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Back Catalogue: Coldwave/Synth

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Coldwave / Synth

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Barely Alive (Timothy J Fairplay/Job Sifre/Das Ding remix)
  1. Barely Alive (6:04)
  2. Barely Alive (Timothy J Fairplay remix) (5:49)
  3. Barely Alive (Job Sifre remix) (6:44)
  4. Barely Alive (Das Ding remix) (6:42)
Review: Kris Baha had a big year in 2019 with the release of his debut album on CockTail d'Amore and an EP on Pinkman, and now the Australian body music man in Berlin is back with a high-pressure heater for [Emotional] Especial. "Barely Alive" is the kind of sinewy proto-industrial cut that will appeal to fans of Ministry's earlier work, when the synths reigned supreme and there was pop to match the noir. Especial then call on a cast of remixers to interpret the track in different ways, from Timothy J Fairplay amping up the dystopian disco tropes to Das Ding creating a sleek electro-funk twist with the original's gothic undertones intact.

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 in stock $11.12
YUGO 001
YUGO 001 (hand-stamped 1-sided 12")
Cat: YUGO 001. Rel: 15 Jan 20
  1. Cuvam Noc (rework) (8:29)
 in stock $12.79
Robogoth (pink marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: R0B 01. Rel: 18 Mar 19
  1. Meaniningless Sax (5:11)
  2. Stella Is A Goth (4:50)
  3. The Mourning After (4:53)
  4. Ultra HD Game Water (4:37)
  5. Browser's Break (1:41)
  6. Black Metal Texel (5:34)
Gespielt von: MUSAR Recordings
 in stock $12.23
Telomeres (12")
Cat: DE 097. Rel: 20 Jul 15
  1. Telomeres (4:13)
  2. Centrifuge (4:48)
  3. Automation (4:25)
  4. Laboratory (6:03)
  5. Necropolis (4:22)
  6. Fukushima (4:49)
Review: Analogue synthesizer enthusiast Bezier first surfaced on Dark Entries in 2012, delivering the hard-wired retro-futurist fantasy Ensconced. Two years on, he's finally ready to release the follow-up, the similarly sharp and sci-fi themed Telemores. As with his previous output, the influences are obvious - think Radiophonic Workshop, electro, minimal, new wave and Italo-disco - but he smartly steers clear of pastiche and empty revivalism. Instead, we're treated to a range of dancefloor-friendly instrumental cuts, cyborg jams, and intoxicating robot rinse-outs. Closer "Fukushima", in which he doffs a cap to the synthesized horror-disco of John Carpenter, is particularly potent.
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 in stock $15.57
Primes (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 171. Rel: 27 Jul 17
  1. Primes (7:17)
  2. Stranger (feat Nicole Ginelli vocals & Doc Sleep) (4:37)
  3. Imperial Tranz-Am (13:25)
Gespielt von: Honey Soundsystem
 in stock $12.23
Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights
Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights (12" + lyric insert)
Cat: DE 057. Rel: 13 Jan 14
  1. Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights
  2. Tarzan
Review: Stupendously rare Italo gem from the criminally under-prolific Trieste-based Big Ben Tribe, this quirky poplet first came our way in 1984 on Gong. Last spotted changing hands for hundreds on auction sites, Dark Entries have done the disco world a favour and licensed a reissue. Untouched and naked in all its 80s glory, the synth patterns, abstract lyrics and arrangement were way ahead of their time and clearly influenced many electronic pop and Balearic bands who followed. Vocals just a bit too much for you? No worries, just flip for the instrumental. Tarzan loves summer nights, and we love Dark Entries for unearthing this utter classic.
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 in stock $13.34
Living On The Ceiling (remixes)
Cat: LMS 5521336. Rel: 21 May 20
  1. Living On The Ceiling (Roman Flugel remix) (6:23)
  2. Living On The Ceiling (Roman Flugel dub) (5:51)
  3. Living On The Ceiling (4:11)
  4. Living On The Ceiling (extended version) (5:32)
Review: First released way back in 1982, Blancmange's "Living On The Ceiling" remains one of the most alluring and eccentric of all new wave-era synth-pop cuts, in part because the unusual inclusion of tabla and sitar parts gives it an unusually exotic, mind-altering flavour. This timely reissue includes the original album mix (B1) and '82 12" version (B2), as well as two brand new reworks from the mighty Roman Flugel. The veteran German producer has delivered the goods, first via a deliciously wonky, otherworldly and analogue-rich revision that brilliantly fuses elements of trippy Teutonic techno and raw, turn-of-the-80s New Wave. As you'd expect, his accompanying dub takes the track further in this direction, delivering a deliciously skewed trip into sparse, heavy, early morning territory.
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 in stock $13.91
Blind Vision (remixes)
Cat: LMS 5521337. Rel: 20 May 20
  1. Blind Vision (Honey Dijon remix) (6:06)
  2. Blind Vision (Honey Dijon instrumental) (6:07)
  3. Blind Vision (3:53)
  4. Blind Vision (instrumental/dub) (6:41)
 in stock $16.41
Mortal Sin
Mortal Sin (12")
Cat: BERG 009. Rel: 04 Jul 18
  1. Mortal Sin (5:43)
  2. No Mercy (4:31)
  3. Body Politics (4:14)
 in stock $10.58
Tears (12")
Cat: NUDE 9. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Tears (Silent Servant remix) (5:14)
  2. Tears (4:57)
  3. Tears (Minimal Violence remix) (5:01)
  4. Tears (instrumental) (4:58)
 in stock $10.58
Peaks (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: ERS 024. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Alpha Moon
  2. Crystal Cloud
  3. Mercury Ripples
  4. Light Space
  5. Nexus Vox
  6. To The Stars
  7. Traces
  8. Eclipse Predictions
Review: Gone beyond. That's what they say when an (astro) pilot crashes to earth and takes the journey into the big sky. When Juan Trippe took that last flight little did he know that his re-incarnated self would be an electronic pioneer. In tandem with his co-pilot Guido Zen (his own father also a pilot) and Kyle Martin (from the Land Of Light) they formed Brain Machine and scaled the highest Peaks to bring back music both unearthly and intensely human. Are we all not stardust anyway? This music proves it, takes you out flips you over and rolls you in stardust. Don't try and think it through, make sense of it, grasp it - just wander in wonder and bask in beauty.
Get lost again.
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 in stock $15.30
Are You Loving?
Cat: DE 118. Rel: 14 Apr 16
  1. Are You Loving? (vocal) (6:04)
  2. Are You Loving? (instrumental) (5:47)
Review: If you've ever wanted some straight-up italo disco but then wondered where to find it, where to start, who to ask, then Dark Entries have sorted you right out. As usual, the label come through strong, and this time they reissue an italo disco classic by Brand Image (T.Scarfone and M.Scarabelli) originally released in 19983, and representing the genre with flying colours. "Are You Loving?" contains the 1980's in every sense of the word: quirky, melancholic vocals riding over a grainy drum machine beat, and accompanied by massive synth stabs and an inimitable sort of groove - simply lovely. There's an instrumental on the flip just in case you love the sounds but are slightly scared by the power of the vocals...
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 in stock $12.53
Edge Of Darkness
Edge Of Darkness (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIVOD 022. Rel: 11 Jun 18
  1. Female Predator
  2. Fear Eats The Soul
  3. Edge Of Darkness
  4. Basic Structure
Review: Emergent duo Broken Arrows were previously spotted lurking around Giallo Disco back in 2015, so you should have some idea of the kind of lurid late night machine sleaze they like to get their hands dirty with. They've now slid over to the sympathetic but marginally more techno-minded Vivod imprint with a new clutch of deviant heaters for those adventurous dancefloor spaces where B-movie sounds reign supreme. "Female Predator" is a tough EBM-tinted workout with plenty of jack in its stack, while "Fear Eats The Soul" takes a more synth-wave approach with some speech samples thrown in for good measure. "Edge Of Darkness" is a more tense affair that pings arpeggios around a minor key refrain, and then "Basic Structure" whips out the hardest track on the record, a lithe industrial stomper laden with rhythmic noise and a mean synth bassline that will hit your solar plexus like a battering ram.
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 in stock $8.07
Outro Tempo II EP: Electronic & Contemporary Music From Brazil 1984-1996
  1. Bruhaha Babelico - "Bruhaha II" (10:10)
  2. Individual Industry - "Eyes" (3:54)
Review: Music From Memory's first retrospective of obscure Brazilian electronic music, "Outro Tempo", was arguably one of the strongest compilations of 2017. There's a second volume on the way, with curator John Gomez this time focusing on music made between 1984 and '96. First, though, we get this taster EP featuring two previously cassette-only cuts. On the A-side you'll find Bruhaha Babelico's "Bruhaha II", a ghostly and mind-altering chunk of delay-laden new wave/industrial funk fusion full of fuzzy bass, echoing female vocals, dubbed-out electronics and psychedelic yelps. Turn to the flip and you're greeted by Individual Industry's off-kilter, outer-space synth-pop jam "Eyes". Like its predecessor, it's an unusual, intoxicating treat.
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 in stock $15.57
Endangered Species Vol 1
  1. John King - "Munich" (4:18)
  2. The Actor - "Picture 210" (demo) (3:31)
  3. Brazil - "Tvoj Svijet" (3:41)
  4. Jamal Khe - "L'Etranger (Ana Gharib)" (4:38)
  5. Nightless - "Abemus Mind" (6:01)
Review: In eleven years of deep digging, Dark Entries has uncovered many curiosities, lone exemplars of the scarsest breeds. They are lurking in Croatia, on the streets of New York, maybe in the back of your own dusty closet - these odd-ball Italo and synth-wave monsters are too rare to live, too divine to die. Once-lost creatures now have a home with Dark Entries' new Endangered Species series. The inaugural edition features five specimens previously deemed extinct, only mentioned passingly in lore and speculation, but now safely preserved on vinyl.
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Violence & Divinity
  1. Silent Servant - "Speed & Violence"
  2. Silent Servant - "Cut Unconscious"
  3. Broken English Club - "Divinity"
  4. Broken English Club - "Delays"
Review: ** Repress ** If you've been keeping abreast of all things Minimal Wave this year, you'll probably have picked up on Veronica Vasicka hinting at a forthcoming split release from Silent Servant and Broken English Club, the new project from UK techno man Oliver Ho. We've certainly been eagerly awaiting it her at Juno HQ and it's great to see Violence And Divinity live up to and surpass these expectations! Silent Servant mans the A Side with two tracks that will be familiar to anyone that's been lucky enough to catch his live sets of late, indeed it's almost too easy to visualise the flashing strobes as the pummelling EBM lines of "Cut Unconscious" unravel and beat you down. The two accompanying productions from Ho's Broken English Club dovetail nicely, but veer off into more wave orientated territory, with "Divinity" sounding quite like some of the earlier material put out by In Aeternam Vale. In a word superb.
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Hiide (180 gram vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code in spot-varnished sleeve with obi-strip)
Cat: DWO 26LP. Rel: 05 Jul 19
  1. Symmetrii (4:03)
  2. Carniivore (3:53)
  3. Phantom (3:15)
  4. Volcano (3:43)
  5. Skiin (4:08)
  6. Stray (4:04)
  7. Fear (4:05)
  8. Poiison (3:49)
  9. Seiizure (4:41)
 in stock $17.53
Spoki (LP)
Cat: STRLP 015. Rel: 23 Jul 18
  1. Kur Tu Esi? (3:10)
  2. Roni (6:12)
  3. Trisi, Trisi, Siksparnit (3:40)
  4. Lidojums Uz Sauli (5:48)
  5. Jelgava (2:27)
  6. Majas Dzive (0:42)
  7. 19/10/89 (5:16)
  8. Aizlidoja Klavas (4:29)
  9. Pasaule Ir Tik Daudz Virieu Un Sievieu (4:55)
  10. Meness Klajuma (4:24)
  11. Spoki (4:08)
Review: A core member of Dzeltenie Pastnieki throughout the early 00s, Ingus Bauskenieks is all about abstraction and experimentation. Since he came back from a long stint in the shadows, the Latvian musician has self-released a heap of wonderfully surreal music that is often overlooked and slept on. While many talk about freedom of expression, this guy does it for real, and this latest album, Spoki, comes through on Stroom with a very clear concept and a maturity to experimentation that is often not heard. It's not all bleeps and bloops and, in fact, he manages to add in his own nation's heritage thanks to several moments of neo-folk vocalism that works ever so well with the myriad of drum machines and samples housed under tunes like "Roni" or "Lidojums Uz Sauli" - the latter of which is a house reinterpretation of Latvian pop music. This is something for those who want something new, unheard, and attention-grabbing. A fine album - TIP!
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 in stock $25.88
The Gone Away
The Gone Away (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: GBX 035LP. Rel: 19 Aug 20
  1. Root & Branch (4:06)
  2. Ffarisees (4:23)
  3. The Gone Away (3:56)
  4. Fol-de-rol (3:44)
  5. Corner Of The Eye (3:57)
  6. Magpie Lane (4:11)
  7. Sticks & Stones (3:53)
  8. Look Again (4:20)
  9. Star Jelly (4:47)
  10. Copse (3:28)
  11. They Left On A Morning Like This (3:50)
Review: You could be forgiven for thinking some of Belbury Poly's work was actually borrowed from early-90s RPG video game soundtracks, although the production is clearly based on much more than the limitations of chips and cartridges. Nevertheless, there's a real wholesome, back home on the ranch kind of ambience at play throughout much of what's here.

You might say folk moods built from Radiophonic Workshop and BBC library music parts, or something along those lines. Veering from the moody 'Copse', to 'Corner Of The Eye', a track that invokes a real sense of wonder and mystery, and 'Magpie Lane' with its take on psychedelia, despite stylistic variety there's consistency in the strength and lure of the melodies, not least the wonderfully plucked synth effects on the epic 'Sticks & Stones'.
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 in stock $16.68
Behind Despair Spiritual Death
Cat: OR 54. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Haxan (2:32)
  2. Change Of Heart (3:50)
  3. Young & Inmortal (2:04)
  4. Half Light (2:57)
  5. Betrayal (4:53)
  6. Voices (4:50)
  7. Loosen Thy Skin (2:34)
  8. City Of Light (4:27)
  9. Long Pain Long Fever (4:06)
  10. White Shadow (3:50)
  11. Shadowless Cave (4:59)
  12. Difficult To Breathe (4:07)
  13. Disobedient Wire (4:57)
 in stock $52.29
The Belle Stars (reissue)
The Belle Stars (reissue) (180 gram transparent red vinyl LP)
Cat: DEMREC 466. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Sign Of The Times (2:52)
  2. Ci Ya Ya (2:44)
  3. The Clapping Song (3:12)
  4. Indian Summer (3:39)
  5. Harlem Shuffle (3:16)
  6. The Reason (4:04)
  7. Iko Iko (2:58)
  8. Baby I'm Yours (3:40)
  9. Mockingbird (3:19)
  10. The Snake (3:17)
  11. Burning (3:24)
  12. Needle In A Haystack (2:43)
 in stock $19.75
I Don't Remember Now
I Don't Remember Now (LP + poster)
Cat: SV 101LP. Rel: 13 May 16
  1. 36A2 (0:37)
  2. 35B1 (4:19)
  3. 27B4 (10:40)
  4. 35A9 (5:17)
  5. 36A3 (5:05)
  6. 31A4 (5:33)
  7. 33A1 (9:21)
Review: Superior Viaduct never cease to amaze and please all of our senses; from aural to olfactory, we're always trying sniff out what these mighty archivalists are up to. Yet again, they've picked the right sort of gear to please newbies and vintage diggers alike thanks to this resurrection of John Bender's glorious and pioneering minimal work from 1980. I Don't Remember is a serious piece of forward-thinking, seven majestic piece of experimental synthism that are both timeless and bound by an icy layer of machine fuzz, an edgy yet poppy feel that sits perfectly with the rest of the label's activities. Reissue of the week? We think so. Limited, stamped, and comes in bloody red.
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Gespielt von: Dj soFa
 in stock $17.25
Pop Surgery
Pop Surgery (LP + insert)
Cat: SV 103. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. Meat (4:21)
  2. Galacial (6:35)
  3. Thought (1:42)
  4. Mallinder (1:50)
  5. Hand (1:10)
  6. Day (2:28)
  7. Dance (2:25)
  8. Glass (2:24)
  9. Blue (4:00)
  10. Cows (1:49)
  11. Amalgamelon (3:25)
  12. Unrelated (3:19)
 in stock $24.21
The Return
Cat: 153 GONELP. Rel: 13 Aug 18
  1. The Return (part 1) (5:04)
  2. Ancient Plains (3:51)
  3. The Maze (3:41)
  4. Final Take-off (0:56)
  5. The Return (part 2) (6:05)
  6. Dance Of The Eridani (4:08)
  7. In The Shadows (3:09)
  8. Master's Dream (6:55)
  9. End Of Light (5:32)
 in stock $18.08
Sound Of Danger
Sound Of Danger (LP + insert)
Cat: DE 147. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Sound Of Danger (7:39)
  2. Pictures & Paintings (3:34)
  3. Crystal Dream (3:44)
  4. How Could We Simply Die (6:01)
  5. Search (2:38)
  6. So Many Things (5:28)
  7. Doorway (4:19)
  8. A Prisoner In A Silent Way (3:05)
  9. Can't Go To Sleep (8:47)
 in stock $17.25
Lover In The Dark
Lover In The Dark (gatefold pink vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRUI 001LP. Rel: 29 Jul 20
  1. Intro (1:34)
  2. Lover In The Dark (3:22)
  3. Supertime (2:57)
  4. Young Boy (3:41)
  5. Radio Frequencies (4:35)
  6. Coma (0:55)
  7. In Sight (4:11)
  8. The Perfect Human (3:59)
  9. 400 Trips (3:38)
  10. Dark Times (3:56)
  11. On My Mind (3:44)
 in stock $19.20
Ensconced (LP)
Cat: DE 048. Rel: 02 Oct 13
  1. Ensconced
  2. Silhouette
  3. Templar
  4. Nautilus '78
  5. Mecanique
  6. Servile
 in stock $14.74
Parler Musique
Parler Musique (2xLP + insert)
Cat: DE 200. Rel: 05 Mar 18
  1. Parler Musique (7:06)
  2. Organisation Maritime (5:42)
  3. Un Subalterne Insubordonne (5:29)
  4. Teleconference (7:23)
  5. Myeline (3:51)
  6. L'Ordre Cannibale (9:23)
  7. Entr'acte (4:42)
  8. Une Salade Oblongue (9:11)
Review: Honey Soundsystem's Dezier comes correct with this immaculately detailed debut album. From the circuit board presentation to the album narrative itself Parler Music is a lavish affair that stretches the perception of everything we've learnt about him on labels such as Cin Cin, HNYTRX and Public Release. Back again on Dark Entities (where it all began for this alias five years ago) Parler Music is a fluorescent romp through tempos and emotions; the white knuckle synthwave of "Un Subalterne Insubordonne", the iced-out electro of "Teleconference", the sleazy off-beat slinks and triumphant chords of "Entr'acte", the pregnant cosmosis of "Une Salade Oblongue", the list of immersive synthscapes and stories goes on. A genuinely beautiful debut album.
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Gespielt von: Midland, Ali Renault
$22.25 SAVE 33%
 in stock $14.90
It's Immaterial
It's Immaterial (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: GI 275LP. Rel: 10 Oct 16
  1. Interdiction (1:11)
  2. Iron Lung (3:58)
  3. It's Conditional (4:27)
  4. Woods (3:03)
  5. A Million Billion Stars (3:19)
  6. Missing Sibling (1:44)
  7. Frisk (3:30)
  8. Golden Heart (3:23)
  9. Self Guided Tours (3:53)
  10. Portland U (3:34)
  11. Collene (4:41)
 in stock $20.59
Panic Blooms
Panic Blooms (gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP (side 4 screen-printed) + MP3 download code)
Cat: RDCU 32. Rel: 03 May 18
  1. Panic Blooms (4:03)
  2. Baby's In The Void (3:39)
  3. Rip On Throught (1:55)
  4. One More Ear (0:52)
  5. Bad Fuckin Times (2:44)
  6. New Breeze (4:11)
  7. Aerosol Weather (1:45)
  8. June July 28 (1:04)
  9. Bottomless Face (2:36)
  10. Permanent Hole (3:20)
  11. To The Beat Of A Creeper (1:29)
  12. We Might Come Back (2:27)
  13. Harmlessly (2:25)
  14. Backwash (4:03)
  15. Sunset Curses (2:24)
  16. Mr No One (3:37)
 in stock $23.93
Original Soundtrack
Original Soundtrack (limited LP + insert)
Cat: DOM 27L. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Morning In The City (2:41)
  2. Polyester From Hell (3:05)
  3. Ladies In Mercedes (3:11)
  4. Time/Silence (2:00)
  5. Pink Flamingos (3:08)
  6. Technology Mythology (2:54)
  7. The Big Chill (0:21)
  8. Tin Man (2:48)
  9. Walk, Don't Walk (2:53)
  10. Sowebohemia (3:44)
  11. Butter Fly (2:27)
  12. Blue Diamonds (2:30)
  13. Time Travel (0:33)
  14. Picture (1:59)
  15. Evening In The City (1:54)
Review: Originally a folk guitarist from Baltimore in the 1960's, Gary Blanchard's musical career only took off twenty years later with something totally different and unexpected. Something that may have been too far ahead of its time back in the 80s, but that sounds just right hearing it in 2016. Entitled Original Soundtrack, this is Blanchard's only LP and is about as far from folk as techno is from classical; there's a similarity in texture and mood, perhaps, but the construction of the songs are a world apart. Coming out through Spain's excellent Domestica label, Gary Blanchard's album is a one-off piece of minimal experimentation of the highest calibre. It is drenched in a familiar 80's romanticism and melancholia, but tunes like "Polyester From Hell", or "Technology Mythology" are blissful drum machine experiments that look in every possible direction in terms of influences. Check it, there's some gold in there.
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Gespielt von: Dj soFa
 in stock $22.25
Dancefloor Dummies
Dancefloor Dummies (cassette)
Cat: SLK 006. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Medicine (4:15)
  2. Dancefloor Dummies (4:50)
  3. Nature (3:10)
  4. More Than A Kiss (3:50)
  5. More Than A Kiss (Kris Baha remix) (7:29)
  6. Nature (Years Of Denial remix) (6:23)
 in stock $18.08
Tomorrow's Harvest
Tomorrow's Harvest (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 257. Rel: 07 Jun 13
  1. Gemini
  2. Reach For The Dead
  3. White Cyclosa
  4. Jacquard Causeway
  5. Telepath
  6. Cold Earth
  7. Transmisiones Ferox
  8. Sick Times
  9. Collapse
  10. Palace Posy
  11. Split Your Infinities
  12. Uritual
  13. Nothing Is Real
  14. Sundown
  15. New Seeds
  16. Come To Dust
  17. Semena Mertvykh
Review: Given that it's been eight years since the last Boards of Canada album, Tomorrow's Harvest should, by rights, push Daft Punk's Random Access Memories in the hype stakes. Certainly, it's a fine set. During their sabbatical, Marcus Eoin and Michael Sandison have lost none of their power to amaze and impress. Chords drone, samples hiss, synths shimmer and beats swing. There are intense ambient moments and intoxicating, post-IDM dreamscapes. It is in turns icy, warm, introspective and blindingly picturesque. Throughout, Tomorrow's Harvest is impeccably atmospheric, conjuring images of windswept Scottish moors, becalmed Cornish bays and maudlin pagan ceremonies. As comeback records go, it's pretty darn good.
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 in stock $20.31
Musique Electronique
Cat: DE 137. Rel: 29 Sep 16
  1. Cobra (1:54)
  2. Folie D'ice (2:15)
  3. Gourmandise (1:30)
  4. Vampire (1:27)
  5. La Souris Verte (2:08)
  6. BB Coquin (3:19)
  7. Mr Pickett (1:48)
  8. Un Evenement (2:29)
  9. Tarzan Reglisse (4:19)
  10. Moska (2:31)
  11. Babouin Calin (2:47)
  12. La Bombe A Toto (1:57)
  13. Camion Solo (1:38)
  14. Faune Plum (1:47)
  15. Boule De Gomme (1:46)
  16. Bel Angelo (4:02)
  17. En Hop Et En Air (1:20)
  18. Maud (1:54)
  19. Gogol Le Lezard (2:00)
Gespielt von: Phil Gerus
 in stock $17.25
Isis & Thoth
Isis & Thoth (2xLP + insert)
Cat: DE 242. Rel: 30 Apr 19
  1. She-Women Of The SS (5:16)
  2. Vanishing Pentagram (8:38)
  3. I Am In Hell (10:43)
  4. Dada Kabalah (6:38)
  5. Alchemy I (5:56)
  6. Alchemy II (5:06)
  7. Osiris Rises (8:52)
  8. The Market (10:38)
  9. Scrap (9:17)
Review: Body Without Organs were a duo from New York City consisting of Richard Behrens (lyrics, vocals, guitar) and Carl Howard (electronics, effects) formed in 1982. The pair brought together skill and ideas from such diverse areas as writing, poetry, ceremonial magic, studio technology, and mass media sounds and images. The name Body Without Organs could mean several things: a body, being an organization, without organs, or hierarchy; a form of anarchy, certainly opposed to the capitalist system, and if not directly opposed, then deeply skeptical of its effects on society. Richard was interested in anthropology and mythology and the Golden Dawn System of Magick as a meditative tool. Sort of aural performance artists doing their performance work who released four cassette albums through Howard's Audiofile Tapes between 1985 and 1987. We are proud to reissue their debut album "Isis and Thoth" from 1985 on vinyl for the first time. The album's title pays homage to Isis: the protectress of the dead whose mournful tears for her husband/brother Osiris [the god of the dead who was murdered by his brother Set] were said to flood thee Nile annually, and unto the ibis or baboon headed Thoth: the heart [intelligence] and tongue [voice] of the sun god Ra. The nine compositions were created as scenes or moods with taped effects, delay pedals and found vocals. The duo employed droning synth syncopated with sparse percussive accents, esoteric vocal chanting, looping delayed beats, dissonant guitar and stuttering bass lines. Richard sadly passed away in 2017 and his widow Anna sent us the entire BwO cassette archive and we discovered a previously unreleased track "Scrap" included here. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. Each copy includes an 8.5x11 insert with photos and interview with Richard Behrens. "When you will have made him a body without organs, then you will have delivered him from all his automatic reactions and restored him to his true freedom" - excerpt from the radio play by Antonin Artaud: "To Have Done with the Judgment of God" (1947)
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Gespielt von: Alexis Le-Tan
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La Course
La Course (LP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: INVMUS 1001V. Rel: 21 May 20
  1. Nocturne 305 (4:58)
  2. La Course (6:07)
  3. Chanson (3:41)
  4. Le Chant Des Radars (5:13)
  5. Un Americain En Tanger (6:58)
  6. Un Americain En Danger (6:17)
  7. Priere Pour Le Voyageur (part 1) (3:48)
  8. Priere Pour Le Voyageur (part 2) (3:54)
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Fortunate Isolation
Cat: DE 266. Rel: 07 Feb 20
  1. Welcome Them (2:35)
  2. Time (No Time) (6:48)
  3. When I Read The News Today (6:34)
  4. Mirror Hall (This Relief) (6:23)
  5. They Pass By (1:29)
  6. The Death Of A Desire (A Ghost) (5:52)
  7. Lament (Fortunate Isolation) (5:07)
  8. To The Self (4:29)
  9. Follow (5:18)
Review: We are proud to release 'Fortunate Isolation' the sophomore album from Borusiade. Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Borusiade aka Miruna Boruzescu started DJ-ing in 2002 as one of the very few female DJs in the city's emerging alternative clubbing scene. Influenced by a classical musical education, a bachelor in film direction and fascinated by raw electronic sounds, Borusiade first combined these universes in the construction of her DJ sets and starting 2005 also in her music production. A sound of her own has slowly crystallized, often dark with poignant bass lines, obsessive themes and by all means melodic. She has released EPs on labels like Pinkman, Unterton, Cititrax, Correspondant and Comeme, who released her debut album 'A Body' in 2018. 'Fortunate Isolation' is perhaps Borusiade's most personal release to date.
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 in stock $17.25
Linear Movement
Linear Movement (gatefold LP)
Cat: NRP 91. Rel: 12 Nov 19
  1. Track 1 (7:58)
  2. Reflection (feat Philippe Charny) (6:00)
  3. System (6:50)
  4. Meanings (5:16)
  5. Track 5 (9:13)
  6. Track 6 (5:44)
 in stock $27.27
Country Girl Uncut
Country Girl Uncut (limited splattered vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: NUDE 12XX. Rel: 20 Dec 19
  1. Motion (3:59)
  2. Electric (3:26)
  3. Country Girl (5:14)
  4. February (1:28)
  5. Underwater (2:47)
  6. Send Me A Vision (5:03)
  7. Westerners (4:03)
  8. Swing (2:48)
Review: This new one from Boy Harsher is an extended version of their 2017 EP that's had four new tracks added to it. As a result is shows off the Massachusetts based duo's wide sonic range, starting with the shadowy but groovy "Motion" before taking in cold and jerking rhythms on "Electric" and mournful synth pop lullabies with "Country Girl." Slowing things down is the sparse and stark "Underwater" before "Send Me A Vision" turns all 80s pop. There's an infectious lead on "Westerners" that takes you back to the future and closes out a fantastic EP.
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 in stock $20.87
Lesser Man: Extended Version (reissue)
Cat: NUDE 1LP. Rel: 27 Apr 18
  1. Lust (3:05)
  2. Modulations (4:22)
  3. Pain (7:18)
  4. Run (3:42)
  5. Crimea (5:23)
  6. Love (5:34)
  7. Spell (3:22)
 in stock $20.59
The Robot Treatment
Cat: MMWUFF 007LP. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Venus Covers Mars (Intro) (0:15)
  2. Under The Red (4:29)
  3. All You Can Eat (3:58)
  4. Wayward Sister (3:58)
  5. Smell Of Fire (5:05)
  6. No Sad Songs (4:05)
  7. Venus Covers Mars (3:31)
  8. You Can't Get Fooled By Love (4:21)
  9. Bark (4:16)
  10. She Gave Me Money (5:09)
  11. Can't Wait A Second (4:54)
Review: Synth pop veterans Boytronic - well known for hit single "You" but also for honing their sound at sex shows in Hamburg's red light district - are back after a ten year hiatus. After several personnel changes over the years, the latest line-up features old and new vocalists in Holger Wobker and James Knights respectively, and it could be the first time ever that a replacement and their predecessor have worked together on the same record. Importantly, they work well together, with plenty of 80s influences looming large over a wealth of danceable beats, tinny chords and woodpecker fills.
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Suburban Hunting
Suburban Hunting (limited heavyweight coloured splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: CITI 018. Rel: 23 Nov 15
  1. Nursing Home (2:18)
  2. Vacant (5:50)
  3. Derelict (5:31)
  4. Godless (6:10)
  5. Scum (4:02)
  6. Tourist Zone (4:16)
  7. Crime (6:19)
  8. Suburban Hunting (6:14)
  9. Knives (6:07)
  10. Prayer Space (5:13)
  11. Shallow Pits (2:04)
Review: It's been a delight to see Oliver Ho's Broken English Club project develop artistically over recent times, with some fine records for Jealous God and Veronica Vasicka's Cititrax label along the way. Suburban Hunting sees Ho deliver his debut Broken English Club album, featuring some 11 tracks of primitive electronics and cinematic pseudo techno cuts. Tunes like "Vacant", "Derelict", or "Scum" all share a loose techno framework, but the real aesthetic is much vaster than that, verging on remnants of post-punk, industrial and all that goodness and hybrid class that came out of the late 1980's. It's another fine addition to the sublime Cititrax discography, and we recommended it just as much as the previous numbers.
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Metropolis (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ENM 008. Rel: 02 Mar 20
  1. Phantom Fire Weapon (2:50)
  2. Lord Of The Bronx (2:39)
  3. Red Light Drive (3:31)
  4. Odd Corners (3:23)
  5. Escape From Butcher Beach (3:16)
  6. Pretty Sharp Things (3:11)
  7. Private Dreams (3:18)
  8. Reflections (3:42)
  9. Back To The Boneyard (2:45)
  10. High Above The Ant Hill (4:31)
  11. Freakbeat Theatre (2:44)
  12. Drying Out (1:31)
 in stock $21.23
The Age Of Consent (remastered)
The Age Of Consent (remastered) (limited gatefold pink vinyl LP + 2xCD)
Cat: 506055 5212254. Rel: 26 Oct 18
  1. Why? (4:05)
  2. It Ain't Necessarily So (4:44)
  3. Screaming (4:16)
  4. No More War (3:54)
  5. Love & Money (5:12)
  6. Smalltown Boy (5:03)
  7. Heatwave (2:42)
  8. Junk (4:17)
  9. Need A Man Blues (4:20)
  10. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (6:04)
  11. Why?
  12. It Ain't Necessarily So
  13. Screaming
  14. No More War
  15. Love & Money
  16. Smalltown Boy
  17. Heatwave
  18. Junk
  19. Need A Man Blues
  20. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me
  21. Why? (12" version - bonus track)
  22. Smalltown Boy (12" version - bonus track)
  23. It Ain't Necessarily So (12" version - bonus track)
  24. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (12" version - bonus track)
  25. It Ain't Necessarily So (Kid Jenson BBC Session)
  26. Memories (Kid Jenson BBC Session)
  27. Crazy Maraquitta (Kid Jenson BBC Session)
  28. Why? (Kid Jenson BBC Session)
  29. No More War (demo)
  30. Up & Down (instrumental demo)
  31. Heatwave (demo)
  32. Ultra Clone (instrumental demo)
  33. Junk (demo)
  34. The Other Side Of The Tracks (demo)
  35. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (Rough mix)
  36. Smalltown Boy (reprise 2014)
  37. Why? (live At Stella Polaris)
  38. Smalltown Boy (Arnaud Rebotini remix)
  39. Why? (Wax Wings remix)
  40. Smalltown Boy (KDA Pink Triangle remix)
 in stock $20.02
Nuits Plurielles
Nuits Plurielles (white vinyl LP)
Cat: LLR 0086LP. Rel: 18 Dec 19
  1. Un Geste (2:45)
  2. A Couteaux Tires (3:23)
  3. L'Illusion De Toi (3:37)
  4. La Secheresse (3:03)
  5. Nuit Numero Un (3:25)
  6. Mes Automatismes (4:06)
  7. Retrouve-Moi La Haut (2:49)
  8. Comme La Mer (2:51)
  9. Si T'as Raison (2:54)
  10. Voltiger Avec Les Fous (3:04)
  11. Peupler Le Monde (2:50)
 in stock $21.70
Gold (180 gram gold vinyl LP)
Cat: DEMREC 642. Rel: 26 Mar 20
  1. When Will I Be Famous? (3:57)
  2. I Owe You Nothing (3:36)
  3. Drop The Boy (4:00)
  4. I Quit (single mix) (3:35)
  5. Cat Among The Pigeons (4:05)
  6. Silent Night (3:55)
  7. Too Much (3:36)
  8. Sister (4:24)
  9. Chocolate Box (3:58)
  10. Are You Mine? (7" version) (4:33)
  11. Try (4:12)
  12. Madly In Love (Joe Smooth mix) (4:30)
Review: Just weeks after legendary 1980s pop manager Tom Watkins passed away, we're treated to a bumper retrospective from one of his most successful acts: Bros. The three discs tell the story of their late '80s/early '90s heyday, gathering together single versions of their mega hits (the glossy Stock, Aitken & Waterman style synth-pop pf "When Will I Be Famous?", "I Owe You Nothing" and "I Quit" for example), album tracks, B-sides and a smattering of 12" remixes from some notable producers. These include a funky Chicago house revision of "Madly In Love" by "Promised Land" producer Joe Smooth, a chunky, head-nodding revision of the New Jack Swing influenced "Drop The Boy" by Shep Pettibone that features some killer drum edits, and an acapella of "When Will I Be Famous?".
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World In A Tear
World In A Tear (limited white vinyl LP)
Cat: CITI 012. Rel: 20 Feb 14
  1. Civilisation
  2. The Perfect One
  3. Coins Fall From My Pocket
  4. World In A Tear
  5. Taire
  6. Oh My Tree
  7. Oro In El Crisol
  8. La Barque
  9. AM
  10. Our Grief
Review: The Bruta Non Calculant duo have only released one previous EP but they're certainly turning some heads fast. As you probably well know, the Cititrax label doesn't deal with weakness and after their last release by An I, we were expecting something real tasty. "Civilisation" sets a macabre tone to the opening of the album, with wailing pads and sparse beats creating a sort of sonic, urbanised landscape, whereas other tracks like "The Perfect One" and "World In A Tear" sound something like Joy Division on a techno come-down. There's plenty of feedback manipulation and circuit-bending going on for the entire span of the work, placing Bruta Non Calculant on our new watch-list of utter madmen and all-round legends. Sick.
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Electri City
Cat: BBLP 225 . Rel: 14 Sep 16
  1. Full Steam Ahead (5:10)
  2. Lunatic Love Song (4:55)
  3. Terrania (Electri City) (3:54)
  4. Android's Wedding (6:01)
  5. The March Of The Martians (8:47)
  6. Metagony (3:18)
  7. The Tower Of Osc. (7:16)
Gespielt von: Ekoplekz
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Birds Of Paradise
Birds Of Paradise (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: CLMX 002. Rel: 19 Jun 19
  1. Birds Of Paradise (3:32)
  2. Conversion To Perversion (4:02)
  3. Troth (3:36)
  4. Inferior & Slain (2:55)
  5. Acerbic Heart (3:35)
  6. Cease To Exist (3:01)
  7. Apparitions Of Love (3:30)
  8. Desecrate The Klan (3:36)
  9. Charmed (3:18)
  10. Negative One (3:51)
  11. Shattered Faith (2:31)
 in stock $16.97
Everyone Is My Age (reissue)
Cat: DE 231. Rel: 06 Nov 18
  1. Overture (1:57)
  2. Think It's You (3:47)
  3. Big Generation (4:23)
  4. Do I (3:18)
  5. Selfish Heart (4:57)
  6. Whats Going On (2:59)
  7. Everyone Is (1:33)
  8. Clear Eyes (2:57)
  9. Emotion 2 (4:56)
  10. Night (4:29)
  11. My Age (4:37)
  12. Chantilly Lace (3:49)
Review: Baby Buddha is the experimental new wave duo of Charles Hornaday (vocals, guitar, electronics, drums) and David Javelosa (vocals, electronics, clarinet). Born from late night improvisations of San Francisco synth-punks Los Microwaves with a rotating cast of musicians. Live shows would include music, projections, dance and performance art in both clubs and gallery spaces. In 1980, Howie Klein's 415 Records released their first single of Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man". In 1981, 'Music For Teenage Sex' was their first full length album released via Poshboy Records. It featured Los Microwaves' Meg Brazill, Poshboy boss Robbie Fields, and Kathy Peck as "Tammy Why-not", who later went on to found H.E.A.R (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers). In January 1983 Kathy, Charles and David went into the studio with a couple of Kathy's original "country" songs and began working on a sophomore album. They also incorporated songs from a live multi-track recording of a concert at the Graffiti Club on June 6th 1984. The album titled 'Everyone Is My Age' sat unreleased until 1987 due to relocation to Los Angeles and eventually found a home on David's Hyperspace Communications, the original label for the first Los Microwaves singles. For this first time reissue we've added a previously unreleased bonus song "What's Going On," a Kathy Peck original. All songs have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The vinyl comes housed in the original jacket featuring a collage by David Javelosa and includes an insert with lyrics, photos and liner notes.
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Gespielt von: In Flagranti
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