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Juno Recommends Disco: November 2023

Juno Recommends Disco

Juno Recommends Disco

Juno Recommends Disco: November 2023
Cat: DISCOREC 004. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Overture (The Reflex Revision) (8:11)
O Ba Ba (The Reflex Revision) (7:58)
Review: The ever-playful and seriously skilled mash-up and edit maestro The Reflex has been out in a class of one for many years. Few in his field managed to cook up the sort of delicious disco brilliance that he manages and this new 12" on the fledgling Discolidays isn't going to change that perception. 'Overture' (The Reflex Revision) is a glorious fusion of instrumental disco and withering sci-fi designs next to a catchy as hell vocal. On the flip, things head south with Latin melodies and percussion and glorious flute lines bring the joy to 'O Ba Ba' (The Reflex Revision).
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Cat: MXMRK 2063. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Fritz The Cat (Mr K edit) (4:44)
You Believed In Me (Mr K instrumental edit) (4:52)
Review: Mr. K's series of edits continues. Any self-respecting music head is well familiar with the Most Excellent Unlimited series from Mr K aka Danny Krivit by now, and the latest entry into it is another doozy on 45rpm. The A-side features an edit of the title tune from a 1972 Ralph Bakshi animation originally played by a top crew of San Francisco area musicians. It is a steamy funk workout in a Latin jazz style with plenty of reverb and DJ friendly grooves. Flip it over and you'll find a gem from Philadelphia's Executive Suite which In Mr. K's hands is lit up with addictive strings and driving rhythms that never let up.
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Cat: QTZJM 001. Rel: 23 Oct 23
I Want Your Lovin' (Just A Little Bit) (club mix) (7:51)
I Want Your Lovin' (Just A Little Bit) (vocal dub mix) (7:57)
I Want You All Tonight (main club mix) (7:09)
I Want You All Tonight (alternative vocal dub mix) (6:21)
Review: John Morales is pretty universally credited with inventing the 12" when he decided he needed more run time for his remixes than could be found on a small 7" 45rpm. Those remixes were often done on the studio floor when he would cut up and splice analogue tape to insert new breaks and extended instrumentals. He remains as good as anyone at that and these new versions of Curtis Harrison's 'I Want Your Lovin' and 'I Want You All Tonight' show why. They are steamy and loved-up disco gems that have everything needed to set the floor alight- big vocals, big drums, lush synths.
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Ray Mang - "Osea Island" (6:44)
Tigerbalm - "Cosmic Union" (feat Joy Tyson) (4:54)
Ruf Dug - "Vape Quarter Rhythm" (5:26)
Tuccillo - "Siroco" (6:17)
Review: 20/20 Vision and Crazy P continue their long and fruitful relationship with a fourth volume of carefully curated and super-fresh new cuts as part of this fine ongoing series. Scandi-disco don Ray Man opens up with typically lush cosmic melodies and loose-limed nu-disco beats with more than a hint of funk. Tigerbalm then heads into a tropical oasis with 'Cosmic Union' (feat Joy Tyson) which has Afro rhythms and steamy vocals bringing the heat. Ruf Dug shows his multi-genre chops again with 'Vape Quarter Rhythm' which is part proto-house cut and part dreamy Italo bliss out with rave whistles and hands-in-the-air chords. Ibiza's Tuccillo closes out with one of his signature Balearic gems in 'Siroco', which is as breezy and carefree as cocktails by the sea at sundown.
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Cat: AOTN 12021. Rel: 16 Oct 23
I'm So Glad (4:52)
Miracles (5:31)
Review: The imperious Athens of the North goes hard with this latest stomping disco thumper from East Coast Love Affair on limited 12". Anyone who has been to the Athens of the North Disco Club at Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh any time recently will likely have heard these as they are frequent classics there. They always get such good and sweaty reactions that the label has pressed them up - in limited quantities though so don't sleep on it. 'I'm So Glad' is a hard and heavy and steamy banger then 'Miracles' is a more loved up victory lap for end of the night fun.
out of stock $16.34
Cat: MS 525. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Joy & Pain (Dr Packer extended mix) (6:53)
Joy & Pain (Dr Packer dubstrumental mix) (5:48)
Review: Donna Allen's 1988 cover of Maze classic - a glossy, synth-sporting, decidedly loved-up 80s soul affair - is perhaps not one of her most celebrated singles, but it's still a genuine gem - and a fine alternative interpretation of a much-loved song. As you'd expect, this remixed edition looks firmly towards 21st century dancefloors, with popular re-editor-turned-remixer Dr Packer upping the tempo and reaching for disco-flecked house beats in a bid for peak-time plays. The Aussie producer's A-side vocal version is tasteful and undeniably club ready, making use of most of the original instrumentation while (we think) re-playing the bassline. That bassline comes to the fore more on the stripped-back (but similarly loved up) B-side 'dubstrumental' mix.
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Cat: SW 006. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Bamenda (5:45)
Mangala (6:03)
Tropicalissimo (6:01)
Ibaye (5:22)
Review: Following much loved releases on Riot, Tropical Disco and Italy's Full Time Production, Musta delivers us four new irresistible workouts that blend disco sensibilities and a sharp dancefloor aesthetic with an original dose of African rhythms. 'Bamenda' starts proceedings with a laid back, wonderfully wonky vibe, before 'Mangala' ups the ante subtly, being more lively but also lighter and nimbler. 'Tropicalissimo' is the one for the percussion heads, its tumbling timbales paving the way for a bleepy acid house head nodder blessed with Cuban-style vocals and carnival sonics. 'Ibaye' completes the package, surfing a hefty groove but seasoning its beats with the most exotic trimmings. All four are standouts in their own way and the kind of weapons a DJ will be simply itching to drop. A Musta-have release, you might even say.
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out of stock $13.23
Shout From The Rooftop (3:44)
Shout From The Rooftop (Al Kent's encore mix) (10:13)
Shout From The Rooftop (John Morales M + M main mix) (7:51)
Shout From The Rooftop (Kousto remix) (6:59)
Review: AXNER's latest single 'Shout From The Rooftop' is as glossy and golden as disco gets with two members of Nile Rodgers' Chic in the form of drummer Ralph Rolle and vocalist Audrey Martells both helping to make it so. It's got a soaring vocal and funky basslines and gets some high-grade remix treatment here. French artist and Folamour collaborator Kousto goes for a sunny house remix with the original's riffs left in place. The legendary John Morales offers a timeless M + M main mix that brims with glorious instrumentation and nonstop grooves and the one and only Al Kent brings his magic touch to a perfect Balearic sound with some superb Rhodes solos.

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Cat: ZEDDLP 59. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Windy City Theme (10:02)
Tradewinds (8:44)
Six Billion Dollar Man (10:52)
Seneca Village (7:13)
Metamorphosis (6:28)
Review: The first of two vinyl editions for house/disco megastar Dave latest album 'Metamorphosis'. Beginning with the heartstring-tugging, cello-led 'Windy City Theme' and touching familiar ground on the original, fill-laden, sunshade-touting version of 'Six Billion Dollar Man' - the 'Playout Edit' of which was already released in October - the pressing is loud enough to be playable-out, yet intricate enough to sate Lee's fans with the biggest, most meticulous, experience-honed ears.
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Cat: TSKNOE 001. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Inside Out (Boogie dub) (4:26)
Feels So Good (Diskomix) (4:25)
Review: After impressing with recent outings on the likes of Chocolate Star back in September, KNOE1 is back with a fresh new EP that is for DJ Use Only. This one on Truseschool Ltd kicks off with 'Inside Out' (Boogie dub), a fresh take on a classic tune you may well know if you dance in classy places. It's a timeless cut with gorgeous vocals and hip swigging drums and finger claps that oozes warmth and soul, not to mention lush strings at the breakdown. Flip it over and you will find 'Feels So Good' (Diskomix) which his more uptempo but no less full of magical groove and disco dazzle. Another great outing from this ever more vital artist.
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Cat: GCV 7005. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Move On Up (Micky More & Andy Tee 7 Inch mix) (4:47)
Runaway (Micky More & Andy Tee 7 Inch mix) (4:51)
Review: Serge Funk, and his contemporaries Micky More & Andy Tee, bring utter floor-shaking heat to Groove Culture with 'Move On Up' and 'Runaway', two four-to-the-floor crowdpleasers working in rapidfire vocal samples and bass licks sifted from the trawled megahertz of funk. Compressed and pumped-out to no end, each track here balances the other out nicely in mutual a barrage of interwoven rhythms and vocal "hups".
out of stock $14.00
Cat: ZEDDLP 59X. Rel: 30 Oct 23
The Philly Avengers (9:53)
AC Express (7:17)
The Mystery, The Moment (5:48)
It's Got To Be Love (9:54)
Music For Your Pleasure (7:19)
Losing My Mind At The Disco (9:36)
Review: Disco mined straight from artisanal-analogue, rather than digital-mechanised, sources, this second part of the vinyl edition - like the first - is produced in collaboration with a 20-piece orchestra. An "album of pure indulgence" - as he calls it - it begins with huge, brass-and-string dominated 'The Philly Avengers' and covers a huge stylistic range, the LP inspired by Lee's memories of the golden era of TV as well as the soundtracks of his favourite childhood TV shows - in which a distinctly analogue sound abounded.
out of stock $30.86
Cat: 196588 48481. Rel: 20 Oct 23
Something On My Mind (extended) (6:54)
Something On My Mind (extended instrumental) (6:54)
Something On My Mind (Solomun remix) (7:36)
Something On My Mind (Solomun remix instrumental) (4:50)
Review: Purple Disco Machine makes the sort of warm, colourful and feel-good sounds that have united festival crowds all over the world since he first broke through. For his latest tune he has worked with UK chart-topper Duke Dumont on a single, 'Something On My Mind' which melts nostalgic disco goodness with fresh and contemporary production. It is jin indie-tinged cut with vintage synths and groove-driven basslines with vocals from rising band Nothing But Thieves, whom Purple Disco Machine remixed not so long ago. This is another crossover hit in the making for disco-revivalists Purple Disco Machine and it comes on a 12" that is limited to 300 copies.
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Cat: FOSSIL 003. Rel: 09 Oct 23
17 Daze (8:23)
It's A Deep Tune (6:20)
Tough Decision (5:15)
Just The Way (5:41)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Nenor returns to Fossils after some big releases on the mighty fine likes of Moodymann's Mahogani, Defected and Strictly Rhythm. And another fine 12" it is too, crafted from his array of vintage samplers, odd bits of music-making gear, a coveted synth collection and a mix of samples and live instrumentation. There is a mix of dusty house drums and soulful sampling to the raw opener '17 Daze', 'It's A Deep Tune' is just that with its distant bird class, jungle toms and warped bass and 'Tough Decision' brings an epic soul sample over more stripped back but compelling house drums. 'Just The Way' closes with an r&b vocal or minimal yet warm drums. The variety on this EP makes it all the more standout.
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Straight From The Heart (Moplen extended remix) (8:42)
Straight From The Heart (Moplen reprise) (6:31)
Review: Loose Change released their hit single 'Straight From The Heart' in 1979. The track was something of a sleeper hit, but its enduring legacy has been bolstered by its many remixes, not least one by Joey Negro. This EP keeps the fire lit in the form of two remixes by Italian producer Moplen, who just as much as Negro holds the song near and dear. Trading in the original's light-footed essence for a weightier driver, this is a jam-packed and bustingly exciting take on the song.
out of stock $17.38
Cat: SNDWLP 157. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Be Thankful (3:15)
In Your Life (Lisa Tomlins version) (4:13)
Nightclub Daydream (3:35)
Floating Bridge (4:05)
Woah! There's No Limit (alternate version) (4:04)
Thinking Of Dub (3:55)
Makossa No 2 (4:04)
Cosmic Echoes In Dub (3:52)
Review: Fans rejoice - Lord Echo's limited vinyl-only singles is available digitally worldwide at last, as well as compiled on a vinyl album presented in an embossed Japanese printed sleeve and obi strip. Not one to succumb to the pressures of our capitalist overlords, the enigmatic producer continues to tinker away on various projects, including the hefty task of renovating an abandoned Masonic lodge into a recording studio in rural New Zealand. While we patiently await new music, we can revel in versions that escaped the typical overthinking that occurs during the album process, instead reflecting the spontaneity and freedom of a touring artist. All tracks here bar one ('Thinking of Dub') were initially released on short-run 7" singles for Echo's early Japan tours, made only available to dedicated fans who attended the live shows. Without further ado, Soundway presents Lord Echo's 'Rarities', a collection of sought-after singles now made very much accessible to you the people.
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Cat: EM 006. Rel: 23 Oct 23
TB - "So Much Love To Give" (4:17)
DJ F - "Together" (4:26)
Review: Electric Mojo is an American label that is decided to reissue plenty of the golden oldies of techno, big euro-dance hits and plenty of French and filter house gems, which is exactly what we have on this latest instalment. TB's version of 'So Much Love To Give' opens up and it is a huge wall of pixelated synth sounds that fizzes over you like breaking waves as the loopy vocal rings out for all the sing back. On the flip side you find DJ F's 'Together' which is less intense in its loops but just as infectious - the cold drums, warmer vocal loops and endlessly cycling synths will all work any dancefloor into a lather.
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Cat: STUDS 45002. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Patchouli Brothers - "Burnin'" (4:45)
GMGN - "A Little Bit" (4:22)
Review: Patchouli Brothers and GMGN combine their forces on this double a-side 45 which packs some serious disco heat. Patchouli Brothers go first with the searing and full flavour 'Burnin'' which is a cacophonous brew of bristling percussion and jangling rhythms that will fit right into one of the sets of someone like DJ Harvey. GMGN then takes care of the flip with the much less noisy and intense sounds of 'A Little Bit' which rides a rickety groove and is embellished with some nifty horn arrangements and lung-busting vocals plus some deft synth flourishes.
out of stock $12.97
Cat: NER 25674. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Let Me Be Your Fantasy (instrumental)
Anane's Disco Punk Demo (instrumental)
Coffy Is The Color
Coffy Is The Color (instrumental)
Tutto Previsto
Get On the Funk Train (Michael Gray dub mix)
Review: Anane's 'Take A Ride' EP was produced by Two Soul Fusion, aka. Louie Vega and Josh Milan, all with live string arrangements courtesy of the Apple Hill String Quartet and conducted by Leroy Burgess. The recording dives from the effortless heights of punk disco ('Let Me Be Your Fantasy', 'High') into the swirling eddies of jazz-funk ('Coffy Is The Color') before climbing back out into the languorous arms of Italo-disco ('Tutto Previsto'). The EP is held together in its entirety by the dreamy, sumptuous vocal of its creator Anane, who considers her top line one vital part of the instrumental whole. "I am art," Anane reflects carefully, "for I am the music as much as I am the singer. Creation means to crawl into the unseen of my own dreams and becoming the beast of my vision, singing to the world as I go by." Opening singles 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' and 'High' both tap into this lifeblood of classic punk disco - when rock, punk and disco merged in the early 80s to create the seminal NYC sound - chugging bass lines and tempestuous high hats providing the DNA for both cuts.
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Cat: DBSV 1014. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Kla Vs TSI - "Make Me Believe In Free" (4:04)
The Chopper - "People On Hold" (4:03)
Review: There is some class edit and mash up business going on here with the latest one from the Disco Bits crew. The 45 takes the form of of classic cuts reworked with an all new and contemporary edge with the dancefloor very much in mind. First up, a Patti Job classic gets taken apart and rebuilt with new vocals and a more stepping beat. The Chopper's 'People Hold On' is a more smoochy sound with classic vocal refrains singing out and twanging guitar riffs powering along a groove that is suited for everything from weddings to late night shenanigans.
 in stock $11.68
Computer Age (club mix) (4:59)
Computer Age (dub mix) (4:59)
Computer Age (Universal Cave Discomix) (13:35)
Review: King Sporty is something of a chameleonic artists, not that many people know. He started out int he 70s making reggae and soul 7"s, then moved into disco, boogie, hip-hop and electro 12"s during the 80s, and then when house music hit in the 90s he evolved once more. This new drop from Emotional Rescue takes a tune from that late era. 'Computer Music' is four to the floor with electro influences and a lazy break that pull you in deep. Far-sighted chords bring a serene sense of cosmic majesty while a filtered vocal adds space age vibes. A dub is included as well as the Universal Cave Discomix by the Philadelphia DJ and production crew. A retro-future EP indeed..
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Cat: FTM 202303. Rel: 09 Oct 23
I'm Ready (Mousse T extended club remix) (7:37)
I'm Ready (FrescoEdits Groovy mix) (5:53)
I'm Ready (2022 mix) (6:58)
I'm Ready (Mousse T extended club remix instrumental) (7:38)
Review: There are few bigger or more celebrated Italo-disco singles than Kano's 'I'm Ready', which became an anthem on underground U.S dancefloors (as well as in its native Italy) following its release in 1980. Here it gets a new pressing courtesy of re-established original Italo-disco label Full Time Production, with Kano's original mix - a soaring, synth-heavy sing-along driven forwards by waves of arpeggio-style synth sounds and insatiably funky bass - being joined by a trio of 21st century revisions. Mousse T delivers vocal and instrumental takes that cleverly chop-up and loop up key sections to re-imagine the track as a surging funky house number smothered in vintage Italo-disco synth sounds, while FrescoEdits stretches out an extra-percussive disco groove before throwing in choice synth sounds and vocals from Kano's peerless original mix.
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 in stock $15.82
Cat: SWES 003. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Chevere Africa
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: The Saint Wax Edit Service is back with another fine helping of disco goodness to keep those dance floors nourished this summer and beyond. 'Candela' opens up with a lung-busting and intoxicating vocal over organic drums while 'Chevere Africa' has a warm Afro feel to its upbeat and celebratory disco beats complete with big horns. 'Ledile' gets even more party starting with its jazzy lines and funky bass work and then things slow down on 'Mameye,' a more steamy and languid affair but still one with plenty of big horn charm. Useful tackle, this.
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out of stock $12.43
Cat: PE 002. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Work That Boogie (Harri Pierson edit) (4:26)
Coco (Tomato Wallet edit) (4:00)
Review: The first offering from Personality Edits got plenty of plaudits so we're glad Harri Pierson now goes to work adding his own tweaks to a primitive house jam. 'Work That Boogie' has whistles and jacked-up drums, razor-sharp hi-hats and corrugated bass, all of which serve to get the floor in a sweat. Flip it over and you'll find 'Coco' as edited by Tomato Wallet. It's a mix of old-school scratching and cut-up b-boy breaks with some cosmic melodic signifiers and rich percussive play. This super limited 7" arrives as a one-time-only pressing with no digital alternative.
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Cat: JT 001. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Doogie Bown (5:56)
W(h)ats On? (6:55)
Catch The Strings (7:57)
Bees'n'Flowers (7:04)
Review: New label Justracks kicks off with a literally and metaphorically heavyweight new disco 12" on 180g vinyl. As far as we know it's the first release from the mysterious A Thin Man but the beats are fat. 'Doogie Bown' gets you doing just that with a mix of chatty synth funk and hip-swinging disco grooves. 'W(h)ats On' is an old school funk and soul dancefloor heater then class oozes from the breezy and free-flowing grooves of 'Catch The Strings' which pair bustling beats with rich strings. Last of all is the tightly woven disco and persuasive funk of 'Bees'n'Flowers' with cosmic lines and heartfelt female coos. A fine debut.
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 in stock $13.48
Cat: RV 009. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Disco Computer (5:13)
You Are Disco (6:44)
Review: Dan Lacksman is a Belgian electronic music pioneer who co-founded the Electro Pop Dance formation Telex and is credited for their classic 'Moskow Diskow.' He also worked under the Transvolta name but put out only one single, 1978's impossibly hard-to-find classic 'Disco Computer.' Dan himself has carefully remastered the original for this special 12" reissue. It's still a retro-future sound all these years later with the signature talk box vocals and sleek drum machines under cosmic synths. On the flip is a long version of 'You Are Disco' which is a similar vibe but with a slightly more lively groove and vocal. Two serene dancefloor gems by any standards.
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 in stock $14.51
Cat: SC 1241. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Do You Wanna? (Daphni edit) (6:59)
Summertime Girls (3:53)
Need My Love (album version) (5:00)
Need My Love (instrumental) (5:00)
Review: Summer might be over but there is some major heat coming off this new one from Star Creature. It is a long awaited official release of a tune The Daphni (aka Caribou) first dropped in his BBC Essential Mix in early 2020 ahead of the pandemic really making its mark. Since then it has been much sought after and done plenty of damage and now the remix of Donnell Pitman's 'Do You Wanna' arrives on limited 12" with its crunchy drums, classic deep house bassline and well treated vocals all swirling round to stirring effect. Steamy beatdown jam 'Summertime Girls' also features with deep disco and boogie delight 'Need My Love' in two forms.
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out of stock $18.15
Cat: MS 521. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Native Love (Ben Liebrand DJ Delight) (6:10)
Native Love (Ben Liebrand extended rework) (8:12)
Review: In the early 80s Divine's run of Italo and Hi-NRG-styled club tracks were certified bombs, with her tongue in cheek drawl throwing all kinds of shade across some gauche interpretations of the big arps and drum machine sequences of the era. 'Native Love' is surely one of the finest of the tracks from Divine's canon, and who better to remix it than a true titan of the times, Ben Liebrand. The Dutch producer's work was hugely influential during those breakthrough years for dance music, and his two versions of 'Native Love' are authoritative slammers that will still set ablaze any dancefloor you care to throw them at.
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out of stock $17.38
All Over You (6:12)
All Over You (House mix) (5:21)
All Over You (Nenor remix) (5:50)
All Over You (DJ Vas remix) (5:14)
Review: Kaninchenbau's main collaborators Sokur and The Funk District helm this latest intergalactic journey in the form of 'All Over You'. It's a superbly tasteful and deep disco joint with lush synth work and the sort of groovy drums that make every head to the floor and get down. Next to the original is a classic 'House Mix' version and then comes two epic remixes on the flip. Both are from accomplished and ever busy Razor-N-Tape producers Nenor and DJ Vas who bring a real touch of classic to their work and offer a different look than the A-side.

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 in stock $12.71
Cat: RNT 45011. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado's Gulab Jamun rework) (4:10)
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado's 4 AM mix) (4:48)
Review: Elado Gulab Jamun did a fantastic job with his edit of this Bollywood gem to the extent that it has become a real dancefloor gem that's been much loved all around the world for the last two years. Now it makes its way to a 7" vinyl pressing and is backed with his 4am mix of the same tune. This one is a sublime and dubbed out, acid tinged electronic trip that comes with original CD artwork that pays great tribute to original artist Nadim Khan. Another tasteful outing from Razor-N-Tape for this fresh edit.
 in stock $15.04
Cat: BAP 191. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Sans (6:48)
Life (5:48)
Neurons (5:41)
Pills (4:59)
Review: Under his Machinegewehr guise, Rotterdam's finest, Silas Schletterer, has released a smattering of show-stopping synth-oriented EPs, blowing his many contemporaries in the style out of the park. Life now comes as his fourth album in the style, incorporating cleverly inviting melodies, clean percussion and samples, all to make up a definite dancefloor favourite. The pulsations, the throb, of Machinegewehr persists as ever, but there is a considered melancholy that brings a bittersweet balance to pieces such as 'Life', which emphasise the melodic, hazier side of Machinegewehr's sound over its more hard-hitting parts . A welcome return from a multifaceted musician.
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