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Djs: Most Charted - Funk

Djs: Most Charted - Funk

6 Mar 2015
Cat: BJ 7. Rel: 02 Feb 15
  1. Nautilus (edit)
  2. Mardi Gras (edit)
Review: Its origin unknown here as two classic cuts from the Bob James canon get the edit treatment on a highly limited 45 - strictly for the nimble fingered DJs only. Every man and his funk appreciating dog should be familiar with both "Nautilus" and "Mardi Gras", they are the epitome of 'iconic tracks' and it's nice to see them available on 45 for the first time, edited to give an extra bit of oomph to those breakbeats. Don't sleep !
out of stock $7.61
  1. Where's My Money
  2. Where's My Money? (Paolo Parpaglione on sax)
Review: Stomping soul that sounds so authentic you'll be convinced this was penned in the late 60s and delivered on Chess: London-based Sister Cookie is actually as fresh as they get, and she's backed by the superb Soulful Orchestra. Based on a blues structure with a powerful swing and gospel-level backing vocals, Cookie's roaring, gut-driven vocal surges with such uncontrollable power you can't help but dance. Incredibly powerful.
out of stock $18.77
  1. Dave Cortez & The Moon People - "Happy Soul (With A Hook)"
  2. La Lupe - "Fever"
Review: Heavyweight Latin funk from 1968: In case you're unacquainted, "Happy Soul" is the ultimate super-swing sample source of Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man", and remains the most distinctive cut in Cortez & The Moon People's extensive repertoire. We head over to Cuba for the B-side as La Lupe digs deep with a sun-splashed salsa cover of "Fever". Swelteringly good.
out of stock $8.16
Cat: OG 025. Rel: 26 Jan 15
  1. Gene Chandler - "In My Body's House"
  2. Baby Huey - "Hard Times"
Review: You can hear elements of "Hard Times" by Baby Huey in the Tribe classic "Can I Kick It?" and numerous other hip hop cuts over the years (Ghostface and Diamond D to name two) so it's little surprise to see it picked up by the Originals series. However this 45 offers a slight deviation from the label's successful formula, as instead of a hip hop banger sharing space with baby Huey we have the late '60s track that actually inspired "Hard Times". Penned by Curtis Mayfield, and sung by Gene Chandler, "In My Body's House" makes for a comparatively upbeat soul cut replete with a blinding breakbeat that will have the sample fiends out there very excited indeed.
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Cat: AOE 002. Rel: 19 Jan 15
  1. Hallelujah
  2. Jonny's Theme
Review: Pure Puerto Rican party business, "Hallelujah" was well ahead of its time... Originally released on INS in the 70s, its madcap drum dynamics and bass have more relevance now than they did back in the day. Hyper-limited, original presses have changed hands for over L500 and didn't sound particularly good due to poor pressing issues. AOTN have added their mastering magic in a major way... And thrown in the soundtracky Latin drama of "Jonny's Theme" for good measure. What a package.
out of stock $10.61
Cat: RS 002. Rel: 12 Jan 15
  1. Love Programme
  2. Warm Winter Sun
out of stock $6.51
Cat: KPT 108. Rel: 09 Feb 15
  1. El Fuego
  2. Mendo Mulcher
out of stock $8.16
Cat: AOE 003. Rel: 02 Feb 15
  1. Tell Her (2:22)
  2. The Dance Got Old (2:41)
Review: This is the first time Fred & The Jewels have been repressed legitimately on a 45. "Tell Her" is straight out of the emotional playbook; big sentiments and an even bigger swing. "The Dance Got Old" is a timeless jive that will still slay a floor well over 40 years later. Boogaloo brilliance.
out of stock $11.15
Cat: AOE 001. Rel: 19 Jan 15
  1. Super Woman
  2. That's What I Get
Review: Athens Of The North present a brand new label Owl Of Athens. And they're starting with a serious musical mission statement. Taken from Beginning Of The End's rare eponymous LP, both cuts were written by NY hitmaker Alessandro Randazzo, both "Superwoman" and "That's What I Get" are delivered with premium polish and large-scale dynamics. The former is a heartfelt, big band-led slab of funk that's dense textured in superhuman musicianship. The latter places more focus on the vocals with epic cascading harmonies and a razor-sharp Afrobeat backing. What a way to launch a label!
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out of stock $11.15
Cat: BCAT 0996. Rel: 07 Sep 09
  1. Cheyenne's Comin' - "Come Back To Me"
  2. Hanson - "Take Me To Your Home"
Review: Blackcat repress this 2009 45" and its spread remains as broad and beautiful as it did five years ago. "Come Back To Me" takes us back to 1976 as Native American soul girl Cheyenne's rich, gut-driven delivery tops a seriously tight funk cake that's flavoured with blistering horns and crisp guitars. "Take Me To Your Home" takes us even further back to 1973. Taken from their debut album Now Hear This, it's a sparkling, jazz-tinted psychedelic slice that harbours some seriously warm keys. Guaranteed to remain broad and beautiful for a long, long time to come. Grab it while you can.
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out of stock $6.51
Cat: MMRO 005. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. For Real (edit)
  2. Dance Your Blues Away (Ivan Neville edit)
 in stock $10.06
Cat: NCL 20126LP. Rel: 29 Sep 14
  1. Rompecuero (intro)
  2. Comencemos (Let's Start)
  3. Tokuta
  4. Firewalker
  5. Tropicoso
  6. Culebro
  7. La Mano (interlude)
  8. Village Hustle
  9. Chalupa
  10. Snake Pit
  11. Los Feligreses
Review: LA 12-piece Jungle Fire live up to their name, being dedicated to the roots. The band's fusion of firesome Afrobeat and blisteringly tight traditional funk is wholly authentic, fully physical and ultimately arresting. From the gradual development and cinematic narrative of the title track to heavier, sweaty jams such as their Fela cover "Comencemos" via more laid back introspective funk such as "Chalupa" and "Snake Pit", this is what a band who know exactly what they're doing sounds like. And it sounds amazing.
 in stock $24.48
  1. If You Want My Love
  2. You That I Need (3:24)
Review: Sporty Cat Dwight Sykes lets loose with a brand new original and super spacy track from last year's album Songs Volume One for the ever excellent Peoples Potential Unlimited!! "If You Want My Love" is straight out of the '80s playbook thanks to its gossamer synths and on-point female rap (that's delivered by his daughter Valerie Sykes). Flip for the filmic synth boogie introspection of "You That I Need". Another must grip 7" from the PPU crew.
out of stock $8.16
  1. Gloria Jones - "Tainted Love"
  2. Vicki Anderson - "If You Don't Give Me What I Want (I Gonna Get It Some Other Place)"
  3. Marvin Gaye - "Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)"
  4. Ray Charles - "Tell Me What I'd Say"
  5. Brassroots - "Good Life"
  6. Hot 8 Brass Band - "Sexual Healing"
  7. Riot Jazz Brass Band - "Corn On The Cob"
  8. Magic Drum Orchestra - "Ragga Samba"
  9. Chalo Eduardo - "Beija Flor Suite"
  10. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura - "Arroz Con Polo" (MJ Cole remix)
  11. Riva Starr - "The Care Song" (feat Bob Andy)
  12. Barry White - "What Am I Gonna Do With You"
  13. Patrice Rushen - "Haven't You Heard"
  14. Brainstorm - "Journey To The Light" (Ashley Beedle remix)
  15. Chic - "I Want Your Love" (Dimitri From Paris remix)
Review: A 74 Minute Snapshot of the twice monthly, 3 floor, 7 hr dancefloor behemoth that is The South London Soul Train. Your host with the absolute most Jazzheadchronic Mickey Smith presenting a small taste of one his eclectic, uplifting anthemic 7 hr sets of globalistic funk, soul, rare groove, Motown, latin and disco direct from the dancefloors of South London's CLF Art Cafe / Bussey Building - to the whole of yoh soul. A selection of 15 tracks from some of the finest and biggest names in music - then to now. Originals to Remixes. London to NYC via Havana.

From absolute legendary classics - Gloria Jones 'Tainted Love', Marvin Gaye's soul ska-esque 'Wherever I Lay My Hat' and Ray Charles' masterpiece 'Tell Me What I'd Say' to SLST brass band anthems - The Hot 8 Brass Band's full 8min 55 second sublime interpretation of Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' to Brassroots' foot stomping version of Inner City's "Good Life" and The Riot Jazz Brass Band's intense modern day classic 'Corn On The Cob'. Then there's Patrice Rushen's soul-smile inducing disco classic 'Haven't You Heard', Barry White's orchestrated tour de force that is 'What Am I Gonna Do With You', Dimitri From Paris' Ultimate Remix of The Chic Organisations "I Want Your Love "+ soooooo much more.

Every track a winner baby [that's for sure] and absolutely guaranteed to move your mind & body + force feed yoh soul with the best of times. No Bass wobbles here. Only love funk & soul. Allllll Abbbbooaaaaaaaaaaard!
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out of stock $11.96
Cat: CLMN 129. Rel: 16 Feb 15
  1. Promises (4:40)
  2. Strange Love (4:17)
out of stock $9.24
Cat: TR 182. Rel: 16 Feb 15
  1. Rainy Night In Georgia
  2. The Sad Chicken
Review: Leroy Jones and Butch Yates' criminally overlooked and painfully under-prolific troupe Leroy & The Drivers really should have had much more presence in the deep funk realms. Here Tramp pay respect with a reissue of their most famous single; "Rainy Night In Georgia" is a slow, jazz-blues number that's smoky in nature and sounds like The Meters after a very long and hectic night. For most fans, though, it's all about "The Sad Chicken". Famously recorded on the fly to use up spare studio time, it's a frenetic, freestyle jam that somehow finds its way into a funeral dirge right at the end. Incredible. Sad chickens have never made us feel happier.
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out of stock $7.08
  1. Commodores - "Brick House" (DJ Spinna Re Freak)
  2. Eddie Kendricks - "Date With The Rain" (DJ Spinna Re Freak)
Review: Japanese only 45 where Spinna delivers two new versions of funk/soul classics. Don't sleep ! Blink and they will be gone !
out of stock $21.75
Cat: OG 023. Rel: 22 Sep 14
  1. Maceo & The Macks - "Parrty"
  2. Gang Starr - "Who's Gonna Take The Weight"
Review: Now firmly into the double figures, the Originals series seems like it could quite easily surpass the centenary mark without the concept ever feeling exhausted such is the vast well of source material and those that sampled it. Here the classic slab of funk that is "Parrty" by Maceo & The Macks takes centre stage on the A Side, reminding everyone that needs to be reminded just how tight Maceo, Fred and James were. For the flip, Originals turn to a master of flipping a track in DJ Premier and the Gangstarr standard "Who's Going To Take The Weight?". Listen to the A then the B and you'll realise how much of a producer Premier is. Seriously.
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out of stock $7.88
Cat: BBE 250LP. Rel: 11 Aug 14
  1. I'm In Love (11:50)
  2. We Gonna Stay For The Party (7:51)
  3. Talking About Music (3:46)
  4. Disco Lover (3:46)
  5. Sahara/Chains Of Love (2:58)
  6. Hang On Baby (8:54)
  7. When The Heart Decides (3:12)
  8. Reach Out My Hand (3:07)
  9. Loving Feeling (dance mix) (5:36)
  10. Loving Feeling (instrumental) (2:57)
  11. I'm In Love
  12. We Gonna Stay For The Party
  13. Talking About Music
  14. Disco Lover
  15. Sahara/Chains Of Love
  16. Hang On Baby
  17. When The Heart Decides
  18. Reach Out My Hand
  19. Loving Feeling (dance mix)
  20. Loving Feeling (instrumental)
Review: Pure Ghanaian gold, Disco Documentary: Full Of Funk was a rare private press released in 1979 never to be released again... Until now. Dusting off the long lost tapes with due care and attention, BBE have kindly reminded us that disco had much wider impact than the US and Europe. Nana Love's slightly nasal tones are instantly alluring, but it's the clam-tight musicianship that really bites. Big Bernard Edwards bass, shiny guitar twangs, extensive organ noodling and vibrant Afrofunk horns galore, this is a truly stunning document.
 in stock $26.66
Cat: NFK 2. Rel: 26 Sep 05
  1. I Feel Alright
  2. I Feel Alright (edit)
  3. I Feel Alright (instrumental)
out of stock $5.43
Cat: ROC 006. Rel: 21 Jul 14
  1. Sex Machine
  2. Massare Mousso
Review: In its 1970's prime, the Buffet Hotel de la Gare de Bamako used to mix a broad and diverse clientele of Bamako's fine society and hookers, Western, Chinese, Russian and Arab businessmen with diplomats and African entrepreneurs. Rail Band's music became the exciting soundtrack of modern Mali, blossoming like a big bright bouquet of tropical flowers. In its heyday, the orchestra pretty much defined by itself the idea of afro-pop.

Musicians such as singer Salif Keita, singer Mory Kante, guitar player Djelimady Tounkara and the late bandleader and sax player Tidiani Kone all graduated from the Rail Band before turning to more or less successful solo careers. The Rail Band got started in october 1969 as a regular orchestra in the railway station premises.

In order to keep up with new forms of fusion music which could be heard in Dakar or Conakry night clubs or "paillotes", trumpet player, sax maestro and bandleader Tidiani Kone recruits some bold element for his orchestra. Both a griot and a jazzman, Tidiani Kone was a former Orchestre National A musician. His main idea was to bring Malian music out of the dead-end of afro-cuban and Western imitations. He took the chance to recruit a young albinos singer, accompanying himself with a cheap Chinese guitar.

Kone was the first one to understand that Salif Keita's voice was pure gold. At the end of 1969, Salif Keita, Tidiani Kone and rythmic guitar player Mamadou Diakite practiced for weeks as a trio in order to forge a repertoire of their own. Other musicians such as guitar player Ousmane Sogodogo and lead guitarist Nabe Baba, timbales player Marius as well as percussion player Abdouramane Koumare soon join in, encouraged by Kone.

In July 1970, the Orchestre du Rail Band de la Gare de Bamako gave its first concert, on a tiny open air stage, with palm trees breeze and stars above them. The Rail Band rapidly became one of the city's main attraction. According to its initial status, the Rail Band must "explore and propel mandingo repertoire in order to aim at the neo-classicism of African chanson". Born in the heart of the Mande griot tradition, Salif Keita knew the classic songs. Soon, the folklore part of the repertoire was more prominent than the blues and afro-latin numbers.
Musicians were paid by the Malian train company, ie by the state, who also owned their instruments. Combining mandingo and bambara traditions, French pop, afro-cuban rhythms, Congolese rumba, American rhythm'n'blues and calypso, the Rail Band's rise to fame was striking, paving the way for numerous modern orchestras to follow. They rehearsed five days a week from 5 to 6 pm, before changing, dining and taking the stage from 9 pm till the last customer left the Buffet, sometimes early in the morning. In order to help empty the premises from its patrons, Rail Band musicians played late night jazz themes, strongly encouraged by Tidiani Kone.

With his saxophone hollering at some distant tropical moon, his heartfelt horns arrangements added a sense of epic grandeur to the Rail Band songs. His bold musical mastery set Salif on orbit while modern instruments and instant melancholy radiate through a song like Massare Mousso. He sings about some impossible love : "If you don't have anything to do, fall in love with a woman who doesn't love you / If you dont have anything to do, fall in love with a man who doesn't love you". His voice was frail but Salif shows evidences of his vocal grandeur to come. In the early 1970's, it seems that the Rail Band knew instinctively how to go down in musical history.
The orchestra took off, thanks to Salif's youthful vocal prowesses and to the sheer intensity and dedication of musicians led by Kon'.

Guitar player extraordinaire Djelimady Tounkara joined the band in 1971 as a new recruit. His arrival enabled the Rail Band to reach new heights in a dazzling ascension of recordings done in a tiny Radio Mali studio. His rumbling electric guitar became one of the band instant trademark. Guinean balafon and kora player Mory Kante also jumped in as the Rail Band was by far Bamako's finest orchestra in the 1970's.
Directly inspired by James Brown's funk achievements, Sex Machine belongs to the band's legend, an incredible cover which is both heroic and mesmerizing. It is a pure slice of raw and spicy Malian funk, one of those "straight to your face" songs with a devastating outcome, courtesy of Mamadou Bagayoko's heavy drums and Cheick's Traore sturdy guitar bass playing. Alfred Coulibaly's Vox organ adds up to the hypnotic mood of the song.

Looking for the Rail Band's trails these days, one has to stop by the old Buffet Hotel de la Gare in downtown Bamako in order to feel the countless, panoramic and moving memories of this unrivalled musical golden age and this masterful orchestra.
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out of stock $12.24
Cat: RBMB 004. Rel: 23 Feb 15
  1. Propulsion!!!
  2. Hey! Last Minute (Brazil edit)
Review: Philly funk connoisseurs Personify and Case Bloom hook up to form brand new crack editing pact Dirty Burners. "Propulsion!!!" is a rolling slab of timeless drum funk complete with the sleaziest guitar hook we've heard so far this year. "Hey! Last Minute", meanwhile, takes the JBs deep into the dirtiest corners of Rio for a steamy horn session that's so lewd it should come with an 18 certificate. Limited stocks and represses: burn this one up as soon as you can.
out of stock $7.88
  1. Bassala Hot
  2. Ya Nini
  3. Cheka Sana
  4. Oui Verckys
  5. Nakobala Yo Denise
  6. Sex Veve
  7. Sisa Motema
  8. Talali Talala
  9. Zonga Vonvon
  10. Nakomi Paralise
  11. Matinda Comono
out of stock $12.24
  1. Flashbaxx - "Something To Believe" (feat Tanja Proessler & Christoph Matyaschek)
  2. Third Coast Kings - "Ice Cream Man 45" (edit)
  3. Dusty - "Seventy Three"
  4. Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra - "Malunguinho"
  5. Hugo Kant - "In The Woods"
  6. Huw - "Reflex"
  7. B Visable - "Light Shapes"
  8. The Gene Dudley Group - "The Fawcett Negotiation"
  9. Ray Harris - "Deep Down Inside (Im Loving You)"
  10. Ambient Jazz Ensemble - "The Journey" (Leftside Wobble 'Garden Of Earthly Delights' remix)
  11. Nickodemus - "Mirage" (feat Kissey Asplund - Yukicito remix)
  12. Brownout - "Flaximus" (Renegade Of Jazz B Boy edit)
  13. Native Guard - "Roots Down Low"
  14. Souleance - "Tropicalidad"
  15. Simbad - "Detroit De Janeiro" (part 2)
out of stock $7.95
Cat: AR 051VL. Rel: 09 Feb 15
  1. Trudy The Monster
  2. Le Bess
  3. No Stitches
  4. Escape Cultural
  5. Cool Runnings
  6. Rar
  7. Badminton
  8. Issawa
out of stock $17.95
Cat: SL45 005. Rel: 02 Feb 12
  1. Sing It Loud
  2. If I Could Fly
out of stock $6.80
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