. Night Places
coming soon $12.92
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Coming Soon: Ambient/Drone