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Juno Recommends Soul

Juno Recommends Soul

6 May 2014
  1. Southern Freeez
  2. Southern Freeez (dub)
out of stock $13.67
Cat: XLLP 575RSD. Rel: 21 Apr 14
  1. Did You Hear What They Said
  2. Better Days Ahead
  3. Household Name (interlude)
  4. Your Daddy Loves You
  5. Changing Yourself (interlude)
  6. Pieces Of A Man
  7. Enjoying Yourself
  8. Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams)
  9. Before I Hit The Bottom (interlude)
  10. 95 South (All Of The Places We've Been)
  11. The Other Side
  12. The On/Off Switch
  13. Blue Collar
  14. On Bobby Blue Bland
Review: A very special Record Store Day release! XL unearths a collection of recordings that were made during the making of Gil's last album I'm New Here. Complete with a collection of his most memorable tracks, recorded without any overdubs and barely any studio complexities, it's a stark document that carries the weight of Scott Heron's troubled soul with raw, unfettered beauty. Limited to 3000 presses - never to be pressed again - this really is a truly thoughtful and respectfully created release that pays homage to one of music's most enduring individuals in every way.
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out of stock $62.05
Cat: DAP 1075. Rel: 07 Apr 14
  1. Gonna Make Time
  2. Hot Shot
out of stock $5.53
Cat: ZEN 209. Rel: 21 Apr 14
  1. Breakfast
  2. Jerk Ribs
  3. Forever Be
  4. Floyd
  5. Runnin'
  6. Hooch
  7. Cobbler
  8. Bless The Telephone
  9. Friday Fish Fry
  10. Change
  11. Rumble
  12. Biscuits N' Gravy
  13. Dreamer
Review: Kelis on Ninja Tune... Now there's a partnership we can all get down with. It's a partnership that works incredibly well, too: Produced by Dave Sitek (who's discography includes the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Foals), her sixth album sits somewhere between classic early 90s R&B and super-classic Motown soul. As well as the instantly distinctive and beautifully emphatic vocals we associate with Kelis, each track sports big orchestration, memorable hooks and an unequivocal sense of funk and fun. The result is an album will that will sound great in years to come and gets to show her most soulful, musical side. Tasty.
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out of stock $15.44
Cat: SC 708. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Free Souls (feat Bridgette Amofah)
  2. Shades Of Joy (feat Marvin Parks)
Review: Storied Latin-jazz artist, composer, producer, and DJ Nicola Conte lays down a marker for his upcoming fifth studio album Free Souls with this delightful 7" of the same name. Brandishing two gens from the album, Conte's channelling soul jazz at it's purest on the title track, with a rhythm and blues arrangement that provides the perfect backing for Bridgette Amofah's gliding vocal delivery. On the B Side, "Shades Of Joy" is equally as memorable with Marvin Parks' soft croon enveloped in the smooth double bass and horn section. On the basis of this, the forthcoming album should be one of Conte's finest yet!

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 in stock $7.62
  1. What Do I Have?
  2. James Brown
  3. Bag Snatchin'
  4. Docta King
  5. Virgin Mary
  6. I Want
  7. Frankenstein
  8. Cold
  9. Jingle Bells
  10. Call Baby Jesus
Review: In 1969 Nancy Dupree was running an after school music program in Rochester, New York. She helped the kids in the program write songs that related to there own experiences and feelings. The results are presented on this LP, and they are really something else. There are black power anthems, odes to stealing candy, a beautiful tribute to James Brown and an even more beautiful tribute to Martin Luther King. Not a novelty record with kids being goofy but rather a heartfelt work of art, Nancy Dupree sensitively accompanying the kids singing on piano. A real classic.

The cover is a faux Folkways-style wraparound print on an old school 'tip on" jacket. Includes a liner note insert.
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out of stock $21.03
Cat: CLMN 123. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Don't Get Caught
  2. Young Blood
Review: Colemine Records return with a Bay Area funk transmission that will hit you right in the gut! With numbers that almost reach twenty when playing live, San Francisco act Droptones are very much the exception to the 'too many cooks' platitude and they kill it on the record too! There are plenty of groups out there claiming to play heavy funk and retro soul, but not so many possess a vocal section that lives and breathes blue eyed authenticity like Droptones do. Put simply Tiffany Austin and Lilan Kane own the A Side cover of Hayes & Porter's "Don't Get Caught" whilst "Young Blood" has that good groove that the funk floors love.
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out of stock $7.89
  1. Respect
  2. Love The One You're With
  3. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  4. Eleanor Rigby
  5. Make It With You
  6. Don't Play That Song
  7. Dr Feelgood
  8. Spirit In The Dark
  9. Spirit In The Dark (reprise with Ray Charles)
  10. Reach Out & Touch (Somebody's Hand)
out of stock $5.78
Cat: 812279 6098. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Child Of The Streets
  2. The Show Must Go On
  3. Come Back Strong
  4. Just Out Of My Reach
  5. Claim Jumpin
  6. Troubled Child
  7. What's It Gonna Be
  8. Worn Out Broken Heart
  9. Good Guys
  10. So Tied Up
out of stock $4.20
  1. Pain In My Heart
  2. The Dog
  3. Stand By Me
  4. Hey Hey Baby
  5. You Send Me
  6. I Need Your Lovin'
  7. These Arms Of Mine
  8. Louie Louie
  9. Something Is Worrying Me
  10. Security
  11. That's What My Heart Needs
  12. Lucille
out of stock $35.76
Cat: MOVLP 1069. Rel: 07 Apr 14
  1. Reach Out I'll Be There
  2. Walk Away Renee
  3. 7-Rooms Of Gloom
  4. If I Were A Carpenter
  5. Last Train To Clarksville
  6. I'll Turn To Stone
  7. I'm A Believer
  8. Standing In The Shadows Of Love
  9. Bernadette
  10. Cherish
  11. Wonderful Baby
  12. What Ese Is There To Do (But Think About You)
out of stock $11.05
Cat: 812279 6973. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Snice I Been Gone
  2. Ain't No Price On Happiness
  3. I'm Glad You Walked Into My Life
  4. I'm Coming Home
  5. He'll Never Love You Like I Do
  6. Love Has Gone Away
  7. Love Don't Love Nobody
  8. Mighty Love
  9. (Oh Lord) I Wish I Could Sleep
  10. I Just Gotta Make It Happen
  11. Mr Big Man
  12. You Sure Are Nasty
out of stock $5.78
  1. You Can't Hide From Yourself
  2. Somebody Told Me
  3. Be Sure
  4. And If I Had
  5. I Don't Love You Anymore
  6. The Whole Town's Laughing At Me
  7. Easy, Easy, Got To Take It Easy
  8. The More I Get, The More I Want
  9. Life Is A Song Worth Singing
  10. Only You
  11. Cold, Cold World
  12. Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose
  13. Close The Door
  14. It Don't Hurt Now
  15. When Somebody Loves You Back
  16. Only You (single version)
  17. Get Down, Get Funky (disco version)
  18. Come Go With Me
  19. Turn Off The Lights
  20. I'll Never See Heaven Again
  21. All I Need Is You
  22. If You Know Like I Know
  23. Do Me
  24. Set Me Free
  25. Life Is A Circle
  26. Is It Still Good To Ya
  27. Take Me In Your Arms Tonight
  28. I Just Called To Say
  29. Can't We Try
  30. Feel The Free
  31. Girl You Know
  32. Love TKO
  33. Let Me Love You
  34. I Can't Live Without Your Love
  35. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration
  36. Nine Times Out Of Ten
  37. Keep On Lovin' Me
  38. It's Time For Love
  39. She's Over Me
  40. I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
  41. You Must Live On
out of stock $16.83
Cat: CDCHD 1398. Rel: 07 Apr 14
  1. Dionne Warwick - "Make It Easy On Yourself"
  2. Burt Bacharach Orchestra - "My Little Red Book" (feat Tony Middleton)
  3. Irma Thomas - "Long After Tonight Is All Over"
  4. Marv Johnson - "Another Tear Falls"
  5. Aretha Franklin - "I Say A Little Prayer"
  6. Jerry Butler - "Message To Martha"
  7. Cissy Houston - "This Empty Place"
  8. The Drifters - "In The Land Of Make Believe"
  9. Ruby & The Romantics - "I Cry Alone"
  10. Roy Hamilton - "Let The Music Play"
  11. Patti La Belle & Her Blue Belles - "Always Something There To Remind Me"
  12. Lou Johnson - "The Last One To Be Loved"
  13. Willie Tee - "Reach Out For Me"
  14. The Delfonics - "Alfie"
  15. Gene McDaniels - "(There Goes) The Forgotten Man"
  16. Nina Simone - "The Look Of Love"
  17. The Orlons - "Anyone Who Had A Heart"
  18. James Carr - "What The World Needs Now Is Love"
  19. Gloria Gaynor - "Walk On By"
  20. Bobby Womack - "(They Long To Be) Close To You"
  21. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "One Less Bell To Answer"
  22. Isaac Hayes - "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself"
  23. Brenda & The Tabulations - "Don't Make Me Over"
  24. Mavis Staples - "A House Is Not A Home"
out of stock $9.73
Cat: SALVOSVX 025. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Intro
  2. All The Way Round
  3. Since I Had You
  4. Come Get To This
  5. Let's Get It On
  6. Ain't That Particular
  7. You're A Wonderful One
  8. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
  9. Pride & Joy
  10. Little Darling (I Need You)
  11. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  12. Hitch Hike
  13. You
  14. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
  15. How Sweet Is Is (To Be Loved By You)
  16. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
  17. What's Going On
  18. Save The Children
  19. You're All I Need
  20. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
  21. Heaven Must Have Sent You
  22. It Takes Two
  23. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  24. Distant Lover
  25. All The Way Round (DVD)
  26. Since I Had You
  27. Come Get To This
  28. Let's Get It On
  29. Ain't That Particular
  30. You're A Wonderful One
  31. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
  32. Pride & Joy
  33. Little Darling (I Need You)
  34. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  35. Hitch Hike
  36. You
  37. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
  38. How Sweet Is Is (To Be Loved By You)
  39. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
  40. What's Going On
  41. Save The Children
  42. You're All I Need
  43. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
  44. Heaven Must Have Sent You
  45. It Takes Two
  46. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  47. Distant Lover
out of stock $14.20
Cat: 812279 7069. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Sweet Soul Music
  2. Take Me (Just As I Am)
  3. Who's Foolin' Who
  4. There's A Place For Us
  5. I Can't Stop (No, No, No)
  6. Wholesale Love
  7. I'm A Lonely Stranger
  8. I'm Gonna Forget About You
  9. Let Nothing Separate Us
  10. Where You Lead Me
out of stock $5.78
Cat: 812279 7061. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. The Record Baby (I Love You)
  2. She's Gone Again
  3. There's No Place To Hide
  4. Cry No More
  5. Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams
  6. Katherine
  7. Can't Break The News To Myself
  8. I Swear By Stars Above
  9. Get In A Hurry
  10. They Don't Give Medals To Yesterday's Heroes
  11. Teeny Weeny Little Bit
  12. What Is Soul?
out of stock $4.20
Cat: 812279 7058. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Girls Can't Do What Guys Do
  2. Funny How Love Grows Cold
  3. I'm Gonna Hate Myself In The Morning
  4. Circle Of Heartbreak
  5. Sweet Lovin' Daddy
  6. Cry Like A Baby
  7. Watch Out Love
  8. He's Bad, Bad, Bad
  9. I Can't Stop My Heart
  10. I'm Thankful
  11. The Best Girls Don't Always Win
  12. Just You
out of stock $5.78
Cat: 812279 5930. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Victim
  2. Honest I Do Love You
  3. Yesterday Evening
  4. I Wonder Will I Ever Get Over It
  5. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
  6. So Blue
  7. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
out of stock $4.20
Cat: 812279 6149. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. If This Was The Last Song
  2. More Today Than Yesterday
  3. Who Will The Next Fool Be
  4. I'm Glad I'm A Woman
  5. She Didn't Know (She Kept On Talking)
  6. A Girl Who'll Satisfy Her Man
  7. I Ain't Got To Love Nobody Else
  8. I'm Only Human
  9. Make Love To Me
  10. Down So Low
out of stock $5.78
Cat: 812279 7035. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. I'd Rather Go Blind
  2. Think About It
  3. The Road Of Love
  4. You've Been A Long Time Comin'
  5. Light My Fire
  6. That Old Time Feeling
  7. Steal Away
  8. Let Me Comfort You
  9. Look What I Got
  10. Too Weak To Fight
  11. Harper Valley PTA
  12. Weekend Love
out of stock $5.78
Cat: 812279 7032. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Living Together Is Keeping Us Apart
  2. New York City
  3. If It Was Good Enough For Daddy
  4. Real Woman
  5. Please Accept My Call
  6. The Truth
  7. Ruby
  8. Love Who You Can
  9. Please Stay Home
  10. Like Running Water
out of stock $5.78
Cat: 812279 7028. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Mercy, Mercy
  2. I'll Be Satisfied
  3. Come On In
  4. Can't Stay Away
  5. Can't Fight It Baby
  6. You're Good For Me
  7. Take This Hurt Off Me
  8. Daddy Loves Baby
  9. Come See About Me
  10. You Must Believe In Me
  11. Please Don't Let Me Know
  12. Just Because
out of stock $4.20
Cat: 812279 7029. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. See-Saw
  2. The Boomerang
  3. Everything Gonna Be Everything
  4. Fat Man
  5. Precious You
  6. Iron Out The Rough Spots
  7. Please Do Something
  8. I Never Get Enough Of Your Love
  9. The Usual Place
  10. A Woman's Love
  11. Sookie Sookie
  12. Mercy, Mercy
out of stock $4.20
Cat: REVERB 133L. Rel: 07 Apr 14
  1. Mary Xmas
  2. You Might Say
  3. Trouble Mind
  4. Black Board
  5. Stop The DJ
  6. Come Back To Me
  7. It Only Takes A Little Time
  8. The Pick Up
  9. Push
  10. The Player
out of stock $17.62
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