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Coming Soon: Ambient/Drone

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  1. Suspended In Liquid
  2. Elightened Sustenance
  3. A Feeling Of Warmth In The Cold
  4. Falling Trhough Fingers
  5. In The Quiet & Still
  6. Solace
  7. Return From The Ashes
  8. Withdrawn
Review: Fragments' was created by using a method of composition James has been perfecting, where he takes small pieces of unreleased music that he has written stretching over the last 10 years, and runs them through different modes and methods of granular stretching and FFT processing. In some cases, the original audio source was no longer than 20-30 seconds long.
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coming soon TBA
Hidden Amongst The Trees & Foothills
  1. Pleasantries
  2. Wading Through A Sea Of Grass
  3. A Place To Call One's Own
  4. Quiet Boy
  5. Woodsmoke
  6. The Stars In Your Head & The Earth Beneath Your Feet
  7. Heron Song (He Waits In The Fog)
  8. Dreaming
  9. Meager Smiles For A Better Tomorrow
Review: Hidden Amongst the Trees and Foothills' was recorded this past spring during what I would describe as a very weird time for me. I was experiencing a constant sense of isolation and feeling disconnected with both myself and others. Playing guitar has been a constant source of peace for me and these are some tracks that came out of this difficult period. Looking back now, I feel like I'm in a different, better place now. I hope this music will bring peace to others just as it has done for me.
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coming soon $7.11
  1. Iron Goddess
  2. Valentine
coming soon $7.11
Cathedral Pines
Cathedral Pines (limited cassette)
Cat: VAK 18MC.
coming soon $10.01
Pattern (cassette)
Cat: PITP 24CA.
  1. Pattern (part 1)
  2. Pattern (part 2)
Review: Pattern' is a new, two song slow burner by Japanese sound artist duenn. This album is an hour long sonic journey bathed in shimmering reflections with a profound sense of stillness and quietude.
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coming soon TBA
Floating Frequencies Intuitive Synthesis  I
coming soon $14.49
Live At The Jazz Cafe
Cat: TO 115C.
  1. Live At The Jazz Cafe 1 (live)
  2. Live At The Jazz Cafe 2 (live)
coming soon $7.37
Universal Ash
Universal Ash (cassette)
  1. FMMPC
  2. Universal Ash
  3. Tidewater
  4. Dark Surface
  5. For Charlie
  6. Amarps
  7. Morning Tapes
  8. Vision Quest
  9. Tea Forest
  10. No Longer A Fragment
coming soon $8.70
When (limited cassette)
Cat: DAUW 35MC.
coming soon $16.07
Wave Sounds Of The Universe
Cat: PALP 002CASSETTE. Rel: 25 Oct 19
coming soon $14.23
The Walled Garden
The Walled Garden (cassette)
Cat: DREAMSTATE 6. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. We Walked Through The Woods Holding Hands
  2. Emerald
  3. Bird Song
  4. Strange Awakening, Pulling Towards The Sun
  5. Say Something
  6. Flowers Through Stone Private
  7. Flowers Continue To Grow
  8. Time Circle
  9. It's Raining, Everything Is Ok
  10. Deepest Tide
  11. Pink Velvet
  12. Lilac Dawn
  13. This Is Not The End
coming soon $13.18
For Tired Souls
  1. Turquoise & Blue
  2. Ruin Street
  3. All Over, Over Again
  4. 158 119
  5. In A Clearing
  6. Lifeline
  7. Turquoise & Blue
Review: The following collection of songs is an attempt at expressing something from which much of our generation seems to be suffering: exhaustion. It is difficult to keep up with current events and, at the same time, keep your sanity intact, and each one of these songs was written at a time during which I felt absolutely overwhelmed; however, in writing them, I found a deep sense of comfort, too.
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coming soon $7.11
Together (cassette)
Cat: PCR 012.
  1. Nova
  2. Face
  3. Rise
  4. Brother
coming soon $5.26
Gently Veiled
Gently Veiled (cassette)
Cat: SCH 001 CS.
coming soon $12.12
Portrait (limited cassette + MP3 download code)
Cat: CSTUMM 449. Rel: 06 Dec 19
coming soon $12.38
Fallen Moon
Fallen Moon (cassette)
Cat: PITPC 002.
  1. Fallen Moon (part 1)
  2. Fallen Moon (part 2)
  3. Forgotten Dreams
  4. Your Light Once Shined
Review: Fallen Moon is four stunning and ethereal movements created by Nick Turner, AKA Tyresta. Nick utilized modular synthesizers, tape manipulation, effects pedals, and a mellotron to create this collection of compositions during spring of 2019.
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coming soon TBA
Life In A Shell
Life In A Shell (limited cassette)
Cat: VAK 17MC.
coming soon $10.01
Orchestral Tape Studies
Review: Orchestral Tape Studies is a compilation arranged and produced by healing sound propagandist, ??. OTS is a group of richly layered movements of fragmented orchestral loops, paying homage to minimalist symphonic composers and orchestras. ?? incorporates field recordings and faint drone billows to accompany these selected samples of orchestral loops. With an emphasis on tone and recurrent murmurs, these four arrangements offer 32 minutes of delicate repetition, reticent sound treatments, and subtle manipulations. OTS is intended for low-volume listening.
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coming soon $7.11
Orchestral Tape Studies Reworks
  1. Violette
  2. Vast Ocean
  3. Solar Codex
  4. Strata Theory
  5. Continuous
Review: Chicago-based ambient producer Nick Turner (Tyresta) reworked the entire OTS album by zake (??). Nick used his Mellotron M4000D Micro, Fender Jazzmaster, Strymon Timeline Delay, and a Strymon BigSky Reverb to complement and beautifully transform the original OTS arrangements.
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coming soon $7.11
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Coming Soon: Ambient/Drone